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Im sorry, but “ALL EYEZ ON ME” was terrible.

All of the significant details that framed Tupac’s life are so glossed over. The movie delivers in a very, “this happened, then this happened, and oh…lets not forget about this-real-quick” type of fashion. Two and a half hours is PLENTY of time to effectively illustrate the high’s, low’s and in-between’s that made Tupac the lyrical and prophetic force he became. The film never even makes mention of his mainstream role in “Poetic Justice”. Leila Steinberg, the woman who was basically Tupac’s mentor and central introduction to performance art appears for literally ONE scene. Tupac lived with Leila and her husband for YEARS. Her role in his life was pivotal to his segue into being on stage in front of mainstream audiences. How was her presence reduced to a forty-five second appearance? There’s also no mention whatsoever of the woman Keisha who Tupac married while he was in jail.

The entire production is just so singular. We never get into the mind of Tupac Shakur or delve between the layers of his fears, his internal struggles or the seeds of his unique artistry. “All Eyez On Me” is nothing more than an expensive snapshot of the headlines that most of us 30 and over are already aware of. The ONLY “detail” or tidbit of information that the movie introduced me to is the fact that Tupac was involved in a long term relationship with Quincy Jones’ daughter, Kidada. I had no idea that she was the main woman in his life up until his death.

The film is just so horribly directed by Benny Boom. It’s very difficult to believe that he graduated from Temple Universities film program. There’s absolutely no visual illustration. The narrative isn’t painted on screen. The entire script and overall production spoon feeds the audience – as if we are pure idiots. We jump back and forth CONSTANTLY between scenes of Hill Harper interviewing Tupac in jail circa 1995 and then the actual events unfolding before us as Hill & Tupac verbally discuss them. It’s juvenile filmmaking and a trite cinematic tactic.
And the ONLY real standout acting performance stems from Danai Gurira who stars as Afeni Shakur. Her facial and verbal delivery is superb in comparison to the other pedestrian players. I’m not taking anything away from Demetrius Shipp who stars as Tupac, but he seemed to merely be going through the motions during half of his screen time. If it were not for him physically resembling Tupac to the core, I would not have been convinced of the passion, the power and intensity that evoked the spirit of Tupac. “All Eyez On Me” just is not a good film overall and I would much rather see a seasoned director take on such masterful work in another box office or 6-8 part, television series release.

People are jumping on John Singleton for wanting to include a jail rape scene in his version of the Tupac story, as well as Tupac talking to a severed head, but the common, everyday individual has no idea what real life information Singleton was privy to. Tupac may have really been raped in jail, but of course, his image and hyper masculine presence forced him and the public alike to deny such claims. John Singleton’s  inclusion of the severed head and having Tupac talking to this image of himself illustrated Tupac’s love of Shakespeare and the battle of man vs. himself. I would have preferred that type of visual storytelling, as opposed to this pitiful L.T. Hutton/Benny Boom version that has Tupac randomly quoting bits and pieces of ‘Hamlet’ throughout the film. UGH!
and lets not even talk about the monstrosity that is the ending. Would it have killed the creative team to show Afeni battling with the heavy decision to pull the plug on Tupac’s life support?…or even to show Tupac laying on his death bed and shaking the mattresses with both hands clamped down at his sides because he had something he wanted to GET OUT, but could not speak? THESE are the stories that have been told by close friends who visited him between September 6, 1996 and September 13, 1996. The film should NOT have ended with Tupac’s body laid out on the Vegas strip and a slew of title cards plastered across the screen highlighting his “Hollywood” achievements. The gospel music that played beneath the ending scene was very misplaced and drowned out the heavy emotion.

I don’t care what the millennials are saying about “All Eyez On Me”. It was terribly spliced together, and in such a way that reflected a very amateur team behind-the-scenes. I saw the film yesterday afternoon at the Columbia AMC here in Maryland and I left the theater feeling extremely disappointed. “All Eyez On Me” pales in comparison to every black film released between last summer 2016 and present day. 

