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Sophia looks so grown up, I can’t take it😭


the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura

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Ichiruki #33 for latest ficlet prompt :D

33.  “Quit staring!”

“God,” Rukia complains, “would you stop?” 

Ichigo ignores her. He can’t help it. Honestly, if she wanted him to quit staring, she should simply be less stare-at-able. And anyway, she invited him to come along while she tried on dresses for Ishida and Inoue’s wedding, what else was she expecting to happen? 

She’s standing in front of the three-way mirror, turning this way and that, trying to see what the back of the practically back-less dress looks like on her. 

Ichigo knows nothing about fashion, but he knows what he likes on Rukia - things that nip in at her waist and show off the curve of her hips, made in colours that contrast with her fair skin and play up the violet in her eyes. Things exactly like this dress, which is royal purple and does all the aforementioned things to the lines of her body. It also helps that her shoulders are bare, and Ichigo can see the smattering of freckles that extend across the tops of them and across the top of her spine.

“I like this one,” he says, and Rukia rolls her eyes. 

“You would,” she says, then; “do you think it’s too much?” 

“No,” Ichigo says, and means it. Ishida and Inoue’s wedding will be a to-do if there ever was such a thing, and he’s already regretting agreeing to have any part in it. If he can spend the entire thing day-dreaming about Rukia in this dress, it’ll go a long way to helping him make it through the day without screaming. 

“You just like the way it makes my ass look,” Rukia says, pursing her lips in a moue of annoyance, and Ichigo grins. 

“Got it in one,” he agrees. He levers himself to his feet - the couches in this store are made for midgets - and comes to stand behind her in the mirror. He brushes her hair off her shoulder and leans down, close to her ear. “Let’s get out of here,” he says, “I want to practice taking it off.” 

“I am a greaser. I am a JD and a hood. I blacken the name of our fair city. I beat up people. I rob gas stations. I am a menace to society. Man do I have fun!”

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You're a huge nerd and also let's talk about the doctor and fashion I need to know what kind of dress would suit three for reasons

I’ve been thinking about this message a lot for the past two weeks or so. For science. I’d say an old fashion red dress. With frills. And a cape, of course, let’s not forget the cape.

Long story short:

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54 for SasuSaku plllllz~~~ of your new list :D

54. assassins who are targeting each other au



It was 10:46 PM on a rainy Friday night. Sasuke sat at the bar in a five-star hotel in a foreign city. The place, dimly lit and soberly decorated, was semi-full of business men, sophisticated women, couples in their forties, and lonely people just looking for a quick drink. He seemed part of the latter group. Although, with his black, expensive suit, his blank face, and his whisky on the rocks, he might as well pass as a businessman. In a way, he was one. In other way, he wasn’t.

Soft instrumental music floated in the air, soothing his nerves. He sipped from his drink, unfazed by the burning in his throat, and lazily glanced at the person sitting two stools from him. It was a man in his fifties, also in a suit, also drinking whisky, also appearing miserably bored. An older, worse-looking version of himself, perhaps. Sasuke could not help but relate to him slightly. Pity him, even.

Too bad he had to kill him tonight.

His gun rested placidly against his lower back, tucked inside his belt. Sasuke would use it, only until he managed to get the man away from here, from all these people. Perhaps he could follow him to his room. Perhaps he could wait until he had to go to the bathroom. Leave his body in a bed, or in a stall. No traces, no evidence. A perfect crime; a perfect job.

The man finished his drink in a single gulp, grabbed his suitcase, and got up to leave. Sasuke’s body tensed, preparing for action, but then it froze when he spotted a woman walking towards his target. A very familiar woman.

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Crossing the Line [Bucky Barnes]

Abandonment smelled a lot like mouldy cobblestones and rotting wood. It could even be smelled through the black fabric draped across my mouth and nose, masking my identity. I held a hand over my concealed mouth in an attempt to block out the foul odour but it was without success. My other hand brushed across the cold metal as I crawled through the tiny air-vent, stopping every once in a while to peer through the vent grates and mentally establish my location. It must have been over six months since anyone used the base, judging from the thick layers of dust that had settled on the equipment. The rusted metal pipes moaned overhead and threatened to collapse at any moment.

