back in the day it's like cats cats cats

the first time even draws sana a comic, it’s when she looks stressed. she’s over studying with isak and isak is trying to patiently explain one of the questions to her, but eventually isak decides they need to take a break and he heads to the restroom. even drops the comic onto the textbook she’s glaring at. it’s of a cat ripping a biology textbook in half and yelling, “screw your logic, i do have nine lives!” sana looks up at him and is surprised, but the small smile that graces her lips is touched.

the second time even draws sana a comic, it’s when she looks sad. the girls and boys are over at isak and even’s apartment and they’re having a small pregame, and sana’s been staring at her phone for a while now and she looks a little emotionally exhausted, and she keeps glaring at the drink that’s been set in front of her mindlessly, and so even busies himself with a pen and a napkin and then drops it onto sana’s lap before sitting next to her. it’s of a cat drinking milk and knocking a beer bottle off the table, where it falls and hits the head of another passing cat. sana looks over at him and smiles at even crookedly.

the third time even draws sana a comic, it’s when she looks angry. she’s talking heatedly to the girls in the hallways and then storms off, presumably to biology, which even only knows she has next because of isak. even quickly draws something on his notebook paper and casually makes inside the empty classroom, save for sana, and drops the paper on her desk. it’s of a cat with steam coming out of its ears and another cat frantically trying to blow it away. sana’s expression dissolves into an exasperated one, then she laughs, a little quietly. even doesn’t miss the way her shoulders slump.

the fourth time even draws sana a comic, it’s when she looks scared. she’s making her way off the tram when even’s waiting for his own, and she looks shaken and lost. behind her walks an older man, maybe in his sixties, angry-looking and glaring at her back, but he walks the other way. even narrows his eyes and makes his way over to her and asks if she’s okay. sana’s good at composing herself, even will give her that, and she tells him she’s fine. even offers to walk her home, and sana lets him; the next day, even slips a comic into her locker. it’s of a cat that looks like its alone in a dark room, scared and confused. in the next frame, a couple of cats have turned on the light, revealing that the cat has been surrounded by friends all along.

the fifth time, sana draws even a comic. he’s just said goodbye to isak and he’s on his way out of the school to wait for him to finish his last class when sana stops him. she looks happier than usual, brighter. she hands even a folded paper and then rolls her eyes and even’s confused expression. “just take it,” she presses, and so even does. “open it when i’m gone,” sana warns, and then she leaves, and so even opens it. 

it’s clumsily drawn, not at all at the level even draws, but it’s clearly of a cat filming a couple of other cats roughhousing. there’s only one that’s colored in – a yellow one – and underneath it, the words “they miss you, too” are printed neatly. 

even clings to the comic for days afterward.

B.A.P as house cats
  • Yongguk: Sleeps in your bed. The softest meow. Lies around all day doing nothing. Doesn't eat his food and if he does it's like 1 mouthful. Doesn't leave the house. Shy around visitors.
  • Himchan: Very clean, spends an hour cleaning himself. Lap cat. Naps in his cat bed but gets lonely and tries to sleep with you, but is really annoying and rolls around so you have to put him back in his bed. Grooms you and likes cuddling.
  • Daehyun: He scream. Eats all his food and wants more. Goes frolicking around outside and gets his paws muddy. Brings back gifts for you. Sleeps in inconvenient places. Clingiest lap cat ever.
  • Youngjae: Loud. Does the calm then SUDDEN HYPERACTIVITY thing. Stares at things you can't see. Sleeps ONLY in cat bed and refuses to share. Easily scared. Decides to sit on your homework or just-washed clean clothes. CLAWS.
  • Jongup: Blep. Never meows, just weird noises. Is out all day and comes home for food and bed. V gentle, no claws ever, soft paw, soft boop. Isn't that big but sounds really heavy and loud on the stairs??? Mysterious crashing sounds???? What is he doing?? Watches TV.
  • Junhong: Long cat. Weird meow. Sleeps exclusively in boxes. Interrupts what you're doing to investigate and probably causes problems. Chewing something when he hasn't been fed??? What's he eating??? Brings gifts home but doesn't show you so you go to put a shoe on and BAM there's a mouse. Always wants to play.

For all the people who are either A. thinking about declawing your cat or B. dont see anything wrong with declawing cats, let me tell you my personal experiences with declawing.

I work as a vet tech and see roughly about 3- 5 cats get declawed EVERY week. I cannot even begin to rightly explain how bad these cats suffer after the procedure. Usually when theyre waking up they start flailing their feet (since the feet are bandaged up and theyre in pain) and start hitting their paws on the side of the cage, usually instantly making their bandages a complete bloody mess. Sometimes if the vets didnt completely glue the paw pads together (yes, they dont suture the opening up, they literally glue it) after AMPUTATING the cats ends of their toes, the paw pads will tear open and just bleed, making us have to wrestle down the cats and apply more glue to their already painful feet. The next day we take off the bandages, clean up the cats usually bloody feet and make them look as nice as they did when they came in and send them off with their owners, who are completely unaware of what their cat just went through. 

Just yesterday at work we had a cat come in who got declawed a few months back and was limping on one of his feet. After taking a closer look, we realized it felt like he had a splinter in one of his toes. We put him out and opened up the toe to find, low and behold, that the cats nail started growing back in this poor cats toe, literally making it so that the cats foot got stabbed every time he put pressure on that foot. And if any of you have felt a cats nail, you know how sharp they get. 

Declawing makes cats more likely to bite, I’ve experienced it. Declawed cats usually wont let you touch their feet because theyre uncomfortable, even years after, Ive seen it. Declawed cats usually end up with severe arthritis in their feet, Ive seen it. And the reason vets dont tell you all these things is because they make money off of crippling your cat, I have seen how much money we make off of declawing cats. The procedure only takes about an hour, which means we can fit in more declaws in a day, which means easy money. 

