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ashe wearing the "i defeated the pigbat king"shirt but defeated is scribbled out with the word "dated" written above it


imagine thog working at one of the meadshire places for years. having to pretend that theres some ‘pigbat king’ roaming around. rolling his eyes whenever he hears the name

only to find out that He is the pigbat king

ive got music stuck and constantly playing in my head and rn it’s the wii shop theme mixed with bad n boujee and refrain boy amongst other things. it is. Almost not pleasant.

Event: Augenlicht

It had been so long the Host had lost his eyes, he wouldn’t be able to tell you how long it was exactly. He knew most places by heart, could navigate them without needing any kind of help. He could navigate the “Ego Inc.” -as they had called it- building on his own, getting to the important places. He could get around the city and find his way back, and also get to the important places he visited regularly.

The Host knew that he and everyone else could change at most likely any given moment, depending on their “Creators”. Namely Mark and his fans. And seeing in other realities from time to time, the Host was aware on the many different versions of himself and the others that existed -some similar to his own reality, some completely different.

One day, the Host had a dream. It wasn’t a normal thing for him, especially since he rarely slept. But it granted him a look into the future, the past, or maybe in another reality. He never could tell. And what he saw amazed him. 
He, the Host, with regained eyes. He could tell that he hadn’t always have them, from the sheer amazement he could see in his own face.
He was happy for that version of him. That he had been changed again, and had gotten his eyes, his sight, back. He doubted it was his own future though.

So he went through his days with that dream in the back of his head. And the more time passed, the more he forgot about it.
Until one morning, waking up after a rare peaceful sleep, he could tell something was different. He felt different. He could see the light shining through his eyelids. He carefully sat up, keeping his eyes closed. The dream he had some time ago came back to his mind.

And then he opened his eyes.

The sight of his sun-flooded room greeted him, visually telling him he had slept longer than usual. He blinked, eyes widening in amazement. He could see.
He had his eyes back. He could see.
A bright smile formed on his lips, and he began to laugh. Tears gathered in his eyes, and his gentle laugh choked with the tears.

He could see again.