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Ok, so there is definitely a Brave fic coming your guys’ way!

Cast A Spell On Me Pt. 5

Part 4

Word Count: 1,405

A/N: Sorry for the wait on this! There may be some mistakes. Feedback is always welcome!

Characters: Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll, Dalton Castle, Luxe Lockhart (oc)

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Peter Story Time!!

Gather round kiddies, it’s time to tell stories about meeting Peter this weekend at Awesome Con. First off…the poor man. He was overbooked and took one 15 min break the whole day he was there and because he was overbooked he wound up staying 2 hours later than when the con was supposed to end just because he refused to leave before every fan had had their pre-purchased autograph and photo op. He pushed his flight back for us and his energy never seemed to deplete. He was smiling the whole time. Okay, now…on to my story. I had his VIP so I was among the first to get the individual photo ops with him done. I was in line with my sister and we were talking with a family in front of us. Well…when we were right behind the curtain and could see his silhoutte i couldn’t help but pull it back and peak. My heart suddenly began to throb and my first thought was, he’s so beautiful. My sister said what i was thinking aloud and then as we moved inside the curtain and were only a few away from him we heard his voice and I clutched onto my sister’s arm because it was just so surreal. His voice was like butter to me, so smooth and gentle. Once the family in front of us took their photo my sister and I went up, he shook her hand and then she went off to the side to watch. Peter then shook my hand and said hello. His smile was so brilliant. I explained to him that I wanted us to do a Doctor and Companion photo op. I told him to look slightly terrified. I took his hand and then took a step forward and did his traditional pose. I heard him say ‘I’ll look at you’, but I was too far in front of him that I couldn’t see him at all and I was looking straight at the camera. He side hugged me and smiled, I said thank you and then I went on my way. My sister then grabbed my arm and said, “I think he popped his foot!”. She was squealing but i was just confused. Lo and behold when I get my photo op, this is what I see…

HE POPPED HIS FOOT! And the way he’s looking at me?!!!! Who even are you sir and why do you insist on making me scream?! Just ask my sister. I was making unintelligible noises for five minutes as we walked over to my mom and brother in the food area. People kept staring at me as I clutched the photo to my chest. We were holding hands for five seconds and his hands were so soft and smooth and gentle yet firm. So not only did he shake my hand but I also got to hold it! And how many people have photo ops with Peter looking at them the way The Doctor looks at Clara? But my story doesn’t end there. Oh no sir. 

The next photo was the duo photo. I bought my sister her face the raven cosplay specifically for this photo op. She even binged the whole season in just three days *WHILE* going to awesome con and having to study for exams at the same time. We had some very late nights just to prepare her before she met them both. This is when everything really got dealyed. There were so many people and we were waiting for other photos to finish up for an hour before they started doing duos. It was supposed to start at 1:45. It didn’t until about 2:30-2:45. Either way my friend/ celeb that I was responsible for getting to Awesome Con was going to be leaving at 3:30 and I still had yet to see him and say hello apart from our quick photo op that morning. So as Danielle and I are waiting in line for our turn I’m starting to panic that I won’t get back to see Brett Dalton before he leaves. But lo and behold I did wind up getting to him, I just had to sprint. Now! Back to Peter! It was 3:15 and we were walking back through the curtain again and once more my heart was racing as i admired just how adorable and beautiful he is and his smile. We see Jenna and get really excited too and she looks amazing. Finally it’s our turn to go up and ONCE AGAIN Peter shakes both our hands and says ‘hello again’. I explain to them quickly ‘look confused because we’re doubles’. I then go to stand on Peter’s left so my sister can be sandwiched in between them but apparently Peter wanted me on his right so he puts his hand on my back and manhandles me into position beside him. He keeps his hand on my back and then puts on my arm. I’m just about to look confused to the camera when I notice he’s staring right at me, so I just decided to roll with it and I stared back at him looking confused. His eyes…they were so piercing and such a beautiful color and the fact you can’t see his eyes in the photo ops makes it all the more special to me. That’s a moment that we alone shared that the camera couldn’t capture. Outwardly i know I look confused but inside all I can think is ‘his eyes are so beautiful’. We were staring into each others soul for a full five seconds. Once the photo is over he smiles at me and says “good acting” I can only smile back and say thank you and then walk away. This is how the photo turned out. 

The duo photos and Jenna’s individuals lasted so long that the panel was pushed back two hours! As of that point we still had not gotten their autographs on our duo and wanting to see them face to face again rather than be in the panel we sacrificed going, knowing it would be up on youtube sometime. Instead we headed to their new signing location and since we had pre-purchased photo ops and Peter’s VIP we were let into the room to wait. His line was much longer than Jenna’s. Like a lot longer. There were about 100 people for him and at that point in time…only 1 for Jenna so we waited in her line first. We waited for about and hour and it was my first time sitting all day. We chatted with some other fans and then because we were up front and close to the doors when Peter and Jenna came walking in from their panel we got a clear shot of them and cheered. It was 5:30 and technically the con had ended a half hour ago but Peter refused to leave knowing there were so many fans who had yet to see him. The man is gold. So, anywho. By the time Jenna got there, there were only six people in her line so we got up there pretty quick but it had been announced that there would be no personalization for any autographs. Danielle and I said hello and I handed her the painting I’d made for her as well as some chocolate chip cookies. 

Contrary to what I was expecting she did not seem very into meeting us or interacting. I can only guess it was because of the hectic day with hardly and end in sight. But I told her have a safe flight, thanks for coming and Danielle said, please get some rest. She smiled at that and said she’d try. We then headed into Peter’s line and just a few minutes later we were towards the front of his line. That’s when we watched him take off his jacket….I tried to get a shot of him looking up/ standing with his jacket off but they were watching like hawks. So this is the best I had. 

His muscles and floof are visible but it does no justice. Finally it was our turn and I started by saying “Happy belated birthday! I didn’t want to send these to you, but I did paint you something and here are some chocolate chip cookies and colorings I did for you.”

As he was admiring my painting I then said, “You were wrong all those years ago in that interview. You are a heart throb.” He looked up and blushed and replied with a chuckle and “thanks.” He switched to looking at the colorings and said, ‘these are nice’. He then went to the dup photo and began to sign. I didn’t even notice he had written my name. He then looked up and asked, ‘What are your names?” I replied and said, “Lilia (lil-lee-uh)” and my sister replied “Danielle”. He repeated my name and I nodded, gushing over the way my name sounded coming from him. Even though they had announced no personalization, here he was personalizing this photo op to me and my sister. When he finished he shook our hands FOR A THIRD TIME and we thanked him. I wished him a safe flight and then said goodbye and walked away. And just for a recap. This is what he signed on the photo op. 

Bottom line of this whole weekend? Peter is gold. His eyes are beautiful, his hands are soft, he’s genuine, kind, adorable, beautiful, warm, and strong and gentle yet firm. He made my weekend, he’s the reason why I laugh and giggle so much, and I’m not ashamed for liking a man of his age because I think he is sexy and his personality just adds to it. I’m so glad I got to meet him and it was everything and more I dreamed it would be. I love Peter Dougan Capaldi and he now knows I exist and that he is my heartthrob. 

I drew a picture of dalton about a year ago but I never had the chance to give it to him. I just finished this more ‘updated’ sketch and I was hoping you guys could help me get him to see it since I couldn’t give him the last one? Thanks so much guys, love you to the moon and back! ( thisisdaltonsusername if you do see this, I hope you like it!)