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Do you have any yoga DVDs you'd recommend? I can't really go to classes in my area. Thank you! =)

How bout some links -Thanks to mayur-asana!

weight loss

20 minute weight loss & fat burning yoga workout 20 min

yoga zone - yoga for weight loss (beginners) 36 min

weight loss yoga: total body sweat and tone 8 min

power yoga for weight loss 33 min


beginner yoga: 15-minute awakening practice 15 min

beginner’s yoga 101 with dr melissa west 58 min

beginner yoga for stretch and strength 10 min

building balance, beginner yoga with tara stiles 9 min


twist and detox: yoga journal to go 22 min

detox yoga 47 min

detox yoga with seane corn 5 min

detox yoga for the colon 9 min


morning yoga for flexibility 7 min

inner thigh flexibility: yoga with dashama 9 min

yoga for flexibility 10 min

yoga for flexibility to reduce stress 10 min


beginner building balance with tara stiles 9 min

half moon & eagle pose balance practice 35 min

balance in a state of flux 14 min

beginner’s relaxing balance routine 18 min


yoga for a strong core 6 min

core toning yoga 28 min

total body transformation yoga: core warm-up 10 min

killer core abs and arms yoga workout challenge 10 min


yoga for better sleep 35 min

yoga to help fall asleep 12 min

yoga stretches for a great nights sleep 7 min

yoga for bed time with tara stiles 3 min


ra’yoKa AM yoga: rainbeau mars 10 min

morning yoga with adriene 22 min

morning yoga flow all levels 16 min

morning yoga for flexibility with tara stiles 7 min


karmic kundalini 30 min

kundalini yoga for strengthening the magnetic field 55 min

kundalini yoga pranayama (breathing exercises) 13 min

yoga for stress relief, cool down kundalini 8 min

restore the nervous system tutorial 3 min

relaxation and restoration

guided relaxation, yoga nidra 10 min

restore & revitalize yoga flow 32 min

relaxation yoga class 21 min

relax & restore yoga with sadie nardini 10 min

colds, sickness, flus

how to remedy a common cold with yoga 8 min

8 poses for curing cough & cold 9 min

kundalini yoga for disease resistance 35 min

yoga for head cold 7 min


revive & rejoice yoga 40 min

yoga for anxiety 9 min

beginner’s yoga for stress & depression 13 min

alternate nostril breathing for anxiety 3 min

back pain

beginner’s back stretches for pain 14 min

intermediate spinal tonic 39 min

twists for tension relief in back 11 min

lower back relief 17 min


inversions simplified 9 min

inversion essentials 21 min

headstand for beginners 7 min

forearm stand tutorial 3 min

strength building handstand flow 9 min

menstruation pain

yoga for your cycle 25 min

women’s health nurturing flow 30 min

grounding & nourishing for your cycle 14 min

pms yoga 9 min


clear & confident 17 min

solar plexus yoga 6 min

shoulder opening & confidence boost 24 min


yoga for strength with lululemon 17 min

yoga for long lean legs 15 min

abs & arms strength 5 min

strong butt yoga 11 min

for the heart

heart opening 31 min

20 poses for the heart & small intestine meridians 10 min

heart opening class 35 min

heart chakra yoga sequence 10 min


kundalini yoga for headaches pt 1 14 min

kundalini yoga for headaches pt 2 5 min

kundalini yoga for headaches pt 3 15 min

get out of your head: yoga for migraines 55 min

yoga for tension headaches 21 min

yoga for headache 8 min


pregnancy yoga for indigestion and heartburn 5 min

yoga & natural remedies for acidity 8 min


moves for leaner legs 7 min

hamstring flexibility 9 min

gentle yoga for tight legs and hips 20 min

yoga for leg strength 29 min


yoga for your butt 7 min

yoga butt workout 11 min

yoga warm up for butt, hips, thighs 8 min

beach bums and thighs 5 min


strong arms and upper body 8 min

arm balances 23 min

flow for increasing arm strength 14 min

vinyasa flow arm balances level 1-2 58 min


intermediate chakra concentration 31 min

poses for the root chakra 11 min

awakening the throat chakra 26 min

warrior poses to activate solar plexus 6 min

arthritis and joint pain

sequence for managing arthritis 33 min

yoga for arthritis: the feet and ankles 8 min

knee injury and knee health 8 min

back and hip pain relief 15 min


prenatal yoga routine 28 min

pregnancy yoga (episode 1) 11 min

labor-oriented endurance exercises 8 min

gentle prenatal yoga class 21 min

knee pain

yoga for the knees 28 min

stop knee pain now 3 min

knee injury and knee health 8 min

yoga for the knees 12 min

post run

