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Hiii! Could you please write something where you and H are friends but you like each other and he's alway super cute but also flirty? the rest is up to you, thank you xx

Rating: PG!
Warnings: none really. Just harry being a cheeky bastard
Category: fluff?
Word Count: 4,154 I think the longest a request has been so far!
Request: yes! I’m stock piling these, trying to get them done so I’ll be popping more during the week i think. I’ll try. If not I will after #BIM is over :)

Note: IDK if this is “super cute but also flirty” but there’s some of both mixed in and stuff… I hope you like the way this turned out!

17. Something Small.

You run down the halls of school in search for your best friend, Harry. The envelope in your hands is too important and you clutch it tight to your body. Crashing against bodies and yelling half-assed apologies to people as you rush to get to his locker before first period. Soon you can see him, in all his skinny jean glory.
“ Harry harry harry!” you yell coming close. So close that you almost slam into the open door of his locker, smacking it shut.
“ Whoa whoa, hey there Lighting McQueen.”
“ Oh lord Harry you won’t believe what I go-”
“ G’morning to you too” he says interrupting you and throwing his messenger bag on his shoulder and fully closing his locker. You roll your eyes, this was not a moment to greet and say hello. You were freaking out, quickly you slam the letter on his chest and he scoffs looking at it. Soon his eyes and mouth both open wide. “Have you read it?” he says as he takes it in his hand and scans his eyes over the sleek design or the letter. London University of Arts. You bite your lip and shake your head no.
“ No, I checked the mail before coming today and it was… God it was just sitting there, haunting me… And I ran”
“ Fuck, oh… God I…” His dimples were showing. This was so important.
“ Well open it!”
“ Who? Me?” he asks in shock, green eyes opened to no belief. “N-no way, this is your letter… Yeh have t’open-“
“ I’m shaking, I can’t open it!” You say hopping up and down and shaking your hands. He breathes in and out and nods before tearing the paper open. You rest against the locker behind you covering your eyes. This is the most nerve-wracking moment of your life.

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Isaac Lahey-’She will be loved’ Maroon 5

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A/N: Requested. please send in more requests

Beauty queen of only eighteen she
Had some trouble with herself
He was always there to help her, she
Always belonged to someone else

Isaac Lahey was damaged and because of this he knew when the person he was in love with was damaged as well and he wished that he could be more help towards you but after you warned him that it wasn’t safe for him, he had to back off but he couldn’t.

I drove for miles and miles and wound up 
At your door
I’ve had you so many times but somehow I want more 

You became his addiction and the pack noticed.

I don’t mind spendin’ everyday 
Out on your corner in the pourin’ rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved, and she will be loved

After Isaac explained to his alpha, Derek, how he felt and asked for his advice on what to do, Derek told him that you were his mate and that Isaac had to make sure that you felt loved and wanted by him.

Tap on my window, knock on my door, I
Want to make you feel beautiful 
I know I tend to get so insecure 
It doesn’t matter anymore 

Isaac followed Derek’s advice and told you that whatever happens that you can come to him. And you did.

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies 
It’s compromise that moves us along yeah 
My heart is full, and my door’s always open 
You can come anytime you want yeah

And yes there were fights and arguments which made you more distant with Isaac, more than you wanted to be but you had to, to keep him safe from your father Deucalion, you really had to keep him safe.

I know where you hide alone in your car 

Know all of the things that make you who you are 
I know that goodbye means nothing at all 
Comes back and makes me catch her every time she 

After a really bad fight with your father you took off in your car and cried only to have the one person you wanted to be with this whole time, outside the window to your car and despite your fear of your father you let him in, so he could comfort you just to feel loved for a moment.

Please don’t try so hard to say good-bye
I don’t mind spendin’ everyday, out on your corner in the pourin’ rain
Please don’t try so hard to say good-bye

But then you and your father had to leave Beacon Hills despite your wishes and you had to say goodbye even though neither of you wanted to. Promises were made to see each other but it still hurt.

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Can you do one for Rev!Dipcifica?

also tagging @aquaburst07 because she also asked for Rev!Dipcifica <3

1. When Dipper realizes he’s in love with Pacifica, and after going through the trials and tribulations of hating himself for it, he slowly progresses down his asshole behavior, trying to do his best get on her good graces. However, old habits die hard. 

2. Dipper’s magic gets the better of him from time to time, and although his magic is natural and only enhanced by the amulets, he and Mabel haven’t had any proper training on how to handle them. Late at night he’ll hallucinate that Pacifica is there with him, which is why later on he has trouble distinguishing from fantasy and reality when Pacifica and him actually start dating. make my son suffer make him suffer

3. He’ll never force Pacifica to do anything she doesn’t want to do, he values her, hell he values women, too much for that. But, the side Will possesses (I have a whole HC about how Will technically lives inside Dipper’s head because Ford accidentally trapped him there) often tempts him. She could be yours, He would often say. Without any single problem. Putty in your hands. Dipper manages to win some of these battles and when the evil pull is too hard he locks himself in his room.

4. Pacifica is very attracted to Dipper at first meeting him but she’s immediately put off by his arrogant behavior. She starts developing feelings for him way, way after when he starts showing that he’s an Actual Human Being ™ 

5. Mabel teases Dipper about Pacifica’s crush. Constantly. Even as far as to recording that one morning Dipper played Summer’s Gonna Hurt by Maroon 5 on repeat. Dipper smashed that recorder to pieces later.

6. Dipper is having a hard time leaving his antagonistic behavior on the back burner when trying to court Pacifica. At the end of the day, he’s still a teenager and he still tends to have some asshole-ish behavior but Pacifica does recognize he’s trying. Think something a-la Jareth & Sarah in PikaLaCynique’s Girls Next Door series. Found on video/audio here 

pssssssst I highly recommend it, it’ll be worth it your day, I swear 

one and only - a dennor fanmixart source

1.make you feel my love, adele // 2.this time, bryan adams // 3.good to you, marianas trench // and only, teitur // 5.just a feeling, maroon 5 // 6.i won’t give up, jason mraz // 7.dreams, fleetwood mac // i the only one?, barenaked ladies // 9.something in the way she moves, james taylor // 10. the (shipped) gold standard, fall out boy // 11.not a bad thing, justin timberlank // 12.perfect, hedley // 13.(everything i do) i do it for you, bryan adams // and rain, james taylor // 15.back at your door, maroon 5 // 16.go your own way, fleetwood mac // 17.favorite record, fall out boy // 18.for the nights i can’t remember // 19.lost stars, adam levine // 20.a thousand years, christina perri

keep me in your skin;     twenty three songs for the doomed relationship that you’re just not ready to let go of yet.         [listen.]

