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Sweet Little Lies - chapter 5

A/N - it took a little longer than I expected, but the next chapter of Sweet Little Lies is up on AO3! Trigger warning for torture discussion.  Art is by Tai-Kee ^_^

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Chapter 5

The low hum of the Tempest’s engines were unfamiliar to Reyes, though they brought up a longing within him; a bittersweet yearning for better times on the Nexus when the future had seemed to bright and he had believed in Jien Garson’s vision. Before the mutiny had torn the vision apart. Before he had realised just how full of shit Tann was. Before he had become a “sympathiser” and left with Sloane and her outcasts.

A long time ago.

He felt like a different man to the one who had left the Nexus, and he supposed, he was.

He paced back and forth in Sirius’ room on the Tempest, feeling out of place and lost in the huge space. Everything was clean. Neat. In it’s place. He’d explored the place as best he could without invading her privacy, and learned more about Sirius in few hours than he had in the weeks he had known her.

She collected crystals and model ships, enjoyed whiskey almost as much as he did, and for a woman who spoke so little about her family, she kept a lot of pictures of them. It showed a sweetness and softness to her that he hadn’t had opportunity to see on Kadara, and he’d studied her belongings and photos with curiosity. Her father, the late Alec Ryder, he knew from Nexus propaganda. He wore the same serious frown that his daughter often did. Her mother had a gentle look about her, and Reyes could see the same bone structure in Sirius’ face.

Her twin, Orion, shared Sirius’ colouring, but unlike his petite biotic sister, he appeared tall and muscular. Handsome, Reyes thought, though his face was softer, his eyes kinder. He looked less likely to fight a war, or take Sloane on, and more likely to negotiate peace. There was no shining biotic light in his gaze either, and his eyes were a hazel colour similar to Reyes’ own.

The glimpse into her life made him feel guilty about how carefully he had hidden so many aspects of his own from her, and as he paced back and forth across the room, Reyes renewed his promise to reveal everything to her.

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Dark Shakespeare Sequels
  • Thirteenth Night: Malvolio’s Revenge
  • Much Ado 2: Kill Claudio
  • The Merchant of Menace
  • As You Don’t Like It 
  • The Scary Wives of Windsor: The Fall of Falstaff
  • The Tempest 2: Hurricane Miranda 
  • Richard III 2: Back from Bosworth (feat. zombie Richard)
  • A Midsummer Nightmare: Attack on Titania  

AU where Alec lives and has to deal with his son flirting shamelessly with Reyes


“Yea I know isn’t he great”

Or like

“Should I go? Seems like you’re the type who’d enjoy the chase.”


Comes back trashed after Sloane’s party

“Dad… dad listen… listen dad…. reyes found super old whiskey.. .. we stole it!!! We stole it from the crabby queen!! *whispers loudly* anD WE DRANK IT”

“i dont know which one of you I need to kill first”

the way i play me:a
  • someone on the nexus, probably: Did Ryder, look around, get back on the ship, and fly back out to space?
  • docking bay manager: oh, yes, probably forgot to check her email before landing. don't worry, she'll be back in like five minutes.

I honestly want a special All Stars season of Drag Race with all the queens that were eliminated first because I wanna see more from a lot of them? Porkchop’s been the butt of a lot of jokes in the show so like can they bring her back and give her another chance? And Kelly Mantle and Tempest Dujour totally deserve to  show their talents?? Can we have this please?

More extended banter with my Ryder (Erika)

Jaal: So Liam, I’m still confused about the nonspecific erogenous zones.

Ryder: Yikes! 

Liam: *coughing* Um, maybe now’s not the time?

Jaal: Why not? I have no shame about my relationship with Ryder.

Liam: Yes, but we consider that private…like…Oh! Like how Angara never ever talk publicly about being sick like the other day.

Jaal: Liam, conversation over.

Ryder: Wait, wait, you were sick? THAT’S why you said you couldn’t come over? Are you okay? Do I need to take you back to the ship? Should I talk to Sahuna get some medicine or something to help?