DO NOT WASTE YOUR COINS! Wait for this pedestrian mess to be released ON DEMAND and in DVD/Blu-Ray format.
Armani First-Timer Liam Payne Talks Fashion, Father’s Day, and His Upcoming Collab with Zedd
Vogue’s Luke Leitch caught up with the former One Direction star Liam Payne at his first Giorgio Armani show

June 19, 2017 10:45 PM by Luke Leitch 

As the crowds around the Armani Hotel this morning hinted, Liam Payne is in Milan. The gone-solo ex-One Direction-er flew in from Buffalo to attend Giorgio Armani’s show, and he seemed seriously into it. Dressed in an all navy Armani ensemble—so totally true to Giorgio’s aesthetic—he watched every look from the front row while doing a bit of chair dancing to the soundtrack. After he’d cruised the Armani showroom afterwards, displaying special interest in the new season sunglasses, he sat down for a quick debrief. This is what he had to say.

So did you say this is your first ever fashion show?
Well, I went to a Victoria’s Secret fashion show a while ago, but that’s a totally different show, isn’t it! So this is my first real fashion show. And what a wonderful space they have created in there. I though a lot of suits were great and there was that one signature trench coat that everybody was eyeing up. That’s gonna be the be the biggest seller, I reckon. But there was also this kind of cotton jacket I really enjoyed, a bit faded. There were some great pieces out there. I did a little Boomerang of the show but I also wanted to really observe the technique, the way the models walked out, and how it is done here. I’m getting better, I think, at understanding how outfits go, but to put pieces together I think is a difficult thing. And they do an amazing job here of making the pieces and then putting them together in a way that works.

Was there anything you saw today that surprised you?
The thing that really interested me was when they came out in pairs, and did I see twins at one point? It was explained to me that this is something that Mr. Armani likes to do in his shows, to show in twos sometimes, as well as one by one. And I think it’s cool. Plus they all had great hair. The music was great, too. I couldn’t stop foot trapping. I’m an air drummer when it comes to music and I was having to hold my hands together not to start drumming. You know Armani was the first brand that I was ever drawn to as a kid. Seeing the Beckham campaigns. It’s a really cool brand. The first pair of underwear I ever bought was from Armani, when I was 15, and I’ve still got them! They still fit which is great.

No don’t! That’s asking for trouble! So I now there is a new single coming out in July. What’s it called?
Well I can’t announce it because it’s Zedd’s single. But if you look around there have been moments where we have accidentally dropped the ball. So it’s out there, somewhere. But I really love it. In Zedd’s words it’s the catchiest song he’s ever made… I’m usually very laid back about things but this one is really exciting.

Cheers Liam!
Cheers to you!

*Note: This is an abridged version of the article

Sidgeno Actor AU anon fic

(A wonderful little fic I’m posting for an author who’d like to remain anonymous!! This is NOT written by me! Please read this it’s so cute and I love it to death)

The first time Geno sees Sidney Crosby he’s crying into Tanger’s shoulder as Sid learns how to walk again on the big screen.

Tanger scoffs and pushes him off as Sid takes his first step after a year and a half in a wheelchair and the woman sitting in front of them shushes them.

When the lights come on Geno is wiping his eyes and Tanger is rolling his.

“You know I’m fine with you showing emotion,” Tanger says as they file out of the theater. “But could you maybe not do it on my sweater.”

“You not cry. Heartless.” Geno sniffles.

“I’m not heartless, I just know the difference between reality and fiction.”

Geno slaps his hand against the movie poster hanging on the wall outside of the theater and Tanger smiles apologetically at the couples walking past them. “Is based on true story,” Geno says as he taps the small text right beneath the title. “Reality. He can’t walk after car accident. Lose everything. Can’t play hockey. Work so hard and comes back. Scores game winning goal. No heart.”

“You have too much heart. You cried last week at that movie where the dog died.”

