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Fandom has every right to “cry”. How would you like it if something you enjoyed (attack on Titan) got cancelled for a long time, if not for good, because of someone doing something terrible?

It’s not just “someone.” It’s the author. THE CREATOR HIMSELF WHO DID SOMETHING DESPICABLE.

And listen to me. I love SnK. I’ve followed this series hard for YEARS now.


But hey, we’re not talking about SnK with this. We’re talking about RK. And just so you know, because you probably don’t recognize me since you sent me this message, I’m not some rando who exists completely separate from RK. I was heavily involved in the RK fandom in the early 2000s. It was a well-loved fandom of mine. I own the manga, and the anime. All of it. Everything. I’m not a casual fan “read it one time maybe.” I’m a “read it many times over, wrote a lot of fanfiction, was a prominent member of a pretty big RK forum" kind of a fan. Hell, me getting into RK way back when and dragging a mere online acquaintance along with me cemented a super close friendship with them that ended with us getting married this year. I was also heavily involved in the RK Resurrection 2k14 here on Tumblr.

I have loved RK well. 

So listen to me when I say that what’s irritating me is the few people from the RK fandom who are crying about how the series is over now. Really? You’re choosing to be upset about that? 

How can you want more content from a creator who lusts after little girls? Who spent money that we gave him by supporting Rurouni Kenshin on exploiting children for financial gain???? Do you want him to produce more material? Would you read it? Buy it? Support him as an author?

It’s okay to be sad and disappointed that it ended so suddenly when you were looking forward to it. It’s a huge letdown to get excited about something, especially something that is nostalgic to you, coming back, only to see if bellyflop for one reason or another. I get that. (When they cancelled the Rose of Versailles movie I was really down, and I never did get my official English release of the manga they promised for 2016.) 

And hey–I’m upset about RK! It meant a lot to me for a long time and still does, even after all of this.

But I don’t care about the series getting cancelled. 

I’m upset that a creator whose works I enjoyed and promoted through fanfiction and meta ended up being outed as a fuckin pedophile. After I gave the ships he supported directly and indirectly the benefit of the doubt for a large chunk of my teenage and adult life. Now I have to suspect ulterior motives in his choosing those specific ages for these characters. Now I have to feel gross about the meta and ships I have liked since I myself was a teenager.

The dude admitted he was attracted to children, okay? He admitted it. He had tapes. He regrets getting caught and outed, and maybe he regrets that his series is getting cancelled on him, but he doesn’t seem to regret the atrocities he’s actually committed. He knew what he was doing the whole goddamn time. He knew it was wrong. I can’t give ONE SHIT about the new stuff being cancelled. I’m too busy feeling betrayed that a big part of my teen years, a series I stuffed my heart into, characters I related to…were created by an evil man who might have had ulterior motives with every single line he drew. 

I think a lot of the fandom feels that way.

And that anger, outrage, and upset should all be directed at the creator, not at the series itself going away. Fuck the series. Fuck it. Death of the Author to extremes never even heard of before if you want to stay in the fandom. It’s your city now. They’re your characters. He doesn’t deserve them.

Why would you want him to put his hands on these characters ever again? Why would this series continuing matter more to you than the real life little girls being exploited in the tapes he had in his possession, that he got off to thinking about and watching?  I think it’s fucking evil that people want to sugarcoat this, make it less bad than it is. It makes me sick that this news breaking has elicited a, “Wow it sure is sad that RK is getting cancelled!” response from some members of the fandom.

What the fuck is wrong with you people? I’m pissed that so many of the headlines read that way and don’t say right in the headline that the creator was arrested for possession of child pornography. Instead they say he was charged with a crime–like he might have been charged for a piddly little misdemeanor!! NO!! HE HAD PORN OF CHILDREN IN HIS POSSESSION. It’s disgusting. He took money that he got from the sale of RK and used it to buy pornography of little children that he watched and got off to. And some of y’all’re upset that the series might be cancelled? IT SHOULD BE. You shouldn’t WANT it to continue, not with THAT MAN AT THE HELM. Continuing the series means supporting him, a man who has already used his earnings from RK to buy this shit. To support this industry.