001. back at your door; maroon 5. 002. come back when you can; barcelona. 003. never say never; the fray. 004. slow dancing in a burning room; somo. 005. now i’m all messed up; tegan and sara. 006. please don’t say you love me; gabrielle aplin. 007. shouldn’t come back; demi lovato. 008. old school love; ed sheeran. 009. down; jason walker. 010. don’t speak; no doubt. 011. a little bit stronger; leighton meester. 012. thinkin’ bout you; frank ocean. 013. three cheers for five years; mayday parade. 014. take it all; adele. 015. i don’t love you; my chemical romance. 016. who knew; p!nk. 017. please, please, please let me get what i want; the smiths. 018. in my veins; andrew belle. 019. let her go; birdy. 020. where i stood; missy higgins. 021. u got it bad; phillip phillips. 022. in case; demi lovato. 023. i can’t make you love me; bon iver.

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1, 5, 9, 25, 38, and 73 for the ask's you reblogged! Also, really love your blog! 💕💕

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(1) Do You Sleep With Your Closet Doors Open Or Closed?
Open slightly so my kitty can come and go

(5) What Is Your Favourite Colour?
I have three!! Nude pink, maroon, and emerald

(9) How Many Followers?

(25) Do You Prefer To Swim In A Pool Or The Ocean?

(38) Do You Save Money Or Spend It?
Depends on what I need, most of the time I spend it as I get it unless I need something big (furniture and make up and clothes)

(73) What Is Your Favourite Quote Right Now?
“That awkward moment when you have to ask your boyfriend how to pronounce his name”
- @hello-new-little 2k17

The Lucky One II

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Chapter o5. Hidden

As you slammed your front door shut, you still shivered in fear.  All locks were twisted shut, even the door chain that no one ever used. 

Who is he?  What did he want? 

Inhaling a sharp breath of air, you peered through the peephole.  Only the maroon color of the welcoming mat stared back at you.  You took a deep breath and collapsed onto the sofa.  Youngwoo had ran into his room to play with his new toy soldiers, which gave you the extra time to reanalyze what had just happened. 

You snapped your eyes shut to recall the cracks and fading brown bleeding from his black leather jacket.  His voice was husky and dry like snake venom rolling under a tongue, incapacitating its ability to maneuver and make sounds.  Just thinking about it cause shudders to travel down your spine. 

So when footsteps sounded from outside the door, your first instincts was to grab Youngwoo.  But it was too late, the doorknob was twisting open.  Your heart rushed up your throat in strangling motions.  Your eyes widened and you impulsively draped your hands around a glass vase on the coffee table.  Seconds passed like hours and then finally the door opened.  You stood up, held the vase over your head, ready to pounce on the intruder but the door jolted back from the force of the door chain. 

“Jagiya??  Why did you lock the chain?” your husband’s voice sounded. 

His voice was light and dreamy, the complete opposite to the strangeness, malevolent voice of your stalker’s.  With cold sweat trickling down your pale face, you released the vase in your hands.  The moisture on your fingers left a film of condensation on the porcelain surface.  Biting your lip, you stridden over and unlocked the door for Sehun.  He eyed you suspiciously but you pretended not to see, opting to help him hang his coat on the rack to avoid his gaze.  So Sehun knowingly gave you a peck on the lips for reassurance before going to check on his son.  Fidgeting with your fingers, you stood still in place. 

Should I tell him? 

But you shook your head, realizing how ridiculous it would sound to tell your husband that a random man had been peeping at you from behind a bush. 

“________ah, you’re probably overanalyzing,” you whispered to yourself. 

That night, as you tucked Youngwoo to bed, your mind continued to wander off and replay the scene from this afternoon.  Beside you, your husband narrowed his eyes, sensing that your mind was somewhere else. 

“Jagiya…” he called, causing you to jump, startled from his voice that slice through the silence like an invisible knife. 

As soon as Youngwoo fell asleep, Sehun pulled you into the bedroom and closed the door.

“_______ah, you’re acting really strange today…” he cautiously observed.

“Uh…oh, it’s nothing.  Just work stress,” you brushed it off, though the pounding of your heart tripled its speed. 

With raised brows, he leaned in and surveyed your expression to give you a chance to be honest with him.  When you cowered back from his intimating stare, he sighed, slowly nodded his head, and let the issue go.  His hands loosened around yours and immediately you regretted not telling him.   

“Babe, do you want to shower first or should I?” he asked, walking over to the drawer to grab some clothes. 

“Think sex, not stress”

With a deep breath and biting your lower lip until it became swollen, you shyly whispered, “…We can always shower together…”.

Sehun choked on his own saliva.  Your shoulders slacked as you retreated back into the covers in complete humiliation.  A bit upset and semi-ashamed by his reaction, you buried your head under your piles of pillows and pretended to fall asleep to avoid further embarrassment.  Entertained by your bashfulness, your husband walked over and spider danced his fingers over your waist until they completely met at the center of your belly button. 

“You know, that’s not such a bad idea,” he whispered into your ear.

Flushing a deep red, you voluntarily allowed Sehun to spin you around so that his eyes gazed straight into yours.  As soon as he reached under your shirt, your eyes automatically rolled back until you felt faint.  Your chest rose up against his; your two pulses gathered into one melodious beat.  Skillfully, he leaned in and pressed his lips onto yours.  So tender and soft; familiar yet foreign in the way he used his tongue to wet your lips until they were pink and plump.  When he groaned, you ran your fingers through his hair and brought your slender legs around his hips.  A moan escaped as he teasingly sucked on the nape of your neck, leaving a new love mark.  You returned the favor by stroking his earlobe.  Slowly, Sehun walked with you into the bathroom for your steamy adventure.   




One afternoon, you turned in some sketches to a client before picking Youngwoo up from school.  Nature’s golden egg hid behind masses of gray clouds as if it were too bashful to face mankind.  Half expecting it to rain, you opened your trunk and grabbed a large umbrella, just in case.  Yet, as soon as you stepped over to the front gates of the school, the sun had decided to muster up the courage to greet the world’s most handsome little prince with you.  Youngwoo happily dashed forward at the sight of his mother.  Grinning like a fool, you squatted down and opened your arms to welcome your little boy into your tight embrace. 

“Omma!” he greeted excitedly, as you wiped the sweat off of his forehead. 

Playfully lifting him high up into the air, you showered him with butterfly kisses all over his cheeks.  Youngwoo recoiled ticklishly and giggled cutely, charming your body into losing its strength.  Each laughter translated as separate music notes, travelling into your ears and down to your heart. 

“How was my Young-ie’s day at school?” you questioned with him still in your arms. 

“Good.  Teacher-nim gave me candy because I was good!  But the candy wasn’t candy, Omma!!  They were worms!” he exclaimed, causing you to laugh in glee at the little boy’s amazement over gummy worms. 

Just then, you finally noticed a small expensive-looking toy car in his hand. 

“Youngwoo-yah, did Teacher-nim also give you the toy car?” you questioned nonchalantly while stroking his hair. 

“No, an Ahjusshi did!” he replied, making a “vroom vroom” noise as he rolled the car in mid-air. 

