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Have you seen my suneater son. He looks adorable. Also Deku made me cry.. WHY

!!!!! I’ll be really honest here anon I currently have a lot of feelings and 90% of them are about Amajiki picking Kirishima it’s everything I didn’t know I needed in my life thank you Horikoshi I owe you

I just got home y’all, tonight was such a magical experience.
I cried. I screamed. I felt really blessed to have experienced it with two wonderful friends and I love all of BTS 10x more now, I don’t know how explain it fully…

But I’m really happy right now.

No but will he still be calling her “swan”? (cos part of me would find that cute af)

But Emma keeps teasing him “nu-uh, it’s Jones now, Captain.”

Or the next time her and Reginald are having a barmy and she comes with “miss Swan-”

“It’s Jones now.” snapping back.

Or when someone new turns up looking for her help and Emma’s all trying to introduce herself “I’m Emma.”

“Emma Swan??”

“Actually it’s Jones now.. but yeah.”

Like, I’m really obsessing over her being eager to let every fucker know she’s married now cos Miss ‘one night stand who will dump your ass and ring at the restaurant’ is committed and married and living her happy ending now please and thank you, zeus bless.

*stumbles onto the internet* hello I played Zelda all day again lol (after completing some minor homework so I don’t feel COMPLETELY awful about it because by now I’m VERY aware this game will suck me in for long periods of time ^^;;; )

For today, I managed to find more memories (the one around the horse statue, and the one with the frog… both very cute :’D ) so now I have…2 more to go? Wowie. There are other missing memories I know, but for the pictures in Zelda’s camera, I’m almost done!

I also found Zelda’s horse!! He’s beauuutiful and with awesome stats, but WHAT A PAIN TO CATCH, GOSH. I named him Teruki! …yes, from MP100…it’s fitting, leave me alone :P I even got his mane cut short when he started being nice lololol he’s a really good horse~ Hopefully I can upload a picture soon!

Lessee I also completed recovering the ENTIRE Hyrule map! Doesn’t stop me from getting lost chasing after things (today…it was a dragon again. Very lost but I got a scale from it. So.) but it certainly helps X’D

I also managed to defeat my first Lynell!! :’’’D It was painful and took forever but I did it *falls over* thank you @nebulousneko and friends for the tips, they really helped!!

Oh, and I finished the Divine Beast Vah Rudania (the…lizard one…that for SOME reason I thought was an octopus in the trailers???? oops)!! What interesting mechanics for that dungeon, I really enjoyed myself there~ It was a tough but good challenge X’D I did have some trouble figuring out how to beat the boss tho O.o;;;; 

ALSO YUNOBO IS ADORABLE, why aren’t more people talking about him??? A precious Goron child with anxiety but trying his best, 10/10 would adopt :’D

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I've submitted stories/asks about working online retail before and they haven't been published (it's been over a month or I wouldn't bother y'all!) so I wanted to see if stories for online retail aren't allowed?

We are extremely backed up right now. If you mentioned the store name, it may have been deleted. -Mandie

Hey cuties,

I’m finally back at work after my really bad recent flare up. I’ve now had my Endo meds doubled and I’ve been put onto a new medication for nerve pain, which both seem to be making huge impacts. A CT scan of my lumbar region has showed a mild disc protrusion, which is the likely culprit of my severe back/pelvic/leg pain, and I’ll be heading to the Spine & Pain clinic hopefully soon.

It’s gonna be a long healing process and I’ve had to re-evaluate a lot of expectations about my health and capabilities - I need to change a lot in regards to how I work and what work I take on. I’m still learning and my condition will unfortunately keep fluctuating, but as always I will try to minimise its impact to customers and supporters, and keep you in the loop with anything relevant.

Thanks for being so incredibly patient and understanding with me always! I appreciate it so much! I’m working on a week long sale with extra bonus treats at the moment to say thanks and it should be up tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled/subscribe to notifications for updates!

I hope you all have a great weekend! xo

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Hey, are you feeling better now? (I hope so!)

Hi lovely anon,

Yes, yes, thank goodness I am finally feeling better. I finally went to the doctor last week and got some medicine and it was just a long slow illness ugh but now I am back to normal!

I am feeling extra behind on life though since as soon as I was feeling better I had a friend come and stay with me for four days, which was lovely, but she only left a couple of days ago and I am only just now finalllyyy getting caught up on things and only just now getting back to (the most important thing of all of course) writing OFD!!

Stay tuned for more news on that front soon…

so i’m back from hiatus now and excited to get things back up and running for eunha! so if you’d like to plot like this post and i’ll hop into your im’s! 

People give me advice like I’m an idiot with no self awareness, but the truth is, I know what I need to do. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

all of us: man when will there be a sports anime that actually has a healthy gay relationship 

yuri on ice staff:

Currently working on a Swan Prince!Victuuri AU, and it’s not going so well so have a feathery Victor instead :’3c He’s so pretty, but so hard to draw….

this anime is killing me in more ways than one


↳ everyone
↳ are you listening to spring day well?
↳ amazingly it seems like the day has cleared a little
↳ how’s YNWA (in english)
↳ hope yall like the album (in english)
↳ thank you for listening
↳ namunamu (in japanese)
↳ 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
↳ I miss my friends too
↳ everyone too
↳ I miss my old friends (in english)
↳ but feels like you are all my old friends. kinda (in english)
↳ have a happy valentines day
↳ 🍇🍇🍇🍇I don’t see the chocolate emoji so I’ll give you grapes
↳ I’m a grape!!
↳ 🍇💜😘

trans; @hobuing | do not repost

keith, waking up in cold sweat at 2 AM: i love lance with my entire heart, soul and being 

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.


Isak season 3 + hostile_goose tweets