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all those asks are over a month old. i started this a while ago and just finished it today… thanks to everyone who sent me ideas or encouragement, its always good to see people interested in my work :)


when someone suggested prom i was like geeze… but then i thought, yeah. prom.

In this AU i never have them dating. but they care about each other, technically. they would go to prom together. even if they were sort of mutually grumpy about it.

the end…?

Ngl me and my roommate started re reading Harry Potter so I may not be as active for a couple of weeks while we finish it. I am very busy preparing discussion questions for our book talks about various characters and how like…fucked the sorting system is

So, I’ve been applying lately for an obligatory internship in software development (I study Maths) and I got one Interview tomorrow (yay!).

Now, I am getting more nervous by the hour and I’m not sure if I’m prepared enough. I was at an event at the company, so I know them, I know quite a few things about them. I think I’ve already made a good impression by going to that event and expressing interest in the company :)

And I wanted to ask you guys for some tips for the interview (It’s with 3 people, one is a complete stranger, the other one I met briefly and listened to a presentation of them and the other I had some conversation with at the event I mentioned). What kind of questions should I definitely be prepared for? Is it okay to mention I’m not sure my skills are good enough? How much confidence is okay? How much should I prepare myself about personal questions or questions about my grades?

I would really appreciate some tips from you guys for the interview and for how to get my nerves under control :)

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bucky, help! what do you give for christmas to someone who has everything?

give them nothing. its the one thing they dont already have.
otherwise, gifts that involve spending time together or are some sort of experience are a smart move. for example, i once got steve tickets to ride the cyclone at coney island. he expressed his gratitude by vomiting on me

Logging off for the night. Not sure if I’ll be on tomorrow since I have work and then I’m headed up north for the weekend. If I am on though, I will answer any messages/asks I get, as I do any other day that I’m on. Goodnight everyone, sleep well!

ok I’m all for the goth grunge aesthetic but when y'all start posting stuff about school shooters, romanticizing them and creating ~imagines~ about people who murdered others I’m OUT