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Music asks, personalized list

1. A Song you’re ashamed of liking
2. Favourite lyrics
3. Favourite band/artist
4. Top 5 Favourite songs at this moment
5. Latest song that made you smile
6. An overrated band
7. An overrated song
8. Latest song that made you cry
9. Artist/band that saved your life
10. If you could see any band/artist live, who would it be
11. What song/album/band/artist always brings back memories for you
12. saddest song you know
13. Favourite song to sing in the shower
14. If you played an instrument in grade school, what was it
15. What song would you like to have your first dance to at your wedding
16. 5 Songs to have sex to
17. One band you’d have get back together/bring back from the dead
18. You’re forced to listen to only one album for the rest of your life, what album is it
19. A song that gets you through shit
20. A song to shut everything out
21. A song that’s a joke between you and your friends
22. A song to jam out to at 4am
23. A song that punches you in the gut every single time
24. A song that calms you down
25. A song that makes you feel alive
26. If you could get any lyrics tattooed, which would you choose
27. What band/artist would you get your children addicted to at an early age
28. Can you play any instruments, if so, which
29. If you could be a member of any band for one show, who would it be
30. CDs or Vinyls
31. 25 songs to play at your funeral
32. What are some song titles that you love
33. If your life ended today, what song would you choose to represent it
34. Can you give me a 10 song playlist on ____
35. A heart wrenching song
36. A band/artist you’re proud of
37. A song that has a lot of meaning to you
38. A song that reminds you of school
39. A song not sung in your native language
40. An instrumental song
41. A classical song
42. A song with no percussion
43. Something you’ve heard performed live
44. Something you’d give ANYTHING to hear performed live
45. A song from a band/artist that’s from your town/city/state/province
46. A song made suddenly precious because of a special someone
47. A song made suddenly painful because of someone special
48. A song that demands lip syncing and a makeshift microphone
49. A song from a band/artist you met/know
50. A song that you would rock at karaoke
51. A song you can’t help but dance to
52. A song that makes you want to dance on a table
53. Your 10 song striper playlist
54. Favourite Disney song
55. A song that starts with the first letter of your name
56. A song from an artist still alive
57. A song from an artist who’s dead
58. A song you love by an artist/band you hate
59. A song you love with a colour in the title
60. A song you love with a number in the title
61. A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about
62. A song that needs to be played LOUD
63. A song that makes you think about life
64. 15 Songs that get suck in your head easily
65. A song that you think everyone should listen to
66. A song that makes you want to fall in love
67. A song that makes you think about ‘him/her’
68. A song that you remember from your childhood
69. A song that reminds you of you
70. Okay what’s the real answer to number 1

The Signs as Quotes from the Movie "Heathers"
  • Aries: It's not very subtle, but neither's blowing up a whole school, now is it?
  • Taurus: "You look like hell." "Yeah? I just got back."
  • Gemini: This isn't just a spoke in my menstrual cycle.
  • Cancer: Our love is God. Let's go get a slushie.
  • Leo: Dear Diary, my teen angst bullshit has a body count.
  • Virgo: If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be human; you'd be a game show host.
  • Libra: I love my dead gay son.
  • Scorpio: Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.
  • Sagittarius: Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?
  • Capricorn: I say we just grow up, be adults, and die.
  • Aquarius: Why are you pulling my dick?
  • Pisces: Chaos is great. Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.
Dating Peter Parker Would Involve...

[a/n]: no request but i sense lots of thirst for peter and wow same. so i decided to post this really quickly while im writing my next request

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Dating Peter Parker Would Involve…

  • Him being a fucking dork all the time
  • Him always wanting to watch “that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back”
  • idk about you guys but I would not mind possessive!peter
  • Him loving to show you off at school because he is actually so confused as to how he even got someone like you
  • Peter getting jealous easily because he thinks that someone else could give you so much more
  • You having to tell him that you don’t want anyone other than him
  • Like I’m dead serious a guy would just be talking to you at school or some shit and he’d get scared that he was going to take you away from him
  • “Don’t you dare ever even think about her again. You have no idea who you’re dealing with.”
  • Date nights consist of eating pizza and cuddling while watching a movie
  • Having to tell Peter to be careful when he goes with Tony
  • Him still getting flustered when you tell him how cute he is
  • But him giving you constant compliments like his life depends on it
  • Since his hoodies are too big you pull the sleeves into your palm and make sweater paws while he plants a kiss on your nose and tells you that you look much better in his hoodie than he does
  • Him loving the way you scrunch up your nose when he kisses it
  • Sometimes you just glance over and he’s looking at you with his head tilted to the side, eyes filled with pure admiration 
  • Making him take selfies with you
  • Bugging him about the selfies so much that eventually he’s just done and so he crashes his lips to your’s, snapping a picture
  • “Post that one. I like that one”
  • You posting it and him being happy because he loves how everyone can see you’re his
  • idk guys I just think that Peter would love and treasure his girl more than anything else in the world
  • fuck now i want a peter. where can i get one?