“Ahjusshi?” you furrowed your eyebrows and looked around.  You were met with the sight of other parents joyously reuniting with their children.  With a shrug, you ecstatically walked over to your car with your son. 

He surprised you by climbing up onto the passenger seat himself.  As you drove off, Youngwoo continued to play with the toy car while thrashing his little feet around in glee.  Grinning widely at those gorgeous crescent moon eyes he inherited from his father, you leaned over and helped him buckle his seatbelt properly so that he didn’t need to strain his arm while fooling around with his new toy. 

“Youngwoo-yah, we’re going to pick Grandma up and go grocery shopping.  Remember what Omma taught you to say?” you inquired while driving. 

“Hoppy Berfday Grandma!  Youngwoo wubz chu,” his little nose crinkled as he laughed at his own mispronunciation.

You laughed along, internally melting and spazzing at how adorable your son was.  Sigh…how did Omma ever gain the courage to leave you back then?  Feeling semi-remorseful again, you strained your neck and pecked him on the top of the head.  In return, he let out this shy yet radiant cackle that reminded you of the mix between Scooby Doos and Barney’s laughter. 

Seriously, he was totally going to be a heartbreaker when he grew up.  You were betting your money on it. 

Parking in front of a townhouse, you honked a few times to notify its owner of your arrival.  The second floor curtains opened and you waved to your mother and her husband.  Shortly after, the middle aged woman appeared at the front door.  With Youngwoo securely held in your arms, you got out of the car to meet up with her mid-route. 

“Omma!” you greeted, giving her a big smooth on the cheek.

“_______ah!  Oh my Young-ie!  Granny missed her precious grandson!” she replied, pinching your son’s chubby cheeks. 

“Hoppy Berfday Grandma!!  Youngwoo wubz chuu!” Youngwoo chirped, causing your mother to chuckle happily. 


At the grocery store, you lifted Youngwoo up to sit on the front of the cart.  He wiggled around and looped his little legs through the two holes created by the thin metal bars of the cart.  With a foolish plastered grin, you petted his head at his obedience.

Midway, as your mother gathered a bag of apples into a bag, a group of her friends noticed her and came over to chat.  You smiled at how enthusiastic your mother was with her friends; her eyes glittered under the fluorescent light, her laugh lines creased deeply, and even wrinkles appeared on the corners of her eyes as she laughed along to one of her friend’s jokes.  She had changed so much from the closed-off and depressed woman she used to be.  You sighed contently and turned to give your son some tender, love, and care. 

“Good job, Youngwoo-yah!  Omma is so proud of you.  You made Grandma really happy!” you complimented, playfully ruffling his hair. 

Winking at him, you held out your palm.  Youngwoo squealed and knowingly clapped his baby hand against yours for a big high five.  Bringing your nose against his, you tickled his tummy, causing the little boy to wiggle around in his seat.  He let out a few high-pitched giggles.  And like a contagious disease, you scrunched your face up and laughed along.

“You must be _______ah!  And you must be little Youngwoo!” your mother’s friend walked over.  You bowed and Youngwoo threw her a toothy smile.     

“Oh he’s absolutely adorable!” she complimented, patting him on his pink cheeks. 

“Thanks!” you spoke, grinning foolishly at the praise while stealing the chance to shamelessly admire your little prince’s handsome features. 

“I’m not just saying so just to say it, ________ah.  Your son is really one of a kind.  Just look at his beautiful eyes.  They’re so captivating!” she exclaimed. 

You shyly giggled and nodded in agreement, “Yeah, he takes after his father a lot”. 

“Were you talking about me?” a handsome voice spoke. 

You turned around and smiled at the owner.  He leaned in and kissed you on the cheek. 

“Appa!” Youngwoo called, kicking around in excitement to see his father.  His little feet rattled against the metal bars of the cart.   

“Aww, my Young-ie!  Appa missed you all day during work!” he spoke, pulling Youngwoo from the seat into his arms. 

You smiled foolishly at your two boys.  Sehun turned around and bowed, “Omunim.  And you must be Omunim’s friend.  I’m Oh Sehun, ________’s husband”. 

“Wow, _______ wasn’t exaggerating when she said that Youngwoo inherited his looks from you!” the lady laughed. 

Your husband coyly rubbed his neck. 

“Really.  You two should have another one while you’re still young!” she suggested. 

Your heart dropped in accordance to the way your head hung. 

“Oh, we definitely will.  We’re just letting things happen naturally,” Sehun explained while squeezing your hand.  You feigned a smile at him so he continued, “Plus, this Little Booger right here is actually already a handful”.

The lady laughed and nodded understandingly.  With a sigh, you snuggled your cheek against your husband’s arm, grateful for his rescue. 

Separating into two groups to allow your mother more time to catch up with her old acquaintances, Sehun, Youngwoo, and you strolled down the aisles in search of Youngwoo’s favorite chicken wings.  Automatically your fingers looped around Sehun’s while your head rested perfectly against his broad shoulders.  He kissed you on top of your head and you grinned in contentment.  It always made you extremely giddy when both of your busy schedules gave room for dates – even if it was something simple like grocery shopping.  

“Waa…My Young-ie has grown up so much.  Appa’s arm is already tired.  It must be the cheerios!” Sehun exclaimed as he gently placed his son back into his seat in the cart. 

When your husband wheeled the cart down the store, the environment before you morphed into that of a wedding boutique, filled with disco lights and aisles and aisles of dresses and gowns.  As you reminiscent the events, from six years ago, your eyes unknowingly grew glossy.  Your Young-ie was just a little newborn baby while you…you thought that you’d never be able to see your two most important boys, much less get to grocery shop as a family.  

“Omma, don’t cry,” your son curled his small hands around yours.  His sweet voice broke you from your trance.   

Sehun stopped in his tracks and turned to you with innocent eyes, a bit caught off guard by your sudden dysphoria.

“Jagiya, are you crying?” he asked, turning your face around so that you gazed straight into his eyes that mimicked the breath-taking sky at twilight. 

Sniffing back tears, you shook your head and confessed, “I just feel like the luckiest girl alive when I’m with you two!”

Touched by your confession, Sehun’s eyes clouded up as well.  Without a word, he walked around and slipped his arms around you from behind. 

“Aigoo, Young-ie, your beautiful Omma gets emotional too easily,” he started then corrected, “Jagiya, I’m the lucky one”.

“No, I am,” you countered.

“No, I am,” he whispered, pecking you on the cheek. 

Oh here we go again.  Every time you guys had this debate, you internationally turned into mush.   

“I am lucky too!” your son squealed, feeling a bit left out by your little lovey dovey moment with your husband.  Sehun and you exchanged looks of amusement.  You cupped your face in your palms and giggled uncontrollably at your self-proclaimed cute family. 

“Sehun-ah, _______ah, I got the beef and crabsticks,” your mother announced as she walked down the aisle. 

“Yummy!  Crabby!” Youngwoo babbled, sandwiching with the pack of frozen crabsticks, your mother just placed into the cart, with his tiny hands. 