Geno chases after him through the lobby. “You cry too.”

“Dogs are different.” Tanger pushes his way through the front doors and doesn’t hold them for Geno. “Everyone cries over dogs.”

“Fine, fine. But he good actor, right?”

“Oh yeah. Sid’s pretty good.”

“Pretty good. He great.”

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Red Carpet Stunts

(A/N): As you can tell, I am an awkward introvert who doesn’t know how to flirt. 

Pairings: Gal GadotXReader

Request: Would you do a gal gadot x reader where you’re on the red carpet with her and you flirt with her to get her attention? The ending can her her asking you out? Thanks so much :)

Warnings: None?

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You and Gal had met when she was filming Wonder Woman. You were her trainer and stunt helper on set and you were always helping her out on what to do. You spent about two months training her for her role and you enjoyed it a little more than you should have. Her willingness to learn, bright smile and hardworking mentality is what made this your favorite job yet. You two had become close over the entire film process and on more than one occasion Patty had to get the two of you to stop flirting with one another while filming, even though she had a smile on her face the entire time.

Gal was a busy woman, going back and forth to Israel, doing interviews and looking towards her next movie and you figured after the finishing of the movie you would be forgotten so, it was a complete surprise when she invited you to be her plus one of the red-carpet premiere. You questioned her choice, asking her why she’d choose you out of everyone she knew, saying you were just her trainer and all she did was give you the sweetest smile while responding with ‘You’re more than a trainer to me so, why not?’. It made your knees weak and heart flutter at her reasoning and you couldn’t help but accept her invitation.

Since you had arrived at the red-carpet premiere, all you and Gal had encountered were photographers, interviewers and screaming fans. It was a bit of a shock for you, this was your first time in an actual big-time premiere and you didn’t know what to do. All you could do was stick close to her as she maneuvered through the multiple people around you. As exciting as everything was around you, you couldn’t help but stare at her the entire time. Her floor length, red dress hugged her body just right, her hair was done in a tight bun which shaped her face perfectly and her vibrant smile was brighter than any camera flash there was around you. She was exquisite.

You watch and smile as she talks passionately about her role, takes photos with little girls dressed as Wonder Woman and signs autographs. You were pulled out of your stare when her brown eyes meet yours and you can feel your smile growing as a light blush paints your cheeks at being caught. She walks up to you, smiling ear to ear and stands closer than you expected. “I can feel you staring.” Gal smiles out and you give a chuckle as you look down at the ground.

“It’s because you look beautiful.” You state as you avert your eyes back up to hers and you can see a blush take over at your compliment.

“Thank you, I feel awkward.” She comments as you both begin to be ushered towards some photographers and she grabs your hand, making sure to keep you close. You stop in front of people with cameras and flashing lights take over your vision as you smile for the photos. After several seconds, you turn to focus on her, met with a beautiful side view of her face and you give a smirk.

“As awkward as that time in the dressing room?” You comment quietly for only her to hear and you hear a muffled laugh as she looks down, giving you a playful nudge, recalling the time you walked in on her almost naked.

“That was an accident.” She chuckles out, looking back up at the photographers who are still snapping photos of your interaction and you do the same, giving a wide cheesy smile.

“You thought it was an accident?” You tease and out of the corner of your eye you can see her giving you a shocked expression, mouth open slightly but before she can say anything, she gets pulled over by another interviewer. You laugh as she gives you a playful glare before giving a polite smile at the person talking to her.

“You look great, Gal! Your dress is absolutely stunning. Who’s your plus one over here?” The man questions enthusiastically and she turns to you, gently grabbing your arm so you’re standing next to her.

“This is (Y/N), they were my trainer for the movie and one of my stunt helpers. We’re very close.” Gal beams proudly as she introduces you, pulling you closer and the interviewer smiles, turning to you.

