back in da house

when you buy something used, please clean it energetically. also do that with “gifts” from people you don’t fully trust.

Imagine Crutchie Bringing a Puppy back to the Lodging House

“I met da most beautiful goil on da way home,” Romeo sighs, leaning heavily on the railing of the stairway. It’s evening, and all of the newsies are returning to the Lodging House after a long day of selling papes.

“Ya say that about every goil ya meet!” Jojo laughs as he walks around Romeo and up the stairs, stealing Romeo’s cap in the process.

“It’s true this time!” Romeo cries, pounding up the stairs in pursuit of his cap.

You laugh as you watch their antics and then glance back out the front window. Rain pours down, soaking everything and everyone who decides to venture outside. A bolt of lightning splits through the sky, and you jump at a particularly loud crack of thunder.

Race is the next boy through the door. His blond hair is dripping wet, and as soon as he’s through the door, he takes his cigar out of his inside pocket and inspects it to make sure it hasn’t been damaged by the rain.

You give him a grin and then catch sight of the newsie you’ve been waiting for. You rush to the door and open it for Crutchie, who has his left hand tucked inside his shirt, carrying something. Crutchie smiles at you.

“You’ll never guess what I got you,” he says.

“Hmmm,” you muse, tucking a strand of (h/c) hair back into place. “Is it… a book?” He shakes his head. “Flowers?”

“Nope,” he says, grinning widely. Suddenly, a small yip comes out of his shirt.

“A puppy!” you cry as Crutchie takes a small black lab out of his shirt and hands it to you. “Oh, aren’t you the cutest thing!”

“A puppy?” Les cries from upstairs. He races down and stares at the dog. “Can we keep it?”

“Absolutely not!” Race says, making a disapproving face at the little puppy. “We can hardly afford to feed ourselves, let alone a dog!”

“We’ll ask Jack,” you promise Les. “Is it a boy or girl, Crutchie?”

“A girl,” Crutchie replies. “The baker’s dog had pups, and they was givin’ ‘em away for free. This one was the runt, so I thought I’d take her back here, give her a chance at life.”

Just then, Jack bursts in, ushered by a clap of thunder. Les is immediately by his side.

“Can we keep it? Please?” he begs.

Jack, confused, asks, “Keep what?” He then sees the squirming puppy in your arms. He takes one look at your pleading expression and sighs. “Fine! But I ain’t takin’ care of it.”

“I will!” volunteers Les, scratching behind the puppy’s ears.

“What should we name her?” Crutchie asks, smiling at you.

You start to speak, but before you can say a word, Les butts in. “Newsie!” he cries

“I like Ruby,” Race mumbles. Everyone looks at him, surprised. “What? If we’re keepin’ it, I might as well have a say in the name!”

“How about Newbie?” you suggest.

“I like it,” Jack says.

“I think we found a name,” Cruchie grins and pets the pup. “Newbie.”

“Welcome home, Newbie,” you whisper, burying your face in her fur.   



Sigrid had to grow up very fast, very young due to her mother’s death and her having to step into mum’s shoes as the woman of the house. Bard is poor and things would be iffy and unstable even in the best of circumstances, but this sure as hell ain’t it - not only is Sigrid having to tackle the domestic responsibilities of an adult woman at like, 8-12, Bard’s always in trouble with the law. Because the law in Laketown is well-established to be skeevy as fuck. So not only is Da a very poor single parent with a job that requires him to be absent for long stretches at a time (fishing voyages, yo) he’s always one scrape away from a stay in the Esgaroth brig. This is obviously not a recipe for a stable or stress-free childhood and adolescence. 

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Summer Heat

Author: KaiSooByAnon

Genre: wolf au, abo verse, fluff, smut

Rating: NC-17

Kinks: rimming, knotting

Length: oneshot

Summary: Summer’s in a week and omega Kyungsoo is going to have his first heat with an alpha, Jongin by his side to take care of him. But the thing is, Kyungsoo is immensely embarrassed to tell Jongin about it. Should he really tell Jongin beforehand or just let his boyfriend know by himself when the day comes?

Admin N’s notes: HAPPY NEW YEAR MY LOVELIES :) here’s a cute fluffy in-heat omegaverse fic with just the right dose of hot smut. EXCELLENT for a bedtime story actually /gets bricked/ 

so admin n is back in da kaisoo house. the good news is i’ve finished my studies and now i’m freeeee taking a break  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ bad news is i’m an adult now (which rly rly sucks) and i’ll probably be busy working full time soon after i find a job (◞‸◟;) BUTTTT admin n will try her best to be active, to continue recommending kaisoo fics here!