I took a quick left and ducked to avoid knocking my head on a long hanging floor-plate. I knew the facility like the back of my hand and was glad to see nothing had changed over the past nine months. That’s how long it had been since I was last here. I took two more right turns and was exactly where I wanted to be; directly above the main server room. The length of the slope separating me and the vent was about twelve metres. I bit down on my bottom lip, pensively. If my math was correct – it was – the angle of the slope and gravity would have me hurtling downwards faster than necessary. I would slam head first into the grate. If only there was a way for me to create some kind of friction to slow down my descent, I mused and a small smirk tugged at the side of my mouth. Oh, there was…

Are you insane? You could break your arm! My mind screamed at me as I examined the side walls of the air duct. The metal wasn’t too thick. I kept my head low as I sat in a crouching position, my left knee pressed to the floor and the other pressed up against my chest. I curled my left hand into a fist, flexing the muscles in my shoulder until I felt a sharp pain between my fingers as a long sharp blade ripped through the cartilage from between my thumb and index finger, my index finger and middle finger and the last one from between my pinky and ring finger. It stung like hell. The skin around the base of the blades was still raw from being severed. I sat down and dangled my legs down the slope. I was going to use my right hand to propel myself forward and the blades of my left hand to slow myself down. I edged forward and pressed my right palm against the wall, pushing hard against it until I began to slide down.

I whooped and cheered in excitement at the momentary free fall before digging the blades into the wall and slowed myself down. The blades scraped against the metal wall, making an awful ear-splitting screech. My left arm was stretched above my head as I reached the end of the slope and I knew I had to pull it away from the wall or it would be ripped off on impact. I moved both my arms to my side, keeping my body as straight as possible and shut my eyes as my feet collided with the vent, sending it flying off its hinges. Just as I was about to crash onto the floor I sat up and kicked off the edge of the vent, leaping into the air and flipping over to land on my feet. I licked my lips wickedly and looked around the musty room.

“Well, that was fun.” I grinned, unclenching my fist and letting the blades slip back into my skin. I tapped the heels of my knee-length leather boots onto the floor, testing the ground before walking over to the computers. I adjusted the veil around my face, keeping it tightly fastened over my mouth and pulled up my right glove to free my fingers as I tapped the keyboard. My long dark hair fell over my bare shoulder and over the tribal tattoo on my arm when I leaned over the screen. The tattoo stretched all the way down my arm and crept onto my chest. I plugged in the hard drive and began downloading all the files onto it. It was going to take a while.

The air-conditioning inside the facility seemed to have stopped working and I fanned myself with my left arm, the skin-tight leather outfit I wore didn’t ease my discomfort in any way either. The corset pulled tightly at my back, keeping my back straight was already beginning to feel clammy with sweat. Eight percent. I willed the computer to move faster but it remained defiant, taunting me as it lingered on the eight percent for a good five minutes more. I heard the shuffling of feet outside the double metal doors and shot up quickly. Damn it, who the hell was that? I looked at the information bar. Ten percent. I turned off the monitor and climbed onto the desk before grabbing on to the metal beam above me, hoisting myself up and balancing on the balls of my feet.

The doors clanged and the sound echoed around the room before two figures stepped in. I squinted down at them. One was wearing a black leather jacket and had long dark hair. He had an M4 assault rifle in his right hand, a small machine gun on his back and he had two pistols on either side of his thighs. I was trained to look for threats in those around me. The other guy, on the other hand, only had a shield perched on his back and was dressed less offensively. Well, if you count looking like an American flag less offensive. I immediately recognised him and cursed under my breath. Captain America.

“Why am I not surprised that the only thing you remember was the girl?” Captain America joked but he was cut off,

“Looks like someone’s already been here.” The guy behind him observed in a muffled voice when his eyes fell on the open vent. Captain America’s blonde head snapped around, surveying his surroundings through suspicious eyes. I didn’t react. He might not find me. “I think they’re still here.” The guy noted, gesturing to the blinking lights of the hard drive. Captain America turned on the computer screen and saw the download bar. Bloody hell, I really wasn’t in the mood to kill anyone. I sighed and shook my head before measuring up the guy behind Captain America. He looked the bigger threat, I figured I should take him out first or… I could grab Captain America and use him like a human shield. I mentally weighed up my options but couldn’t decide which was better. Acting impulsively, I jumped onto his left shoulder and wrapped my legs around his body. He dropped the gun on the floor in surprise, and struggled in my grip. He was a lot stronger than I had anticipated. It was like riding an angry bull. I heard him grunt as I pulled his hair and choked him.

