back boy

ok but this gifset got me thinking about jimin as a paperboy, delivering newspapers every morning while riding his bike and singing cheerily in the morning then one day he throws the newspaper onto a porch but - “oi did you just throw the paper at me?!” and oops jimin’s accidentally hit one of the neighbours, and hey. it’s actually a pretty cute kid “actually i came out to tell you that your singing every morning is getting on my nerves, who’s even this cheery in the morning anyways”

but jimin’s not easily let down, he still sings every morning anyways and today he does see the boy but he intentionally hits him with the paper and it becomes part of his morning routine, hitting the kid with the paper while the kid scowls at him. clearly the boy is okay with it (maybe he likes me, jimin thinks) because why would he purposely stand there every morning when he knows jimin’s gonna come by and hit him with the paper?

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I literally can’t believe that we’re gonna have an Akiramon talk probably in the next chapter? like??? this is a miracle??? I’ve wanted this for years, YEARS

eternallygraceful  asked:

I love the Dawn Squad so much lol. If Bellanaris was in your universe he would be a spirit healer who just happens to show up and help with the inquisition. I feel that since Darren gets hurt a lot that Bellanaris would always be there to help him.

Darren: That’s ah, probably a good thing, actually! I mean, I don’t get hurt that often. I don’t think… well, I try not to. But it just sometimes happens, you know? Sir Lavellan is always telling me I need to be more observant, but I guess it’s just not a skill that comes all that naturally to me.