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Can we take a moment to appreciate how sweet these two are??? Like Jongin didn’t really need to help Soo get that rubber ball…we know how into the performance Jongin gets but he stopped just to step on it so Soo can pick it up

fun psychosis things

- *having fun* oh shit am i real

- *wakes up and its quiet* looks like im the last one on earth 

- the Bugs

- googles “red bumps on legs”

- i need to do something with my life like… rob a bank

- googles “red bumps on arms”

- kill them. you gotta.

- hidden cameras

- someone in here can read my mind

- googles “red bumps on face”

- #yolo

- sits on bed and dissociates for 10 hours 

- i have No Feelings, i am no weakling

- im so emotional why doesn’t anyone love me *cry*

- kill the cat (why?) you gotta


- *someone does something that slightly annoys me* “kill them”

- googles “red bumps on back”


- relating to things that aren’t even close to what i feel ever why do i do that

- my posters are watching me get dressed

- the government is watching me

- something around the house is… Not Right

- my family has been replaced


What do you Big Mom Pirates want? Don’t cause trouble. The people in this country are hurt inside and out now. If you need to take, talk to me first. If that’s not enough, talk to me first. i’m afraid we gotta take it out of the country. We’re not gonna run or hide.

Yknow what I wanna see? more non-“geek” characters with acne. I’m really tired of seeing bumpy/red/discolored/etc skin as seen as strictly “gross geek” stereotypes. I want beautiful, handsome, attractive leads that are perceived as attractive by the writers that don’t have perfect, flawless skin

Yuuri Katsuki—that was his name, right?—was grinning lopsidedly as he grabbed Victor by the hand and dragged him out onto the middle of the ballroom. A wave of whispers and shocked gasps rippled across the crowd of ladies and gents around them, but Victor couldn’t take his eyes off Katsuki for a split second. He had never seen anyone this hammered off their ass since… since ever.
“Come on,” Katsuki slurred. “Let’s dance, baby.” His arm slinked around Victor’s waist, and suddenly the flamenco playing overhead was picking up the pace. Whoever this man was, he could dance. Was he really even drunk?
“Aren’t you a little too close?” Katsuki whispered and his breath, stinking to high heaven of alcohol, made Victor smile. Yep. He was drunk as could be. Katsuki pouted—a fascinating sight. “Why’d you move away? Come even closer. Don’t be shy.” His hand slid up Victor’s back, tracing every bump on his spine and pulling him in.
Victor’s eyebrows shot skyward. Now this was… interesting. He’d never had a banquet quite like this. They had all been dreary affairs—infinitely increasing in levels of boring when you’ve attended at least a hundred of them.
“You’re a dangerous one,” he said, lips quirking up into a smile of his own. “Yuuri Katsuki.” He hadn’t had any need to say the man’s name, but somehow it rolled off his tongue. What an unusual sensation to say a stranger’s name and feel a strange force behind it, like it had been meant for him to say all along.
“Yuuri,” Katsuki said, baring his teeth. “Call me Yuuri.”
“Yuuri it is then. I was wondering… about earlier. Why you walked awa—”
“Less talk,” Yuuri growled and now they were chest to chest, cheek to cheek. “More dance.”
Now the smile on Victor’s lips spread wide. This was different indeed. “As you wish,” he murmured.
And Yuuri led him into the deepest throes of the flamenco—something Victor had never in his life experienced before. He laughed—more than he’d ever laughed at a banquet. Or at a dinner. A night. Ever.
The night went on, with dance and drink, revels and general insanity, but all Victor could remember was the heat of the tango, the alcohol on Yuuri’s breath, the sweat on his bare chest and his palms, that horrible-looking tie.
Victor knew he was a forgetful man. He’d made plenty a promise that he couldn’t keep track of. Not that anyone really held it against him—he was terrifically untouchable like that. But right now, right here, being held onto so tightly, led into the most intoxicating dance of his wildest dreams, he knew he would never forget this night.
He never did.

Seventeen Reaction (Rap Unit) to you flinching during a fight

Finally doing the third part to this! Sorry that I couldn’t do all unit’s last night but it was already so late and I was falling asleep in my living room just doing the first two units. ANYWAYS, I hope you like this ♥

Vernon: Hansol knew you had some sort of a temper problem, he also knew not to antagonize you when you both were getting into an argument. Your voice would raise louder and louder over time and Hansol would just stay quiet, ho’d be biting his tongue from things he really wanted to say and knew that it’d only make the argument worse. You’d be directly in front of him while he was sitting in a kitchen chair, after a while of staying quiet he’d eventually have enough of it. He’d stand up very quickly, his chest bumping you back a little and fear would quickly fill you while a small “Don’t.” left your mouth. He’d see that you took a step back from him while tears welled up in your eyes. You wouldn’t look away from him because in your mind you thought the worst was coming but when it didn’t you just looked confused along with Hansol, it wasn’t until he tried taking another step towards you and you shut your eyes is when he realized why you said “Don’t.”