Yeah, i wanna win this race
Vixx haha
Value in excelsis, aoooowww
Uh brand nu boyz is in da buildin’
Yes sir, show we gonna make it rookie’s time
Race is exciting.

Rock Ur Body:


Uh, let the games begin
Check it out V. I. Double X in da house

On and On:


We’re back again now
This is real fantasy (Attention, attention) V.I.X.X
‘Cause I ain’t playin’ around
Now V.V.V.V.V.I Double X



New generation is back.
Yeah we killin’ this track right now
We started from the bottom.
We just do it now, ah. Just follow



Yeah it’s so sweety
You guys ready? Here we go

Voodoo Doll:


You shot right through my heart
I will fight for you



Look. Love is a nightmare
Time’s over!





Rough translation of Owari no Seraph chapter 49

page 1
[Osaka bay]
Dripping blood…
The incarcerated Queen from that time.

page 2
Owari no seraph chapter 49
[Progenitor’s memory]

page 3
[A vampire has to drink blood]
[If they do not, their throat will become unbearably dry.]
[When they endure their thirst for blood too long, they eventually turn into an ugly demon.]

page 4

page 5
Saito: It’s an incredible pity sight, Krul Tepes (-kun)

page 6
Krul: Who are you?
Saito: Oh, you forgot? You should know who I am…

page 7
Krul: …Is he that guy, who was always at the Progenitor’s side…

[1000 years ago]
Krul: …

page 8
Krul: But it seems your appearance has changed, compared to 1000 years ago.
Saito: Hmm. The time moved really that fast, after I abandoned my place as the 2nd progenitor?
Krul: You dyed your hair black and called yourself “Saito” for hundred years.
Saito: It’s very Japanese, right?
Krul: Enough with the chit-chat. Are you the person behind this work?
Saito: What work?

page 9
Krul: That I got kidnapped by Ferid Bathory.
Saito: Eh…you got kidnapped by Ferid and such? You must be kidding.
You are the child of the same Progenitor as mine, but Ferid is merely my child.
If the story is true, that guy must have tried really hard.

page 10
Saito: But it’s just like that. We are in his manor, he was still really weird, like the first we met.
Saito: No, really. I don’t have any connections to Ferid and the others. He didn’t match my expectations so I abandoned him a long time ago.
Krul: …
Saito: What, it’s the same thing what our Progenitor did to us. He only adored your older brother, Asura Tepes. And abandoned us, the remaining vampires.

page 11

page 12
1st Progenitor: It’s alright. It’s okay/ not scary to become a demon. Even if you turn into one, I will be always by your side.
Asuramaru: Yes, I believe you, father.

page 13
Asuramaru: I am going Krul*, for our future.
Krul: Don’t follow this guy!! I don’t need something like a future!! SO DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE IN THIS KIND OF WORLD!!!

page 14:
1st Progenitor: Good, then let’s go, you will turn into an oni so your name… You will be reborn in a country called Japan, so let’s change your name, Asura.

page 15
?: …good…Asuramaru sounds alright…

page 16

page 17
Krul: …then are you also searching for the Progenitor?
Do you detest the Progenitor, who made oneself into an immortal, bloodsucking monster?
Saito: Well…all vampires hate their parents at least once. Like in their rebellious phase.

page 18
Saito: Ah, what did Ferid tell you about me?
Krul: You are really shameless, after all Ferid is your underling.
Saito: I really don’t know…
Ah, he arrived.
Krul: What are you talking about?
Saito: Russia’s representative is coming. He is leading the nobles.

page 19
[2nd progenitor Urd Geales]

page 20
Lest: You have arrived in Japan. Should we look for destroyed Kyoto?
Urd: …Japan… there’s a possibility that, that guy is here.
Lest: …Eh?

page 21:
Saito: But why would that guy, suddenly come to Japan?
Might be here to disturb my business. I spent more than 1000 years on my plans so I don’t want to be interrupt out of the sudden.
Then who called him? You? No. Then who could it be?

page 22
Saito: My rebellious child?