Jaal: I’m fine, there is no need.

Liam: Ah, forgot to mention, sickness in humans usually breeds worry and lots of care taking.

Ryder: I can take you back to the Tempest if you need, Lexi’s been talking to some Angaran doctors -

Jaal: I. Am. Fine.

Ryder: You do look a little flushed. Liam, take the wheel. 

Liam: RYDER.

Ryder: *leans back and touches Jaal’s forehead* You feel feverish. 

Jaal: Perhaps it is because we are on a hot planet. Please, darling one, I’m fine…though your concern is…touching.

Ryder: *unconvinced* Oookay, but if you start to feel bad just let me know, you can even give me one of those shocks if it’s uncomfortable to say it aloud. I don’t want you overdoing it. 

Liam: Look, this is really touching and everything but can you please take the wheel back.

ME:A Companions Reactions

Mass Effect Andromeda companions reactions to the Pathfinder having a meltdown after everything they’ve been through.

Liam: Shit, he knew this was coming. After everything they had been through? He’s surprised that it hasn’t happened sooner. He sits with them, their backs propped up against the wall, beers in hand as he just listens to them talk and cry. He puts a hand on their shoulder, offering support and telling them how he admires how far they have come. If romanced: He scoots over and scoops them almost into his lap, squeezing them closely as their chest heaves in sobs, and he rubs their back as he starts telling stories of his past to try and get their mind off of things.

Cora: She makes sure to get them somewhere calm and quiet, and gets them to sit down and rest. Her commando training kicks in and she uses this to get them to breath in, and out. In and out. She recites Sarissa’s manuals calmly and softly until the Pathfinder calms down at least a little, and Cora tells them how proud she is of how they are doing at this job, especially with not having any training whatsoever. Their father picked them for a reason; they can do this. If romanced: she wraps her arms around their chest, hugging them gently. After they calm down a bit, she takes their hand and drags them to her room on the Tempest and has them help her water the plants. It’s not much, but it’s at least relaxing.

Vetra: Oh, no. She’s seen this before. She remembered when Sid had a breakdown after losing mom and dad left. After doing a lot of hunting and digging, she manages to find a package of the Pathfinders favorite cookies and brings them to a nice spot on Kadara, overlooking the scenery. They sit and talk about anything and everything; their lives before the Initiative, their parents, their plans and dreams. If Romanced: Vetra spends all evening making their favorite meal (somewhat butchering it, but the Pathfinder still loves it) and they sit down and watch a movie together. A sappy, romantic thing that lets the Pathfinder let out their emotions and be able to blame it on the movie, all while Vetra hugs them to her side.

Peebee: Uh oh…it’s finally happening, huh? She sometimes forgets everything Ryder has been through. But she’s not really good at the whole…weepy, supportive thing. She knows what helps her, though! So she drags the Pathfinder to her escape pod and they create a zero gravity environment and just float, letting all their pain and worries drift away. If Romanced: After they spend a lot of time just floating, she takes the Pathfinder to their quarters and they enjoy some…stress relief together, after which they just lay together, silently holding and supporting each other, no words needed.

Drack: Oh, jeez. He knew this was coming. He can’t blame the kid; they’ve been through a lot. He thumps them on the shoulder and drags them out to Kadara, where he has set up a shooting range with various targets, many of which are canisters that explode. While they are both shooting, he gives them a talking to about how tough life can be, but he knows how tough they are (for a human) and that they’ll get through it. After a lot of ammo and a lot of explosions, they share a lot of drinks together at Kralla’s Song.