“I’m not going to hit you.” He whispered, his hands resting on your shoulders. His thumbs were moving back and forth on the fabric that was covering your shoulders. “I’d never hurt you.”

Mingyu: You were in the middle of an argument when Mingyu raised his hand to run his fingers through his hair, something that he’s done before but with the intensity of the argument you two were having it was almost impossible for you not to flinch and squeeze your eyes shut. Mingyu’s words would immediately halt and his eyes would widen. He honestly wouldn’t understand why this happened, he understood that you thought he was going to hit you but he didn’t understand why you thought this, he’s never hit you before and would never even think about hitting you so when you flinched he just stood there staring at you. “I wouldn’t-” Mingyu started, shaking his head.

“I know.” You mumbled, head slowly raising to meet his eyes. “I just thought-”

“Don’t think like that jagi, I wouldn’t hit you.” Mingyu would wrap his arms around you instantly when your eyes met his and he couldn’t help but let the air that was in his lungs out.

Wonwoo: He’d be scolding you over something small, his hands on your shoulders while he looked down at you. Everything was fine but his voice would lower for a moment and his hand would raise to gesture to something in his bedroom when you flinched, shutting your eyes tight and pushed yourself out of his arms. Your eyes would stay locked on his and the fear was evident, Wonwoo wouldn’t be able to utter a word because he was completely shocked of what just happened. He’d take a step forward mumbling your name but as his foot took a step closer you would take two back. Wonwoo couldn’t help but feel frustrated at the situation. he wasn’t upset at you he just wanted to hold you in his arms but couldn’t because of how scared you were. “Jagi…come here.” Wonwoo would say, you would only shake your head. Wonwoo would let out a small sigh before grabbing you instantly, tears would soon fall from your eyes as you really thought that he was going to hurt you, his grip tightened but only around your shoulders as he only brought you into his chest. His arms wrapped around you tight and he just began mumbling multiple apologies for scaring you the way he did. He’d repeat time after time that he’d never hit you or harm you in any way. He wouldn’t let go of you until you knew that every word he said was true.

S.Coups: He was always stressed and you knew that but you couldn’t help but scold him when he came home to your apartment you both shared. His clothes were scattered along the living room and you had told him a countless number of time not to just throw his clothes on the ground and put them away. Right as he stepped foot into the apartment your voice was instantly heard from the kitchen. Seungcheol couldn’t help but cringe just because he already had a hard day in the studio and all he wanted to so was sleep when he got home. Once seeing you in view and hear your constant nagging and raised voice he immediately threw his arms up and let a yell of “Be quiet.” out. Your eyes would immediately widen and you’d take a step back letting apologies fly out of your mouth. You would stay frozen and Seungcheol’s features would soften quickly, he’d let out a sigh and slowly pull you in. He’d soon be the one uttering apologies to you and simply explain that he was just really tired and stressed, he promised that he wouldn’t make a mess around the house anymore he just needed to sleep right now.

Dating Bellamy Blake would include...

Masterlist <3

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-you hating his guts at first

-not following his rules around camp

-first time you actually enjoy his company is when he oddly doesn’t try to take your bracelet off

-getting along with octavia better than Bellamy

-lighting the bonfire for unity day and Bellamy complementing your skills.

-”wow bellamy I didn’t know you had a nice bone in your body.”

-having to be on watch with him.

-”you’re late this week y/l/n”

-hearing a snap in the woods.

-Bellamy makes you go to investigate it

-you don’t find anything so you turn around to go back but you bump into someone

-Bellamy’s hands resting on the sides of your face, before pressing his lips to yours

-”Sorry. I had to distract you because I thought it was weird if I just kissed you …”

-Pressing a kiss to his cheek

-Bellamy and you talking more since that night

-Bonfire cuddles.

-”You still won’t take the bracelet off will you?”

-Ignoring him when he brings up the ark.

-shoulder kisses

-making out when you’re supposed to be on watch

-sharing a tent

-convincing him not to kick people out because they keep complaining that he can choose who he has a tent with


-pet names

- princess is common when he’s talking about you

-trying to make peace with grounders

-secretly rooting for octavia and Lincoln’s relationship while Bellamy tells his sister off

-”Bellamy why don’t you accept them?”

-”Them? Them?! Y/n there isn’t a them. He’s from the ground. He hurt her.”

-Trying to stop him from hurting Lincoln since octavia is held back.

-”You’re fucking protecting him?”

-”Yes, But I’m protecting him for your sister. He saved her”

-”He didn’t save her!”