“What the…?” Captain America asked when he heard the commotion and turned around. I felt a hand in my hair and I was flung across the room but I landed on my feet. Captain America’s eyes followed me all the way and so did the other guy’s. Just like me, he wore a mask to cover his nose and mouth but I knew those blue eyes anywhere. It was the Winter Soldier. “You’re outnumbered. This is not a fight you can win.” Captain America warned. I smirked at him from behind the veil and my eyes darted to the computer screen; sixty seven percent. I didn’t need to win. I needed to distract the two of them long enough for the download to finish. The Winter Soldier picked up the gun and pointed it at me. Both the men watched me carefully as I twisted my hair up into a bun to keep it out of my face. “You can still walk away from this. Leave the hard drive and go.” Captain America advised as I stepped towards him, my heels clicking against the floor. The Winter Soldier was poised and waiting to attack. Every now and again, I would notice his eyes would dart to the tattoo on my arm before flitting back to mine.

When I was in close range, I lifted my leg and slammed it into Captain America’s chest, catching him off guard. He barely moved but I came at him again. My kicks were quick but he blocked every one of them. The Winter Soldier couldn’t get a clean shot because we kept switching positions. Captain America caught my foot and held it up. I balanced on the other before springing off my heel and kicking him straight in the face. He groaned in pain, clutching his jaw and I leapt up at the last second, grabbing the beam to avoid being shot at by the Winter Soldier. A quick succession of shots were fired at me as I ran along the beam before swinging down and knocking the gun out of his hand. He tried to reach for it again but I kicked it beyond his reach and kneed him in the stomach before taking a step back. He rose to his full height – standing strong and formidable – and cracked his neck before raising his fists at me. I knew one of his arms was made of metal but both were gloved and covered so I couldn’t tell which one it was. I tried to look over my shoulder at Captain America but didn’t want to take my eyes of the Winter Soldier. He charged forward and threw a punch at me but I anticipated it and side stepped him easily enough. He lost a bit of his momentum and I took the opportunity to kick him but he too, foresaw my attack. We continued attacking each other but we always anticipated the other’s move so it was more like a sparring match. Our fighting style was almost identical.

Unfortunately, the heel of my boot got caught in the groove of the floor and I stumbled forward straight into his grip. He grabbed my throat and lifted me off the ground but I swiftly wrapped my legs around his arm and twisted myself over his shoulder. He groaned in pain and I heard his shoulder crack when he grabbed a fistful of my hair as I tumbled over him. His hand caught the ties of my veil as I landed on the ground and I felt it peel off my face. This distracted me as I looked around for the fabric to cover my face and the Winter Soldier took the opportunity to swing his left arm at me. I heard the clicking of the mechanisms in his arm and held up my left hand, willing the blades to come out and block his fist. His eyes widened when he looked at me, unmasked for the first time and I saw the recognition on his face when he noticed the scar on the side of my mouth. It extended up my cheek like an ugly zipper. It was the reason I kept my face concealed.

“Ivanka?” The Winter Soldier asked in confusion and this got Captain America’s attention. He was guarding the hard drive. I was surprised he remembered my name. He pulled his fist away from me and staggered backwards blinking a couple times in disbelief. I knew he was off the HYDRA brain-washing programme so he was prone to flashbacks. Captain America rushed to his friend’s side and I took the opportunity to grab the hard drive. “Stop her!” The Winter Soldier yelled at Captain America as I raced past him. I stopped at the door for a brief moment and looked at the Winter Soldier.

“It was nice to see you again, James.” I smiled at him, speaking thickly in my signature Bulgarian accent before dashing down the hallway. I could hear footsteps bounding after me and I ran as fast as I could. I knew I was no match for Captain America so I slipped into one of the old storage closets before climbing into the vents again. There was no way he would fit inside. I climbed out onto the roof and zip-lined across the river, the same way I had come in. I fell onto the river bank and ran through the bushels, twigs snapping and stinging my calves as I moved. My motorcycle was parked just beyond the clearing and after running for about seven hundred metres I jumped onto it and gunned the engine to life before speeding down the road.


