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A video @phantastigay and I came up with half a year ago, and one I figured it was time to bring back. I challenge you guys, as part of EGRM, to do the Toast to Edd challenge!

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She Knows (M)

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Summary: He says he’s never coming back, but he wants you to come along for the ride. An impromptu road trip with Jinyoung leads to desires surfacing, among other things. (High!Jinyoung x Reader)

Genre: Smut / Angst

Drug use

Word Count: 2,981

Written by: Admin Jaefairy

A/n: I don’t know where this came from., but I needed to finish it. Shoutout to the other fairies, @xiustories , and @disenchanteddreamers for reassuring me it wasn’t bad. OTL Please enjoy.

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When you have the time to write again, remember we all loved the college AU. For real, pleas do it again sometime.

She doesn’t normally do parties, but M’gann had wanted a wingwoman, so she’s found herself claiming the one beat up bean bag chair in the corner by the kitchen and smirking over her beer as M’gann talks it up with this boy Maggie had done her duty of introducing her to.

Her eyes shift lazily across the room until they settle on a very freshman-looking blonde with glasses and wide eyes, standing near the bathroom and shaking her head repeatedly with a frazzled-looking smile as a handful of frat boys try to put red solo cups into her hand.

Maggie is up and in the thick of things before M’gann even hears her say she’ll be right back, and she’s straightening her plaid shirt and drawing herself up to her full height, which still only brings her up to these boys’ chests, but what the hell, this kid is a freshmen if she ever saw one and judging by the way she’s furiously adjusting her glasses, she’s never had to deal with pressure from senior college boys – or anyone, for that matter – to drink.

“Problem, gentlemen?” Maggie asks, and they sneer down at her, now. The blonde girl shakes her head at Maggie, concerned, but Maggie ignores her for now.

“Oh come on, Sawyer, the one time you actually come out – hehe, hey, see what I did there? – to a party like the rest of the world, you figure the best thing to do is ruin our fun?”

“Well that’s just the thing, man, I don’t care all that much about ruining your fun. It’s this kid’s fun I’m worried about – and she’s a kid, guys, come on, hey, you’re a kid, right – ”

“I’m a freshman!” the girl pouts, and Maggie hides a smirk.

“Right, exactly, a kid. And you know what, fuck man, even if she wasn’t a kid, she fucking said no. So back the fuck up.”

“Or what?”

Maggie doesn’t flinch as she stares up at the senior boys, her fingers twitching, ready, as her thumbs rest confidently on her belt loops.

“Kara, what the hell? I thought you said you weren’t coming to this thing, I told you it – what’s going on here?”

The bottom drops of out Maggie’s stomach, then, because the most beautiful girl she’s ever seen – short hair, glasses, thin lips but god, soft, soft, soft – is storming up to them, putting her hands on the shoulders of the blonde girl (Kara, apparently) protectively.

“These guys were trying to get me to drink, and this girl was defending me, I didn’t think I was gonna come, but I got done studying early and I thought you were in the lab and I missed you, Alex,” Kara explains quickly, so that the new girl doesn’t include Maggie in the list of people she’s about to beat the shit out of.

The girl’s eyes quickly scan Maggie’s face, and Maggie feels heat shoot straight down to her core, and she wonders if the girl – Alex, Alex, Alex, Maggie rolls the name around in her head – feels it, too.

“You guys gonna beat it or you gonna let me take out years of childhood rage and trauma on your faces for messing with my kid sister?” Alex asks, and the guys glare, and one of them shoves Maggie slightly as they grumble away.

“Are you okay?” Alex focuses entirely on Kara, and Maggie wonders what it must feel like to have that girl’s full attention focused on you.

“Thanks to you,” Kara looks past Alex to Maggie. “And I don’t even know your name.”

“Sawyer. Maggie Sawyer. Kara and Alex, you said?” Maggie asks, holding her hand out to both of them in turn and trying her best to grasp them both the same way, but she can’t help it, she lingers on Alex’s hand, and she swears that Alex lingers back, and sure enough, her eyes are fully fixed on Maggie, now, fully concentrating on her, and Maggie’s suddenly scared she’ll do something mortifying like swoon.