“Oh, Young-ie likes crabs?  Granny will make Ganjang-gejang for you!” your mother chimed and Youngwoo threw her his signature killer smile.

Just as you finished up the grocery shopping, a familiar chilly breeze passed above your shoulder.  You shivered and clung close to your husband.  When you turned around to peep from the bloodcurdling direction, you spotted the same middle-aged man peering from a few aisles away.  Frightened, you staggered back, almost toppling over had Sehun not caught you in time. 

“Hmm?  What’s wrong?” he asked, holding you steady. 

The beating of your chest increased rapidly as you hid behind your husband and whispered, “I-I think that man has been following me!”  

Sehun’s eyes widened, “Wait.  What?  Where?” 

“T-there,” you discreetly motioned with your eyes for him to look at a few aisles away from you. 

Your husband bravely stepped forward to scrutinize the area.  Debilitated with fear, you could only cling onto him, burying your face into his arm. 

“Uh…Jagiya…there’s no one there…” he said confused. 

Your head snapped up.  With furrowed eyebrows, you detached yourself from Sehun to scan the area yourself…but no one was there.  You could have sworn he was there a minute ago. 

It…couldn’t have been…my imagination…

Could it…

Unconsciously, you enfolded your arms around your body. 

Squeezing your shoulders, Sehun lightly inquired, “Jagiya, have you not been getting enough sleep?

“Maybe…” you replied but somewhere deep down, a feeling of fear settled onto the pit of your stomach.  



a/n: I know these last few chapters seem like we’re dwindling in the middle of nowhere (plot is moving slow) but stay with me for a few more chapters.  I promise you the second half of this story is solid

And if you haven’t already check out Under The Same Sky, a oneshot, ft. Luhan and tell me what you think ‘cause it’s super raw and lots of imagery.  


But I Wonder Where Were You

I Have Loved You Since One Shots: But I Wonder Where Were You


*Click the ** as you see them to add some visuals to your reading*

*Inspired by the music video of ‘Maps’ by Maroon 5*

“You look gorgeous,” Harry smirked, standing by the door with his arms crossed. He watched as you slipped on your shoes and some last pieces of jewelry to complete the look. 

You smiled and looked over to where he stood, “Zip me up?” 

He was quick to come over and put his hands on you. The straps that sat on your shoulders began to slip off as he pressed small kisses across your back. Your eyes drifted closed to his touch and you captured your bottom lip in between your teeth. He pulled back and his fingers brushed down your spine before slowly zipping up your dress. 

You turned to face him, taking his cheek into the palm of your hand and pulling him in for a kiss. His cologne was strong and his chest was heavy. Your hand lingered under his button down as your tongues fought for dominance against each other. His hands shifted from your waist to your bum, giving it a small squeeze before you pulled back from his taste. “We’re going to be late,” you whispered out of breath. 

“Ah, no one’s going to miss us,” he smiled, pulling you in closer to clear the space between you two. You giggled looking up at him, his dimple was deep and his eyes were greener than usual with a hint of blue and crystal. 

You could feel his bulge getting harder beneath, making you chuckle even more but you had to leave soon. It was Grimmy’s birthday bash and he had opted for a club party tonight in London.

“C’mon,” you insisted, pulling his arm behind you as you headed out the bedroom door. “We can finish this later,” you looked back, watching his grin reach ear to ear.


“Hey, look who’s here!” Grimmy shouted above the music as he saw you and Harry walk into the club. He rushed over between you two and threw his arms around the both of you, “Lovely seeing you here,” he greeted with his heavy breath that was already wreaked of whiskey. 

Harry chuckled, “Happy birthday, mate! Are you drunk already?” 

You smiled as the two of you headed closer to the crowd, trying to steady Nick on his two feet. ”Eh, just a bit,” he scrunched, holding up his finger and thumb to show you just how little. You sat him down in a booth only for him to stomp back up, reaching for another shot from the tray the waiter was holding. “Harry, go on! Take a shot, I’m sure the missus won’t mind,” Grimmy laughed, handing him the small glass. Harry looked over at you, waiting for permission and you nodded as you watched the two squirm at the taste of bitterness. 

You spotted Sophia by the bar with Lou and you decided to leave Harry with the mess of Grimmy. “Hey,” you reached for his arm. “I’m going to go say hi to Soph and Lou, I’ll find you later?” He nodded and you gave him a quick kiss before heading off in the other direction. 

“Hey,” you almost shouted. The music was blasting and you could feel the vibrations through the floor and your bones. The room was crowded and filled with many men and women dancing against each other with a drink in hand. 

Sophia turned and her face widened into a smile before pulling you into her arms for a hug, “Hey! You look so gorgeous, I love your dress!” She kissed your cheek and you thanked her before stepping over to hug Lou. 


Lou handed you a glass before you brought it to your lips, chugging the sour drink. Your body flared and you could feel your cheeks turn red, it was only the third shot and you were already feeling a bit tipsy. 

“Let’s go dance,” Lou yelled, clearly a bit drunk. She pulled you and Sophia behind her onto the dance floor before either of you could deny. 

Your vision was starting to get hazy and your thoughts were getting foggy. Every touch against you was heightened and you could feel your hips roll against Sophia. She wrapped her arms around you and you placed your hands on her waist, continuing to dance. You watched as Lou twirled with her hands over her head and swayed to the music. 

You knew the alcohol was getting to you as you wondered where Harry was. 

He stood by the side of the dance floor with a drink in hand. He watched as you moved and lost yourself on the floor. He knew you were never the type to dance, you didn’t like dirty dancing. But he also knew that whenever you got mixed with alcohol, all those virtues disappeared. 

Harry continued to stare as your dress seemed to somehow cling on tighter to your body, bringing out the clear shape of your figure. The laced design that surrounded your chest sent him reeling and weak at the knees. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was him but the longer he stared, the more he wanted to rip the dress off and take you on right here, right now. ** 

“Hey handsome,” a drunken blonde coaxed, wrapping her arms around Harry’s shoulders from behind. “I’ve seen you before." 

Harry smirked, turning around to face her, “Have you?” 

The girl nodded, taking her bottom lip in between her teeth before turning around and pulling Harry’s hand in hers. 


Your stomach was actually beginning to hurt and your body felt sore. You just wanted to go home and take a warm bath with Harry but you couldn’t find him anywhere. Your heels were killing you by the second, you could feel your toes breaking as you reached down to pull them off. 

"Hey babe,” Liam mumbled, reaching his arm out to give you a hand. “You alright?" 

You nodded even though you could throw up any minute now. “Have you seen Harry?” 

He shook his head, “No, I haven’t seen him since he said he’d come looking for you.” 

Your eyebrows furrowed as he never came to look for you. At least, he didn’t find you. “Oh, okay. Thanks, uh, I’ll find him.” 