Jaal: Poor Ryder! He cannot believe how they have been holding this in for so long; it’s a surprise they haven’t fallen apart even sooner. He drags them to their quarters and makes them sit down and talk it all out; he refuses to leave until they have gotten everything of their chest. He feels so sorry for all they have been through that even he shares some tears with them, and they spend hours together just talking and letting everything out. If Romanced: He holds them in his arms, stroking their soft hair as they shake and sob. When they finally cry themselves out, they are stretched out on the Pathfinder’s bed, Jaal stroking their cheek and looking lovingly into their eyes. He asks them about everything; their live before they game to Andromeda, their family, their childhood. It’s a long night, but by the end of it they both feel so much better.

Kallo: He isn’t surprised; they’ve been through so much. He isn’t sure how to make them feel better, but eventually gets an idea! He finds a large area of open space and has them come over so that they can fly the Tempest around themselves. He stands behind them, a hand on their shoulder as he instructs them what they have to do. By the end of it, the Pathfinder has a huge grin on their face, and they give Kallo a huge hug (that is returned a little awkwardly).

Suvi: Oh, she feels so bad for them. She meets them in their quarters and makes them a nice cup of her favorite tea (some of the last she has) and she makes them sit and drink it to calm down a bit. She doesn’t know quite what to do, so she launches off on all of the things they have learned about the life in Andromeda. Plants, creatures, even the rocks, she explains everything until the Pathfinder calms down, smiling into their cup of tea. If Romanced: She holds them on the couch, sipping their tea and she reads to them out of the book she is currently reading. Ryder just loves to listen to her voice, and eventually they drift off, tucked against Suvi’s shoulder as she continues reading out loud, stroking their back.

Gil: Well, shit. Had to come eventually. Well, the only thing that can solve this is alcohol and a lot of cards. He takes them out on the town, and they spend the evening playing cards against each other, dancing, and just enjoying themselves to get their minds off of everything. If Romanced: After they enjoy their night out on the town, they go back on the Tempest and Gil takes through the rounds of what he does to take care of the ship, and Ryder sits happily (and somewhat intoxicated) watching him as he waves his arms around, happily describing everything. Eventually they end up in each other’s arms, dancing to music that only they can hear.


Reyes: When they stumble into his room, he can immediately tell something is wrong. When they collapse on the couch next to him, head in their hands, he leans forward and orders some of their best whiskey, and they share a few drinks as the Pathfinder just talks about everything that has gone wrong so far. Reyes listens quietly, putting a hand on their shoulder in silent support; he knows how hard life can be out here. If Romanced: He wraps them in his arms and stands them up, softly dancing to music (a lot slower than the music that is playing), swaying side to side. After Ryder cries themselves out, they fall asleep with their head in Reyes’ lap on the couch, and he sends a message to make sure no one disturbs them for the next hour or so as he lets them rest, running his hand through their hair.

Avela: She feels so bad for the Pathfinder, and here she is asking even more of them. They’ve been through so much, it hardly seems fair. The next time Ryder visits, she takes them on a small tour through the museum, talking softly about all the pieces they have gathered. If Romanced: She takes Ryder on a tour through Aya, taking them to her favorite spots, letting them see all the grace and beauty of their city. They find a nice spot by a waterfall and Avela surprised them with fresh fruit, which they share together as they listen to the sound of the water. Ryder talks to Avela about everything, what they’ve been through, their stress, all they’ve lost. Avela wraps them in a hug and they sit there, silently enjoying their time together.

fancifultrash  asked:

I'm always weak for Scott and Reyes so you successfully baited me congrats. What about Scott doing something incredibly stupid on Kadara and coming back to the slums with a pissed off and worried Reyes? Cue Scott being super endeared yet annoyed since he's usually the one stressed out over the others stupid ideas.

This was cute. It’s about 1200 words so I’ll put most of it under a read more. Thanks for the prompt!

Reyes hunched forward, his elbows on his knees and his brow creased in concentration. He touched a finger to his earpiece, “I repeat: Aguila 1, do you have eyes on the objective?”

