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And I know there’s many great shows out there and nominations are already a huge deal from the start, but Wander has been on the back burner for so long, and it’s so nice to see well overdue pay off for the hard working cast and crew.

It’s really worth a watch, amazing storytelling (especially in season 2, it has been wonderful so far), animation, and the voice cast is fabulous. Season 2 especially still has humor but also a story arc with serious and downright sad moments that keep the viewers engaged. In a way, the sad moments make it even more impactful because you don’t see it coming, and it hits you in the heart, with nice backstory twists and turns and-and it’s really amazing. Don’t judge by the spazz trailers or first eps when character development was just beginning. Watch when the characters grow in richness and round out into complex, relatable characters. (And the animation is so well done and the gorgeous lighting and backgrounds…at least watch for the art.)


Something New- Chapter 9

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Ananth and I left Cape Cod early in the evening after I had received a message from Shanaya asking me to cover her Sunday rotations because of some last minute changes in scheduling.

I started to get more and more caught up in my own life, only sporadically texting Shanna and Chris.

Initially, I had gotten used to the grueling schedule associated with being a pediatric resident, but once Ananth got into the middle of the school year, his volume of schoolwork seemed to increase exponentially.

Every other day, he would take the train to my apartment and lock himself in the guestroom to pour over his textbooks and readings while I would wait on him hand and foot so that he could basically study non-stop.

All the while having to edit his shitty English papers and help him with his science homework sets.

Good thing too, because my parents had put their efforts to get me married on the back-burner to focus on Ananth’s studies and exams: now instead of badgering me, he was bearing the burden of my parent’s intrusive attention.

So I hadn’t gone on any more dates since they wanted my full focus to be on him without any distractions: they still valued my brother’s education above all else.
So, at least for some time, I was in the clear.

One Friday night, Ananth pushed a piece of paper towards me during dinner. “Akka, I need to you sign this.”

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anonymous asked:

You're writing a book? That's amazing! Any word on when it will be out/available for preorder? I absolutely love your poetry and would love to have a collection!

I will hopefully have a lot more information to share soon! All I can say right now is that it’s my first full-length collection and I am incredibly excited to see it coming together. Thank you all for your patience with me over the last few months as I put my chapbook on the back burner– I hope you’ll love the new book as much as I do.


I couldn’t help myself, and I decided to start my new blog off with a spread! It’s kitchen themed, so it fits, right?

This is the Back Burner Spread – when you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, or you’re not sure where to start or what to focus on, sometimes you just have to put some things on the back burner.

Cards 1 and 2 are your Front Burners:  the areas of the situation that you’ll want to keep your focus on. They may require immediate attention, or need frequent observation or action.

Cards 3 and 4 are your Back Burners:  these are more minor things you can let rest. Put them aside for now and focus on the issues that came up in your first two cards, and check in on these when things are a bit less hectic.