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I got in line at 6 am and there weren’t that many people in line at all but then we finally got our numbered tickets at 11, I was #451. Yikes; people were cutting the line smh. But still, when I actually got to the venue, I was pretty close and I could see the stage but then once the concert started I couldn’t see anything but heads upon heads upon heads. Just straight up giraffes were in my way (of course I am 4'11 so,,,) but anyway the first like hour or so was a total nightmare. There was so much pushing and shoving and some people actually had to leave pit bc it was too much for them. I even heard a girl had a seizure during the concert and no one helped her; they just went around her to get closer to the stage :(. These girls were ruthless. But eventually pit started doing this rotation thing? Where the people at the barricades would move aside and everyone would move closer & at some point I was actually able to see!!! And that’s when I saw them in all their glory and god I couldn’t even sing, I shit you not. I just stood there staring at them. God, they’re so beautiful. They were so cute trying to speak English & namjoon told the fans to stop pushing & be careful ahhh. But Hobi man. H o b i. I am not okay. Seeing hobi’s smile irl,,, I just wanted to hug him and cry you don’t understand. Also yALL YOONGI ALMOST HAD ME WALKING OUT THAT VENUE WITH A <i>NEW BIAS.</i> my god. His hair was so fluffy, his smile was so gummy, he was actual perfection. And tae, yo goddamn that bandana was doing wonders. And jimin, I can’t even go there, I’m not gonna lie I didn’t see a lot of him until the end and he was just smiling and I was just staring, admiring, I would’ve climbed that stage and held him if I could. And jin!!! AH everyone screamed so loud for him i loved it. He went to the side of the stage were some P1 people were and took a fans army bomb and went around with it before he gave it back. I would’ve fainted if I was that fan. And jungkook. This boy was straight e v i l. Just no good filthy evil. With all his smirks and UGH I WANNA FIGHT HIM. But also he was lookin like a whole cake man. I’d eat him right up; bby bun is all grown up and I am shooketh to the core. So yeah the concert was shit at first and I lowkey regretted getting a pit ticket but in the end it was okay. Seriously tho, if you think you can handle pit think again. Really. Unless you have P1 or plan on getting in line the day before the concert, you’re not gonna like it. Even if you’re tall. Bc there will be pushing and shoving and hair pulling and things being torn off your body and you’ll lose your belongings or merch etc. just be careful. There are actual children in pit (yo some lady brought her child in to pit. I mean newborn. Like she had the baby in a little pouch thing in front of her and she went into pit. That’s wildt y'all and very dangerous.) but I’d say my first kpop was a definite experience. I got to meet 5 mutuals!! I can’t believe my parents let me stay at a hotel with 4 random people I’ve never met before but they did and I’ve never had so much fun being surrounded by people who enjoy kpop as much as I do.

  • Non-kpop fan watching a BTS mv: Wow there are so many members!
  • me:
  • me: *snorts*