Im tired of pretending like I dont see this happen to cats every single day I work, and Im tired of putting my morals in the back of my head because Im scared of what would happen if I said something. Its time people start speaking up, if everyone were to stay quiet, nothing would ever get done. 


If you were a cat... pt.1

or an astrological guide to the mystery of your cat; I mean how else are we supposed to understand this creatures


The Aries cat is a bit of a show-off. This means that it loves admiration and is full of self confidence. These pets are very good at learning tricks, even closed doors are no problem for these clever cats. Aries cats are also talk-active with predilection for hilarious and well-timed vocalizations. These felines are some of the cuddliest cats in the zodiac, but the Aries is at the same time a light sleeper who prefers to squeeze every second out of life. In fact it’s recklessness often lands it in trouble so beware! It’s probably wise to put away anything that might suffer from this furry friend’s enthusiasm. The Aries cat owns its owners home - and garden. These cats are boisterous with other cats and they aren’t afraid of larger animals either. Speaking of love, Aries cats are definitely the conquering type, and it tends to show cupboard love towards humans. If it rubs affectionally against your legs, it is probably saying it’s hungry or thirsty, but deep inside it loves you with all its heart. So many say that dog is a man’s best friend, but those people likely never had the pleasure of meeting an adventurous Aries cat.  


The Taurean cats are unlike most others. They are not playful or athletic, nor are they deceitful or open to bribery. The Taurus cat appears to be very laid back. When the house is quiet, it prefers to sleep the day away in comfort and harmony. In addition this cat goes to no trouble and causes none. Anything for a quiet life. The Taurus feline is a bold animal with a commanding presence and delights at the position in center stage. The Taurus can be very opinionated, so you will want to try a variety of treats and meals before it finds the thing that please it’s refined palate. The Taurean cat also lives dozing and day-dreaming and, even when fully awake, hates to be disturbed. It will sit for hours musing on the meaning of life, so be careful not to interrupt it’s train of thoughts. These cats are faithful to their owners and once it has taken you to its heart it will do anything for you. The Taurus is happiest in a small harmonious family where no one expects too much of it. The Taurus is all known for the ability to help diminish emotional insecurities in others and therefore is one of the most loyal partners.


The typical Gemini cat: one moment cheerful, playful, inquisitive. The next, withdrawn, hissing, inaccessible. It’s everything a cat is popularly supposed to be, and more. These are the cats that have their own YouTube channels and large fan followings. The Gemini loves to make others laugh, even at its own expense. Mistimed jumps and sleeping on his back with his legs up in the air are not unknown stunts for the Gemini. These are cats with big personalities who are looking for a sympathetic ear to listen to their stories. Sleep is not important to a Gemini cat. Life is too short to be dozed away so it only takes cat-naps and doesn’t mind being woken up for an amusing game. These cats don’t require a lot of up keep. If it wants something, it will usually go out and get it itself. The Gemini is a great writing partner, trading partner and art partner. Ten minutes playing with this cat and you will feel inspired to do big things.


Cancer is a water sign and the cat’s emotional life reflects the ebb and flow of the tides. When it feels like it, it can sit placidly for hours like a Buddha. The Cancerian cat is a brilliant actor. If it thinks a game has gone on for too long, it pretends to be exhausted. These are traditionalistic cats who prefers to stay close to home. The Cancer is loyal to the bitter end and can become very territorial. This is why it is a good companion. It is not destructive and treasures your ornaments almost as much as you do. This is perhaps the lowest-maintenance cat in all the signs in the zodiac. The Cancer would be happy with an old towel and a cardboard box. In general the Cancerian cat is a lyrical and romantic lover, but some of them never fall in love because their ideals are too high and they won’t compromise But these cats are capable of long-lasting, wonderful bonds with their humans that mature over the many years they can spend together.


The Leo cat, individual and independent, pads its way through life with head held high, despising lesser mortals. The Leo will know exactly what it takes to please it and this cat will stop at nothing to be center stage. This is the cat who  commands a room when it enters. This cat likes the finer things, but knows that with the pursuit of material goods comes dedication and work. The Leo cat is without a doubt the King of the Beasts as it spends hours grooming itself until it’s fur is shining. But appearances are soon forgotten though if an adventure is in prospect; then it doesn’t shrink from dirt. If a Leo cat feels loved and appreciated, it will do anything for its human. It is trusting and friendly and not afraid of strangers. By providing the Leo cat with balance and attention, it will be your closet friend and your truest confidant, but to build up the best relationship with the Leo you should never turn down an opportunity to pet and praise this cat. The solar energy from this cat can bring harmony and joy to your dwelling.


The Virgo cat is critical, pernickety and a bit of a perfectionist. It is stronger on logic and intelligence than natural instinct. The only thing that will stop a Virgo cat from pursuing its own ends is danger, which it can spot a mile off. Safety first is its motto. Born under the earth sign, the Virgo cat loves plants, including its owners house plants, and you had better let it have them. A Virgo cat lives on its own terms. The Virgo may not be the social climber of the zodiac world, but that is because this cat is grounded in its own sense. Moreover it likes everything to be neat and clean. They like the morning hours and are also quite the yogis, so you may find them sitting in funny or unusual positions for a cat. These cats prefer the indoors, as the house is more predictable than the outside world. Your Virgo will love you quietly and at times seem to keep its distance, but it will always be there, even if you can’t see it. As for other animals in the home, you may find that your Virgo doesn’t bond right away with these fellow inhabitants, but it can learn to accept them as an integral part of its routine and life.

sources: Astrology For Cats (Traudl and Walter Reiner); Cat Zodiac (Maeva Considine)

