back dimples piercing


Braun Strowman/OC: You and Braun bond over the fact you have the same piercings, but only after you accidentally send him a photo of the new jewelry that was definitely meant to go to your best friend. Smut bc hell yeah it is. Fuckin fight me.

I’M OBSESSED WITH BRAUN’S NIP NOP PIERCINGS SO…HERE WE GO. THERE’S ALSO CHOKING BC OF COURSE THERE IS I FUCKIN WROTE IT OF COURSE THERE’S CHOKING (also it was v hard not to say nip nop piercings every time I wrote nipple piercings lmoa whoops)

Not all of you asked to be tagged but I’m tagging all of you bc you all talk to me about Braun and I love it lmao @omgmissmillie @lavitabella87 @screamersdontdance @hiitsmecharlie

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Can I have a male match, please :)? I'm about 5'7, have long light brown hair, green eyes, have a nose piercing,back dimple piercings, and slim. I love bands like Nirvana and Sound garden, and I play piano as well. I'm pretty girly I guess, liking makeup and shopping. I'm awkward and distant when I first meet people, but when I get comfortable I become a goofball. My dream job is to be a music producer. I have two younger sisters who like to torture who I'm dating, and I live with my dad.


Kinzou Shima

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  • Kinzou loves your eyes, he thinks the colour is so gorgeous
  • He incorporates a lyric about them into a song he’s currently writing
  • Your piercings low-key turn him on
  • He loves you much more depth they give you
  • He loves to listen to bands with you and sing along to the words
  • Kinzou loves to hear you play the piano 
  • It’s such a beautiful thing to him
  • He loves to duet with you, and create amazing music beats
  • Your ability to be introverted but goofball makes him happy
  • He loves it when you warm up to him
  • He loves the real you
  • He is very supportive of your dreams and wants you to be his producer in the future when your both hugely famous
  • Right now your the manager of his band
  • He doesn’t like your sisters teasing because he’s used to picking on his younger siblings, and never had it the other around very much
  • You think it’s funny when he’s sobbing over childish words

You and Kinzou met through your sisters, his little sister Yumi is friends with your youngest sister. You were picking your sister up from his house after she was over playing with Yumi. He answered the door and bit his tongue in awe at the beautiful person standing in front of him. Then he tried a bunch of really bad pickup lines he probably heard Renzou say. He’d rather die then confess to Renzou he used one of them. He noticed your Nirvana t-shirt and saw an opener! He gave you tickets to his next concert and told you to come. He was super happy when you did!

I really hope your sisters young and not like 25 or something because if so I just fucked up this request with that playdate idea…

My Bestfriend's Brother

All of our crew from work met at some basic bar where not a lot of eye candy comes through and the bartenders certainly aren’t anything to look at.
I’d already been drinking by the pool that day, Corona is my choice of summer besides a shandy. All that sun got me hot and I was certainly in the mood.
I was the last one to show up and immediately started drinking; we were loud and dancing and singing, just having a great time! But he was standing apart, he barely knew most of us.
So I made him come to me. Sitting in my chair I poked my ass out just enough so my shirt would ride up and my pierced back dimples were shown off. I took my hair out of its clips and fluffed it over my shoulders, subtly running my hands over my chest.
I didn’t have to catch him looking, I knew I’d already done it.
Being unapologetic and brazen, he goes straight for the kill and wraps his arms around my waist, his hard on pressing against my back.

Fast forward a few hours later, he’s fucking me in every position he can think of but keeps ruining it by talking about condoms and where’s he going to cum and blah, blah, blah. I made him stop a few times and even started to put on clothes. The last time I grabbed my keys first but before I even made it back up he’s shoving me against his dresser, spreading my legs apart with his knee *sigh* I’m sorry, I don’t remember much because I came (and was definitely intoxicated) and could barely breath with his vise grip on my throat.

I have bruises on my hips, thighs, and wrist…I love it. And today while I was doing my errands, I smiled to myself as his cum started leaking onto my panties.
Now I just want more.

imagine after kcon ken and leo wake up married in vegas

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What kind of pricings would the 2ps have?

***Piercings LOL

((I keep thinking of this as a punk rock AU ohmygod…,,

links are to images btw))

2P!America: snake bites, eyebrow piercing, double ear piercing, tongue piercing, back dimples piercing, hip piercings

2P!China: spider bites, ears pierced

2P!England: no piercings

2P!France: shark bites, triple ear piercing

2P!Russia: no piercings

2P!Italy: cheekbone piercing, triple ear piercing, chest piercing

2P!Germany: eyebrow piercings, left ear piercing

2P!Japan: double ear piercings

2P!Canada: no piercings

2P!Romano: belly button piercing, double ear piercing, nose piercing

2P!Austria: vampire bite piercing, triple ear piercings

2P!Prussia: no piercings

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How come libras are so keen to be the prettiest sign but hate when facts are pointed out to them and consider it hate? anywayssswhat are other traits associated with the signs?

idk but it’s so 😒 but there’s nothing u can do!! archetypical physical features:

Aries: pointed, strong brows, strong jaws, sturdy, dimples
Taurus: aesthetically pleasing, can arouse strong reaction in others (sometimes bad)
Gemini: button noses, freckles,
cancer: big and or noticeable eyes, long eyelashes, curvy, dimples
Leo: strong brows, great hair
Virgo: small but pointed features
Libra: mainstream look, symmetrical, proportionate, back dimples
Scorpio: piercing eyes, square faces, arouse strong reactions in others
Sagittarius: long faces, nice hair, big features
Capricorn: strong cheekbones, strong bone structure in general, small features
Aquarius: asymmetrical, stand out (good or bad I guess), large foreheads, dimples
Pisces: big eyes, rounded/soft features