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Here’s a solution to not having Stranger Things 2 spoiled:



Grayson photography studio L.E.N.S (not sure about the name)

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Amedot Hints List by Evieisyourqueen

Hello!! I’m Evie and I love Amedot. So I’ve made this same post many times, but it often gets lost. And now that we’ve had more amedot interaction.. WOAH SHOCKING.. I KNOW!!! It’s time I update it.


REMINDER: This is a pro-amedot post. If you don’t agree with these or think I’m looking too deep into these, then you can kindly leave. Let me enjoy my ship! Thanks :)


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all those asks are over a month old. i started this a while ago and just finished it today… thanks to everyone who sent me ideas or encouragement, its always good to see people interested in my work :)


when someone suggested prom i was like geeze… but then i thought, yeah. prom.

In this AU i never have them dating. but they care about each other, technically. they would go to prom together. even if they were sort of mutually grumpy about it.

the end…?

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Hi, just wondering if I could get your thoughts on something. I'm 22 and a girl and I've labeled myself as straight since forever. However, I've recently become attracted to women as well, and its scary confusing. When I tried to talk to my friends (some are LGBT+), they said I'm probably just going through a phase because if I was truly bisexual, then I probably would have figured it out by now and it wouldn't just start out of nowhere. I can see what they are saying, but Idk. Advice please?

((OOC: I wish I could offer you a deep, insightful bit of advice. But when it comes to sexuality, I really only have one thing to say.

Listen to your heart, and to what your body responds to. If that doesn’t fit into the label you’ve given yourself, then it may be time to do some introspection, figure out if that label still fits your fluctuating sexuality, or if a label is what really serves you best.

I can say in addition to that, some people work out their sexuality early on. Others don’t. There is no right way, time, or situation to reveal your preferences. This shit changes constantly. So if your friends aren’t going to be supportive of you figuring this out, tell them to butt out.

It’s incredibly frustrating to keep coming out, I will give you that. But this stuff shouldn’t be scary confusing. This is a big part of the human experience. Try to go at it with excitement and curiosity. If there’s a woman who you’re interested in, fuck, go for it! Ask her out! Why not? Why limit yourself in terms of the sorts of relationships you get to experience?

Life is too short to not fall in love, and to skip out on orgasms, if that’s your type of thing. I guess that’s my main advice. Fall in love, have good sex [if you want to], and just live as bigly as you can.))

Hey guys

Sooo I know I haven’t been active and I wanted to say that I’ll be taking a break I’m gonna log out but I won’t be abandoning this account I have to relax for some medical reasons so yeah but don’t worry I’m not leaving for ever and I’m still working on my fics is just taking me longer and I’ll keep posting I’m just not gonna be so active I will also post some one shot fics I write sometimes so don’t worry I’m not leaving I’m just taking a break and I didn’t want to just disappear without giving explenaition I love you all see you later 💜💜💜

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bucky, help! what do you give for christmas to someone who has everything?

give them nothing. its the one thing they dont already have.
otherwise, gifts that involve spending time together or are some sort of experience are a smart move. for example, i once got steve tickets to ride the cyclone at coney island. he expressed his gratitude by vomiting on me

Ten Characters / Ten Fandoms

I was tagged by @agentjackwhiskcy <3

Rules: list 10 fave characters from 10 different fandoms and tag 10 people

1. Jim Hopper - Stranger Things

2. Marcus Kane - The 100

3. Agent Whiskey ( Kingsman )

4. Haymitch Abernathy ( THG )

5. Tony Stark ( MCU)

6. Catelyn Tully Stark ( GoT )

7. Barbara Gordon ( DC )

8. Javier Peña ( Narcos )

9. Hawkeye Pierce ( M*A*S*H )

10. Lucy Ricardo ( I Love Lucy )

tagging: anyone who sees this ! <3