“You don’t know my sister and you’re… sorry, but you’re smaller than my sister, and you put your body between her and all those dudebros,” Alex says, her eyes locked in Maggie’s, and Maggie tries to remember how to speak.

She shrugs. “Happy to,” she says, and Alex’s eyes flit down, just slightly, to Maggie’s lips.

“Are you here with anyone? I just got out of the lab and I was going to take Kara for some potstickers – ”


“So if you’re not here with anyone, I… do you wanna come with us?”

“No, just my friend, and she…” Maggie looks over her shoulder at M’gann, who’s already looking at her and winking suggestively, waving her away with a grin and a you’d better tell me everything in the morning glance. “Where the hell do you find potstickers at this time of night?”

Alex flashes a wicked grin, and Maggie decides she’s falling in love.

She grabs Maggie by the hand and pulls her out of the steamy party atmosphere into the cool night air, and Maggie’s never felt so perfect.


“What are you doing here?” I asked accusingly. 

At the same time Jamie asked, in a similarly accusatory tone, “How much do ye weigh, Sassenach?” 

Still a bit addled, I actually replied “Nine stone,” before thinking to ask “Why?” 

“Ye nearly crushed my liver,” he answered, gingerly prodding the affected area. “Not to mention scaring living hell out of me.” He reached a hand down and hauled me to my feet. “Are ye all right?” 

“No, I bumped my head.” Rubbing the spot, I looked dazedly around the bare hallway. “What did I bang it on?” I demanded ungrammatically. 

My head,” he said, rather grumpily, I thought. 

“Serves you right,” I said nastily. “What were you doing, sneaking about outside my door?”

He gave me a testy look

“I wasna ‘sneaking about,’ for God’s sake. I was sleeping— or trying to.” He rubbed what appeared to be a knot forming on his temple. 

“Sleeping? Here?” I looked up and down the cold, bare, filthy hallway with exaggerated amazement. “You do pick the oddest places; first stables, now this.” 

“It may interest ye to know that there’s a small party of English dragoons stopped in to the taproom below,” he informed me coldly. “They’re a bit gone in drink, and disporting themselves a bit reckless with two women from the town. Since there’s but the two lasses, and five men, some of the soldiers seemed a bit inclined to venture upward in search of … ah, partners. I didna think you’d care overmuch for such attentions.” He flipped his plaid back over his shoulder and turned in the direction of the stairway. “If I was mistaken in that impression, then I apologize. I’d no intention of disturbin’ your rest. Good e’en to ye.” 

“Wait a minute.” He stopped, but did not turn back, forcing me to walk around him. He looked down at me, polite but distant. 

“Thank you,” I said. “It was very kind of you. I’m sorry I stepped on you.”

He smiled then, his face changing from a forbidding mask to its usual expression of good humor

“No harm done, Sassenach,” he said. “As soon as the headache goes away and the cracked rib heals, I’ll be good as new.” 

He turned back and pushed open the door of my room, which had swung shut in the wake of my hasty exit, owing to the fact that the builder had apparently constructed the inn without benefit of a plumb line. There wasn’t a right angle in the place. 

“Go back to bed, then,” he suggested. “I’ll be here.” 

I looked at the floor. Besides its essential hardness and coldness, the oaken boards were blotched with expectorations, spills, and forms of filth I didn’t wish even to contemplate. The builder’s mark in the door lintel had said 1732, and that was plainly the last time the boards had been cleaned. 

“You can’t sleep out here,” I said. “Come in; at least the floor in the room isn’t quite this bad.” 

Jamie froze, hand on the doorframe. 

“Sleep in your room with ye?” He sounded truly shocked. “I couldna do that! Your reputation would be ruined!” 

He really meant it. I started to laugh, but converted it into a tactful coughing fit. Given the exigencies of road travel, the crowded state of the inns, and the crudity or complete lack of sanitary facilities, I was on terms of such physical intimacy with these men, Jamie included, that I found the idea of such prudery hilarious. 

“You’ve slept in the same room with me before,” I pointed out, when I had recovered a bit. “You and twenty other men.”

He sputtered a bit. “That isna at all the same thing! I mean, it was a quite public room, and …” He paused as an awful thought struck him. “You didna think I meant that you were suggesting anything improper?” he asked anxiously. “I assure ye, I—” 

“No, no. Not at all.” I made haste to reassure him that I had taken no offense. 