Job Interview Gothic
  • You go to the bathroom. It’s an immaculate feat of architecture and cleanliness. If you’re hired, however, the spell will be broken. As will 3 of 4 toilets.
  • They offer you a bottle of water. It’s sealed. You’re afraid to open it. Drinking water is a sign of weakness. Gods, you’re thirsty.
  • This hallway is long and so are the 32 others you must walk down before you reach the interview room. The hallways all look the same, but you never see the elevator again.
  • The same man you saw in the parking lot is the same man who was in the office of the 32 hallways with the 64 similar offices with 64 similar looking men. Now he’s in the break room on your tour of the workspace. You still fear the water.
  • You misjudged the strength required for the handshake. The person laughs. Everyone seems to be laughing. No one told you how many people were going to attend your dignity’s funeral.
  • They already asked you that question. Literally, it’s the same exact question. Somehow you come up with a different answer. Are they docking points for being contrary? The world may never know.
  • Was that a trick question? Were they all trick questions? Is this a trick? Where’s Ashton Kutcher? Is he going to pay your rent?
  • Don’t mention your cats. Don’t mention your cats. Don’t mention your cats. “What days can you work?” “All the days. The only people who will miss me are my cats.” Fuck.
  • There’s lipstick on your teeth. You can feel its waxy substance with the tip of your tongue. You don’t remember putting on lipstick on your lips. Just your teeth.
  • The interviewer smiles and you smile back, but their mouths snap shut like someone turned off a light. Welcome to Hell, they say telepathically. Thank you, you reply out loud.
  • Something was said. Something was explained, but your brain put you on hold complete with elevator music. You nod. They nod. We’re nodding. You’re sure it’s fine.
  • Where the fuck are the windows? … Why the fuck are there so many windows?
  • You leave and are slightly afraid that these odd people may actually call you back.


Ok i will try to sum this up.

I volunteer on the weekends at a place called “Dirty Little Paws”. It is a adoption place that is available in some stores that takes in foster cats for a month to find forever homes for them.

I knew last night how I would be working there, so i was really exited. Like there is 15 cats in a room and you get to cuddle with them for hours. Its great.

So as I was thinking about this in bed, I fell asleap. I normally do not have any dreams that I can remember, and when i do remember them, they have things that will happen the next day. It runs on my moms side of the family.

In the dream, i whent back to the Dirty Little Paws place. Everuthing was the same. Since new cats come every month, I assumed in my dream there was the same cats. To name them, there was Kim Possible, Mittens, Garfield, Mosaic, and two cats I have never seen before. These cats were named Raven and Sybil. Raven was a large, shorthair black cat, and Sybil was a long-haired tuxedo cat. Raven had no spots or anything. Sybil had two diffrent colors on her nose, black on top and pink on the bottom. She also had some white strands of hair, despite only being a kitten.

During my dream, I fell in love with these cats. I was working alone this time, instead of with my mom. I adopted them fairly esally, and came home. My house was a small apartment, almost the same as my old grade school friend. It had lots of plants and a rusty smell in the air. When I brought the cats in, Sybil looked around and sat on my lap first thing. Raven hid behind some curtains. I do not remember what happened between this and the next event.

I was at a altar that had an obsidian mirror in the middle and was surrounded with seashells, rainbow opal, and amethyst. Both cats layed down on the obsidian mirror. I chanted something,i forgot what it was. Then i woke up.

Tired, I remembered the dream but did not know what to make of it. So i got up and went. As always, my mom was there as well. When I came, guess who was there.

The new cats were there instead.


Sybil and Raven.

I am not kidding. They looked the same as in the dream, and i have some pictures to prove it.

And of them being cute n stuff

They were both very attracted to me as soon as I let them out, both were coming to me more than the others. I recognised them immediately as well. If you read my last post, you know Raven’s story. Sybil layed on my lap the whole time, and i love her. Raven had a really bad day, and I cheered her up.

I really want to take home Sybil now, not so much Raven, since she would be best as a only cat. I already have a cat at home as well, named Wilbur. She is a British tortoiseshell i have had since i was 4. She is extremely fat and will lay around all day. She also hates people.

Anyways, I was hoping anyone would have some advice. Over what i should do now. Or what this means.

I have heard stories and researched familiars, and this seems like the same scenario. Idk what to do. Help.


Raven and Sigil are both up for adoption! It will be hard for Raven to find a home before she gets put back into foster homes!

Please check out this post for info on Raven and how you can help!

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Hello~! Could you write, as to how would RFA+Minor Trio react if they saw MC being attacked by some wild animal? It's up to you how it'll go! Have a nice day ^_^

i have been procrastinating and playing too many otome games pls forgive me

and wow this got long oops

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  • he’s terrified when a rabid cat jumps out of nowhere and starts hissing and growling at you
  • he tries to distract the cat while you slowly back away
  • screams like a little girl when the cat jumps on your leg and starts biting you
  • grabs a stick and hits it off your leg
  • he feels guilty about hitting it for about .054 seconds before it tries to jump at you again
  • runs away faster than usain bolt, dragging you behind him
  • takes you to the hospital to make sure you didn’t catch rabies


  • he’s Your Knight In Shining Armor™
  • so ofc when you come face to face with a huge ass wild boar while you two were hiking in the mountains, he comes to your rescue
  • if the boar isn’t already charging you, he’ll grab you and yell at the boar to get it to move, then carefully moves both of you past it
  • if the boar is charging you, he’ll drag you out of the way and pull you up the nearest boulder or tree and wait for the boar to leave
  • wild boars are capable of giving some very severe injuries, so he’ll make sure nothing happens to you if he can
  • he’ll have his arm around you to whole way back to your car, and he’ll be on high alert for any more wild animals
  • you two decide on going for walks in the park instead from now on


  • Jaehee would be the most calm one here
  • mostly
  • when you two are sitting in the park minding your own business and a squirrel becomes interested in trying to bite off your hand, she’s quick to act
  • sends the squirrel flying with a smack to the head so fast the squirrel didn’t know what hit it
  • immediately looks at your hand to see how deep the scratches/bites are
  • packs up everything and goes home with you, where you recieve impeccable first aid and a cookie


