back at it yall

Do any of you have that one tv show that is just so close to your heart? Like you could watch all these other shows; but when you go back to that one, you just feel like you’ve stumbled your way home after being lost for a little while. Maybe the show ended years ago, maybe the show is still airing or is on hiatus, but no matter what the same holds true; when you see it, or talk about it, it feels like home.


It’s Sunday and now Sunday means spitpaint uploading day.

1d as people from mtv's catfish: the tv show
  • <p> <b>liam:</b> "i'm not gay" "you're having a relationship with a guy" "you got me there"<p/><b>louis:</b> the girl who catfished her cousin for like a year because he insulted her once<p/><b>harry:</b> the guy who was a catfish and then called nev and max the next season because he fell for a catfish<p/><b>zayn:</b> that dude who wouldn't get off his phone so nev throws it into the river<p/><b>niall:</b> actually not a catfish, just shy<p/></p>

best things about sense8 s2:

  • who am i speech
  • riley’s fucking ipod seagulls
  • zakia not being straight
  • van damn bus cheering when capheus and zakia kissed
  • lito screaming in the museum as riley, big 2017 mood
  • lito being a melodramatic little shit lying on the road “practicing being homeless”
  • sun having none of it
  • sun’s badass old lady friend straightup spearing a suspicious guard
  • “my sister is the fucking terminator”
  • detective “worships the ground sun walks on” mun
  • sun & dog OTP
  • kalagang pool scene
  • são paulo parade
  • kala shutting wolfgang & will down by setting a fuckin car on fire
  • wolfgang’s face when rajan kisses him/kala goodmorning
  • nomi & neets double proposal
  • wolfgang? ask for help? can’t picture it
  • return of diego and being done with will
  • bug’s love of lito’s movies
  • my homicidal son wolfgang showing up when lito was called a slur
  • my badass daughter sun showing up when nomi was called a slur
  • “your life is either defined by the system, or by the way you defy the system”
  • capheus’ speech as a candidate “love is a bridge and not a wall, if we let it be”
  • kala’s “bring it bitch” @ lila
  • will’s sassy ass whenever he talks to whispers
  • whispers getting beat up at the end


based on that one scene from mulan’s i’ll make a man out of you