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How Not to Swindle a Dangerous Pirate Captain

Notes: Here we go again, sabolus and anon.  Loosely based on this post; I take no credit for the idea.

Luffy stood in front of the vendor’s stall, head cocked to one side, finger under his chin as he gazed with surprising intensity at the goods arranged before him.  He seemed to be stuck between a rubber duck with a comical pirate hat perched on its head and an eyepatch with equally gaudy decoration.

“C’mon, Lu, we’ve got places to go,” Ace urged gently, wondering how long his younger brother was going to spend staring at the junk laid out before him.  When Luffy didn’t respond, Ace turned to Sabo for support, but the blond just shook his head with a slight, “what can you do?” kind of smile.

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