Again, only static answered, punctuated by the stutter of distant gunfire. Reyes willed himself to remain calm but before he could broadcast again, there was crackle of distortion, “Copy, Charlatan. I have eyes on the prize but it’s getting pretty hairy out here. We’re about a click, click and a half east of the base, it’s– it’s an ambush set up but–”

“Aquila, I’m losing you,” Reyes said. More shots. His hands curled into fists as he tried to stuff down the rising swell of panic in his throat. He couldn’t let his scout hear it, “What’s the Pathfinder’s status? Aguila, can you read me?”

“Ryder looks like he’s– and there’s another drop ship arriving, I can see it coming over the–Roekaar, definitely—” the connection was getting worse, Aguila’s voice was barely audible over the static. The Roekaar must have been using jammers, or they were on the other side of the spiny ridge of mountains near the base and the signal was blocked. Either way, Reyes was struggling to get the full picture. What he did know, sounded bad.

He swore under his breath and pinched the bridge of his nose. His mind raced as he tried to pull enough threads together formulate a plan, but there was nothing he could grasp for; he didn’t know exactly where they were, couldn’t pin down Aguila’s transponder location, and didn’t have any patrols in the area east of the rebel base that could immediately assist.

“The turian– down, it looks like– going after her, that dumb son of a bitch is going to–visual confirmation has been lost, I repeat–”

“Stay with him, Aguila. I need eyes on the Pathfinder, don’t let me down,” Reyes urged. His pulse was jumping, his heart hammering at his ribs.

“Negative, Charlatan–too hot, I’m pulling back to point–” the line crackled for a final time, “–see you back in port. Try not to hate me too much.”

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How Reyes Vidal stole my heart (and will probably steal yours too)

From even before I started playing Mass Effect Andromeda, I was 100% sure I was going to romance Jaal. Jaal all the way. Nothing but Jaal, Jaal, Jaal. I mean, have you seen his eyes? Or heard his voice? That’s one sexy alien.

Jaal and I had a really good thing going, you know. First we became friends. We took our time getting to know eachother. Slowly, our friendship turned into something more. Our talks became flirty and giggly, even suggestive. It was a lot of fun and it was pretty clear where the two of us were headed.

Then, I was asked to go to Kadara. That wonderful planet full of outcasts and outlaws. I immediately felt at home among all those angry exiles. Jaal hated it. He was complaining all the time - about the people, the air, the water, the temperature, everything. “You want to go back to the Tempest?” I asked him sharply. “I didn’t know that was an option,” he answered sourly. It wasn’t exactly a fight, but we definitely had our first disagreement. And it annoyed me, because I had backed him in everything from the first time I met him. But when we got to Kadara and the Badlands, to that place that I really liked, he couldn’t even just stay silent about not liking it. I also had to admit that I was actually freaking out a little bit about how open he was about his feelings. I mean, I know the Angaran wear their hearts on their sleeves, but jfc.

So Jaal went back to the Tempest so the two of us could take a little breather from eachother, and I hung around Kadara port without him, waiting to meet up with some contact with the code name Shena. I was just hanging at the bar, waiting for a person I assumed was an Angaran lady, when a guy behind me said: “You look like you’re waiting for someone.” Ugh yes, and I’m not here to get hit on, so go away. I turned around and he presented his hand for me to shake: “Shena. But you can call me Reyes. I hate code names.”

Originally posted by alistairs

I’m sorry what? This is Shena? You are Shena? I giggled like a 13 year old and took the drink he offered me. He then proceeded to give me a lot of important information about Kadara port’s “politics” in a very charming accent. I should probably have paid attention to what he was saying, but I couldn’t stop looking at him. Just when I thought I’d gotten my giggling under control, I asked him about our new mission: “How do I contact you if things go south?” He answered:

Originally posted by mistiv

My loins! Seriously, I’m still not quite sure what happened. He left fielded me so hard I’m still dizzy. All I know is that from that point on my heart belonged to Reyes Vidal.

But what about Jaal?


Jaal who?