  • you two are in Australia bc he didn’t want to leave you behind while he went on a business trip for two weeks
  • once he has time, he takes you to a private area of the beach 
  • which is where you meet your Doom aka a Sea Urchin
  • you’re just having a good ol’ time splashing about in the water when
  • oh no, you stepped on a sea urchin
  • -134 HP
  • he tries to be calm, but he’s internally freaking out, but he also knows you won’t die but still
  • calls 000 instead of trying to handle it himself bc he’s scared of making things worse
  • holds your hand on the way to the hospital
  • pampers you so much after
  • doesn’t let you walk or stand on your own until you’re completely better


  • A Series Of Unfortunate Events™
  • it’s one of the rare times you get him to go outside
  • you go for a little picnic in the woods (you had to bribe him with hbc and phd pepper)
  • unfortunately for you, he insists on traipsing through the woods after you eat
  • also unfortunately, you stumble upon a badger’s sett, which happens to be home to some cubs
  • even more unfortunately, the mother badger was present
  • and she was not happy
  • he’s very serious once he realizes what’s happening
  • calmly gives you instructions to move away slowly, until you’re out of sight
  • apologizes x1000000 for making you wander around int he woods with him
  • very happy he’s read a stupid amount of wildlife books


  • you and this precious man are on one of his photography excursions in the mountains
  • but, it starts raining, so you retreat into a cave to wait out the rain
  • but of course, you just have to pick the cave with a shit load of bats
  • when you turn your phone’s flashlight to the ceiling like a dumbass, the bats swarm past you to get out of the cave
  • with your oh-so-wonderful luck, one gets caught up in your hair and wildly flaps its wings around trying to get away from you
  • it also bites and scratches your neck pretty bad
  • you’re yelling, the bat is about to have a heart attack, poor thing, and jihyun is wondering what the actual fuck is going on
  • until he turns the mini flashlight on his car keys in your direction and sees your… predicament
  • very carefully untangles the bat from your hair and lets it go outside before coming to look at the mark on your neck
  • glad he brought a mini first aid kit, and takes care of your scratches
  • kisses your nose once he’s done and procures a lollipop out of nowhere
  • actual angel


  • he goes outside even less than saeyoung
  • he wants to go for some ice cream in the park, and ofc you cheerfully agree
  • why would you refuse that face?
  • then, on your way home, tragedy strikes in the form of a flock of pigeons
  • you’re squealing and trying to get the pigeons off of you
  • saeran just kinda stares for a bit
  • he doesn’t want to get hit in the face by your flailing arms, but you also look like you’re struggling
  • takes hold of your wrists, then removes your hoodie and shakes it out
  • the pigeons magically disappear after that
  • you’re convinced he can talk to animals after that
  • he doesn’t tell you that you just had crumbs from all the hbc you were eating all over your hoodie


  • the two of you are on a vacation in Texas
  • you’re having fun riding horses together (something Van actually suggested, which was a little surprising, but still nice)
  • unfortunately for you, Texas = rattlesnakes
  • also unfortunately for you, you didn’t wear boots or high socks
  • so, you end up accidentally stepping on a rattlesnake, and it ends up biting your ankle
  • Van is right there when he hears your yelp
  • he immediately shoots the snake about five times with the pistol he somehow has been carrying inside his jacket this whole time?
  • then he’s all over your ankle, making you sit down and tying the handkerchief you didn’t know he had around your ankle to prevent circulation of any venom in your bloodstream
  • brings you back to the ranch you got the horses from and gives you proper first aid before bringing you to the hospital to make sure you’re fine
  • doesn’t exactly pamper you per se, but shows you more affection than usual afterwards
usnavi and his cat

• it’s 5am. usnavi is opening the bodega, still rubbing his eyes because yes he’s tired who wouldn’t be

• not fully awake, he practically jumps 5 feet in the air when he feels something brush past his leg

• he looks down and its an lil cat!!!! a fluffy black & white cat just sittin by the grate, lookin up at him

• he looks around ,, like “wtf who’s…cat…” and doesn’t see any type of identification on the cat so he opens the bodega and goes inside, assuming its just gonna stay out there

• yet when he goes inside, the cat follows right after him and sits by the bottom of the counter as he unlocks the register and tries to start his day

• yo he’s tryna ignore this RANDOM ASS cat but u know usnavi…he can’t….

• also he can’t help but feel for this cat so he goes into the back and searches for some appropriate food for this lil kitty so it doesn’t starve

• when he comes back with some homemade cat food and a bowl of water,, the cat is still sitting where it was, patiently waiting for him

• and that’s how sonny came in at 12pm to see usnavi petting a cat, who was sitting on the counter eating some chicken

• “his name is victor, we own him now”

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what're some of your cutest headcanons about riverclan?? (p.s. i really enjoy your wc content! the series has always been such a huge comfort to me and it makes me really happy to see!)

- they flirt by offering pebbles + shiny shells to each other

- riverclan parents teach thier kittens to swim by gently swimming in a slow moving stream/brook and the kittens will be encouraged to go into the water and climb on their parents back…..kinda like a baby swan lol, like imagine oakheart swimming w/ mistykit and stonekit clinging to his back

- kits catch minnows all the time and the clan just acts like its a HUGE accomplishment, even tho catching a minnow is super easy depending on the kit…but they’ll still be like “OH WOW LOOK AT WHAT U DID!!!!’ and its adorable

- riverclan cats find longer fur + fatter cats to be like….the Most Beautiful, and thats why when graystripe came to riverclan he fit in well w/ almost everyone bc a lot of cats were just drawn to the way he looked and thought he was Beautiful

- theres a lot of riverclan + shadowclan half-clan kits in riverclan from the days of tigerclan, but they dont really talk about it much because the two clans are like “hey we were one clan then so…yeah”

- riverclan cats like to soak themselves in water after big tragedies, the mediicne cat has a brook/stream near it where a cat can just lay in there and relax after losing a family member


So Hufflepuff has a demon cat with no eyes, and I’ve tried to warn her time and time again that her goddamn cat is some day going to claw out someone’s eyes and sacrifice them to the Dark Lord to get its own eyes back. Puff gets v offended and says that her cat is the cutest, most innocent creature in existence (but “innocent cat” is an oxymoron so she’s wrong ok). So Puff found this photo one day and sent it to me and assured me she would deadass do this for me, like a true hero.