“Well, you both look amazing tonight. So, (Y/N), what was it like training and preparing Gal for her role as Wonder Woman?” He questions and instantly memories of training with the beautiful woman beside you, pop into your head. You give a chuckle before looking into Gal’s brown orbs.

“She always looks stunning. Well, it took some time but she got the hang of it. Everything was new but after a few weight training and sword fighting sessions, she was ready to go. I also got to see her film with her armor on so, that was kind of hot.” You respond confidently, giving a cheeky smirk and you can see pink overtaking her cheeks at your compliment. The man asks a few more questions before thanking you for talking with him and you give him a small wave as he leaves.

“You think I look hot in the armor?” She questions, thick accent present with a curious smile in place as you both walk down the red-carpet, getting closer to the building you were supposed to be headed to. An amused, suggestive smirk grows on your face as you turn towards her perfect form.

“You would look hotter with it off.” You purr out and you swear to god, you’ve never seen someone turn so red in their life. The surprised look on her face makes your smirk widen as she stumbles with her words, unable to come up with a coherent response. She finally looks up with a nervous grin as she grabs your hand, giving it a squeeze and you can’t help the tingling sensation that runs throughout your fingertips.

“Would you like to go to dinner? After…” She comments, gesturing to the chaos around you. “All this is done?” Your heart leaps out of your chest and an exuberant sensation fills your whole body at her question. You can’t manage to say anything but two words as you look at her with loving eyes and a Cheshire smile.

“Of course.” And at those words, a certain glow seems to shimmer around her as she takes your hand in hers while walking down the red carpet.


We started an interview series reaching out to psychologists to learn about various topics. We’re wondering if some of you who follows us on Tumblr can give feedback on the content of this video.

We would appreciate it a lot. Also, the first 100 people to send in their thoughts on this video would get a free digital psych2go magazine from us. Just inbox us!

The video is around 6 minutes long and back and forth between the interviewer and interviewee.

BTS Reactions To You Walking Out Of The Shower Naked


“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” Jimin asked for the hundredth time. 

“I’m sure! Go have fun with Taehyung,” you reassured him with a kiss on the cheek and with that he was gone. 

After he had left, you headed towards the washroom to get ready. You let out a yawn, still feeling a bit sleepy as you finished and walked out of the shower naked. 

When you had lived alone, you’d often walk around the house with little to no clothing on as you didn’t really see a point in it. That habit stuck with you even after moving in with Jimin. He had grown accustomed to seeing you walk out of the shower naked that it no longer phased him. 

You put on some music as you sifted through your clothes, deciding on what to wear. You had just picked out an outfit when you heard someone at the door. Jimin! He probably had forgotten his phone you figured. 

“Y/N!” You heard him call.

“I’m coming!” You said as you made your way towards the door. 

The second Jimin’s form came into view…so did Taehyung’s. You let out a screech as you attempted to cover yourself, but it was too late Taehyung had already seen you. His eyes widened in shock.

The second Jimin noticed he rushed towards you and engulfed you in a hug, covering you from Taehyung’s sight. 

“Close your eyes Tae,” you heard Jimin say.

“Y-y/n?” Taehyung stuttered.

“Tae I told you to close your eyes!” Jimin laughed before turning back to look at you, “why are you naked?” Jimin hissed against your ear.

“I just finished showering,” you explained. As he nodded in understanding, he became hyper aware of the fact that there was literally only his clothes separating your bodies. His eyes darkened as inappropriate thoughts, considering the situation, began to fill his mind.

However, his lust won in the end and he coughed awkwardly before he turned his head to look back at Taehyung, “uh- hey Tae do you think we can hang out tomorrow instead?”

“What? Why?” You saw Taehyung furrow his eyebrows. 

“I- uh I forgot that I have something very important to do today,” Jimin let out awkwardly and Taehyung instantly understood. With flushed cheeks Taehyung apologized with his eyes closed and said good-bye before he left, leaving you and Jimin alone. 

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“Taehyung, let me know if the company calls, okay?” You asked as you headed towards the washroom, ready to shower.

