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Bitty gives up baking and Johnson has to serve as the angel from “Its a Wonderful Life” to show why everyone’s life would be miserable without his pies. Shitty doesn’t have his mustache, Ransom and Holster hate each other, dex is dead, Lardo is a back up dancer for most popular rapper in the world iggy azelia, Jack is a single amnesiac grocery store employee who uses doge memes in every check out.

this is elaborate

Taylor Swift pays homage to Brit boyfriend Joe Alwyn by filming latest music video in North London kebab shop

The Sun // Dan Wootton // 15th October 2017

The singer brought 60 backing dancers to the Kentish Town kebab shop ahead of the release of her sixth album Reputation

WITH a net worth of more than £200million, the last place you would expect to see TAYLOR SWIFT is in a North London kebab shop in the early hours.

But the superstar took in some of the delights of the capital’s Kentish Town over the weekend while making her new video — which pays homage to her romance with Brit boyfriend JOE ALWYN.

The video features some of Taylor’s favourite places she visited incognito when she first started dating the actor.

It includes his local pub and a London night bus.

A source close to the singer said: “The video shows Taylor on a night out. All of the locations are places she has been to with Joe.

“She has spent months quietly going under the radar in London this year and has been out a lot more than anybody realizes.

Her video sees her visiting an alleyway, a pub and, most surprisingly, a kebab shop called Kentish Delight.

“It is quite telling that she has been hanging out in these regular and unexpected places.
“She wants to show people she is just a normal girl.”

I revealed Taylor was dating Joe in May and told how she wore wigs and disguises to keep their romance under wraps.

But there was no danger of missing her and her giant entourage at the weekend — her crew included more than 60 backing dancers and even a standby vet.

It is thought Taylor, who has cats Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, had the vet drafted in to keep an eye on the shoot, which may feature several animals.

Security for filming, which took place from 9pm until 6am, was far more stringent than just a doorman asking for ID.

The source said: “Everything was arranged to the letter because Taylor runs a tight ship.

“She didn’t want any images or snippets of the song to come out so all the crew were searched from head to toe and had to hand over their phones.

“Only one phone was allowed between them for the entire shoot.

“The same went for the 50 extras and six dancers at the filming.”

Taylor releases her sixth record, Reputation, next month — three years after bestseller 1989.

Now that she has a taste for it, she can celebrate the album with a doner.


Jonathan Toews prevents a Penguin player from getting to Patrick Kane and gets called for interference

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whats next?

Here’s what might be happening in the next few months:

  • The collab is titled ‘Do Me Wrong’
  • Lauren is a feature, meaning her guest vocals will be on his track. He will receive accreditation for the sales and streams of the single
  • It will be on his album. We all know Ty can’t release a track without a feature, for some reason his solo music flops? Can’t imagine why that would be *cough misogynistic idiot cough*. However, it will be released as a single off the album
  • High Key think the video for ‘Do Me Wrong’ was already shot back in June in Jamaica during L’s birthday. Hence his photographer and a few others from his promotions team were also present
  • Lauren’s collab with Steve Aoki ‘Paralysed’ will be released around the same time whilst she’s fronting the media/charts. I’m thinking this is gonna drop pretty soon though, so watch out for that
  • 5H and Camila will both be attending a number of the Jingle Balls at the end of the year
  • This PR Ty/Lauren nonsense will hardcore continue up until the new year, but after the holiday break it will be over. We haven’t had a Ty/L kiss yet, so expect that “leak”
  • 2018 Camila’s album will drop however from November to the album release, I think we might get a PR for promotion. Hopefully they’ll use Shawn again, he has a platform, is a great artist and a genuinely nice person. Maybe a Jonas Brother or a backing dancer, definitely a boy though lol
  • 2018, the group will split. 4 solo contracts have already been offered to the remaining members so these will be undertaken late 2018 after touring and pre scheduled performances have been played
  • The girls and Camila will switch labels to Republic Records, where I think then they’ll be allowed to publicly interact and show they’re on good terms
  • I think theres gonna be a huge dispute/lawsuit amongst them and their team/label next year aswell
  • No one is buying the drama/shade anymore, it’s boring as fuck, we as a fandom would talk more if the girls were allowed to be on good terms. They know we aren’t falling for it, hence everything has been pretty quiet at the minute. The only one who people suspect is being shady is L, but she’s only playing PR bingo, we can’t blame her really
  • A major camren hint is gonna come out (literally lol) I think as a fandom we’re gonna be shook

Just a thought.


Poirot and the 1930s Charleston dance


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Their girlfriend being a drummer, a dancer & a rapper in a girl group

A really tall foreigner asking them for directions

Their girlfriend eating junk food at night when she’s on a diet

Mafia AU When their fiancee runs away

Their smaller and younger S/O protecting them

Their son getting sick

Their best friend coming out to her parents but they refuse to accept her

Seeing their girlfriends birthmark for the first time

Mafia AU Regaining their fiancee’s trust after she ran away

Their s/o always being affectionate because of their past

You having skin discoloration

Mafia AU When their pregnant wife tries to leave them to protect their unborn child

Their girlfriend being Hyuna’s back up dancer

Their S/O singing and dancing along while watching Disney movies

Time Traveller AU Their future S/O being in charge of an entire country

Mafia AUWhen their s/o gets hurt because of their job

Scenarios/One Shots/Drabbles:

  • Suga/Min Yoongi

Mafia AU Rumours

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BTS as the Mafia + How He Met You

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