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Aruani Week Day 3: Admiration


The Pas De Deux they’re rehearsing.

I’m a ballet enthusiast, so when I realized I could use this prompt for one of my fave aus, I totally jumped at the opportunity. Enjoy! <3


Effortless extensions, effortless turns, effortless jumps. Ballet seemed to come as naturally to Annie as breathing. Every variation ended with grace and beauty beyond anything Armin had ever seen. Though her forehead pooled with sweat and her limbs ached, she rarely let it show. Composure that must have come through years of discipline.

It came as no surprise to him that Annie had reached principal status before he was even considered for a soloist. It was nothing short of her birthright, he thought. Her entire life, day in and out spent in a hot dance studio. Though very short statured, she made up for it with incredible strength and liquid movements. Annie glided across the floor en pointe, much like the swan she was trying to imitate.

Wow,” He muttered as he watched her pique turns become chaînés. Barely a strand of blonde hair was out of place as she ended her variation, posed like a statue until, finally, the music stopped.

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