Crowley: Ferid-kun.
Ferid: Yes~?
Crowley: We’ll arrive in Osaka bay soon.
Ferid: Wow, you did well. Once we arrived there it’ll get busy.

page 23
Crowley: Hm. You didn’t even tell me why it would get busy.
Ferid: Ah yes~ Well if I tell you in detail-
Crowley: Yes?
Ferid: It’ll get really busy!
Crowley: …it’s enough.
Ferid: Huhu, if you know too much, the high ranked progenitors are going to take you wand torture you.
Crowley: Wow. Are you really worried about me?

page 24
Ferid: After all, you are my loveable child.
Crowley: What are you talking about. You forced me to become a vampire. In these 800 years, I really detested it.
Ferid: That again~
Crowley: You…

page 25
Crowley: You fed me someone’s else blood and not yours on purpose. What was his name?
Ferid: I don’t remember. It was probably dog’s blood. So say “woof”

page 26
Crowley: …I think it was Saito. Your master.
Ferid: What, you do remember.
Crowley: To say it we are brothers. But I don’t know my father and don’t what my brother is thinking. Is your aim to revenge on your parent?
…if you don’t tell me, I’ll get my revenge on you.

page 27
Ferid: Huhu. If you gonna do it, do it in a cool way~
Crowley: …for real…
Ferid: Mika-kun, you should also sleep a bit.

page 28
Mika: Don’t make me laugh, vampires don’t sleep.
Ferid: Ah, was it like that!? I didn’t know.
…right don’t give me that dirty stare-
your revenge target is Krul Tepes, right?
Where are we heading to? Hm~
Crowley: Jap-

page 29
Ferid: Ak–

page 30
Yu: Ouch-!!!
Mika: Are you okay, Yu-chan?
Yu: Ah-…No…I’m not alright…I bumped my head…

page 31
Ferid: [Ah…the sky today is beautiful as ever that’s get boring…]

page 32
[Have we arrived in Osaka bay]

page 33
Ferid: Why did you hit the break out of the sudden…
Crowley: Wasn’t it a good revenge?
Ferid: Eh?…A hahaha. It was truly wonderful.

page 34
Yu: Where the hell are we?
Shinoa: Probably…Osaka bay…
Yu:Hey Ferid, you should slowly tell us.
What is this place-

page 35

page 36
Yu: …What. You did betrayed-…

page 37
Ferid: Shut up. Make a mistake and the entire country will be destroyed in seconds.
Hey, hey

page 38
Ferid: High ranked progenitors…

[Progenitors from around the world gathered in Osaka. And Ferid’s true intentions…?!]

* Asuramaru says 갔다 올게 what literally means I’ll go and come back lel…

that part with Krul was really sad tho… ;-;
And Crowley getting real tired of Ferid’s shit…

Home at last!

The King I went to see was rather heartbroken over his daughter’s condition. I assured him she was much better off now rather than how she was originally.

You know, I’ve never heard of a man who gets upset to the point of rage and tears over the fact that his daughter now had a pair of perfectly fine, working legs. So strange.

Maid, where ever you are, I’ll need a new pair of clothes, as mine are rather wet and barnacled and in need of a good laundering.

  • Superhero: Yeah, I wanna win this race
  • VIXX haha
  • Value in excelsis, Aoooowww
  • Uh Brand Nu Boyz is in da buildin’
  • Yes sir, Show we gonna make it rookie’s time
  • Race is exciting
  • Rock Ur Body: Uh, let the games begin
  • Check it out V. I. double X in da house
  • On & On: We back again now
  • This is VIXX, Attention
  • Cuz I have been around
  • Now V-I-Double X
  • hyde: New generation is back.
  • Yeah, we killin’ this track right now
  • We started from the bottom.
  • We just do it now, ah. Just follow
  • G.R.8.U: Uh, is this really...?
  • You guys ready?
  • Voodoo Doll: You shot right through my heart
  • I'll fight for you
  • Eternity: Yeah, love is a nightmare
  • Time's over
  • Error: ??? (I wonder what Ravi will say in Error)

Taeyang: You having fun?! I had a really great time today. Thank you so much. And I feel so blessed that we can continue our world tour. Here in Australia. Not sure. Not sure when we will be back again but I can’t wait to do many more shows here. When we come back, will you guys be there? You sure? Will you guys be there? Thank you guys for showing us so much support today and I love you from the bottom of my heart. So much Sydney. I love ya.

T.O.P: So. I had so much fun today. Did you guys have a good time too? Thank you. Thank you so much for outstanding tonight. Sydney I really really love you guys. (starts talking korean). Thank you so much

Daesung: Yeah Sydney, thank you. Thank you for today. I had such a really good time tonight …. with you all. I’m so happy to see you guys and i’m very moved by you guys and your response. Thank you. Thank you for always supporting us and sharing our song. Sydney. Australia. We here. Sydney, Australia. Actually I don’t like you guys. I’m sorry. Just I love you guys (heart fingers)

Taeyang: To show them your love, hey hey ~

(billie jean starts playing, daesung showing us his moves)

Daesung: You know how I love that song. I love you guys

Seungri: Alright, Sydney. You guys had fun? You guys feel good? Come on second floor, third floor, you guys feel good right now? Sydney I had so much fun today. The love, energy you guys showed us today made me love you even more.

