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hey i hope this isn't disrespectful or anything but is there tips on how to change skin tone in icons like you did? I racebent a white character to be a black man and I would like to change the skintone on the comic icons i have.

( heyoooo first of all you’re fine don’t worry abt it ! )

second, i suck at explaining things but the way i changed jason’s skintone was the Lazy Girl Approach™ basically what i do is add a color fill and some vibrance, like this :

i put the color fill on soft light (100%) and then vibrance layer as well and if he still looks a little too pale for me i just add another vibrance layer and another color fill until i’m content with the skintone ( sometimes i need three of each and sometimes only one, it depends on the colorist of each comic ! ). i know there’s another way like manually coloring it, but i haven’t tried that yet and i’ll be real i’m not necessarily an expert with photoshop. i also slap some psd’s over it that are usually designed for poc ( which enhance warm tones / brown tones ). so that’s my approach, i know there are other methods but… truly i wish i could explain them sMH


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