The cat actually likes her, so maybe this would actually save my eyes, although she’s also about as intimidating as a small beam of glittering sunshine sprinkling happiness across the land, so more likely I’m just fucked. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯(ʘ‿ʘ)

Fic Prompts: Folklore Friday

Once upon a time an elderly miller bequeathed his meager possessions to his three sons. To the eldest he gave the mill and said “I have passed on my career.”

To the middle he gave his mules and said “I have passed on my resources.”

To the youngest he gave a cat and said “I have passed on my debt.”

The youngest son was confused, and a little insulted. But the cat was a charming and clever little thing, and he resolved to love it regardless of the cryptic message it had come with.

He treated the cat with the care a rich man’s pet might’ve enjoyed, though he could hardly afford to feed himself. But he noticed strange things happening soon enough.

One day the cat mewed and wailed pitiously, shaking it’s back paws as though it had been injured. The youngest son saw that it had stepped upon some iron nails left carelessly in the street and, feeling sorry for the cat, decided to do something about it.

He used the last of his weekly savings and purchased a doll made to look like a little gentleman, then took the boots from the doll and slipped them onto the cat’s back feet.
All at once, the cat stood up on its hind legs and made a sweeping bow that was one part mockery.

“A favor for a favor,” the cat purred, “You have treated me well, and so I will ensure you are successful in life.” It raised a paw in warning before the miller’s son could thank it. “But your father’s debt must still be settled. One of you still owes me a favor.”
And the cat’s eyes gleamed.

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Hello! Can I request a HC about RFA+Saeran react on MC having a cute little pet (like rabbit, puppy, cats or baby panda) and she really loves it but when she's not looking, her pets turns into a cute little devil towards the RFA lolololol. Thank you in advance~

Such a cute request and that evil rabbit idea got really out of hand.

Sorry, I am still slow but don’t worry I still do requests -

Zen - I did his part already

Read it here :

Zen – vs the evil fluffy Rabbit of doom aka Usagichan !


  • You have this cute parrot he can even talk.
  • Of course, you love him a lot and Yoosung likes the bird at first too.
  • That is until you leave him alone with the bird.
  • First the parrot just seems to fly around but than it lands on Yoosungs head.
  • What feels really awkward to him but he is not sure what to do.
  • Then it pulls on his hair.
  • As soon as you are coming back the parrot is flying away again.
  • Thinks like this keep going o till Yoosung is sure that the parrot hates him.
  • You never see it and the stories sound a bit silly to you.
  • Like of course it happens that the parrot rips Yoosungs homework apart but really the parrot is so well-behaved usually you can’t believe it.
  • The parrot even starts to curse at Yoosung what he finds funny but it also kinda hurts him, since the bird is really mean sometimes.
  • One day he records the parrot, you have no idea where he learned to swear like this.
  • You think it’s from Yoosung swearing in his game though.
  • You now this can’t go on of course since you want your beloved pet to get along with Yoosung.
  • Yoosung finally comes up with a solution in the form of a second bird
  • Your parrot had a partner before but it died some time ago and ever since then he was not accepting a new partner but surprisingly enough he gets along with the bird that Yoosung brings.


  • You have this super cute smoll little puppy.
  • It’s super fluffy and you love it so much.
  • When you show pictures to Jaehee she finds it also cute but her experience with animals is not the best.
  • Of course at first the puppy is melting her heart too when you induce her.
  • One evening though you have to work so long that you ask Jaehee to feed your puppy and walk with it.
  • Jaehee agrees but it really does not go well.
  • The puppy does not listen to Jaehee at all, even when it has no issues to listen to you.
  • After that evening Jaehee is less pleased with the puppy
  • It’s ever all cute when you are around but as soon as you are out of side the puppy misbehaves.
  • You can’t even blame the puppy since its so smoll it still needs training.
  • Jaehee still sticks to her point that the puppy is a little devil * specially after he ruined all her shoes*
  • It has one good think though Elizabeth the 3rd really hated the last time she was by Jaehee and since then Jumin refused to let his cat stay with Jaehee anymore.
  • After that Jaehee is less angry with the puppy.
  • You take her with you to dog school and from their her relationship with the puppy gets better.
  • Even when it clearly still loves you more than her.


  • Much like Jumin you have a very pretty cat that you love a lot.
  • Of course, you not spoil her as much as Jumin does.
  • At first both of you are worried that your cats won’t get along.
  • It actual work out lucky enough and both females get along just great *for cats*.
  • It seems like Elizabeth enjoys her new companion and vise versa.
  • Sadly Jumin thinks your cat is really not nice to him.
  • She likes to bite him when ever you not look at her and Jumin also thinks she made a mess out of his stuff.
  • You think your cat is a complete angel though.
  • Never would she do such thinks she only needs time to get used to Jumin but you both been ever alone so she needs time to get used to a male and the new surroundings.
  • You also think that Elizabeth is a little devil herself *we all heard Jaehees stories*.
  • Jumin really wants to prove to you how much of a little devil your cat is though and he finds footage to prove it.
  • When you watch it with him later you notice that actual both cats made a mess out of Jumins clothes.
  • Jumin still thinks your cat probably has a bad influence on Elizabeth.
  • This turns into quite an argument between you two *since you both love your cats so much that neither of you admits that they both not innocent*.
  • You almost want to leave with your cat.
  • That is until you see how cute they both look asleep all curled up with each other.
  • They are little angels maybe they really just disliked Jumins clothes ?
  • Maybe they smelled off or something, yeah that must be it these pure angels could never do anything wrong.
  • Jumin agrees with you on that and from now on you both just blame anything but your cats *so you not have to argue over them*
  • Jumin also really not wants to lose you ever.
  • He loves you and your cat too.