He looked up from his laptop’s screen, “should I pick up for you?” 

“No, it’s an over the phone interview so just let me know and I’ll be out in no time okay?”

He nodded before he turned back to his laptop and pressed play on the anime he had been watching.

You had literally just been in the shower for 5 minutes when you heard Taehyung calling you from outside the door.

You cursed before you quickly turned off the water and ran out the door, not even bothering to grab a towel. 

Taheyung was waiting for you with your phone as you bursted through the door. At the sight of your naked form, he quickly averted his gaze as a small blush tinted his cheeks. You didn’t pay him any attention as you answered the phone, “Hello!”

As your interview began and you paced back and forth, Taehyung couldn’t stop himself from stealing looks at you, admiring your body. He bit his lip as he sat on the bed with his arms crossed, trying to will, the dirty thoughts that were filling his mind, away.

When the interviewer asked a hard question, you unconsciously sat beside him as you began to think on how to go about answering. 

Taehyung closed his eyes, your close proximity finally breaking him. 

You were just about to answer the question when you felt Taehyung’s hand on your thigh. Your head swivelled towards him as you warned him with your eyes to stop. He only smiled innocently as his hand inched higher and higher up your thigh.

You mentally cursed at him, before you tried to pry his hand away, but his grip only tightened.

“Excuse me, Y/N? Are you still there?” You heard the interviewer ask and you immediately apologized, “yes! I’m so sorry but I’m not feeling very well today.”

After the call ended with your interview being rescheduled, you turned towards Taehyung ready to curse him out but before the words left your mouth, his lips covered yours. In seconds, his hands were freely roaming across your body. 

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“Jungkook, I’m taking a shower first today, ” you told him as the two of you finished eating breakfast. You were determined to take one before him today. Jungkook had a habit of taking long showers, which wouldn’t bother you if it wasn’t for the fact that he also liked to take scorching hot showers. 

He looked up from his plate with pleading eyes, “Wait! Can I go first? Please?”

You narrowed your eyes at him, tired of freezing half to death in the shower, “no! You always use up all the hot water!”

“I promise I won’t today,” he tried to bargain.

You shook your head, “you’re a liar Jeon Jungkook,” was all you said before you ran towards the washroom and locked the door so he couldn’t pull you out. You heard him shout your name from outside, which only made you let out a victorious laugh. 

You let out a happy sigh as you turned on the shower and felt the heat of the water against your skin. You smiled triumphantly, happy to have beaten Jungkook today. As you finished up, you grabbed a towel from the shelf to wrap around yourself. 

You walked out to find a pouty Jungkook on the bed which caused you to laugh again. You walked towards him and ruffled his hair, “it’s okay to lose sometimes Jungkook,” you teased before you turned and walked towards the drawer to find underwear. 

You had just picked out a bra when you suddenly felt your towel being ripped off and your body being pressed against the drawer.

Your eyes widened and you were about to ask Jungkook what the hell he was doing when you felt his hand in between your thighs, completely shutting you up.

“That wasn’t very nice Y/N,” he whispered huskily against your ear, pulling your body closer against his. 


“Shhh. As your punishment you’re not allowed to make a sound,” he warned before he spread your thighs apart with his leg. 

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| Hyung Line | Maknae Line |


I apologize for Jungkook’s. As you can probably tell, I’m a thirsty hoe for him ok anyways I hope you guys enjoy the maknae line’s<3 ty admin k for giving me the ideas for these lol

~Admin Coffee

Magical Office Episode 2: The Board Meeting

Let me know what you think. You should check out The Office playlist on Spotify. It literally has every song ever sung or mentioned on the show. Absoluetly Bloody Brilliant!


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-Interview with Y/N-

Y/N: So… umm yeah it’s my third week working here. It’s been quite an adjustment. (beat) Oh no Newt’s been great. He isn’t as big of a handful as the Minister makes him out to be.

