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  • Me, the addict watching 84 tv shows:I can't believe I'm gonna start watching a new show.
  • A regular person:Well, you don't have to.
  • Me:No, I'm gonna.

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Very, very rarely is it the author who gives up on the series. Vast majority of the time, the PUBLISHER decided it wasn't selling well enough/appealing to the right demographic. And the author is rarely free to address that. Chances are good the author is just as upset about abandoning the series as you are.

It could be that you’re right but it was doing well, they even talked about making it a show. Actually it did really well. It won a few awards, has over 10k reviews on Goodreads – all around pretty popular. I checked the authors blog last night and she stated that she has 6 other books she’s working on at the moment so she’s putting it on the back burner for awhile. ::cries:: 

The Blacklist: one show to all or many shows to different people?

I had been chatting with several of my friends,  and we talked about what they liked and disliked in this season. Some are avid Ressler fans and they all complained about Ressler being  out on the back burner. 

I became curious and so I have been working on determining the word count of each character, but is a long and laborius project and so it will take some time.

But the interesting thing is a that I came to the conclusion that one of my friends at least and I, both about the same age and about the same educational level are truly watching severel shows, which for me was an important discovery, as we all tend to think there is only one show and we are disconcerted when people express these opinions that contradict this tenet.

One of my friends is watching a show about some FBI agents. She is hoping it will go back to the FBI cases she loved. She also has great admiration for Donald Ressler, his straightforward character, his upholding of the law, his by-the-book approach. Other secretly long for a Keep best.nler resolution, and see Liz as a misguided person.

Others see Liz as a much darker character and tend to understand her and Tom’s relationship fine. Most are people who live firmly in the gray area, and have an instinctive trust of their own set of coordinates.

I confess to a lifelong interest and longing for mysteries, espionage and intrigue. I was starting to read when someone presented me with a children’s book about spies and I felt that finally there was a world I understood fully. Nothing intrigued me more than a puzzle, a mystery, a spy.  A detective. My father called me at 7 years old a human lie detector. By age 10 I had developed an ability to see patterns and detect humans little quirks. I have never been surprised by anything anyone has ever done, as I have always seen it clearly way before it happened. I live in the grays naturally and follow the law only because I find it easier to do so and because I understand the theoretical need for laws. But not because I have great admiration for it, and certainly I would ever follow the law over my own sense of morality or right and wrong. I understand Red’s character so well it scares me sometimes. I can also understand instinctively the character of Tom Keen.

And so the show I watch on Thursdays at 9 has been a spy show. A show about a mystery: who is Red, what does he want and who is Liz to him. Why is Liz so important. I can also a puzzle in the many symbols and repeated imagery and in the numbering and photos.  Decoding this mystery is to me what a puzzle was in my childhood: a soothing way to entertain myself and to exercise  a pattern recognition “software: in my brain. I tend to see people as mysteries to decode. My friends call me a marital happiness detector: If I cried at their weddings, the marriage would not last, if I did not, they are still married and like to remain so for life. Why? I can read people.

 I find the characters of Red, Liz and Tom completely familiar, I have a hard time understanding that there are people who see the world in black and white and needless to say, a character like Ressler never ceases to amaze me for the foreigness of him. I find almost incomprehensible that some people would choose what the law says over what their own moral sense say. I can understand Aram, Samar and Cooper in their basic mindset.

But the interesting thing is that the same show can appeal and appear to so many people in so many different ways, further expanding my admiration for the creators, writers, actors and production team who flawlessly create such a complex universe that it appears to be so many things to so many people.

And to be perfectly clear, I count all these people as my friends and I hold them in great esteem

At the risk of making a very easy target for a joke, I’m slooowwly easing myself back into responding to RP stuff.

TY for all the patience this week, everyone, it’s been kinda insane but I think shit’s stabilized enough for me to write terrible responses back to everyone now. It’ll be slow and more-established chains will probably be responded to first, since I have to….like, think less, and all fanfiction stuff’s on the back burner (apologies to everyone who sent short-line smutfic prompts, EVENTUALLY I PROMISE, and to @you-can-call-me-miku and @goldengridanian WE CAN TALK MORE ABOUT TIMING ON THE FICS I OWE YOU, THOSE ARE SPECIAL CASES)

After I feel…kinda caught up I’ll start accepting prompts again, and never fear poking me ICly in-game to do something short, even if it’s just for us to meet IC. If I’m not able to be IC at the time, I’ll shoot ya a /tell. 

Once again, super sorry for being distant and bitchy to everyone…I still don’t quite feel up to talking about everything publicly but if you’re really worried, my messages are open, I can at least…idk try to put your mind at ease ^^

Goodbye for now

Dear stitchy friends. It is with regret that I announce my decision to place this blogging project on the back burner for awhile. I am not in a good place right now and want to focus on the process of making, which brings me pleasure. I will not be active on Facebook or any social networks that involve posting text or conversation. Sometimes people forget that there is a real person behind the…

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I couldn’t help myself, and I decided to start my new blog off with a spread! It’s kitchen themed, so it fits, right?

This is the Back Burner Spread – when you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, or you’re not sure where to start or what to focus on, sometimes you just have to put some things on the back burner.

Cards 1 and 2 are your Front Burners:  the areas of the situation that you’ll want to keep your focus on. They may require immediate attention, or need frequent observation or action.

Cards 3 and 4 are your Back Burners:  these are more minor things you can let rest. Put them aside for now and focus on the issues that came up in your first two cards, and check in on these when things are a bit less hectic.