-”God Bellamy. Are you that stupid?”

-Refusing to talk to him

-until he realizes that Lincoln did help his sister

-trying to apologize to you each time you two have to go on watch

-deja vu when you hear something snap in the woods

-going to check on it before Bellamy can start talking to you again

-not being able to find anything

-slamming into a chest, a muffled sorry escaping his lips.

-”I want to ask this time. Can I kiss you?”

Sunshine // Carl Grimes

Summary: the reader (Carl’s girlfriend) gets taken by Negan and Carl makes it his mission to get her back, with a few bumps in the road of course.

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“Take her, she has a kind of… shine about her” Negan said and pointed his bloodied bat in your face. You sat back in shock and terror as 2 guys began making their way towards your shaking figure.

“N-no, please don’t” you cried and began jerking around in panic, your breathing became uneven as your eyes connected with Carl’s angry ones

“Don’t touch her, y-you can’t take her” Carl snapped as one guy began leading you towards the back of the truck as well as Daryl. His touch was rough and forceful and was probably going to leave a slight mark. As you passed Carl he grabbed your hand but it was quickly torn away by one of the saviors.

“I’ll look after her” Daryl said to Carl before the doors to the truck closed with a bang. You got one last look at Carl’s worried face before the doors closed. It looked like it was taking everything in him to refrain from snapping at Negan.

“They’ll get us back kid, he’ll come for you” Daryl spoke with slight hope in his voice.

“That’s what I’m worried about”

“Get up, Negan wants to see you and he has a surprise” Dwight snapped and grabbed you by your forearm roughly. Your arms were already decently marked up what’s another few bruises, right?

You were exhausted and extremely sleep deprived causing Dwight to practically drag you to what you assumed was Negans room, you had little to no energy to walk there yourself. Every part of your body ached after days of sleeping on the hard, gravel ground and having a diet of what you had worked out to be dog food sandwiches (not that you ate them).

You could’ve fallen asleep right there under Dwight’s rough grip but the voice of a humorous Negan pushed these thoughts away. “Shit kid, you look horrible” he bellowed and laid Lucielle on the spare chair.

You could’ve continued to ignore him and pretend he didn’t exist, you definitely would’ve if it wasn’t for the familiar figure next to him.

“Carl?” you asked, tears forming in your tired, worn eyes. There was something different about him, he didn’t have his eye covered which was a sight you’d only seen once or twice but you weren’t complaining.

Without another word he strided over to you and pulled you into his loving arms you’d missed immensely over the past few weeks. Your knees went weak as soon as he wrapped his arms around you and you let all of your weight fall onto him, you’d probably lost a few pounds since he last saw you but you didn’t know if he noticed.

“I came back for you” he whispered in your ear and you let out tears of joy. Although you probably weren’t allowed to go home to Alexandria with him you felt overjoyed to be back in his arms and savoured the moment. You were too weak and tired to answer so you just snuggled closer into his warm body.

“Wow this is touching, it really is but we have to get you back home” Negan said to Carl who’s arms suddenly tightened around you, neither of you wanted to let go.

“I’m not going without her” Carl growled and you used what small amount of energy you had to squeeze out of his arms, reluctantly.

“You have to g-go” you whispered. Your voice was obviously dryer and raspier and you felt the sudden urge to cough up a storm.

“This is heartbreaking, Really touching so i’ll tell you what kid. You get to take your girl home right now, heck i’ll even let you take some food for the trip” Negan spoke and you awaited for the catch that would make this deal go right out the window.

“All you gotta do, is sing me a song” You twisted your eyebrows and looked between Carl and Negan in confusion

“I-i don’t know any songs-” this had to be some sick, twisted joke of Negans. You were sure it had been at least a few years since Carl had listened to any decent songs.

“Sing me a song, What’d your mom use to sing you? What’d your dad play in the car?” he repeated, although this time it sounded rougher. He got up off his perch and hung the bat in front of your face making Carl tense, you were immune to this kind of treatment now.

“Y-you are my sunshine… my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey… you never know dear how much i love you so please don’t take my sunshine away” You noticed just how nervous Carl sounded and gave his shaky hand a squeeze reassuring him that what he was doing was for the best.

“Lucille loves being sung to, almost as much as she loves smashing in brains” Negan taunted and you felt the cool wire against your bare arms.

“Can we leave now” Carl snapped. You saw how absolutely broken he looked and couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit guilty. He was here for you after all.

“In a hurry to get away huh? I’ll get you two on the first trip outta here but if i ever, let me repeat that EVER see or hear about either of you causing trouble in my home again i will not hesitate to make the punishment worse, the next one resulting in some actual damage” Negan threatened, emphasizing on multiple words. The bat was removed from your cold, pale skin and you felt as if you could breath again after being suffocated for so long.