[ 22nd January 2017 ] leave it up to me for not posting for a month lmao I’m sorry! I just came back from a planetshakers conference so my legs are now sore from jumping so much omg.
here’s last week’s spread that was done this week bcos I’m as inconsistent as ever 🙂
also thank you for 6K followers! never thought I would actually hit 1K let alone 6K so thank you thank you thank you 💕💕💕💕💕💕 I hope 2017 so far has been amazing for you!!

Story Time: Attack of the Pepes

So about sometime last school year, I drew a pepe in the class

and this kid from another period liked to draw over it and as each day passed, he kept drawing on it and i kept trying to draw it back to how it was, but then it sort of progressed to where we would sent messages to each other

I didnt document the first ones

He asked for an army AND OH BOY DID I BRING HIM ONE

The teacher had let me print a bunch of pepes and we built our “army”

Then I put them literally everywhere in the classroom (including the books bc the teacher let us know what page they were going to work on)

The main focus was the table where the guy sat in. We spent all period attaching pepes on doors, windows, walls, stools, tables books, everything

This kid had the class for first period while i had it for sixth so the teacher told me he was going to tell me the reaction at the end of the day. HOWEVER, I got the reaction sooner than I thought because as i was passing to second period I saw this


We later on met and honestly, this whole thing will be the highlight of my life and I hope to be remembered for this.

Ok but like at the end of I Am Damaged when Veronica walks back into school Mac says “Where have you been’ People were saying you killed yourself.” Like imagine Mac having already lost her best friend and boyfriend to “suicide” then finding out that the person who had saved her from killing herself and the closest thing she had to a friend, is dead too! That would have been so bad for her. Also the thought she would have had to stay with Duke who made her feel like crap would have made the whole thing worse. So just imagine how happy she would have been when she saw Veronica walk through that door

extreme salt ahead

i’ve returned from the cinema and i am Ready to Rant™

spoilers ahead, my dudes

• to me the first parts of the movie seemed kind of rushed and they really wanted to focus more on jake and emma’s relationship more than the actual storyline
• anyway
• wasn’t barron jacob’s school bus driver
• i don’t recall anything about enoch raising victor back from the dead in the book
• victor’s scene fucked me up tho
• how is this rated pg-13
• wowza enoch became way saltier
• pls give horace more love
• “ super shirt, by the way ” - horace 2k16
• hugh got a few parts and im sad
• fiona did too
• i only remember claire saying one line
• i missed the part where they saved miss peregrine because i desperately had to pee and im very angry
• olive was precious
• didn’t like the scene where she and enoch kissed though
• the scene of abe’s death was a little bad for me
• they changed the loop’s date ???? why ????
• why does horace have a projector eye ????
• okay but the part in his dream where he was trying on a suit tho, that was really cute to me
• the twins weren’t in the book
• how could ransom be okay with these changes
• guys we should remake the movie pLEASE
• i started singing Wish That You Were Here while violently shaking my friend by her shoulders during the credits
• i may have squealed too much when horace first introduced himself
• i may have also squealed millard’s name again and again at the scene when they were saying goodbye to jacob
• wait why is abe alive again
• what’s all this about jake going through different loops to get to emma ????
• bronwyn, claire, fiona, and hugh need more scenes
• guys we should really remake this don’t you think

  • Sodapop: Hey Ponyboy you wanna come to a party with me
  • Darry: No it's a school night *waits for Ponyboy to argue*
  • Ponyboy: Okay.
  • Darry: what
  • Sodapop: what
  • Steve: what
  • Two-Bit: what
  • Johnny, back from the dead: what
  • Dally, also back from the dead: what
  • Entire world: what
  • Ponyboy: What did I say?
Not so evil

(Sooo this is really bad but i hope you’ll enjoy)

Negan kills your group that treated you like a slave and takes you in.

