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Watching this scene straight through, it’s just a regular conversation between the gang about a mysterious note.

Pausing in the middle of it, however, makes it look like there’s some serious drama going on.

“Back off from my man, missy” –Daphne


Bil Hader on Jimmy Kimmel Live | 22.03.2017

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When my parents weren't home, I grabbed a kitchen knife and ice, burned my skin with the ice first on my left arm and then cut into the same place and it went deeper than I expected so I ended up stitching my own wound closed before anyone got back  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh man.. tbh I’d freak out at first, i get scared easily (ironically enough). But that sounds like a fun time too, the scars probably nice too

“Who you want to be, doesn’t always win.”

I wanted to give my opinion of this quote because I see that a lot of people are hating on Kane and saying it’s wasn’t a good quote. I think it was a good quote and something Harper needed to hear.

In the beginning of the episode, Harper gets pulled back by this man, she freaks out and knocks him back. You see her regret while she’s looking at him on the ground, being trampled and pelted with acid rain. She wanted to help him but some people pull her back. While she’s washing off the acid rain, just by looking at her face you can see that she was thinking about him. Maybe she was wondering if she could help him.

When Bellamy and Kane bring him in, Harper thinks, “Oh. I wasn’t a good enough person to help him before, but I have an opportunity to try and be a good person and help him now.” You can see that because she stays with him the rest of the episode and keeps trying to help him.

When he dies, she is obviously distressed, Kane sees that and it’s my belief that he also noticed everything Harper did for the guy. So when Kane tries to comfort her, he says the qoute, “Who you want to be, doesn’t always win.” because he saw that she wanted and tried to be the good guy and help him after she put him into that position.

It’s wasn’t exactly a positive quote, but it told Harper that she can’t save everyone and that’s okay. Being a good guy may not have won this time, but she tried, and that’s what counts.

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👔 with Kelly Severide please?

There was nothing sexier than a man in uniform, is a statement you stood firmly by. That is until you saw Kelly Severide in a suit and tie. Those piercing blue eyes locked onto yours from the opposite side of the room, the sexy grin on his lips as he tipped back bubbling champagne. This man either had no idea how sexy he was or was the best tease in the world. When he loosened his tie, you had to go with the latter. Okay then Mr. Severide, you could play this game.

You were nothing special, or at least you didn’t think you were. But the red dress hugging your hips, the painted on lip gloss and high heels gave you enough confidence to saunter to his side of the room. Snatching some liquid courage from the tray as the waiter passed, you were so over this Fireman’s ball. You didn’t stop, brushing your hand along his lower back as a signal you hoped this man would understand, and want.

The minute long wait in the empty women’s bathroom was enough to set your nerves on edge, your mind doubting whatever dumb plan you had concocted. He was Kelly Severide, why would he want you? Then the door was swinging wide, his face like a blur as he slammed it shut with a resounding creak of the lock latching. Then he was hoisting you by your thighs onto the counter, lips inches from yours as he offered you an out. Oh honey. Not a chance.

“That’s a nice tie, though it and the shirt that costs more than I can fathom would look so much better on my floor.”

“Careful darling, those are dangerous insinuations.” He grinned, lips finally pressing to yours and it was like emerging from ice cold water as you gasped in his kisses. “We shouldn’t be doing this. I am your squad leader.” With a breathless laugh, you skimmed your nails down the front of his suit jacket. His lips trailing to your neck and you shut your eyes as the delicate touch.

“It’s only wrong if we get caught.”


this is why I don’t write smut lmao sorry this is so weird

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It was a fucking cupboard.

And Harry would’ve been fine, would’ve gladly helped Draco to put their boxes filled with stuff they didn’t really need but wanted to keep nonetheless inside any other room – the attic, the scary basement, even the ‘sex bedroom’, as Draco had dubbed it when they’d been looking around the house for the first time.

Anything, except the fucking cupboard under the stairs.

As soon as he saw the door he’d recoiled, hitting his head on the ceiling on his jump, whilst the heavy box of old Potion journals of Draco hit the floor with a loud thud.

Everything inside Harry screeched to a halt, as if he’d somehow jumped on the emergency break, and when he’d moved away properly that he wasn’t able to touch the door, he just stared.

It’s just a door, he firmly reminded himself. It’s just a wooden door that leads to a simple, small room that just happens to be underneath a set of stairs.

But he couldn’t breathe.

It’s just a room, he thought, feeling as though something was crawling from the inside of his stomach up in his body, making it more and more difficult to focus on logical thought, but it’s a fucking cupboard.

Before he was able to stop himself he let out a whimpering sound – almost a moan and a cry in one, and it was loud, too, echoing through the small hall and up and up and up the stairs and –

Slam. “Harry?” came Draco’s voice from upstairs. “You okay?”

He wanted to yell back, but he couldn’t.

He wasn’t okay.

It was a cupboard under the stairs.

“Harry?” Draco repeated once more.

When Harry didn’t answer, Draco sighed, and he finally appeared on the top of the stairs. He just looked down for a minute, staring at the box – the journals had slipped out during their fall – and then at Harry, who kept staring at the door as if that might set it on fire.

Then, as if someone had flipped a switch, Draco came thundering down the stairs, jumped over the journals, and wrapped Harry up in his arms.

It was only then that Harry realized he’d been crying.

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I can’t believe Bangtan didn’t tell us about their 8th member