Seeing that he could not be persuaded, I insisted that at the least he must take the blankets from my bed to lie upon. He agreed to this reluctantly, and only upon my repeated assurances that I would not use them myself in any case, but intended to sleep as usual in the cover of my thick traveling cloak.

I tried to thank him again, as I paused by the makeshift pallet before returning to my fetid sanctuary, but he waved away my appreciation with a gracious hand.

1.05 Rent

Tell me again it’s not canon.

It’s in the music.

True Love, Tallahassee, Regina’s Price. Cues and keys and crescendos, intertwined, layered again and again, pinned to scenes with the creator’s approval. Operation Mongoose? A TL motif. Going Home? A TL motif. Sacrifices, magic, teamwork? A TL motif.

It’s in the wardrobe.

Red and grey and black and back again. Plaid–confusion, discontent. Deep blue–loneliness, searching for family. Shared clothing, further intertwined. Parallels and callbacks to past couples, inciting conscious and subconscious connections. Why do they share this look instead of them or them?

It’s in the scenery.

Gallant knights with golden hair all in white abreast upright steeds. Splashes of color reflecting mood. Mirrors reflecting each other. Seals and symbols–the Tallahassee and Storybrooke, the dreamcatchers™, mirrors. All mirrors. Unicorn mobiles linked to unicorn hearts. A black unicorn, an unused mobile–innocence lost, never gained? White horses, black swans.

It’s in the camera direction. It’s in the editing.

Iconic shots, tricky angles, cued reactions–focus on her, not on him–which mean something. Rom-com zooms, reflections capturing both, pans guiding our attention to the thoughts behind the dialogue. Everything means something.

And the text. Hell yes, it’s in the text.

The magic to transcend realms. Unstoppable. Unbeatable. Wholehearted understanding, from one to the other. Mirrored storylines and struggles. Intertwined fates–both share a True Love already, after all. Longing glances, jealous quips, situations that require the one to save the other, then the other to save the one. Ultimate sacrifice. All canon. “I saved you, now save me.” “With you, I always know.” “I know you.” They’re stronger together than apart, time and time again.

Yes, it’s in subtext. It’s in innuendo and acting choices, it’s in interpretation and suggestion.

But when it’s built into the very foundation of the show–the Savior meets the Evil Queen–it’s not delusional. It’s not unintentional.

Either the wardrobe department, the music department, the prop department, the actors, and the editors are all going rogue…or someone told them to put it in the music, the wardrobe, the scenery, the camera direction, the subtext, and the text.

Tell me again Swan Queen isn’t canon.

Break Up In A Small Town 


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Warning: Minor cursing, it’s literally just two swear words

Summary: Based off “Break Up In A Small Town” by Sam Hunt. Listen Here.

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I never thought that she would get down with somebody I know. I guess that’s just how it goes when you break up in a small town….and I wanna jump out, I wanna fight, I wanna say, “that guy!” but I can’t, it’s my fault, I let her go.

Theo POV

She was everywhere I looked, even when I closed my eyes. Beacon Hills wasn’t that big of a place which made it ten times more difficult to try and avoid running into her. If she wasn’t at school, there she was at the lacrosse games, if not there, I’d run into her on the streets. But the one place I’d never forget seeing her beautiful face was coming out of the sheriff station laughing, wrapping her arms around his waist. I watched each day while on my routine run the same thing - her with him. At first my mind thought it was just friendly affection, she acted that way with everyone in the pack. Expect this afternoon coming back from a extensive run I witnessed them being more than friendly.

Removing my ear bubs her sweet, candy perfume caught my attention. I made sure I was far from view, but still close enough to make out her face. Speechless as Y/N walked out of the police station doors, that same breath got caught in my throat when Stiles jogged up right beside her and did the one thing that made my heart completely stop - he kissed her. His lips touched hers, the very same ones that mine had touched only months before.

My fists crushed the headphones that I forgot I was holding. I wanted to look away, run to the middle of the woods and scream but when Y/N started speaking I refrained every muscle in my body.

“Stiles, I’m not watching Star Wars with you again”.