Taeyang: So show them your love

Seungri: Nononononono I got nothing man. Nothing. You know what? My mum just texted me, Sydney, my son. Sydney comes the best. I think Sydney is the best. I can tell anybody, Sydney crowd is the best in the world. So thank you for coming today

Bigbang: So so so, show them your love and dance


(sexy back starts playing and seungri sings)

Seungri: Nononono that’s not my chord. Thats not my chord. Shit.

Taeyang: That was the wrong pitch!

Seungri: Anyways, thank you for coming today. I love Justin Timberlake but that’s not my chord!

Taeyang: Can you do one more?

Seungri: Oh no no no

Taeyang: 3, 2, 1, try your best!

(sexy back comes on again)

Seungri: Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you Sydney. Thank you Justin. I love you but that’s not my chord HAHAHAHAHAH. Alright guys, thank you for coming today. Next time. VIP, thank you so much for today. Right side thank you so much. Yeah you. I love you too. I don’t know you but it’s okay I love you it doesn’t matter. And second floor, third floor, thank you. And the floor, keep jumping and keep screaming. Scream GD OPPAA!!!! Put your hands up, put your put your hands up!!! Shit. I feel so great right now. So I hope you guys, Australian, VIPS, keep supporting us. I will be, I swear I will be missing you guys. I don’t wanna leave.

Taeyang: So …. show them your love. 1 2 3 GO!

Seungri: No! Please stop!

(sexy back comes back on AGAIN)

Seungri: OH MY GOD. HOLY SHITT. Sorry Justin. 

GD: Give it up for my man! Thats the original chord. So, so now we only have one song left. Just wanna say thank you for coming today. Thank you. Please wait for us and keep supporting us

Seungri: GD show me your love

GD: So, tonight was incredible 

(fans start chanting for GD and sexy back comes on and he starts dancing)

GD: So, it’s time to say goodbye and 

(fans start chanting for GD again)

GD: woah woah woah it’s time for T.O.P

(sexy back comes on and T.O.P starts dancing)


GD: So get ready! Our last song. I can see you guys! Stand up! 

(We Like 2 Party starts)

A Ways Yet to Go

This ficlet is part of the Claire returns early with Bree AU which begins with A Ringing Phone and a Folder.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Introductions

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as The Nature of Choice.

This Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet alludes to information/events that appear in Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager.

As always, let me know what you think.

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Crappypasta 2 - The Squeakquel
Voice Doge
Crappypasta 2 - The Squeakquel

splaaartttt & askjinxandco submitted:

Crappypasta 2 - The squeakquel

I was shitting in teh car, coz i had 2 move house, coz there was no school anymore. (I eated it in teh last story coz slenderman ate me and… Y’know what, i cba to explain this shit 2 u, go read teh other stroy if ur that bothered)

So my mum sayed “yo u little shit, wtf are you playing at, eating teh school and killing all teh peeps?”

“well, slendaman eated me first.”

“YOUR FATHER!” she screamed. There was a strong smell of poop. I gues she sharted a bit.

“Yeah lol” i retorted.

“Weel, I guess if you know, then thats that.” she sayed, driveing on still.

We got to teh new house. We had to rent coz we needed a plaice asap but watevs. Anyways, we rang teh doorbell, and teh landlord came out. It was…


“OH SHIT” me and ma mum said together.

“jinx” i said.

“shut da fuck up biatch.” my mum said.

Then sleenderman eated her. “lol thanks slendy” i sayed.

“who da fuk said you could call me dat!” he screamed.

“we still never established how the fuk you can talk since u don’t hav a face” i replid.

“why da fuk don’t u ask yourself. U dont have a face either you little shizzle.” he said, shooting a tenticle out his face and then doing a flip 4 no reason. “anyway, go away. I’m having a rave in ma house.” he turned back to shout into da house. “yo guys, trun up teh music!” he screamed.

Loads of swoggy dubstep flew out the house, then slenderman spontainiously combusted. Lolwat. I walked into da house and mutant potato was doing a dance to the dubsteps. I danced too, and we feel in loove. Yayyy.

Later, we got married and had lods of potatoes kids and then killed them and had potatos 4 dinner.