back in one piece video


                               hopin i’ll resort to some havoc      & end up settling in court
                  i’m your biggest fan              i’ll follow you until you love me
                       but i got smarter        i got harder in the nick of time


when your crewmates got your back.

@kush4kae tagged me to stop drop and take a hit so here’s me taking a sneak video while I was dabbing out of my friends dirty bong while they’re being high asses. I also wanted to show you my cool digimon shirt. Anyways now it’s @stonedgrin, @stoneycottage, @supremedickwizard, @cloudyheadedstoner, @godshideouscreation, @dab-magi, @mrs-420, @superbly-stoned, @anxietyyangell (I know kush4kae tagged you but I want to see your cute face as well) and anyone else who wants to get high with us~


Why yes, back before I was Homestuck trash I made One Piece videos (among various other fandoms) in Windows Movie Maker!  It’s poorly made but it has plenty of heart!  It is a memento of my high school years!

(Song: Beautiful Dawn by the Wailin’ Jennys)