There is a cut away scene to Y/N opening Newt’s office door to see the room covered in mooncalves. Newt stands in the middle of the room. A mooncalf sits in his arms. The camera pans back to Y/N who gives Newt a stern look. Newt shrugs.

Newt: Ugh this isn’t what it looks like.

The cut away ends and goes back to Y/N being interviewed.

Y/N: The others? Umm yeah I see them now and then, Bridget is very chatty so I interact with her a lot. I’m not sure I’ve actually seen Claire move yet. Y/N shifts uncomfortably in the chair and leans in as if to tell the camera a secret. I’m-I’m not actually sure if she’s still alive.

Another cut away shows Claire at her desk, with the same sun glasses on. In her hair are spit balls. A figure walks by and puts more paperwork on her desk. Random clutter and paperwork cover her desk. Suddenly a spit ball flys across the room. The camera shoots up and follows the shot that came from Rodger. He quickly tries to hide the evidence that he was the one who had shot the spit ball at Claire.

Rodger: What? I’m so bored!

The cut away scene ends and goes back to Y/N sitting in the chair. She looks down at her watch and adjusts her watch.

Y/N: The minister is doing rounds to the different corridors and giving us our annual ministry updates and news. Apparently he does this every once in a while to get feed back from everyone and tell people about what’s new in the ministry…

Y/N is cut off by the sound of the interview room door opening. The camera turns to see Newt in the doorway. He looks over at her and quickly notices the camera.

Newt: (startled) Oh so sorry. Forgot the camera would be in here. (To Y/N) Don’t know if you saw the time but he’s about to start.

Y/N: I did actually. Is Rodger ready? Last time it was easier with three of us.

She gets up from her chair and follows Newt our of the room. The camera follows beind the both of them.

Newt: Yeah I believe he’s right behind him.

Suddenly M.C Hammers song “Can’t Touch This” can be heard along with loud banging and things shattering or breaking. The camera focuses on the furthest corner. Suddenly a Hammer flies from it into a wall. Biggleswade comes from around the corner carrying a boom box. His other hand is conjuring hammers as they fly around the room. Bridget runs around screaming at Biggleswade to get a grip. Claire is still asleep in her chair. Rodger follows closely behind and tries to save the hammers from destroying more of the corridor. Sometimes he is successful, other times he misses as the hammers go through the drywall. Newt and Y/N instantly start helping.

Biggleswade: (with the music) Stop! Hammer Time!

There is a cut away to Newt, Rodger and Y/N in the interview room. All of them look exhausted and all of them are covered with drywall dust. Y/N flicks dust from her trousers and does the same to Newt jacket sleeve. She turns to Rodger and dusts the top of his hair. Rodger then sneezes and Newt tries to tousle his cost a little to get the dust off. Rodger looks at the camera after his sneeze.

Rodger:Biggleswade discovered a new Muggle recording the other day. He decided he loved it so much he ended up taking it too literally and made 9:30am his “hammer time.” Which apparently, according to Muggles, means you throw around Muggle working tools.

Y/N: We still aren’t sure Muggles would have a Hammer Time, but we understand why this M.C person is warning people about the time.

Newt: We’re hoping he moves out of the Muggle 90’s soon before one of us dies.


The next scene shows the corridor gathering into the conference room, the same room as where the interviews are held. Biggleswade and Rodger help wheel Claire into the room. Bridget follows behind with Y/N and Newt in toe. Biggleswade and Rodger help fix Claire to be presentable.

Bridget: Don’t you think we should take her to the St. Mungos? I mean it’s been like three weeks. She probably stinks.

Biggleswade carefully gets close to Claire’s head and sniffs her hair.

Biggleswade: I’d say she’s got another week.

Bridget makes a disgusted face. Newt and Y/N look at each with a worrying face. Rodger sits next to Y/N.

Rodger: (To Y/N) Don’t worry she’s been out longer than this once before. She’ll be fine.

