back country camping

Thoughts From Band Camp
  • me: there are at least four sweat bees on me right now but i'm at attention help help help
  • me: wow drum line has to run laps again what a surprise
  • me: oh hell yes look at my perfect fuckin drag stEP SHIT WTF BALANCE
  • me: what i didn't miss the line haha not me never
  • me: dear freshman clarinets pls get ur shit together
  • me: dear clarinet section leader pls get ur section's shit together
  • me: oh no they called for sectional time now i have to be a leader
  • me: i think the freshmen hate me
  • me: my skin is melting off my body please call a water break why why whyyyy
  • me: wait band camp is over already???

Betty Venture: Day Trip pt. 2

Santa Fe, NM -> White Sands, NM

I’ve been dreaming of going to White Sands for years and when we arrived it did not disappoint. We found out the camping situation was back country camping, so we had to hike in all our gear, food and water for a mile to get to our camping spot. We set up camp and the magic hour started to hit and we were going crazy taking photos. I soon realized I only had a 4GB card and left my other cards in Betty, I almost cried. So we book it back to the van to get my cards before the sun went down, we got it and the photos continued, so did my overwhelming joy. The light was like nothing I’ve ever seen, it was heaven.

So the cool thing about camping at White Sands is that the park closes at sunset and there is very limited camping sites which leaves you almost completely alone in the park. Of course I was convinced we would see aliens…and maybe we did. We got out of the tent after our “dinner” and all of sudden there was this giant glow in the sky right over our tent. The light looked really close, like it was on the other side of the sand dune, I was sure it was a UFO or that I was hallucinating. We climb over the dune and realize the glow was much farther, beyond the horizon. It was super weird and I was very scared the rest of the night, thank god we brought the whiskey. The next day we looked it up and it was a missile test that went off over the coast of San Diego, at least thats what the officials say.