You tried your best to give him a friendly smile before walking away. You reached for your phone in your clutch and pulled it out, dialing his number. Of course, it went straight to voicemail. 


He could still feel the alcohol burning down his throat as the girl pushed her tongue down. Her warm hands wandered across his chest before her arms wrapped around his neck, tugging on his curls. Her leg skidded up and down against his before Harry lifted her, keeping his hands under her thigh to keep them both steady against the wall. Her legs wrapped around his waist as they both continued to kiss. 

He carried her over to the couch that sat in the corner of the ladies’ room, dropping her on her back. She reached down to the hem of her top and pulled it over her head, displaying the black laced bralette. She was fit; her hair covered her back and her blue eyes stared up at him, begging him to continue. 

She began to unbutton his shirt before he stopped her hands. “Wait,” he grunted. “I-I have a girlfriend.” 

She grinned, slowly sitting up to close the space between them, “She doesn’t have to know.” She was quick to capture his lips with hers and she continued to tug off his shirt. His hands slipped down her side as he disconnected from her lips and moved down to her neck. He sucked gently on her collarbones and moved down to her breasts, peppering each one with wet kisses. 

The small sound from where the door was made his skin jump and he quickly pulled away to find you standing by the side. Your eyes and body was ablaze as you took in the sight of his hands on her. Her legs were still wrapped around him, only making you even more furious. 

"B-babe,” he stuttered, pushing her off his lap. He stood from the couch and began to button up his shirt, quickly making his way over towards you. “It-it’s not what it looks lik-”

The tears threatened to fall as your hands balled into fists by your side. You couldn’t look at him, this wasn’t real. This was a horrible, cruel nightmare that you would wake up from any second because the burning tears against your eyes were stinging to the utmost. 

You turned away, beginning to march away when you felt his hand grab your wrist. “Baby, please wait!” 

“No!” You screamed, escaping his grasp. “Don’t call me that! You are not allowed to call me that,” you hissed. Your voice was steady but you knew it wouldn’t last much longer. “You are disgusting, you are fucking disgusting Harry!" 

"No, please, let me explai-” he begged, leaning forward to reach for your hands again, only for you to push them away.

“Explain what? Explain how you were about to have sex with another girl?” You growled. “God, I can’t even look at you right now.” The alcohol was finally leaving your head but now it was hurting your body. Your head was spinning and you could almost feel yourself breaking.

Your tears blurred your vision as you watched the drunken man become sober in front of your eyes. You took a breath, wanting to yell at him more but you didn’t know what else to say. This was the honest, righteous man you loved. The man who you thought would never hurt you was standing right there, just a few inches away, watching you crumble into a million pieces. 

You turned and ran in the other direction leaving the club. 

The cold January air was whipping against your skin as you ran down the block. You had left your jacket in the club but you refused to go back, you were not giving Harry another chance to make up more stupid excuses. 

Your heart shattered piece by piece as you continued to stumble along the sidewalk. The tears stained across your cheeks burned in the cold wind and you could feel your nose stiffen while you cried. 

The clock tower a few blocks away chimed midnight. You brought your head up to look when you realized you had nowhere else to go tonight, Harry was the only home you knew in London. 

A rugged hand crept against your arm causing you to jump in your skin. “Hey there beautiful,” the bearded man grinned, his hand sliding down further towards your waist. 

“Get off,” you spat, pushing his arm off. You staggered off to the end of the block with him following behind. 

“Oh c’mon love,” his voice was gravelly and you hated the word ‘love’ coming out of his mouth, it was foul. 

He reached for your arm, grabbing it aggressively and pulling you towards him, “Don’t be a damper.” 

“Get the fuck off me!” You pushed his chest as hard as you can; stumbling backwards and slipping off the side of the street. Your legs wobbled as the man’s face widened. The tears streaming down your face was agonizing and the street lights were as bright as the headlights of the car bolting towards you. 


His head was spinning, the tail light of the cars in front of him were blurry as he rushed through the traffic. His fists banged against the wheel as he cried and wept uncontrollably.

You had to be okay, you had to be alright. If anything happened to you, he wouldn’t forgive himself. This couldn’t be the way things ended, it can’t be! He had left you walking alone in the busy streets of London after he was caught kissing another girl that wasn’t you. He felt so stupid and ignorant, “Fuck!” He bellowed, hitting the wheel once more.

He jumped out of the car and ran towards the hospital doors to the lady behind the counter. A couple of men and women were waiting along the desk but he pushed through. “Where’s the A&E?” He panted, visioning stars in his sight. He didn’t know if it was the alcohol or the tears but he didn’t care.

“Sir, please calm down,” the middle aged woman notified firmly. “We will get to you in just a minu-”

“No, just tell me where the fucking room is,” he hollered, throwing his arms in the air. The woman seemed terrified by his rage and was ready to call security. 

“Sir, please,” she trembled. 

Harry had already stormed off in the other direction before the lady could finish. A series of room numbers passed but he still couldn’t find you. Dozens of nurses and doctors glared at him as he hobbled down the hallways, looking everywhere. 

The red light above a door was lit and without thought, he barged in, hoping to find you. And he did. 

You laid on the gurney, still and unrecognizable. The damage done to you was horrific. The feeling he felt was stronger than hate and anger, his eyes were burning with rage and the warmth running through his veins was replaced with ice. 

“Sir, you can’t be in here,” the doctor said firmly, motioning the security guards aside to escort him out. 

He fought as the men grabbed his arms and began tugging him out through the doors. “Let go of me!” He yelled. “She’s my girlfriend!” 

He struggled between the two men but kept his eyes on you and watched as the multiple doctors surrounding your scarred body, attempted to fix you. Your bleeding head flooded your skin and your arms laid motionless with cuts covered at every inch. The only thing keeping him sane was the beeping on the monitor screen above you; it assured him you were somewhat alive. 

“Sir, you have to leave. You can’t be in here,” the man continued. 

“Don’t fucking touch me, I’m not going anywhere,” he retorted, pushing the stranger’s arms away. 

Suddenly the room was quiet; the two men fighting Harry stopped and his eyes met with the doctors standing by you. He stared at you, his face dropping and his lips quivering. You laid breathlessly, naked, and miserable under the white sheets and the only sound in the room was the flat line above. 


The room was cold. He was let in to say goodbye but to be honest, he didn’t really know what to say to you. 

“I’m sorry Mr. Styles, we did everything we could,” the doctor sighed. “But it just wasn’t enough.”

A tear slipped down his cheek and he sniffled looking down at you. The doctors had managed to clean most of the blood that stained your face but the scars were still there. The cut along your cheek terrified him. 

He cautiously reached for your delicate, cold hand and brought it to his lips. He sobbed against your fingers, leaving soft kisses continuously, hoping you would wake and everything would be okay. But you didn’t. 

“I’m so sorry,” he cried. “I’m so, so sorry, my love.”

And from this day forward, onto forever, he will always remember that you were the best thing that had ever happened to him and that this will be marked the biggest mistake of his life. 