You honestly and truly have to be able to look at this situation and think about what you’re feeling but direct it properly. You can feel sad and disappointed; those are perfectly valid emotions. But it’s not okay to make this a big sad party about how awful it is that new content is being cancelled. It’s not about that. THAT ISN’T THE PART OF THIS NEWS THAT IS AWFUL. And if it is for you, if that’s your primary reason for being upset about this–that your weeb shit is being cancelled–then you need to have a real good think about why you’re sadder about not getting more content than you are about the fact that the man producing that content is a pedophile who is willing to take advantage of and exploit children by supporting the child porn industry. Like man, I’m sorry that fun is being cancelled but when the person offering you that fun is a pedophile I’d rather not have it anyway. Why don’t you feel that way?

Again…it’s okay to be sad. I think all of us are. But we’re not sad that the series is being cancelled. We’re sad that it’s difficult for us to even look at this beloved old series, one that many of us watched as teens and participated in early fandom for, without feeling gross and weird. And we’re mad that the creator did this. He could have been a decent person and chose not to be.

I spent well over a decade loving this series, writing meta for it, fanfiction, drawing fanart. I shipped the “canon” ships and gave the author the benefit of the doubt. I recommended the series to friends. One of my high school friends met her husband through the RK forum I spent hours every day on in the early 2000s. My two high school friends and I went by RK nicknames for a long time and used them to pass notes because anyone who found them in the trash wouldn’t know who was writing to whom.

I’ve been sitting here for the last hour thinking about people I know because of RK. Hell, @kippielovesyou followed some of my old ‘fic back then! And there was that one guy I knew who got the huge Kenshin tattoo on his arm. I still remember his username. How does he feel about that tattoo now? RK was such a big part of his life at the time he got a goddamn tattoo of it.  We were just blissfully living our lives enjoying RK. And in 2014 during the Tumblr revival rewatch a bunch of us did, we enjoyed it again. We couldn’t have known.

But finding out still has a way of making me feel fuckin’ gross. I know I’m not the only one.

But boy am I glad this man was outed. I want this shit in the light and I want to see people like this purged. I want their lives ruined. I want this man to lose RK in whatever capacity it can be managed. He doesn’t deserve it anymore. 

As far as I’m concerned, it belongs to the people who actually cared about it, now. And we don’t need weekly or monthly updates for that.


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Hello! I absolutely love your Voltron Rent AU, the idea is honestly fantastic! I remember you saying you didn't know where to slot Coran and Allura and I wondered, what if they were the heads of the Life Support group? Like, Coran and Alfor were a couple and Alfor passed from AIDS, so Coran and Allura decided to start the support group? (Love your art, btw, keep up the amazing work!)

MY HEART??? @eclecticinkling, look what’s happening, others are plotting our angst for us and it’s spectacular.

Honestly at this point I could draw Coran and Allura into several different roles so I’m all for it.

Thank you and I’m glad you enjoy it!

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re: " Imagine if Steve was Stephanie and Peg was Peter. And Peter saw Stephanie - who is not his girlfriend anyway - being kissed by another man, and then because he felt upset/jealous/angry, he then shot multiple times at Stephanie with no guarantee that the shield would stop the bullets? People would have been mad as FUCK and rightly so." i have honestly never thought of it like ths but now that you've said it.. you are 100% right and i am shook

It’s because we’ve somehow ended up with the mindset that women displaying violence to men is a show of badassery, a show of empowerment, a show of them being equal to men. But violence from men to women is an abuse of power, and absolutely unacceptable. And the whole thing stems from the idea that predominantly Male behaviours = strength, and predominantly Female behaviours = weakness. A man hurting a woman is the strong targeting the weak, but a woman hurting a man is a woman displaying predominantly male behaviour and so it’s a show of strength, and that doesn’t garner the same outrage.

P fucked up right? I’m glad I helped you see the scene in a new light.


Arrogant boy, love yourself so no one has to