The camera zooms in on Newt’s face who looks at the camera with a blank and expression. He slowly begins to shake his head in disbelief.

Suddenly the camera goes to the conference room door where Milton opens the door and enters on his own. He stands next to Newt with his wand and a piece of paper. He uses the Lumos charm and shines it over the front of the room. The camera goes back to Newt’s expression and he slowly puts his head in his hands.

Milton: Witches and Wizards! He runs the ministry, he is the greatest, most charming and sexiest Wizard in the office! He’s your best friend and mine, give it up for MINISTER PARKINSON!!!!!

The Conference room door opens and in jogs Minister Parkinson. He throws his arms into the air and bobs up and down. Milton joins him and both of them jump around with their arms in the air.


Y/N: This is supposed to be an all day meeting…(The scene cuts to Y/N and Newt looking at each other and smirking as they try to hide their laughter.) …I don’t know how I’m going to get through this.



Bridget: Oh My God they have been glued at the hip since she got here! They are always whispering (Cut Scene to Bridget sitting in the break room table. Newt and Y/N are sitting next to each other but are turned to face each other. They are laughing and listening to each other intently. The camera goes back to Bridget who looks bored and annoyed.) The two of them are SO going to hook up. It’s like…


The camera cuts back to the board meeting. Minister Parkinson stands at the head of the table and addresses the room.

Minister:Thank you, thank you everybody! No need to stand and applause… (he pauses and when no one does anything he gives them all a stern look. Y/N and Newt look around the room as everyone looks around with confused looks. Newt and Y/N slowly stand and start clapping. Everyone follows except for Claire.) Oh stop, oh stop guys. Go one sit down. (Still confused, everyone sits again) Alright… so to start off Wizard Resources wants me to…


Minister: (His interview takes place in his office.) The board always asks me why I go around to the different offices and do these meeting myself. I mean I could get anyone to do them. I look at them and I tell them because I have a heart and knee caps just like them. I’m nothing special. I just ran for Minister and got appointed. I put my robes on one arm at a time just like anyone. But they don’t get that. When I walk into the room they immediately act like I’m this royal king or something. Doing these meetings, I feel, makes me seem like a normal average working wizard. I look forward to when I can just be average Parkinson instead of Magical Minister of Magic Parkinson.

Director: Does anyone actually call you that?

Minister: Umm no… it’s just something I’ve been trying to make a thing. It sounds more formal I think.


The scene cuts back to the board meeting. The minister is continuing to speak.

Minister: Just to reconfirm what I said. If you have any office romances, like you know officially dating. If you know you guys are just hooking up casually, I don’t think WR is gonna want to hear about it. But you know if you guys are talking about moving in together or meeting the family then best to get that locked down with WR.

The camera focuses in on Bridget’s face who sticks a hand in front of her mouth, hiding it from Y/N and Newt. She Mouths ‘A MATTER OF TIME’ and points with her other hand behind her hand at them.

Minister: It’s not that we forbid office romances, (He tries to subtly wink at Bridget. The camera zooms in on Bridget, who freezes and looks back and forth between the minister and the camera.)


Rodger: Everyone knows Bridget has a huge crush on the Minister. Even the Minister knows.



This interview takes place in Bridget’s office. There are several ‘Bridget loves Parkinson’ and Minister Parkinson memorabilia around the room.

Bridget: Me? Have a crush on the Minister? No. Absolutely not. I have no idea what you’re talking about.


Cuts back to the meeting. The minister looks at his papers.

Minister: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Y/N for keeping Newt in line and as accident free as possible.

Newt looks annoyed at the Minister.Putting his arms out to the side as if to say what the hell.

Newt: I am right here. I can hear you.

Y/N takes Newt’s hand and moves it down to his lap. Newt looks at Y/N shocked at the physical contact but tries not show emotion. He hides his smirk by bowing his head. The camera blurs its focus on Rodger who stares at the interaction and seems defeated. Y/N lets go of Newt’s hand.