Negan x younger reader

Warnings: Swearing, Reader almost get’s raped.

Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

You were on a school trip when the world went to shit and everyone started dying from an infection and then coming back to eat anything alive. Despite all the teachers keeping watch on you and all your classmates you managed to run away, packing some food and water you left, you had to find your family and you weren’t just going to sit there and wait to turn into one of those monsters. But you never found them, you only hoped they got out of town and are somewhere out there, safe.

“Move your fucking ass (Y/N) and go fetch me some water,” Jack yelled bringing you out of your thoughts, Jack was the leader of your group, a total asshole there were six of you, you being the only girl. There were more but because of Jack’s rules they all died. Whenever someone got hurt they’d be left behind or pushed into a herd of those dead freaks. You had to watch all the good people die because if you said anything you’d end up the same. Treating you like a slave was the only reason they haven’t left you behind or killed you yet.

Finding them food and then watching them eat it all leaving barely nothing for you everyday became draining. But that changed when you met Negan. Kneeling on your knees with Jack next to you and all the other men from your group, you watched as they shook in fear, Jack even had tears in his eyes. “T-take her… you can have her…. do whatever you want to her” Jack cried out. Glaring at him you wanted to kill him yourself at that very moment. For a minute you thought Negan would accept that offer and then do whatever he wanted to you. But looking up at him you saw how furious he looked. The next thing you know Jack and everyone else is dead. You prepared yourself to be next, closing your eyes you waited for the bat to make an impact with your head but nothing ever happened. You slowly opened your head to see Negan crouching in front of you offering you his hand, “Come on sweetheart, you don’t have to worry about those fucking pricks anymore,” he spoke softly. Something about him didn’t scare you. Slowly you grabbed his hand and let him help you stand up, “What’s your name?” he asked looking at you. Looking around at all his men getting into their trucks and driving away you looked back and the tall man standing before you, “(Y/N)” you whispered. “Well then (Y/N)… you hungry?” he grinned at you.

It’s been two weeks at the sanctuary and although most of the people here were men you weren’t as uncomfortable as you were with Jack and his group, most treated you like a little sister. Dwight was always with you telling you jokes and always making you laugh and sometimes annoying you to the point you wanted to strangle him. You haven’t spoke to Negan since the day he took you in but you always saw him looking at you and making sure no one was bothering you. You were quite close with his wives too, they took care of you the first couple of days you were here and you were thankful for that.

Being fifteen or sixteen you lost track now, Negan said you don’t have to work for points and do any chores but after four days you were bored and had nothing to do and you wanted to help and thank Negan in some way for taking you in and feeding you. Picking up the heavy laundry basket   you struggled to walk and just as you were about to lose your grip it was suddenly taken from your hands by Dwight. “Thanks D,” you smiled back at him, “No problem kiddo. Negan wanted to see you anyway he told me to get you, he’s in his room”. Walking off with the basket you saw as he shoved it into fat Joey’s arms.

Making your way to Negan’s room you were suddenly shoved into a wall, hitting your head hard making you go blank for a few seconds. “Well if it isn’t the precious (Y/N)” you could barely hear through the ringing in your ears. When you finally came to your senses you could finally see clearly. “Harry? w-what are you doing?,” lifting your hand to your head you winced slightly when you applied too much pressure. Grabbing you wrist he pinned it against the wall. His grip was so strong you sure it would leave bruises. Noticing now that his other hand was tightly gripping your waist you tried to push him off of you with your free hand when he let go of your waist and pinned it to the wall like the other. Leaning in close to you and whispering in your ear “I always wondered what the young ones feel like,” He started forcefully kissing your neck just as you let out a scream. He let go of your arms and roughly gripped your jaw and shoved your head into the wall making you cry out from the impact. “Shut the fuck up,” he whispered harshly in your ear. Just as he was about to lean in again he was suddenly ripped from you and was now laying on the ground. Squinting your eyes you saw it was Negan and he looked as furious as ever. Briefly glancing at you he turned back to Henry and started kicking him, “You son of a bitch,” Kicking him in his ribs you could hear the bones breaking. Crouching down he lifted Henry up by his shirt, “We do not fucking do that, you have no idea how not cool that fucking shit is. There are rules and i made it clear and you just broke one and now… now i will beat the shit out of you,” he yelled.