“Understood” Carl grunted and put a protective arm around your shoulders.

“It was lovely having you here my dear, i’ll be visiting you often” Negan smirked and gave your free hand a kiss making shivers run down your spine at an alarming rate.

The two of you left the sanctuary hand in hand and in the back of one of the vehicles the saviours had so kindly allowed you to use. Your weak figure collapsed on Carl as soon as you hit the leather seats.

“W-when i was taken i didn’t get to say something” you whispered, your scratchy voice was causing you an immense amount of pain

“What was it” Carl picking up your bony hand and began fiddling with your fingers, something he did often that you use to enjoy

“I l-love you” You said and felt relieved that you’d finally got those three words out. It was true, you did love Carl and after the huge rescue stunt he’d just pulled all for you you thought he deserved to know.

“I love you too, more than you’ll ever know” he smiled and kissed your forehead lightly, for the first time in a while you actually genuinely smiled.

1d as ducklings

harry as a duckling: is v confused all the time, trips when walking across the road because of his pigeon feet, likes to be petted and held, honks with laughter, kisses liam on the head when he gets upset, flirts with dad ducks and has serious conversations with the other mummy ducks, gets puffy when rained on, pouts, wonders why all animals can’t love each other, runs from geese

niall as a duckling: fur is always wet, is the first to beg people for bread pieces, floats down the river on his back, always bumps into older ducks and gets in trouble, tries to hang with louis but is too slow and easily distracted, flirts with birds, eats the other ducklings’ bread pieces, nips at baby’s fingers on accident, rides geese

liam as a duckling: always stays in line behind mummy duck, glares at other ducklings who cause trouble, tries his v best, always needs help climbing over things and blushes, is very quiet, carefully eats his bread pieces from stranger’s hands, read all the books about being a duck, hides behind his mummy duck when geese come

louis as a duckling: runs over the other ducklings to get food, trips siblings walking across the road, bites people on purpose, teases liam with pranks and laughs when he gets agitated, is annoyed when harry splashes him but likes his cuddles, sasses the mummy duck and never follows the rules, blames everything on niall, fights geese

Eleven always associated the small bumps that appeared on her skin at certain times with fear. The sound of heavy footfalls down the hall, Papa’s voice quieting with disappointment, being lowered into the bath. All these things would make her stomach feel like it had fallen away and make those little bumps prickle up on her arms. 

Sitting in the Wheeler’s basement watching Saturday morning cartoons, Mike tentatively slides his hand over her own, lacing their fingers together. El is concerned when that same feeling rumbles through her stomach. Trying to be subtle, she pushes up the sleeve of her floral printed shirt with her free hand and glances at her arm—the bumps are back. She frowns—she’s not afraid of Mike. Mike is safety and warmth. Mike is bubblegum and Eggos. Mike is strawberry milkshakes and soft sweaters. 

“Is everything okay, El?” Mike’s voice rings out over the sound of the Scooby-Doo theme song. El glances away from her arm to meet his eyes and purses her lips. 

“Bumps,” she says quietly, holding out her arm. Mike visibly gulps, his cheeks turning red. 

“Those are goosebumps,” he tells her. El’s brow furrows in confusion—what did the bumps on her skin have to do with those big birds she had fed at the lake with Hopper last weekend? And why were they happening now, when she felt comfortable and at home with the boy sitting next to her.

“But I’m not scared,” El replies, her fingers brushing over the bumps, fading ever so slightly now. Mike feels his heart clench in his chest, a mixture of anger and sadness over the implications of that sentence. He tries not to dwell on those feelings, wanting instead to replace them with happiness—especially for El. 

“That’s normal,” Mike assures her, “You can get goosebumps when you’re scared. But also when you’re excited and happy.” He grins at her, squeezing her hand gently, running his fingers over her knuckles in the way that always makes her happy. El nods cautiously, and Mike can tell from the curiosity in her warm brown eyes that she’s eager for further explanation. 

“See,” Mike continues, rolling up his sleeve on the arm that’s holding her hand, “I have them too.” El looks over at Mike’s arm and, sure enough, notices the tiny bumps on his otherwise smooth skin. She grazes her fingers over them and Mike’s cheeks grow warmer. 

“Because you’re happy?” El asks. Mike nods vigorously.

“Yeah,” he smiles, “I’m happy I’m with you and you make me feel…well…I like you El. And sometimes people you like can give you goosebumps.” El contemplates this for a moment before her face breaks out into a wide smile. 

“I like you too Mike,” she beams, settling back into the couch and returning her attention to Scooby-Doo. Their hands remain intertwined and her goosebumps don’t quite disappear—but El doesn’t mind.