back in dizzay

warlordess  asked:

Just wondering, now that it's been reaffirmed to me that you and 1kids/Mike were dating back in the dizzay and that you definitely aren't now... would it be at all possible/appropriate to talk about the break up? It always SEEMS tougher when you work with the person you're dating, not to mention your break up was potentially coupled with the epiphany of "I AM INTO DEM LADIEZ." Lol. I was just curious if there was strain on your friendship/working relationship; that kind of thing.

No worries! Haha Luckily, we’ve been best friends for 9 years (which means we were best friends for 5 years before we dated) so it didn’t really cause any strain on our friendship or anything. It was mainly just Mike learning to be single again.

It was tough at first because everyone was super supportive of me, but Mike was kind of left in the dust. I was there to help him through it though and he’s dating someone now and we fight over girls and everything’s pretty normal lol

I finallyyyyyyyy threw together an outfit for Ylva. Which was not easy, since I was constantly too tired to actually make something, so I had to find things from my stash for her weird size.
But here she is! It’s totally not her color scheme (not sure what is yet tho), but it’s basically the look I was going for.
She’s wearing a neck corset Raouken made for my Zaoll back in the dizzay and a Minifee corset of hers, which surprisingly fit semi-alright. The skirt is from a Dollzone set.
I also painted her high heel shoe feet, so now she’s all fancy. She’s coming with me to PopCon tomorrow as well.
Her bare arms and legs make me want to give her pattern tattoos.

Also, my cat is obviously super jelly of her shoes.