Dwight was now next to you asking you if you were alright, “Dwight, take her and make sure she’s alright,” you heard Negan tell Dwight. Nodding his head Dwight pulled you gently with him and towards Negan’s room. Minutes went by with you and Dwight just sitting there waiting for Negan. Dwight helped you with the cut on your head and it finally stopped bleeding. Just as Dwight was about to ask you if you were alright for the twentieth time the door opened and Negan stepped in ordering Dwight to leave now. Looking down at the floor you played with your fingers not wanting to look at Negan. Placing his hands on your knees in a comforting manner and crouching in front of you he studied the cut on your head and the bruises on your wrists. Negan gently grabbed your wrists to get a better look, you winced when he applied just a little bit too much pressure , “Sorry sweetie,” he spoke softly. You didn’t even notice you were crying until Negan wiped the tears off your face and giving you a soft smile, “You’re alright now, I promise you that fucker will never touch you again,” just as he said that you looked over at his desk noticing the bloody bat. You knew Negan killed him but that didn’t scare you or make you feel sorry for the guy, he deserved it. Without thinking you reached forward and wrapped your arms around Negan and buried your head into his chest, “Thank you.” Shocked at first by your actions, it took him a moment until he wrapped his arms around you and stroked your back gently, “No need to thank me doll”.  

Negan had one of his wives take you and help you get cleaned up. Once you were done she took you back to Negan. He let you sleep in his room tonight as you didn’t want to be alone and you felt safer with him than anyone else. Laying in his bed looking up at the ceiling and listening to the sound of him writing you glanced at him, he was sat by his desk concentrating on whatever he was writing down,  you noticed the glasses he was wearing and it made you chuckle. He suddenly looked up at you with a grin on his face, “What’s so funny then (Y/N)” he asked you, “Your glasses, you look funny,” you replied back with a giggle, “Yeah yeah, go to sleep”. After some time you suddenly felt tired and started drifting off until you fell into a deep sleep. Noticing you have finally fallen asleep, Negan gave you a soft kiss on your head, walking back to his desk to finish his paper work he made himself a promise to never let you get hurt ever again.

Patater Parents

Inspired by IRL events (basically I just went downstairs and found my 9 year old’s fish dead–and I have to tell her in one hour and forty minutes and it’s gonna be…less than fun.  Here’s hoping a trip to the pet shop for a new fish softens the blow.  RIP Fish who is sometimes called Jake.  2014-2016)


Stretching in the bed, Alexei arches his back, then flops onto his side, the duvet making a loud fwump as he half-lands on his equally sleepy husband.  Apart from getting up at what Kent describes as the “ass-crack of dawn” to get their kiddo off to school, they had little to nothing on the agenda for the day.

Which was exactly how Kent wanted to spend his day off.

“Is your turn pick up Irinochka,” Alexei says, burrowing his face in Kent’s neck.

Kent groans and looks over at the clock.  He’s still got an hour before he has to leave to get a reasonable spot in the pick-up queue, but he also promised he’d load up the dishes in the dishwasher before he went.

Domesticity was nice until he had shit to do.


“Fine,” he grumbles, and turns Alexei’s face to kiss him before rolling out of the bed.  He decides his shitty joggers and Falconers shirt with the hole in the seam is good enough since he absolutely does not plan to get out of the car unless he can help it.  He’s happy to take Irina through a drive-thru for ice cream but he will be damned if he sets foot outside on actual pavement that isn’t his own driveway.

It’s his day off, damn it.

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leafys content sucks ass: a very extra over analysis on why leafys content has been so shit latley (written by me, PhD LeafyIsCreamy)

yo okay to start i dead ass hate all these cringey ass over analyzing posts about leafy by these newer leafy blogs (im pretty sure yall know who im vauging) but it’s friday, i stayed home from school, i have no friends, so i decided to make this post about why leafys content has been suckin mad dicc lately and how he could potentially fix it??? maybe???? idk???

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in my mind, there are two Gods:

the first, the One i knew
and grew with;
the One i loved from so young.
He, who i ripped apart books for,
who i prayed to for other people’s salvation
who i surrendered my soul to again
and again
without realizing the cost. (i asked
to be a victim soul, Lord,
i take it back.
i take ME back.)

the last time i prayed to Him and really meant it
i fell asleep and woke
with dead family.
we haven’t spoken since, except in shouts
or maybe

the second i am learning.
have been learning, in this school of mine.
these theologies newer than the ones i was raised in:
the One i encountered in the Holy Land
bright and sacred and holy holy holy

they tell me this Holy One is kinder than i have been taught.
that my sin did not earn the Son’s death, but rather
the Son loved so much
He was put to death; but resurrected in love’s ultimate triumph.
that this is a Creator for the oppressed, the heartsick
this is a Deity for Justice and Love.

but these Gods are the same Man (and He feels
like Man, still, though God ought to have no gender)
and i cannot love the Savior without encountering
the Judge.