  • You have this cute little hamster.
  • At first Seven loves the cute little critter.
  • I mean just like him they are night active.
  • Its a very cute little fellow and you have build him proper cage with loads of bedding and all of that.
  • A hamster heaven for sure.
  • At first Seven really is happy to have a pet around but soon he realizes the hamster hates him.
  • Every time when you not look the hamster glares at Seven and when he holds it and you turn around it bites him everytime
  • There is something else that is bother him lately, a lot of times his cables are bitten in half.
  • It looks like a rat could be the culprit.
  • No matter what Seven does though he can’t capture it.
  • So he puts cameras everywhere but it takes 3 sleepless days till he can capture the culprit on tape.
  • Turns out its you small hamster that is behind this.
  • Little did you know that your little hamster is an escape artist.
  • Seven finds the hole the little cutie was escaping from and he makes the cage more sturdy from the outside.
  • From now on he labels your hamster his sidekick.
  • *Seven even made your hamster a little cape but he destroyed it right away*


  • You have a cat.
  • It’s an older male cat and you know he is a bit of a grump but usefully he is nice.
  • At first, it looks like he and Saeran get along with your cat.
  • They mostly ignore each other.
  • One evening you leave them alone as soon as you outside the cat starts to hiss.
  • Saeran really not likes that and their relationship gets a bit clouded.
  • The cat really seems to dislike Saeran and takes all chances to steal the attention from you.
  • The cat gets a habit of laying on the couch when ever Saeran wants to sit and sometimes he sits on Saerans chair.
  • Saeran tries to avoid the cat still but its really annoying.
  • This goes on till one day when Saeran has a panic attack, while you are outside.
  • That is when the cat helps Saeran by cuddling up to him till you are back home.
  • After that Saeran grows to like the cat more.
  • Specially after you tell Saeran how saved the cat from death, who knows what the poor guy experienced to hate males that much.
  • Saeran can relate to the cat and the cat seems to accept Saeran after some time as well.
  • They mostly still ignore each other but sometimes you find them both passed out on the couch.

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- This takes place in 1983, like the show. However, it takes place in New Jersey.

- Michael doesn’t have a sibling, but he does have a cousin staying with his family for a while.

- Michael gave Jeremy his blue cardigan, and Jeremy wears it 24/7.

- Mister Heere is Hopper.

- Jeremy Does Not Like Cats. He heard one hiss at him and, while he didn’t have to [spoilers] try and kill it like Eleven in the show, he did have to try and make it bend to his will (kinda like telepathy between Jeremy and the cat.) However, this was extremely painful to the cat, and the sounds it made when he was trying to control it stuck with him.

Even worse, Michael has a kitten. Its clear that Michael loves this kitty, but Jeremy always watched from a distance and never let the cat touch him.

Until Michael put the kitten in his lap. Jeremy froze but refused to look at the cat, flashing back to the cat that he tried to control. By the way, that cat died the day after.

Michael didn’t see how scared Jeremy was until he started crying when the kitten mewled, still not looking at the cat. Jeremy didn’t want to hurt the cat.

Michael took the kitten out of his lap and Jeremy scooted away from him, tucking himself in a corner by Michael’s bed.

Michael asked if Jeremy didn’t want to hold the cat, and Jeremy nodded frantically. Michael now tried to keep the cat out of Jeremy’s sights.

- Jeremy tries so so so hard to find Dustin (Kropp) but he can’t do it normally and he just breaks down in tears and whispering “I can’t find him, I can’t find him, I’m so sorry, I can’t, I can’t-” and Dustin’s mom just hugs him and doesn’t say anything.

Until he goes into the bathroom to clean his bloody nose and sees the bathtub and, despite his traumatic experiences with the bath, he says he can find him in the bath. Jeremy was determined to help, despite visibly shaking when he walked into the pool.

- When Jeremy goes to the dark space, I think that my au is gonna have it kinda like sleep paralysis, so they need to shake Jeremy awake or take his goggles off if he gets too scared.

And he always would scream ‘done’ in the experiment room when he got too scared or he started to panic but the SQUIP would never ‘wake’ him up, leaving him to scream and be nearly frozen until the experiment was done (They usually lasted about an hour long.)

So when he gets too scared and yells “I’m done I’m done done done DONE” he is super surprised when he gets woken up by someone, that someone being Mrs. Kropp.

And when Dustin (Kropp)’s mom comforts him when he wakes up, he starts crying because he finally felt safe. He wasn’t in the dark space anymore, there weren’t any monsters, he was safe.

- The SQUIP’s name isn’t SQUIP but he has everyone call him that, but he makes Jeremy call him Papa.

The SQUIP is very manipulative, and while he acts affectionate towards Jeremy (or, as the SQUIP calls him, Fifteen) he could really care less about Jeremy’s health. Unless it affected his performance in the tests, then the SQUIP would care for Jeremy himself until he got better.

If Jeremy had done something good in the tests that day, like crushing a pop can or an apple with his mind, he would give him fruit snacks or let him curl up in his chair in the next test.

But, if Jeremy failed his test, like with the cat, (he took his head thing off like in the show and told him ‘no’) he wouldn’t let Jeremy eat or have him sit straight up in the chair the next day.

Like Eleven, Jeremy started to think that everyone he had to find with his mind, he had to hurt. The SQUIP had taught him to think that.

Also, if Jeremy refused to do a test, the SQUIP would send shocks through a bracelet on both of his wrists until Jeremy agreed to doing the test.
- “Bad.”

“'Bad?’ What kind of bad? Bad what?”

