back in da house

Being back in Mystic Falls would never have been Katherine’s first choice of a place to make home. But after being in literal Hell for the past 7 years, there was no way she was going to complain. Even she had to admit there was a sense of nostalgia as she strutted through the doors of the Mystic Grill, half expecting to see everyone she wanted to shock. She was a little disappointed that it was practically empty, save for a group of teens bunking school to play pool in the corner, and the same alcohol drinkers at the bar — they’d never leave this town. Casually, she strolled up to the bar, “Just give me bottle,” there was an overwhelming pride in the fact she had her vampire metabolism back and could drink half the bar.

Just letting you know, Julie Chen looks amazing at the Tony’s tonight and when she scratched her ear I think that meant that Da’vonne is coming back into the BB house but hey that is just my opinion

Summer Heat

Author: KaiSooByAnon

Genre: wolf au, abo verse, fluff, smut

Rating: NC-17

Kinks: rimming, knotting

Length: oneshot

Summary: Summer’s in a week and omega Kyungsoo is going to have his first heat with an alpha, Jongin by his side to take care of him. But the thing is, Kyungsoo is immensely embarrassed to tell Jongin about it. Should he really tell Jongin beforehand or just let his boyfriend know by himself when the day comes?

Admin N’s notes: HAPPY NEW YEAR MY LOVELIES :) here’s a cute fluffy in-heat omegaverse fic with just the right dose of hot smut. EXCELLENT for a bedtime story actually /gets bricked/ 

so admin n is back in da kaisoo house. the good news is i’ve finished my studies and now i’m freeeee taking a break  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ bad news is i’m an adult now (which rly rly sucks) and i’ll probably be busy working full time soon after i find a job (◞‸◟;) BUTTTT admin n will try her best to be active, to continue recommending kaisoo fics here!


ways this season can be saved:

  • da’vonne gets the round trip ticket and comes back to the house and magically gets all the girls minus nicole to align and they win every comp til final five
  • jozea gets let back into the house with no explanation and replaces paul as hoh and instantly evicts paulie
  • da’vonne finds 10 diamond povs in her bible
  • zing bot comes early and just reads mean tweets about pp until they self evict
  • a no care package where we get to vote one houseguest (which will be paulie) to get trapped in a box with a shit ton of bees
  • big meech gets so fed up she literally sets the house on fire and ends the season

The reason this season flopped so hard was because of the Battle-Back twist.  If Victor hadn’t reentered the house, Da’vonne would’ve survived that eviction by a vote of 4-3, and Natalie would be HoH and we’d finally have the powershift this season desperately needed.  But Battle-Back ruined all that

Home at last!

The King I went to see was rather heartbroken over his daughter’s condition. I assured him she was much better off now rather than how she was originally.

You know, I’ve never heard of a man who gets upset to the point of rage and tears over the fact that his daughter now had a pair of perfectly fine, working legs. So strange.

Maid, where ever you are, I’ll need a new pair of clothes, as mine are rather wet and barnacled and in need of a good laundering.