I slammed the hard drive onto the hardwood desk and the chair swivelled around to reveal a bald, dark-skinned man with an eye patch over his left eye which made him look like an angry pirate. “You said if I joined S.H.I.E.L.D, I would be safe. My ledger would be wiped clean and no one would know who I was.” I spat angrily and the man looked at me, tiredly.

“Yes. What’s the problem? Are you feeling unsafe?” He asked incredulously and I folded my arms across my chest.

“No. You sent Captain America and the Winter Soldier on the same mission as me. I told you I worked alone. I didn’t want to be an… Avenger.” The word tasted bitter on my tongue. “Did you not trust I could finish the mission?” I asked angrily. Fury looked at me thoughtfully.

“I didn’t authorise any missions for Captain America or the Winter Soldier.” Fury admitted and I wanted to believe him. I really did. Suddenly his office doors burst open and Captain America and the Winter Soldier charged in. Fury’s face contorted. The Avengers didn’t know he had an ex-HYDRA assassin working for him and something told me he wanted to keep it that way.

“What are you doing here?” Captain America growled when he saw me and I flinched at his harsh voice. “Is she working for you?” He snapped at Fury who leaned back in his chair and had a look on his face that said ‘I’m getting too old for this.’

“Captain Rogers…” Fury said but he was hearing none of that. The Winter Soldier stood patiently at his friend’s side watching me, slyly. I avoided eye contact and kept my eyes fixed on Captain America’s clenched jaw. “…Ivanka Milanov is a valuable asset to S.H.I.E.LD. We could really use someone with her skill set.” Fury confessed and this seemed to annoy the Captain even more.

“She is an assassin. A murderer. There are some lines we just do not cross, Fury!” The Captain spat angrily, as he slammed his fists onto Fury’s desks and I saw the muscles in his back tense up. Damn, he was kinda sexy like this. Fury arched an eyebrow at him.

“Captain Rogers, your case isn’t as compelling with the Winter Soldier standing beside you.” Fury pointed out and I saw the Winter Soldier drop his gaze in shame. I felt bad for him. He didn’t deserve to be reminded of who he was.

“Bucky didn’t have a choice! He was brainwashed!” Bucky. The deadliest assassin of all time. HYDRA’s best weapon. He was named ‘Bucky’. I sniggered at the thought and I felt Fury, the Captain and ‘Bucky’ all turn to look at me. My smile faded. “Is there something funny to you?” The Captain asked and I glared at him. “It was your choice to kill people and where I come from that makes you a bad person.” He accused, taking a menacing step towards me. Bucky grabbed his arm and held him back. I had my fist clenched, ready to whip out my blades and drive it through his throat if he even swung at me.

“Steve, don’t.” Bucky warned softly, noticing my rigid stance. I scoffed and looked at Fury.

“I’m done watching this star-spangled hissy fit. If you need me, you know where to find me.” I nodded at Fury before walking past Steve and Bucky. He wasn’t wearing his mask now and I saw his face again. After all this time. I paused in front of him for a split-second. He was as beautiful as I remembered. Like a mosaic. Even though he was made of a thousand broken pieces he was still a work of art. I had my own training room in the facility – it was one of my requests when I joined – it was well away from the rest of the rooms, so no one could accidently stumble into it.

I changed into my training gear, taped up my fists and made my way over to the punching bag suspended from the ceiling on the left hand side. There were four others resting along the wall in case I punctured one of them. I raised my arms and clenched my core as I began to pound into the bag. Left right left right. Images of the last day I saw the Winter Soldier whirled around my mind like a kaleidoscope. The pain from my jabs into the bag was nothing compared to the heartache and regret I felt over what I had lost.