yoga for runners, post-run 21 min

post run stretch 9 min 

run yoga run 4 min

vinyasa, stretch out after you run 39 min

yummy stretchy goodness

ultimate stretch routine with tara stiles 11 min

deep stretch class 22 min

flexibility routine 6 min

from vinyasa to deep relaxation 44 min

tension relief

stress relief 6 min

let your mind go 13 min

yoga for neck and shoulder tension and injuries 14 min

twist to relieve tension in the back 11 min

quick snappy flow

yoga for strength & inspiration 5 min

power yoga flow 16 min

quick energy 4 min

quick & easy yoga routine 8 min



1.     Stuck Together: Steven and Lars spend some time together (11 min)

2.     The Trial: Steven and the Diamonds go on trial (11 min)

3.     Off Colours: Steven finds some unusual new allies… (11 min)

4.     Lars Head: Lars Finally lets steven in (11 min)


5.     Reunited: After Stevens return, he has a few questions for the gems…and not all of them turn out well… (30min)

6.     Have you seen this Lion? Stevens wakes up one morning to find that lion is nowhere to be found (11min)

7.     Lars of the Stars: Steven and Connie visit lars and the off colours, but find them in an unusual place. (25min) 

8: Good to be back: Lars returns to earth and introduces the off colours to everyone (11 min)

9.     A New Quartz: Garnet and Pearl share a story with Steven about one memorable time with Rose. (11min)

10. After all this time: Pearl wants to share an important moment with steven, as she did with Rose (11 min) 

11.     Three’s a crowd: Fluorite gives an insight on how they’re components met. (11min)

12.  Outbox: A ship crashes down on the shores of beach city, containing an eerie message (11 min)

13.  Take this Warning: The Gems work out a plan to ready themselves on what’s to come next. (11 min)

14.  Let’s Get down to Bismuth: The gems realise that their current team isn’t enough to fight homeworld, which means for the return of an old friend (11min)

15.  The Arrival: The Crystal Gems, the off colours and Lapis come face-to-face with a new threat (25min)

16.  Change your Mind: After everything’s that’s been happening, Steven decides to work on his healing powers, practicing on a corrupted gem. (11min)

17.  Moving Day: After being left alone at the barn without Lapis, Peridot finally decides to move into the temple and get her own room. (11min)

18.  Plan of Attack: Furious that their fleet of gems were all taken down, the Diamonds decide to give beach city a visit… (11 min)

19.  What a turn of events: A few unlikely familiar gems join the fight with the crystal gems (11 min)

20. Era 2 War Part one: The war begins. Earth versus homeworld. (20 min)

21: Era 2 War Part Two: The war continues, this time things are getting more intense (20 min)

22: Paragon and Obsidian: After nearly 2 months of fighting, the crystal gems and homeworld use all they have left, Fusion. (20 mins)

23: We Won: The crystal gems have won. The diamonds defeated. The homeworld gems are free to live their own lives. The crystal gems have finally got what they wanted for all this time. The best for others. (20 min)



11 miler to Manhattan Beach and back. Main set: 30 min @ MAF +5, 3 min standing rest, 20 min @ MAF + 10, 3 min standing rest, followed by 5 min strong. 5 min strong was at sun BQ pace. While I have had to put the BQ Dream on hold this summer, seeing that number at the end of almost 2 hour run felt fantastic! One week to Santa Rosa Marathon!!!! I’m ready.


aaand that’s all of them; all 31 days of inktober!

a few of these i apologize for b/c i basically just had no idea what to do w/ them like i actually had to look up a reference image of an oil pump for edmonton jfc, and the rangers one is a total cop-out. but ye. i tried. (philly’s my favorite tho, ngl. also det, nsh, njd, & sjs, and (nwhl’s) bos & buf.)

also yes, those are my top three (technically four) faves across the top; everyone else is in alphabetical order, starting w/ the nhl, and then all of the nwhl on day 31!

Goin’ back to Hogwarts (11 tracks 48 min)

Get Back To Hogwarts - A Very Potter Musical.// I’m Coming Home - P. Diddy.// Hedwigs Theme - Harry Potter.// Home - Phillip Phillips.// The Hogwarts Theme Song - Deleted Scene: Goblet of Fire.// Home - Glee Cast.// Homeward Bound - Simon and Garfunkel.// Home - Michael Bublé.// To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra.// Home - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zones.// Battle of Hogwarts - Harry Potter.