back handed complement

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Head cannon - boss thinks sans is super cute and wants everyone to know that his sans is the cutest ever , as well as having others telling sans he's cute/awesome without having to himself. Its a back handed complement/brag


he just looks so happy showing off his bro ahhhh

Meeting You - Part 14

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Thanks again to everyone for the generous comments/reblogs/likes the last part got 100 notes which I’m just flabbergasted and have no clue why that has happened, but thank you so much!!! I’m not sure how I feel about this part, I rushed it a bit because I haven’t gotten much time to do it. Sorry it took so long for me to get up, real life has been busy lately, the next part will be up no later than sunday night!!!

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“What’s this?” Chloe asked as she walked in forcing herself between Finn and Rae before sitting on his bed looking up at the two of them, both synchronized they looked at Chloe then back at each other, and Chloe’s face was nothing but confusion.

“Nothing,” Rae forced her eyes away from Finn “I just came to drop some CD’s he left at mine after the party, I was just about to leave” she glanced at Finn whose eyes haven’t pulled away from hers yet, before she lowered her head and turned on her heel to leave.

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You seem a lot more patient and helpful than some of the other blogs I've seen and I just wanted to thank you. Sometimes is hard to find information that's not written by someone who doesn't really know what they're talking about. I appreciate that you try to help people understand why they're wrong or offensive rather than simply yelling at them for it. It's hard when you live in a world that doesn't really teach about this stuff or if it's something you don't encounter often. So thank you.

If you think this self-serving back-handed comment is a complement, you must be high as a damn kite. 

I hate when people give me a back hand complement being like “ OMG your match at Takeover was so good. You’ve really gotten so much better.” Hmmmmm no! I’ve always been this good, you’ve just been to blind to see it! #BOSS 😎🙅☺️.