A bunch of white lab coats surrounded the person reclining on the chair. He was wearing black pants and didn’t have a shirt on. The lab coats were leaning over his arm, wearing goggles and fireflies flitted into the air. A wide smile split across my face. “Солдат” I called out affectionately and suddenly one of the lab coats flew backwards and slammed against the wall. I giggled as the man sat up and watched as I walked over to his side. 
Ангел” He replied tenderly when I leaned over him and pecked his cheek gently. I stroked his hair and he stared into my big brown eyes as if trying to read my mind. I glared at the white coats still repairing his arm and signaled for them to hurry up. They quickly screwed on the rest of his arm and scampered out of the room. He wasted no time pulling me onto his lap and peppered kisses onto my face. I did the same with the bruised tissue connecting his skin and the metal. I felt him relax underneath me before pulling my lips onto his. His metal arm travelled to the small of my back and sent shivers down my spine. “I think my name is Bucky. On my mission today, this man… he had blonde hair and-and this shield. He called me that. I think I knew him.” The Winter Soldier confessed and I flinched. Why? Why did he have to tell me that? 
Suddenly, I heard the metal bars of the room toll loudly and I was pulled off the Winter Soldier’s lap.  I felt the iron glove used to stop me from removing my blades clamp around my wrist as the guards restrained me. The Winter Soldier shot to his feet and stalked towards the guards but he was pushed back into the chair by five guards on either side of him. They kept him pressed to the chair. He looked at me sorrowfully as I writhed against the steely hold I was in. Alexander Pierce walked in with a small group of agents behind him and I instantly recognized Rumlow. He winked at me and I felt my stomach churn. Pierce removed his glasses and tucked it carefully inside the jacket of his charcoal grey suit. He completely ignored me and addressed the Winter Soldier.
“Mission report.” He asked but the Winter Soldier didn’t look away from me. “Mission report, now.” Pierce demanded again but still he didn’t respond. Pierce raised his arm and struck him across his face. I shut my eyes tightly, unable to watch. The Winter Soldier blinked at me and furrowed his brows, carefully choosing his words. Please don’t say anything, please don’t say anything, I mentally prayed. 
“That man on the bridge? Who was he?” Damn it! Pierce looked at me and bit his bottom lip. I screamed at the Winter Soldier to shut up in my mind. 
“You met him earlier this week on another assignment.” Pierce admitted, testing him to see how much he knew. The Winter Soldier still kept his eyebrows knitted together as he read Pierce’s stoic expression.
“I knew him.” The Winter Soldier repeated and I sighed in disbelief. Pierce squatted down in front of him and the Winter Soldier looked up at me and I watched his chest rise and fall in a deep breath. Rumlow was enjoying himself. He was watching me with an amused smirk on his face. Oh, what I would give to ram my fist into his face. 
“Your work has been a gift to mankind which is why we decided to reward you with the company of the lovely Ivanka here.” I tried to pull my arm free from the guards holding me but they just held on tighter. “You shaped the century.” The Winter Soldier was breathing deeply now, hanging on to Pierce’s words. “Society’s at a tipping point between order and chaos. Tomorrow morning, we’re gonna give it a push.” The Winter Soldier looked up at me and I nodded at him in reassurance. “If you don’t do your part, I can’t do mine. HYDRA can’t give the world the freedom it deserves.” I saw the look of disbelief on his face as he looked back at Pierce. “After tomorrow, you and the beautiful Ivanka can be together.” Pierce promised.
“You liar!” I burst out at Pierce. That was the last lie. “Your name is James Buchanan Barnes. He’s lying to you. They’re all liars. Don’t believe them, my love.” I don’t know what came over me. James looked up at me, just as shocked by my outburst. Pierce heaved a sigh and I knew I ruined everything. He nodded his head at Rumlow and I was pushed to my knees.
“Wipe him.” Pierce said callously and I screamed, begging him not to.
“You told me I would have more time with him.” I shot accusingly and Pierce grinned menacingly.
“As you said Miss Milanov, we’re all liars here.” I heard James’ voice plead for them not to hurt me and Rumlow cackled.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her.” He assured him but James’ just glared at him. Their stare-down was interrupted by one of the lab coats pushing a mouth-guard into James’ mouth for him to bite down on. I spat at Rumlow’s feet and Pierce quirked an eyebrow at him, questioning whether he was just going to let that happen. Rumlow’s hand curled around my jaw lifting my face up to his. I glared at him when suddenly he pulled out a knife from his back pocket and dug it into my mouth and running it along my cheek. Blood pooled inside my mouth as an ugly gash began to spread across my face. I cried out in pain and the guards let go of me. I fell on all floors. “You’re still so beautiful.” Rumlow remarked and I glowered up at him before looking at James’ with tears in my eyes. He stared at me as blood dripped from my mouth. I lifted my hands to my mouth to cover the wound. Blood spilled over onto my hands. James remained pressed to his seat. He didn’t try to resist to help me like he had previously done instead he willingly leaned back into the chair.