Instead of replying, Jeremy only curled his hand into a fist, then raised his pointer finger and his thumb up, making a gun. He held it towards his temple, then aimed it towards Michael’s forehead. He then spoke one word that sent chills down Michael’s spine.



Thats all I have! Add more if you wish!

@bemorechills you like Stranger Things, right?

one time peter is heading home from an exhausting night of crime fighting and sees a sad little cat stuck out in the rain, and his heart just breaks so he brings it home and cracks open a can of tuna he found in the back of his pantry he’ll never eat

and the next day he lets it go, but when he puts on the costume and starts doing his rounds he keeps running into the cat, and yeah it’s a little weird that a cat can keep up with him as he runs around ny, but its a really cute cat

and the third time it follows him home, and after it broke into his house once, he buys cat food and a collar, and that’s how peter got adopted by a cat

and this cat is the bane of his existence because it’s fucking smart, like it learned how to dig out the cat food cans, put them on the ground under the counter, and shove off heavy jars and whatever it takes to smash open the cat food cans

peter really starts to get paranoid when he comes home one day and the cat is sitting on the remote, watching tv, when peter left the tv off when he went to work that morning, he tries to brush it off because the cat was just watching househunters, but its when he looks through his browser history that he really starts to freak out

he puts two and two together when spiderman talks to a worried thor who’s looking for his runaway brother, his brother who is a known shapeshifter

so when he comes home that night he picks up a shock collar first, one that he’s absolutely certain loki won’t be able to shake off

The kitty cat of bringing** Fanfic idea for YU GUYS

Imagine if Roxanne had like a pet cat. 

And for some reason it totally ADORES Megamind. 
Everytime he’s in her apartment, the cat clings onto him and strokes itself around Megamind’s legs until he almost trips up and falls over.
And it wont shut up with the loud “MEOW”’s until Megamind picks the cat up in his arms and starts stroking it.

So he continually has to pick the cat up every time he’s at Roxanne’s apartment for a kidnapping, to not give away that he’s there. (He needs to take Roxanne by surprise and that’s plenty of impossible with that cat sounding the alarm like a crazy person on fire every time he steps in to her apartment.)

Megamind sometimes even runs into the cat outside when he’s on other missions. And the cat wont stop following him. Even if he tries to make a dash for it.
And he cant have the cat following him into some crazy crack shack with villains. They will shoot the cat right on the spot.
And he couldnt do such a thing to Roxanne…..ahem…or the cat for that matter.

SO. Megamind has to take the cat with him and let it sit in the car until he’s done with his errands, and then to bring it right back to Miss Ritchi who– “Think its pretty funny, Megamind, that you continuously run back and forth with my cat, and if i didnt know better I’d think that this wasnt just my cat but more like our cat”

Imagine the possibilities with this damn cat. 
Megamind being gone for a few days or a week more than usual to plan a new evil attack, and the cat goes crazy sad because of his absence.
And every time he comes back to retrieve Roxanne, the cat makes a mad dash up to him as soon as he comes back, as if he’s a dad coming home from the war.

This would amuse the HELL out of Roxanne.

But also give her a second thought on some things, because the whole thing is lightly hitting her with a: Dad-and-mom-with-their-child vibe.

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Hey, welcome back! So, I'd like to request a scenario where Izaya's s/o (being a cat lover myself) finds a stray cat in need of help one day so she brings it back home to take care of it, despite Izaya not being fond of letting animals in his house but let's her keep it anyway because it makes her happy, and Izaya soon gets pretty jealous that his s/o is giving the cat all of her attention. I know it's kind of a silly request, but I just thought it'd be cute. Plus, I just...I love cats, okay?

“No, absolutely not.”

“But Iza-kun~!” Your eyes were pleading, arms wrapped protectively around the gray tabby kitten tucked into the front of your jacket, both of you soaking wet and dripping from the rain you ran through to get here. The kitten had been abandoned on the street, shivering and cold with no shelter from the downpour that came with early autumn. You had been lucky enough to see it before another gush of water came down the hill to sweep it off of the sidewalk and into the busy street. The next struggle was getting it home and convincing Izaya to let it stay.

Your eyes were met with a stern look, his stare unwavering and his foot tapping against the floor. “____, Namie will kill us where we stand if I let a cat stay here, first of all. Second of all, I don’t want to deal with the cat hair and the cleaning and any of the other maintenance that comes with having a pet.”

Your lips pursed into a pout, a loud, petulant whine coming from you and ironically gaining the kitten’s attention. The damp ball of fluff chimed in with ear-grating, high-pitched meows. You voice took on a begging tone, “Please, please, please, Izaya! She’s so cute and she needs a home! She was abandoned and deserves love! And it would make me really happy! I promise you’ll never have to come to another one of my family’s Christmas parties for the next three years if you let me keep her!”


“Deal!” You shouted excitedly, the kitten offering another soft meow before she began to purr in your arms. “Come on, Ame! Let’s get you dried off,” you hurried past Izaya to the bathroom to get a towel.

The incredulous look on his face went unnoticed by you as you left the room. Soon he was shouting from behing you, completely unamused, “You already named it?!”

“Cute, you’re so cute!” You had been playing on the couch, Ame chasing a toy mouse you were dragging across the cushions. Your affectionate cooing at her small gray paws and boundless energy were starting to irritate Izaya. Not that you, yourself irritated him, no. He was, dare he say it, jealous. Yes, jealous. All of your attention had been focused on that cat since the moment you got it.

At first, he’d been grateful for the extra time he could spend on his work, but slowly, ever-so-slowly, he began to notice your absence more and more. Instead of the unexpected entry into his open office to sit on his lap in the middle of research, you were in the bedroom napping with the kitten on your chest. When he would roll over to sling an arm across you as you read late at night he would be halted by the cat on your stomach smacking his hand away. Though he had never mentioned it to you, he was a little sick of having to pine over someone who was already his girlfriend. This explains why you are in your current situation.