What Might Have Been

[Prompt: This is for @meflashfanwork based on the theme ‘what might have been.’ What if Alec had survived and Wren Ryder wasn’t the Pathfinder, but just one of the companions? How would her relationship with Jaal changed? It’s a series of vignettes, essentially, because anything else would be ungodly long.

Jaal x Ryder]

Alec Ryder. Pathfinder, hope of the Initiative, pseudo-leader of the human ark. All titles he wore with ease, carrying hopes and dreams on his shoulders as if they weighed nothing at all. Things he could not include in his list of titles: diplomat, which made meeting the angara an interesting complication, a wrinkle in his plans that he clearly didn’t approve of.

Thus, the angara representative, Jaal, had ended up more or less dumped in the laps of Scott and Wren Ryder. “Babysit him. I don’t have time for this,” Alec said, already turning and stalking off. Wren and Scott exchanged a look and both shrugged simultaneously.

“You know I’m not much better than dad. I leave this in your capable hands.” Clapping his sister on the shoulder, Scott left her with Jaal.

“Your father- he is always like this?” It was the first thing Jaal said to her, and Ryder couldn’t determine if he was serious or not. A beat of tension, and then Jaal smiled at her, hesitantly, and Ryder let out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding and smiled back.

Bashful in the face of having to confront Alec’s dubious charms, Ryder nodded reluctantly. “Pretty much. He takes getting used to.” It was unfortunate that this was Jaal’s first real taste of humanity, but it wasn’t as if there was much she could do about that. As usual, she could only pick up the pieces and try to smooth out Alec’s rough edges, making sure he didn’t offend too many people in his wake. It was, after all, the main reason she was even allowed on his precious Tempest in the first place. Everyone had to pull their own weight, and though it never went said out loud, it was understood that the Ryder twins were there to be the charm and charisma that the Pathfinder lacked.


From the start, Ryder had alternative reasons for playing nice with Jaal. She couldn’t help but notice he was good looking, even if he was alien. Maybe it was the fact that he was so incredibly alien that made him appealing; either way, six hundred years of no action could do things to a girl.

Jaal didn’t trust her. That much was clear. He trusted Alec even less, and while he seemed to get along with Scott, he also held himself aloof, refusing to answer certain questions about his family and about angaran culture until some mythical proof of trust could be earned.

“I’d like to get to know you better. Privately,” she stuttered out one afternoon, and to her surprise Jaal looked her up and down appraisingly and finally replied.

“I would like that,” he said, a smile touching the corners of his mouth. That’s where it all began.


It wasn’t until they rescued the Moshae that Jaal truly began to warm up to any of the crew, and Ryder hadn’t even been along for the ride. “It’s too dangerous,” Alec told her. “You and your brother are staying behind and staying put. No arguments.” All this before she could even open her mouth, stuck on the ship and fuming as her dad left with Jaal and Drack, leaving behind a restless ship that could only try and communicate with comms.

“I have utmost faith that your dad will pull this off,” Cora said, trying to sound reassuring and trying not to look annoyed that she hadn’t been brought along.

“Of course he will. Dad is perfect.” Rolling her eyes, Ryder stalked off to her bunk to flip through an old-fashioned, physical book, flipping the same two pages back and forth for an hour before giving up and trying to watch a vid instead. She should be there. What if Alec was hurt? What if Jaal was hurt? Was it wrong that the second thought made her more worried than the first? Damn it, she was going to fall into this too deeply if she wasn’t careful. It was time to distance herself, to not think about what the angara looked like as he smiled, how good of a shot he was, how he had helped her take apart her sniper rifle the other day, holding intricate pieces between two fingers with surprisingly delicacy. Definitely don’t think about his hands.

Damn it.


“We have to deal with this Aksuul figure before he causes any further trouble. Wren, you’re coming with us.” It was a tacit admittance that he was diplomatically challenged, the closest Alec would ever come to admitting weakness. It was also the only time he had been willing to drag out his daughter and Jaal on a mission at the same time, preferring to keep them separated.