“You knew.” He charged at me and I felt my heart clench inside my chest when his eyes turned glassy with tears. 
“James.” I pleaded. “Don’t forget me.” I was hauled to my feet but a few guards and carried away to the medical ward. James’ screams echoed through the halls and ripped my soul apart.
A single tear rolled down my cheek and I began to punch harder than before. The sadness overwhelmed me and I felt the blades pierce my skin and stab the leather bag, spilling sand all over the mat.
“You’re form is all off.” A voice declared and I turned around with a start to see Bucky leaning against the door with one shoulder and his arms folded across his chest. Great. Just Great. I unhooked the punctured bag and it toppled onto me. Bucky ran to my side and helped me lift to the side before he hung up another one. I didn’t make eye contact with him and raised my fists again. I slammed my right hand into the bag. “No. You need to turn your waist and put your whole shoulder into the punch.” He placed his hands on my sweat-drenched waist and demonstrated the way I should move it. My insides ignited at his touch. I ignored his suggestion. “Seriously, who taught you how to punch?” He joked and I stopped for a moment to look at him. He didn’t seem to be harboring any anger towards me. Or so it seemed.
“You did.” I admitted and a small smile tugged at the side of his mouth. I hung my head and let my hair fall over my scarred cheek, blocking it from view. I threw all my weight behind my next hook and he caught my hand before it collided with the bag. He pulled me closer to him and moved the hair out of my face. “What are you doing?” I asked irritably and tried to pull my hand free but he laced his fingers into mine. The smile he had earlier widened.
“You’re still the most beautiful woman in the world.” My heart fluttered at his deep voice.  He stroked my cheek gently. I felt my body tense up and I took a deep breath and felt the blades retract into my skin. I grimaced in pain as the skin closed up. “Does it still hurt?” He questioned, nodding in the direction of my hand.
“Every damn day, but we all learn to live with our pain.” I smiled up at him and he exhaled. “I am sorry for everything, Ja… I mean Bucky.” I uttered softly looking down at my feet. I was still holding his hand. I heard him chuckle. He was different now. He wasn’t exactly my Winter Soldier anymore. “I didn’t mean to hurt you and whatever happened to you...”
“Ангел…” he interrupted me and my heart dropped to the floor. He remembered his nickname for me. “…none of it was your fault. I don’t blame you, one bit.” He cupped my face in his hands and stared into my eyes sincerely.
“You remembered your name for me, Солдат!” I blushed and he ran his tongue along his bottom lip. 
“When they wiped my memory, they took you from me. I tried so hard to hold on to the memory of your beautiful face but I just couldn’t.” It broke my heart. 
“Oh Buck… I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I repeated over and over again and threw my arms around him, burying his face into the crook of my neck.
“Afterwards, it felt like someone had doused out the sun of my life and there was just darkness. I knew something was missing and then… I started to remember.” I could feel his tears trickling down onto my neck and I lulled him softly, stroking his hair.
“Buck? Fury said you might be…” Steve appeared at the door and witnessed the moment between Bucky and I. Bucky’s eyes were red and filled with tears and I thought Steve was going to be mad at me but he wasn’t. “…We’re meeting up with Tony and the others in a bit. You gonna join?” I smiled at Bucky, assuring him I would be fine if he went ahead but suddenly his metal arm snaked around my waist. 
“Can Ivanka join us?” Bucky asked hopefully and I looked up at him in surprise before glancing over at Steve. I don’t think Bucky noticed how thin Steve’s lips had gotten. He certainly didn’t look happy.
A/N: I had a dream about this and thought it would be fun to write - it was - so I am thinking of adding a couple more parts to this like what happens when she meets the avengers? More about her past? How she got the blades in her hand? Does Bucky really have no anger towards her or what about the fact that she was with the Winter Soldier and that’s not who Bucky is anymore, will that affect her feelings for him? What about the fact that Steve clearly doesn’t like her and how that will affect his friendship with Bucky? Would anyone be interested in reading it? Let me know what you think? Did you like this?