Take this cup from me.
Let me love You in a way that is uncomplicated

or else

let me be released from the guilt i feel is your judgement
let me free to find something Holy
i don’t have to burn myself to love.

—  tongues of fire (or living water?) by Drea Onzagle
Surprising No One

Are we still doing things for phantomrose96‘s ‘it’s not gay if he’s dead’ thing TOO LATE DID IT ANYWAY

Tucker clinically scrolled through his phone as he noisily sipped from his mixed soda-fountain concoction. “It’s official, dude: half of the school wants to jump your bones.”

Danny slammed his head on their usual booth’s table. “This is it. This is what finally destroys me. Move over Ghost King, it’s my real nemesis: necrophilic memes.” 

Homoerotic necrophillic memes,” Tucker corrected him.

Thank you, Tucker.”

“I got ya, dude,” he went back to his phone and noisy straw sucking.

“I’m honestly surprised something like this didn’t happen sooner,” Sam said. “You’ve been flying around in a skintight black jumpsuit for the past three years saving a bunch of hormonal teenagers like a real-life superhero. What did you think was going to happen?”

“I dunno. A fan club, some webcomics, girls with my face on their shirts? I wasn’t really thinking of that in the middle of stopping all the murder-happy ghosts trying to- wait is my jumpsuit really that tight?”

Sam told Tucker. “Break it to him gently.”

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Plot Holes

by reddit user omegaokami

The day I found my first hole was the day my best friend came back from the dead.

We were in high school and stupid. Jake was his name and we liked to go out to this old abandoned house in the woods after school to just…screw around. Do stupid teenage things. It was a pretty big place to be honest. Two story house with a basement or three stories if you counted the small attic above it. The story is supposed to go that an old woman was building the house years and years ago in order to get away from the city life but, for some reason, never finished it. Probably died. Anyway, the house was pretty close to completion when she stopped but nobody bothered to finish it and now it just sits there rotting away.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Eleven learns what Valentine's Day is and makes a valentine for Benny (because Benny is Not Dead™)

Ok, thank you for this prompt. I loved writing it. Benny may be dead, but he will live on through us and our writing.

It was early afternoon, just as the kids returned from school. They headed straight for the basement, but as they passed Nancy at the dining room table, something caught Eleven’s eye. She stayed behind, allowing the boys to head downstairs on their own. “I’m going to see Nancy…” she trailed off.

Nancy was surrounded by colorful paper, pink pens, and stickers. Unable to hold herself back, El moved closer to get a better look. The teenager looked up.

“Oh, hey El. How was school?”

“Good.” She smiled. Her eyes were glued to folded piece of paper Nancy was gracefully moving her pen over. “What are you doing?” She was learning to be more vocal, and she truly was intrigued.

Nancy couldn’t help the corners of her mouth turn up. She leaned forward a bit. “I’m making Valentine’s” she whispered conspiratorially.

“What’s ‘Valentine’s’?” the girl asked.  Her fingers pulled at the fabric of her sweater - a nervous habit she had taken to to prevent, <I>other</I> habits (like unconsciously making things shake or float).

Nancy but her lip to suppress her smile. Of course El wouldn’t know what a valentine was, and to be honest, she liked the prospect of teaching her. Holly was still too young for things like this. “Well,” she started, motioning for her to sit in the chair beside her, “a valentine is a card you give people you like on Valentine’s Day. Which tomorrow.”

“People you like?” Nancy nodded. “Like… Mike?”

Nancy laughed. “Well yes, you could give one to Mike. But not just… boys, you like. You see, I’m giving one to my mom, because I make her one every year. She was my first friend.”

An idea stuck Eleven, her eyes lighting up. “Your mom?” Nancy nodded. “Could I… will you help me make one?”

“Of course, El!” Nancy beamed. She couldn’t contain her excitement. She enjoyed having El around, and was looking forward to some girl time. Plus, she was pretty good at making Valentine’s. “Who are you making it for?”

The pens on the table started to shake a bit. “Benny.” El’s cheeks turned the slightest shade of pink.

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