“Remember not to fraternize with the angara, Wren. Keep your head.” That had been a few days ago, a frown etched onto his features, permanent lines creased downward. Wren could only blush and shrug, muttering polite deferrals that sounded half-hearted even to her own biased ears.

“Ryder, you must listen and trust me about Aksuul. I can’t trust that Alec would,” Jaal whispered to her as they finally left the Tempest, ready to face whatever the steaming jungles held.

She nodded but bit a corner of her lip, doubtful. “I’ll do my best. You know what dad’s like.”

“And that is what I’m afraid of.” There wasn’t time for them to say more; already Alec was moving forward, SAM propelling him into feats of athleticism that Wren couldn’t possibly even contemplate.

With Alec leading the way, there was no time for quiet contemplation or examining their surroundings. A cursory look, enough to establish that Jaal’s family wasn’t there, and they moved on, Aksuul’s voice a distant, booming background whenever they entered a building. Every time she wanted to stop to look more closely at something, Alec pushed her onward, and though Jaal shook his head, there was nothing either could do to stop the Pathfinder once he had a mission firmly in mind. This was what he had trained for and he was a man of action, not of contemplation. Putting the picture together didn’t matter as much as getting results, and he was determined to do that much. Ryder strongly suspected that Alec didn’t even care about rescuing Jaal’s family so much as he did getting on the angara’s good side; his attempts at placate them still weren’t going well, and few of them trusted him.

Every angara killed felt like a blow to Ryder. How did Jaal feel, killing his own people? He and Alec had identical facial expressions; calm, determined, though Jaal’s was underwritten with a current of worry. Bullets flew as all three sought cover behind some crates, pushing ever closer to their goal. “Wait! I know those voices.” Jaal held a fist up to halt their fire.

Alec kept firing in steady pulses, either having not heard or ignoring it entirely. “Dad, stop!” Once again, there was no response until Ryder physically shouldered him, causing a shot to veer off wildly. Alec turned to look at her angrily, scowl only deepening.

“Dad. Jaal knows them.”

“Lathoul! Wait! Stop!” What followed was a terse exchange of words, a stray shot that rang out… and then hugging. A great deal of hugging, none of which involved Alec and all of which left Ryder faintly bemused. Yet when Jaal sought out a human to show his family that humans weren’t all bad, he didn’t reach for Alec, instead grabbing Ryder by the arm and dragging her into the spotlight, showing her off with an air of faint pride, making her feel Alec’s glare radiating heat through the back of her skull.

Another flash of action- shooting, defusing bombs while Alec watched over her shoulder, shouting out terse commands. A bullet slammed into her shields, sending Ryder back, but she shook it off, fingers shaking as she pressed levers and flicked switches, trying to save this piece of angaran history, knowing that if she didn’t, the failure would rest squarely on her shoulders. They would never blame their Pathfinder, but it was too easy to blame his daughter.

And then Askuul, pointing a gun at Jaal, and Alec pointing a gun at Aksuul. Jaal’s earlier words, his emphasis on trusting him, came back to mind, but Alec’s finger was already hovering near the trigger, and he rarely missed. Ryder could only do something incredibly stupid, something Alec would yell at her about back in the Tempest- she stepped in front of his gun, preventing him from taking the shot, and in doing so, she had to watch Aksuul shoot a single bullet at Jaal, skimming the surface of his flesh and passing on.

A tense moment, and then diffusion. How could everything have possibly turned out okay?


Later, she and Jaal leaned against each other, her hand reaching up to touch where he had shot.

“You stopped your father,” Jaal finally said to her.

“I was so worried.” Even now, she could feel Alec staring. Screw Alec. Right now, her dad was the least of her concerns.

“All wounds heal.” They leaned forward, and then Jaal broke away, arching the approximate region where brows would be to gesture at Alec. “I should let you two speak.”

Maybe it was then she realized she would weather any storm for him- even a storm of angry fathers.