There you have it lovelies! This one shot nearly killed me as I wrote it, the images flooding around my head made me sad but I hope you enjoyed this prompt. 


I’M TAKING REQUESTS AGAIN! I have two more days of classes and then I will be free and all yours! Send in your prompts and ideas and I will definitely try to get to all of them. I’ve missed reading your ideas so I thought I’d start requests again. 

Anyways, let me know what you thought on this piece and feel free to chat about anything else you’d like in my ask box! 

Love you. 

Nicole .Xoxo

One More Night (GabrielxReader)

Request: Could you write one based on the song “One more night” by Maroon 5

Warnings: Smut, Language, Bad relationship?

Thanks for the Request

Hope You Like It


“Would you just listen to me for a minute?” Gabriel slammed the motel door behind him as you stood in middle with your back towards him.

“Why would I do that? I already know what you are going to say.” You threw your bag down, arms crossed. “You don’t need to protect me anymore, Gabe, I’m not a child.”

“Well then stop acting like one.” You turned around to face him, scowling. “If it wasn’t for me, you’d be killed sweet heart. I’m what’s standing between your death and your life, that for some damn reason you keep throwing away.”

“I’m saving people.” You shouted.

“Yeah, yeah, the whole family business crap. Look, I get it. I really do, but if you keep down this destructive path…..”

“What?” You took a few steps forward, hands on hips, challenging him.

“I’m going to leave. I can’t watch you throw yourself into the fire.” His voice soften up a bit, but was still stern.

“You always say that, but you never go. You’re nothing but a lost puppy.”

“Well, at least I’m not a crazy ass slut.” He snarled.

“Really is that all I am to you? Cause if I remember right it’s you who always comes back, wanting more.”

“Shut up.” Gabriel charged at you, grabbing your hair, pulling you into a rough kiss. His tongue wasted no time exploring your mouth. His other hand grabbed your hip, clawing into the skin, pulling you closer.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, tilting your head to get a better angle for kissing him. His teeth grazed your lips, nibbling on them before darting his tongue in and out of your mouth.

Some how you moved together closer to the bed as you felt your legs brush against the sheets. In a swift motion you rotated around and pushed the archangel onto the bed. Gabriel laid there staring up at you, licking his lips with an evil grin plastered on his face.

“Clothes off.” You ordered.

“I really shouldn’t be doing this.” Gabe said as he discarded his shirt and then started to unbuckle his belt.

“You just can’t get enough of me.” You smirked, noticing his bulging erection in his boxers. Once he was completely naked, you started to slowly strip. Gabriel huffed in protest, begging for touch. “Now, now, big boy.” You teased straddling him. His hands automatically went to your hips and guided you onto him. You let out a gasp as Gabriel filled you up to the hilt. Slowly you started rock your hips as you adjusted to his size.

“Faster.” He demanded as he dug his nails into you. You obliged as you picked up the rhythm, riding him. You threw your head back as the pace increased more thanks to Gabriel thrusting along with you. His hips moved with yours creating great friction, making you each moan out.

One of his hands traveled down and started rubbing and pinching your clit, causing you to groan out his name. Your fingers grazed down his chest, leaving marks along the way.

“Almost there.” You panted, feeling him start to twitch inside you. Finally after a moment he let go, sending his warm seed inside you. You weren’t far behind as his seed mixed with your cum.

You rolled off him, laying beside on the bed, gasping for air. You didn’t snuggle, but had backs pressed against each other as you slowly fell to sleep.


Gabriel woke with sunlight striking his face. He held up a hand to block it, finding that you had already gotten up. Sitting up, he found you at the bathroom door, wearing his shirt. “Morning.” You called, hearing him shift on the bed. “I’m gonna take a shower.” Gabriel brushed back his hair, regretting the past night. He really should just leave. Gabriel loved you, but he couldn’t watch you keep sacrificing yourself for some ungrateful humans. “You wanna join me?” You turned the knob, releasing hot water from the shower head.

Gabe paused for a moment, contemplating his next move. Yet, deep down inside, he knew what he’d always choose. “Be right there.” He replied, getting up, and walked towards the bathroom. Maybe one day he would learn, but he doubted that would happen. No matter what he kept coming back for more because you were intoxicating to him.

Boy In The Shadows*Michael Clifford

Phantom of the Opera AU*
Idika (It’s been so long!)
writings   if you’re on mobile, click for masterlist

A/N: So if you haven’t watched Phantom of the Opera (you should probably watch it, its like my all time favorite musical (along with others) on this earth so I EXTREMELY RECOMEND IT IF YOU LIKE MUSICALS) but if you haven’t watched it, its about this phantom dude who lives in an opera place in a cellar and falls in love with this girl and like she doesn’t like him because she’s in love with this other dude. I’m gonna spare you the details so you can watch it but I’m gonna twist this au a bit. Michael is the descent of the phantom and Christine. Enjoy :)

The Opera Populaire. One of the most famous opera places in France. You were aspiring your music career and it just so happened that you were currently on a field trip to France to visit.

“Y/N!! The rumors are fake. Don’t be  wuss.” Your best friend, Clara, said. You chewed your lip lightly.

“You don’t know that.” You whispered under your breath. She rolled her eyes and dragged you inside.

“Ohmy-” You cut yourself off. The place was extremely large and intricate: walls painted in detail, a large chandelier slightly dusty, marble floors.

“This is the stage.” Monsieur Raymon, your music director, announced. You swallowed hard, suddenly feeling extremely cold. It was as if someone was watching you.

“We will be staying in the rooms of the Populaire for nearly three weeks or more. Make yourselves at home. Do not play with the instruments. It must be decades since last used. Rehearsal will start tomorrow so practice. Your names are on one of the rooms on a sticky note. Have fun.” Monsieur said, tapping his walking stick loudly before strutting away.

“Its gorgeous here.” Clara awed. You nodded, feeling slightly sick.

“Hey Clar, can you meet at the pit of the stage in two hours? I don’t feel so great right now and I want to settle down.”

Clara smiled sympathetically.

“Oh alright. But don’t you dare miss the dinner. Pre show dinner is the best.” She said, giving your arm a tight squeeze before waltzing away. Chewing on your lip, you began to make your way to the room. Grasping the bronze nob, you opened the door. It let out a loud groan. Quickly you flickered the lights. The room was practically vintage, floral designs on the walls, nineteenth century cashmere colored tables, etc. You found your luggage beside the bed. Rubbing your eyes you sat down and took in deep and slow breath. What was happening to you? Your external senses seemed to be on high alert and you constantly felt shivers. Opening your eyes, you let a loud scream before a hand covered your mouth.

“Don’t you dare scream when I let go.” The voice warned. You nodded furiously. The boy suddenly came to view and your eyes widened.

“No no no no no-” You rushed, running to the door. The boy beat you to it, trapping you against the door. He had striking eyes and grayish hair, obviously dyed. He seemed around your age or maybe slightly older. You shut your eyes tight and count to ten.