He pouted, that much I could make out and her response was to smile wide and brush away his hair. “Not even if I promise to get your favourite take out, along with that cake you can’t say no too?”. Stiles wiggled his eyebrow at her, causing Y/N to playfully roll her eyes.

“Add in a free back massage, one of your plaid shirts and maybe, just maybe you have a deal Stilinski”.

That sentence pained me more than I expected. It used to be my hands running down her back and one of my shirts wrapped around her curvy body. Not being able to hear anymore, I ran, I ran until sweat dripped off my forehead and until my two legs couldn’t hold me up.

Coming out of the shower I checked my phone, a reminder popped up that a meeting at Scott’s place was on for tonight. That heavy heart I felt at the police station, just shattered. Deciding to leave earlier, I needed to find out from Scott if I had lost my chance to get Y/N back. Grabbing the truck’s keys I sped off down the street, passing her mailbox that happened to be only seven minutes away from my place.

“Theo, your…early”. Scott stated the obvious as he welcomed me into his house.

I starched the back of my neck, usually I was never this nervous but when it came to Y/N I had the tendency to not be my usual Theo self. “Y/N and Stilinski, I need to know how serious it is?. How long has it been going on for?.

Scott’s mouth parted, eventually he inhaled. “Theo…I’m not the right person to ask. Y/N is the one you really should be talking too”.

“You don’t think I wouldn’t love to!. I can handle her not being mine, because at least I know there’s still hope for that to change. But when I saw her with-with him…this town isn’t big enough to avoid seeing them everyday”. I didn’t know whether to pace or collapse onto the couch at this point. Scott’s face gave away no indication of what he was thinking and I was left listening to the tiny devil on my shoulder, whispering all sorts of things.

“Scott, you better have chips because I’m-”. Stiles waltzed in with the other pack members, Y/N by his stand. When he saw my face, pure shock. “-hungry”.

Every single other person faded from vision, my focus was directed solely towards Y/N. Her hair fell loosely around her shoulders, just the way I preferred it. Of course she went with high-waisted black jeans, coupled with a sheer lace black top. Her make-up was minimal and the same perfume she wore engulfed my senses.

“Theo”, she breathed and the way my name rolled off her lips sent dozens of shivers up my very spine. “I-I-wasn’t, I didn’t think you were going to be here”.

Stiles protective slid his arm, pulling her an inch closer. “He shouldn’t be, this is a pack meeting and I don’t remember you being apart of the pack”.

Scott gave his best friend a side glance, an unspoken “calm down Stiles” and it didn’t go unnoticed. Lydia cleared her throat and excused herself, dragging Malia, Liam and Kira along with her, a not so sly attempt to give us privacy. As Malia walked past, I faintly heared her whisper. “I don’t understand why we have to leave, it’s not like we can’t listen from the kitchen”. Lydia gave her a light hush and now only four of us remained.

“Stiles, Theo is sorta now apart of the pack”. Scott spoke, earning a mumbled “you got to be kidding me”.

Y/N placed a hand on his shoulder, something I was all too familiar whenever she tried to get me to calm down. Stiles gave me a cold, dark glare. “Since when is he now a honorary member?. Was it after he tried to kill you Scott, or before he inflicted hell upon us?”.

“His redeemed himself, Stiles”. Scott defended.

Eyes rolling back in his head, Stiles huffed. “Not to me he hasn’t”.

Y/N stepped forward, slightly in front of Stiles acting like a barrier just in case things got physical, because she knew neither one of us would risk ever hurting her. “Let’s just take a breath, okay?”. Turning to me, her eyes bore into mine. “Theo, I think just for this meeting it would be best if you left”.

That hit me hard, I swallowed the lump forming in my throat. “I’m sorry babygirl but I’m not leaving”. Her eyes diverted away from my gaze at the mention of the nickname I used to call her. Stiles behind her didn’t take it well and if I could, I would have laughed at his hands balling into fists because of it.

Her voice got more strict as she said my name, but then softened almost as if she was begging when “please” escaped her mouth. Stiles was about to weigh in when Malia came charging back in, the others running in after her.

“This is ridiculous!”.

“Malia!”. Lydia, Kira and Liam all shouted in sync.