Head canons for Ascella Ryder
On Voeld
After the events on meridian in a week timeframe

- Ascella takes some ice skates and skates on voeld
some angara: wow what’s she doing?
Another angara: how can she move around on such thin metal and not fall down?
Ascella: *not a moment later falls flat on her bum*
Angara: nvm
- Ascella, Cora, and Liam get ice skates too and more after modifying them for other aliens. Spends days teaching angara and other Milky Way aliens to skate.
- Ascella takes turns skating with each of her crew mates
- gets yelled at by tann for taking to many days off for what he calls nonsense
- “ I just restored this fucking cluster, died 3 times I’m taking this fucking vaca” Ascella is having non of your shit
- the nexus council come to voeld to “investigate”

- drack teaches kesh how to skate
- Cora teaches the Asari pathfinder how to skate while either in intense fangirl mode or hard core commando teaching

-peebee avoiding Lexi
- peebee keeps falling down and Lexi keeps trying to see if she’s ok
- suvi is the most graceful skater
- suvi take peebees hand and helps teach her to skate
- peebee is fucking mesmerized and falls in love with suvi and her grace on the ice

- kallo and vetra both working together to keep balance on the ice
- “ put more weight on the left”
- they’re butts get really bruised by the end but I don’t think they want anymore ice on their butts

- vetra and ascella teach Sid how skate (sids loving being able to both get family time with her sister and skate with Ascella)
- Ascella and Scott are skating together, getting some of that much needed family time

- Liam and Gil are having a skating contest with some angara

- Ascella teaches jaal how to skate after he gets the hang of it they skate together.
- when she is in the motion of falling down, half the time jaal successfully catches her half the time he falls with her

- Tann stands in the snow with Addison as they’re both being cranky bums, Addison caves in and joins in on the skating, usually skates with Kesh
- Tann finally joins in too, Kandros and the salarian pathfinder help him how to skate after seeing him have troubles

- moshae sjefa and evfra are watching from the side lines
- jaal drags moshae on the ice and teaches her to skate
- after moshae gets the hang of it she drags evfra onto the ice
- moshae hands evfra to Ascella
-“stupid human alien activities”
-cranky kitty is still cranky kitty

- after all the pathfinders get use to ice skating try decide to have a race, no tech or biotics allowed and no SAM helping.
- Ascella wins, mostly because she was the pathfinder always on the field while the others did mostly stuff that required staying on their ship
- the pathfinders spend a day skating together

- at the end of the day all head to the nexus outpost and the humans and Asari have hot chocolate
-turians, krogans, and salarians have their version of hot chocolate, I don’t know how similar angara are to the other races so they have whatever their version of hot chocolate would be.
- the pathfinders are all sitting together
- the nexus council sit in close proximity of the pathfinders
- the nexus council once again are arguing, but they’re arguing about what was the best part of this vaca
- the tempest crew sits on the other side of all the pathfinders
- moshae sjefa and evfra sit with the pathfinders, they’d sit with the council but they don’t like the arguing
- they spend a good amount of time talking and watching the northern lights

-the tempest crew head back to the tempest and all settle down in the crew quarters
- peebees on a top bunk
-suvi on the other top bunk
- lexi is sitting on one of the desk chairs
- jaal is sitting on the other desk chair
- drack is sitting on the lounge chair
-Gil and Scott are sitting on the floor between the bunk beds leaning on them
- vetra, sid and Ascella are on the bottom bunk
- Liam and Cora are both on the other bottom bunk