“Your not real. This is not real. I’m hallucinating. I’m psycho. I should’ve gone to that doctors appointment.” You whisper, your chest heaving and brushing against the boy. Slowly you opened your eyes to see the boy again. A smirk played on his pale lips.

“I’m Michael.” He said, his voice deep and smooth. That was enough to set you off. You flung the door open and ran as far as you could.

“Y/N-” You slammed into Clara.

“Clar, ohmygod-” You grabed her elbow and pulled her into the nearly corridor.

“You wont believe me-” You panted, before sucking in air.

“Michael. Michael Clifford.” You finished. Her eyes bulged.

“Your joking.”

You shook your head vigorously.

“Michael as in Erik and Christine’s great great great great-”

“Oh for the love of god Clar. yes!!!” You exclaimed. She bit her lip.

“Is he hot?” She asked. You choked.


“I was wondering okay?!?! I mean the phantom- sorry. Erik was pretty legit back then too." 

You rolled your eyes. His electric eyes burned at the back of your mind, his smirk seemed to be permanent in your vision, every breath you took smelled like his dewy like self, his proximity when he trapped you by the door. It was as if you knew every detail about him. Like watching  movie a million times and reciting every line.

"Lets go. The pre show dinner is gonna start and im more than ready!” Clara chanted, pulling you into the dining room before stopping.

“Wait we need to change.” She said, looking at her pjs. Your eyes bulged.

“No no no we cant.” You rasped, thinking of meeting him again . Clara rolled her eyes. You quickly told her what happened.

“Oh my god!! That’s s cute!!” She gushed. You shook her head.

“Why are you so negative about this?” She mutterd

“Because he scares me!! Those rumors and-"  Suddenly you felt someone watching you.

"Oh puh lease!!! Its a load of bull. Now come on. Just- can you pat your hair down at least?”

You sighed and quickly flattened your hair and ran into the hall.

Clara sure was right. There were tables of food but you weren’t hungry. Far from it. The place was constant of chatter and it felt like the scenes in Harry Potter when they had their feast. You sat beside Clara and another classmate whose name was Erin.

“At least eat something Y/N..” Clara trailed. You shrugged and began to pile your plate, suddenly feeling a surge of hunger. The rest of the dinner went swell and you began to enjoy yourself.

“That was fun.” Clara sighed, bumping shoulders occasionally with you. You nodded in agreement.

“Well I ought to say goodnight. Have fun with phantom boy. Spare me the deets for tomorrow.” She winked. You rolled your eyes and suppressed a smile, failing miserably. You began to make your way to your room before stopping at the door where it said stage. This was where Christine once performed. Where the Phantom watched her in box 5. Biting your lip, you pushed the lever open and walked in. It was incredibly chilly. Shouldve listened to Clar and changed in to a damn sweater. You closed the door behind you gently and turned around. The sight shocked you. It was humongous and intricate. You made your way on stage and sat, your feet dangling. The audience’s seats were maroon and freshly fabricated.

“Come here often?” A resonating voice asked. You flinched slightly and tuned sideways to see Michael sitting next to you.

“Not really.” You whisper, looking back up and staring at the statues. You felt his breathing sync with yours. Your heat beat mustve sped a thousand times faster as you felt his warmth radiating against you.

“Do you know what roll your going audition for tomorrow?” He asked. You shook your head and kicked your feet.

“Don’t you think its odd that there is a musical about your great great ten times more great grandparents and nearly the whole world believes that its a myth. Your a myth?” You ask, casting  glance at him. His silvery hair twinkled in the spotlight and made his eyes more vibrant. He shook his head, now slightly looking down at you.

“Not really. They’ve modernized the play now. Its not all opera-y and more guitar-y and stuff. I like the old stuff better.” He said, not taking his eyes off you. (Okay so if you have watched POTO think of it more modernized and maybe more 5sos-y.) You don’t bother breaking your stare from him. He was beyond mesmerizing. He was a work of art. His pale skin contrasting with his plump pink lips. His grey eyes vibrant. Your heart twinged. No doubt were you slightly (more than less) seduced by him. Internally cringing at the thought, you look down.

“Why are you scared of me?” He hushed in a whisper, his voice slightly twinged with hurt. The tension between both of your hands grew and if he wasn’t going to grab it, you were sure you would explode.

“You’re-” You thought for a moment.

“You’re so unique. Usually I can tell exactly what a boy is like but then you come along and its just so confusing and those rumors-” You sigh.

“Ive never been very good with boys.” You say, casting a quick glance at him. A smile formed on his lip and you swore adrenaline rushed through you, your heartbeat sped a million miles per minute and your emotions exploded into so many feelings you couldn’t account for.

“Well that was an easy guess.” He said making you gasp and hit his arm.

“Only joking babe.” He grinned making your heart flutter.

“Do you ever p;ay the parts in the plays?” You ask. He nods.

“Usually the phantom. Its tradition that they let me play in the play.” He says. You nod.

“I was thinking i’d be more of a Meg Giry.”

“Well lets hear you sing.”

And so for the rest of the night, the both of you continued to goof off, sing old classics, do very little practice for the audition, and lots of him flirting and you blushing.


So the ending wasn’t the but feedback would be lovely. AND IM SORRY I HAVENT WRITTEN IN YEARS AND MADE DREY WRITE I HAD STUPID FINALS AND CRAP!!!

~Idika :)

just between friends — a romanogers fanmix

a list of songs that remind me of romanogers. The good, the bad, the friendship, the romance, the heartbreak. mainly from steve’s POV. it tries to tell a story, so… i hope it’s easy to understand.

1. just between friends kitty kallen / “sometimes, something happens between friends that you cannot deny.” || 2. these days foo fighters / ”your heart has never been broken, your pride has never been stolen.“ || 3. last of the american girls/she’s a rebel american idiot cast / ”she’s a rebel. she’s a saint.” || 4. we might be dead by tomorrow soho / ”we might be dead by tomorrow.” || 5. september earth wind & fire / ”our hearts were ringing in the key that our souls were singing.” || 6. crimson & clover tommy james & the shondells / ”Now I don’t hardly know her but I think I could love her.“ || 7. unattainable little joy / ”and this deep secret that hasn’t come out yet is buried, down deep.” || 8. Es Ist Ein Ros Mychael Danna || 9. hang with me robyn / ”just don’t fall recklessly, headlessly in love with me ‘cause it’s gonna be all heartbreak, wistfully painful and insanity.” || 10. should i stay or should i go the clash / ”one day is fine and the next is black, so if you want me off your back, well, come on and let me know: should I stay or should I go?“ || 11. it’s all too much the beatles / ”it’s all too much for me to take, the love that’s shining all around you.” || 12. keep breathing ingrid michaelson / ”I want to believe in more than you and me but all that I know is i’m breathing.“ || 13. how can you mend a broken heart al green / ”how can you mend this broken man?” || 14. gold (a cappella) once cast / ”and i love her so, i wouldn’t trade her for gold.” || 15. back at your door maroon 5 / ”if i took you for granted, i apologize for acting tough. you’re my reason for living and there’s no way i’m giving up.” || 16. i will follow you into the dark death cab for cutie / ”i’ll follow you into the dark.“ || 17. your hand in mine explosions in the sky


"Imagine Sam, Dean, and Cas hearing you sing when you thought no one else was around." One Shot
Author: briannanov95 (taking requests)

Original Imagine Link: 

Warnings: none :}

Link to fic/fic:

You’ve always enjoyed singing. You liked to sing in the car, the shower, but you always sang when you were alone. It’s not that you were ashamed of it, you just didn’t like to sing in front of people. Singing was something you kept to yourself, and you wanted to keep it that way. Whenever you were alone, you sang at the top of your lungs.