Izaya is stretched across your form, buried in the soft white sheets of your shared bed, effectively pinning you. Meanwhile, Ame’s loud mewls could be heard from the other side of the door, her claws scratching at the surface. You gently swatted Izaya’s head, nagging him as you did so, “Izaya, let her in! Can’t you hear how sad she is!” Your boyfriend opened an eye to give you an amused stare, lips curled in satisfaction.

“Oh, I hear her, I assure you. I also hear your voice, aimed at me, giving me the attention I deserve, ____-chan.” He closed his eye again, returning to his attempts at a decent nap while you listened to the cat outside the door. Soon, Izaya heard giggling.

Soft as it may have been, your laughter was unmistakable when accompanied by the bouncing of your shoulders. “Y-you,” a loud laugh escaped you, completely amused and disbelieving. “You, Izaya Orihara, love of my life and the greatest nuisance Ikebukuro has ever seen, are jealous of a kitten?” Eventually, your peals of laughter could not be ignored, leading to Izaya reaching behind him to grab a pillow, hitting you in the side of the head with it moments later. Your laughter only increased, “A-aww, are you p-pouti- ahaha- pouting? Iza-kun~ Th-that’s so cute!”

At that, Izaya sat up completely, turning to lock his lips against yours in an attempt to silence you. Instead, you did nothing but laugh more, Izaya feeling it against his lips, as your arms wrapped around his neck. “Sugar, you could’ve just asked me to pay attention to you, you know?” You leaned your head away from him and showed him a gentle smile, adoration and amusement lighting your eyes. With the look he gave you in return personifying the phrase “like hell”, you couldn’t help placing a kiss against his reddened cheek. Izaya’s eyes softened, still holding embarrassment.

He looked away, mumbling something under his breath so quietly that you couldn’t hear it even from so close, “…ve …it.”

“What was that?” Your brow raised, smirk evident on your face.

He glared at you before shouting, his cheeks beet red almost, “Love me, damn it!”

You shrugged in acceptance, leaning in close, arms wrapped around his shoulders tightly. Your lips just barely grazed his before you whispered, making direct eye contact, “Let the cat in first.”

- Pasya

idk BUT

consider this: draco owns a tabby cat during all his school years instead of his eagle owl, he gets suspecious bc the cat gets distant like all cats do and just fucking disappears and reappears at times, and then becomes strangely close to him, as when he lies on his bed, doing nothing in particular after a long day and it’d just come and curl at his side and never cease to stare at him with its wide green eyes and draco instinctively just stares back at the animal bc it has Potter’s fuckin eyecolor, then he’d just reach out and pet the cat on the head gently and hear it purr softly under his touch. The cat grows to be draco’s sincere friend for hearing him out when he complains- compliments,   stupid potter and his stupid scar and hair and skin bc he’s just so fucking stupid for not noticing him. The cat turns out to be a certain green-eyed, messy-haired young man, who’s just as confused about his sexuality and who’s a fucking animagus that transforms whenever he wants to come near draco and feel his warmth, he shoves the real cat out of the way by using a sleeping/ stunning spell and just goes to get a nice view of draco’s face as it softens when he talks about his inner feelings to a cat every night

Card of the day is three of swords :

Today is going to be a bit of a hard day in regards you going to be thinking and debating the many sides of an opportunity, feeling like no matter which one you take is going to lead to heart ache or dread because you over thinking causing yourself to be “oh this opportunity is not wroth it or the other options better but no it isnt and i should stay in the same place” when you know what YOU need yo do but overthinking is causing you to doubt it and possibly miss an opportunity. Do not miss this opportunity espilly if you know this js true as the pain and struggles you feel today over it will continue but things will get better as you need the rain and the wind shown on the card to fertilize the ground and carry your seeds of hope and goals as you can see of the two small flowers at the bottom left conner. Do not be a fool and let your fears and overthinking hold you back.

Deck : tarot of white cats by Lo Scarbo

Sooooo…. Apparently, I have a cat.

As I am kitching out my roommate, talking with my cousin (he’s helping me) I commented that the only thing I will miss later will be to live with a cat (as she’s own one).

So he suggested me to adopt a cat from the cattery or to look on facebook for cat in adoption, and I agreed… “Maybe later”.

And then, just the morning after, when I leave home I found this kitten in the street near mine, playing alone in the middle of the road, risking to be killed by a car, and immediately I tried to call her to come near me, trying to bring her in a safe place far from the road…. She didn’t just came. She immediately started curling herself on the ground in front of me, purring, so I carefully grabbed her and moved far from the road.

Meanwhile I started looking around me searching if there were someone who was in search of her… But there was not a single person. She was there all alone (and I noticed she had also her fur quite dirty, like if she was outside for days), so instead of leave her there I took her at my home.

Immediately after I prepared an advice for the buildings around my zone, with her photo and my mobile number, asking if she belongs to someone, and I posted the same advice even on Facebook.

Well, its almost a week but no one called back to take back her….

I’ve started to call her Kira, cleaned her with a dry shampoo and I starded to being affictionated to her…

So because no one want her, I will adopt her.

Please, everyone, meet Kira:

Idk, but for me her arrival its a sort of destiny sign: I was planning to adopt a cat, and the EXACTLY day after she appeared; I had not decided if I liked more an orange, a white or a grey one…. And appeared a calico cat with all these 3 colours mixed together; I preferred to adopt a female cat…. And then BOOM, a female kitten appeared out of the blue!

Bonus point 1: the Maneki Neko is often painted as a calico cat, so I’m positively ure that she is a bringer of lucky! 😸💜💜💜

Bonus point 2: my bunny Niglia seems friendly to Kira, and for her is a veeeery good sign because she usually attacks extraneous animals (expecially if they were bunnies too… She scares even my roommate giant cat!).

Sooooooo…. I have a cat now. Yayyyy!