- they’re all telling stories from their home planet/ story they grew up with
- Lexi is trying to tell an old story from thessia (even tho she grew up on omega)
- peebee keeps saying “nuh uh that’s not how it went” “ how would you know? You grew up on omega”
- “well my mom told me these stories duh peebee”
- vetra gets up and puts duck tape over mouth
- peebee pouts for the rest of the story but at the end she takes it off
- peebee tells another story from thessia
-everybody hesitatingly nods at the end because peebee kept skipping details so they don’t understand what the hell she was talking about
- drack tells stories from tuchanka and from the war with the turians
- vetra tells stories from her times as a smuggler when she was young
- Sid tells stories that her sister told her when she was young
- Cora tells stories from her time with the huntresses
-Liam tells stories of his time in crisis response
-Gil tells stories from his childhood
-Ascella tells stories from when she was peacekeeping on the prothean digs
- jaal tells stories from his childhood and from his time with the resistance
- Cora, Liam, Gil and Ascella all tell old earth folktales and history
- Cora tells stories from Nordic folklore and Japanese history
- Liam tells stories from North American and Nigerian folklore and history - Suvi tells stories of Celtic folklore and British history - Gil tells stories of European history and Chinese folklore
-Ascella tells Greek mythology and North American history
- vetra and Sid pip up when Ascella starts talking about the Greek goddess Nyx (the whole reason she wanted to talk about Greek mythology was to see their reaction)

- after a long story telling session they end up all sleeping in the crew quarters
- vetra and Sid sleep on the bottom bunk
- suvi and peebee both sleep on a top bunk
- Gil and kallo sleep on a bottom bunk
- Lexi and Cora sleep on the other bottom bunk
- jaal sleeps on the lounge chair and Ascella sleeps on him, using him as a pillow
- drack and Scott sleep leaning against on the floor (don’t worry they’re against a wall, Scott won’t be crushed)
- Ascella gets up to use the washroom, she sees everyone and gets Sam to take pictures
- but Sam has been taking pics of the whole vaca

- when everybody is up they all head to the galley for breakfast
- Vetra, Ascella and Drack make breakfast
- the galley is fucking crowded

- and so a new holiday is formed on voeld


I wasn’t sure how to completely romance both Gil & Reyes at the same time, so I decided to do a sort of speed run to make sure I wouldn’t mess up my game. I’ve played it until before after the last main mission & finally found the right pattern of missions to get it to work. The way I did it triggers both of their “main” romance scenes (Ryder’s room & Kadara cave) (I’ll play the last quest tonight (……or in two days whoops, sorry guys about to start playing right now) & update this with any scenes/conversations affected by the Gil & Reyes romance at the end)

UPDATED/COMPLETE: I finished the main story and added on to the end!!! tldr; Everything seems to work out! ♥

STEPS & MISSION ORDER: (under a cut cause of spoilers + it’s really long)

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FIC: Observer

Rating: T
Pairing: f!Ryder/Vetra Nyx, pre-relationship
Word Count: 1,400
Summary: The pools right outside Kadara’s vault are there for a reason, right? The squad gets a beach day.
Also on: AO3

“SAM,” Ryder asked, yanking her helmet off, “how’s the water?”

“The toxicity issue is resolved.”

The three of them stood grouped beneath the shade of the vault’s overhang. Maybe Kadara couldn’t beat Eos for heat, but there was something about the humidity in the air that had Ryder lagging. She was usually the first up the rise, the first barreling into combat; today, increasingly, she’d fallen behind. SAM could keep her going, but judging by the splotchy red of her face and the sweat curling the ends of her hair, she would crash hard when they got back to the Tempest.

Just now, though—exhaustion be damned—there was a familiar gleam in the hazel of her eyes. Vetra braced herself.

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What’s Bred in the Bone: Part IV

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

A 600 year nap and a 2.5 million light-year journey to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Rated M for strong language, some sexuality and violence. Alien-human pregnancy fic.

Spoilers for Jaal’s romance and loyalty mission, and end of game.

Part IV of ??? - Part I - Part II - Part III

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Honestly I feel so blessed that Jaals romance is nothing but pure love and feel-good moments like every time I think back on any part of his romance, be the small Tempest talks, the cutscenes, or even the emails I just get a big grin from ear to to ear.

And considering how very bitter and salty I am about Thane’s treatment in ME3 this is just the balm I needed.