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#1 They Surprise You


It was late one night and you just finished your homework for colelge so you decided to wind down by listneing to music while taking a steaming hot shower. You were singing along to the newest Maroon 5 album when you heard the door open. You didn’t think anything of it because you and your best friend are always walking in while the other one is in the shower. You turned around, facing the stream of water as the bathroom door closes, to wash you face. You turn back around, screaming. Standing in front of you is a naked Ashton, smiling and giggling. you heard the door click open again.

“(y/n), by the way, Ashtons here. I’m leaving for about an hour. Have fun!” (y/bf/n) said before shutting the door.

“Hey baby. Daddy’s home,” Ashton said before you threw yourself at him


You were running around the kitchen making a fancy dinner because it was Christmas Eve and like every year for the past 3, your family and Calum’s family always come over. There was a difference though. Calum isn’t able ot make it home from tour.First Christmas Eve in your 4 year relationship you haven’t seen him. You were bedning down to grab a pan when your front door opened.

“Mom! Did you ever give us back the pan I used for the yams?” You yelled to her, getting no response. “Mom!”

“God I’ve missed this view,” A voice that wasn’t your mothers said. You tried to stand up to look at him but you hit your head on the shelf. Calum laughed before helping you up and hugging you tight.


You were out shopping with your best friend, trying to get your mind off how much you missed Michael. You opened the front door to your house that was unlocked. You swear you locked it before you left. You quietly shut the door to listen. You heard a noise coming from upstairs. You grabbed the closest thing to you, which happened to be the guitar lamp in your entry way. Slowly creeping upstairs, you hear noises from your bathroom.You peer in the room and sigh in defeat.

“Michael, I love you. But what the fuck are you doing here. Scared the shit out me,” You say.

“Sorry. I’m just dying my hair. Duh.”


You were laying in bed, tossing and turning. You ahven’t been sleeping much since Luke left. After about an hour you ended up facing away from teh door. Thinking about if you could take time off to see Luke. When you felt arms slip around you, you tensed.

“Shhhhhh, baby, it’s just me,” Luke’s soothing voice whispered in your ear.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, rolling over to snuggle into him.

“I haven’t been sleeping and neither have you,” He murmered in your hair as you both drifted off.

Hey guys!!!! So I’m new to this whole thing but I’m willing to take requests :D

anonymous asked:

Animals -Maroon 5 Min yoongi

Animals- Maroon 5

“I’m leaving,” you announced as you grabbed your purse off Yoongi’s table. 

“For good again?” he asked a smirk evident on his face as he walked you to the door. 

“Yes, for good,” you replied as you slammed the door behind you and walked out into the cold. 

As you strolled down the deserted streets, you couldn’t help but think of what had just happened between you and Yoongi. 

He had texted you earlier in the day to come over, but before you could even fully walk into his house, he was already pinning you up against the wall. That turned into the two of you spending the rest of the afternoon in his bed. 

You were quite used to this by now since your friends with benefits relationship had been going on for quite some time now. 

It wasn’t that you couldn’t find a partner, it was that you didn’t want to find anyone else. The way Yoongi touched you was addictive and you didn’t know how any other person would be able to make you feel the way he does. 

Although you felt this way, you still told Yoongi that you were leaving for good, making the excuse that you were going to find someone who would actually settle down with you. 

Whenever you would say this, he would always chuckle because he knew that there was no way you would ever be able to quit him. 

In the end, you always came back. Sometimes it was a couple of days, others it was a couple of weeks, but you couldn’t last very long without the touch of Min Yoongi. 

“I fucking hate you,” you said as you walked through the door of Yoongi’s house, him chuckling because you were back again, just as he had said you would be. 

Within minutes, you were moaning out how good he made you feel. You wrapped your legs around his waist, pushing him deeper inside of you. 

Yoongi had to admit as well that you were like a drug to him that he couldn’t quit at couldn’t get enough of. He loved the feeling of being inside of you and the moans you let out when he sucked on the spot below your ear.

“I hate you,” you said as you grabbed your purse once again and grabbed the handle of the front door, “I’m never coming back, so you better kiss my ass goodbye.”

This time, Yoongi let out a loud laugh that had you turning around to stare at him. “What?”

“I’ll see you later, Y/N,” he said, “You know better than I do that you can’t deny me for long.”

just between friends – a romanogers fanmix

a list of songs that remind me of romanogers. The good, the bad, the friendship, the romance, the heartbreak. mainly from steve’s POV. it tries to tell a story, so… i hope it’s easy to understand.

1. just between friends kitty kallen / “sometimes, something happens between friends that you cannot deny." 2. these days foo fighters / "your heart has never been broken, your pride has never been stolen.3. last of the american girls/she’s a rebel american idiot cast / "she's a rebel. she’s a saint." 4. we might be dead by tomorrow soho / "we might be dead by tomorrow.5. september earth wind & fire / "our hearts were ringing in the key that our souls were singing." 6. crimson & clover tommy james & the shondells /Now I don’t hardly know her but I think I could love her.“ 7. unattainable little joy / "and this deep secret that hasn’t come out yet is buried, down deep.8. Es Ist Ein Ros Mychael Danna 9. hang with me robyn / "just don’t fall recklessly, headlessly in love with me ‘cause it’s gonna be all heartbreak, wistfully painful and insanity." 10. should i stay or should i go the clash / "one day is fine and the next is black, so if you want me off your back, well, come on and let me know: should I stay or should I go?11. it’s all too much the beatles / "it’s all too much for me to take, the love that’s shining all around you.12. keep breathing ingrid michaelson / "I want to believe in more than you and me but all that I know is i’m breathing.13. how can you mend a broken heart al greenhow can you mend this broken man?“ 14. gold (a cappella) once cast / "and i love her so, i wouldn’t trade her for gold." 15. back at your door maroon 5if i took you for granted, i apologize for acting tough. you’re my reason for living and there’s no way i’m giving up.“ 16. i will follow you into the dark death cab for cutiei’ll follow you into the dark.“ 17. your hand in mine explosions in the sky