She held up her hands, not listening. “Look I’m sorry Theo that you and Y/N didn’t work out, and it must suck to see her with Stiles but your just going to have to find a way to deal with. Because no offence listening to this conversation has been torture”. Liam snickered behind her, but quickly whispered sorry when everyone else gave him unamused looks.

Stiles bravely smirked. “Well if this is over we really need to start this pack meeting so Theo there’s the door, you can let yourself out”.

I straightened my back and took a large step towards his smug expression. “I’m perfectly fine right here, Stiles. In fact I’m more than fine being so close to Y/N, hell, I’ve been much closer to her than this, haven’t I babygirl?”.

Y/N stayed silent.

I could hear Stiles heart beating, once out of rhythm and then rapidly. His next move - punching me square in the jaw, thankfully there was no blood. Scott held him back and Y/N’s expression unreadable.

“Oh, you’ve got balls Stilinski hitting a werewolf”. I touched my jaw, everyone around me in full alert mode.

Pushing back against Scott’s strength, he struggled. “That’s funny Theo, because I don’t recall you ever being a real werewolf”. A low growl escaped my lips and I lunged, however Malia didn’t hesitate to block my path. She put her hand on my chest. “Move another inch and I’ll break your bones”.

I threw my arms out to the side. “Real tough Stiles, having your ex-girlfriend fight your battles”. Malia growled.

“ENOUGH!”. Y/N exclaimed. “This is what’s going to happen and I don’t want to hear a single compliant from anyone, understand?”. We all nodded. “Theo your with me outside, Stiles you’re staying right here and the rest of you will finally start this pack meeting. Do I make myself clear?”. Again we all nodded.

I could tell Stiles wanted to protest me at the idea of me and Y/N being alone together, but I didn’t care. Following her outside the cold instantly giving a refreshing feeling. She walked down the path and my eyes took in her every curve. “Can you believe Stilinski-“.

Her hair whipped around in the light breeze. “He had a reasonable excuse to do what he did. What I can’t believe is you and the way you taunted him”. She put on her best me impression, reciting what I said to Stiles right before he clocked me in the face. “In fact I’m more than fine being so close to Y/N, hell, I’ve been much closer to her than this, haven’t I babygirl?”. Back to her normal voice, she looked at me disappointed. “Really Theo, what the hell were you thinking?”.

“What was I thinking?. What about you, babygirl?. Not even 6 months has gone by and you’re already shacking up with the sheriffs son!. I’m not going to apologize for reminding Stilinski that you were mine, way before you were ever his”.

She rubbed her tired eyes. “You broke up with me!. So don’t come at me with this alpha male complex”.

Both our chests rose high then back down. Normally at this stage she’d grab me by the shirt and kiss me hard, then we’d fuck each other till the sun peaked through the window. Neither was an option. I couldn’t kiss her and I certainly couldn’t make love to her again.

“Do you want me to say it!?. Fine, I made a mistake baby. I shouldn’t of let you go that easily, I should of fought harder to keep us going. And knowing that Stiles is the one who gets to hold you, kiss you, possibly even fuck you makes my blood boil!”.

I watched her the entire time I was making my speech. She fidgeted with her fingers, a action she did when nervous. Her heartbeat skipped when I mentioned I made a mistake and then again when I confessed it made my blood boil. There was a chance, a small glimmer of hope that she still loved me…I could feel it.

She walked back up the path, positioning herself near the door leaving a wide enough gap that would easily take 4, maybe 5 steps to close. “I don’t know how to fix that Theo, but if you really can’t stand seeing me with Stiles then leave”.

“Leave, you mean leave Scott’s?”.

Y/N lowered here gaze. “No, I meant leave town. We both know you’ll never be okay with this”. She closed her eyes and then re-opened them. “I’m not coming back to you Theo, I’m sorry”.

I watched, numb, as she walked back into Scott’s house. In the mirror, I saw her give Stiles a hug, him lacing their hands together. Every part of me hated myself for letting her go, for allowing Stiles the chance to be with her.

I inhaled the crisp nightly Beacon Hills air. Placed both hands into my jacket pocket and took one last glance at Y/N. I really should’ve known…I should’ve known all along you gotta move or move on, when you break up in a small town.