Y/N: Thank you Minister, it’s fine. He hasn’t been any trouble at all.


Y/N: (She looks off as if in a dream.) It’s actually been quite fun.


The camera cuts back to the Minister.

Minister: Well. I guess that’s it if no one else has anything.

Milton quickly raises his hand in urgency. The Minister rolls his eyes.

Minister: Does anyone else have anything? No? (The minister collects his stuff as Milton hovers over him. Everyone starts to get up and talks among themselves. Before the minister leaves the room he turns back to everyone.) And will someone PLEASE pour some water over that woman and wake her up?

The scene cuts over to Claire sitting in the chair still asleep. A voice belonging to Milton uses the Aguamenti charm and water dumps all over her head. She screams and wakes up. She rips off the sunglasses.

Claire: Oh hey thar. How have you all been?

Camera cuts back to everyone packing up to go home for the evening. Rodger stops by Newt’s door to see Y/N walking out.

Rodger: Fun meeting huh?

Y/N: Crazy fun. Waay too much fun for me to handle.

Rodger: Acts bashful So I wanted to see what you were doing tonight?

Y/N: Oh I’m just heading home. Nothing special.

Rodger: Well…maybe you’d like to… go… (Suddenly Newt comes through the door, interrupting them both. )

Newt: Y/N, I-I would you be able to… ugh… stay behind tonight? I have some extra things I will need help with.

Y/N: Oh yeah sure! She turns back to Rodger Sorry Rodger, maybe another night.

Newt and Y/N disappear back into Newt’s office. Rodger shakes his head and begins to walk towards the office door as he turns his head he looks into the camera. He shrugs his bag onto his shoulder more and continues to walk faster out of the office.


Y/N: Office Romances? Oh it’s not for me. It’s not like I am at a point in my life where I’d be ready to have a serious enough relationship.

The camera catches Newt and Y/N talking close together in a semi lit office. He props his case on a chair and opens it. He takes Y/N’s hand and helps guide her down into the case.

Y/N: As for people in the office? If I would date anyone? I mean I don’t know. I don’t think so. I’m not really interested in anyone at the moment… but I guess that could change.




It had been four years since you and Joe had gotten married. The two of you were so excited to finally settling down and having a family that shorty after the wedding, you two began trying for a baby. 

After a year and a half of trying, you began to get worried that something might be wrong. You had tried every app and read all of the forums about tracking your cycle but nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t until after Joe had talked you into going to see a doctor that you completely understood how slim the chances were of you getting pregnant. 

Your doctor ensured you that infertility was fairly common and discussed the many possible options of still having a child to you and Joe. It took you and Joe a few months to figure out what you were going to do. You both knew that you wanted children, there was no doubt about it but the question was how. You had done so much research on surrogacy and adoptions that you could pretty much teach a course on it if need be. 

You and Joe had decided on adoption. Ever since you were young, you always wanted to give your children a good life; a life full of happiness and unconditional love. Adoption allowed you to do this for children who otherwise wouldn’t. 

The two of you sent in your application and began all the necessary requirements of becoming new parents. Because you and Joe wanted a baby, you were put on a long list of potential parents that pregnant mothers would look through and meet up with couples who they liked on paper for a face to face meeting. 

Every time Joe’s phone would ring, you’re heart would skip a beat; hoping that the person on the line would tell you that you two had been chosen for a meeting, but that call never came. 

Nearly two years had passed since ‘Sugg’ was put on the list with no call back. You had almost forgot about it actually as things in you’re life started to pick up. You and Joe had adopted a puppy and were occupied with caring for him, not to mention the many times that Zoe and Alfie had asked you two watch their kids for a weekend. You and Joe quickly became the favorite auntie and uncle because you spoiled them all weekend long. 

You were reminded of you’re name on that list as you were scrolling through your mentions on twitter. You and Joe had mentioned your situation to his audience a few years ago, a lot of them sharing their thoughts and prayers with you guys, but as the years went on, the replies slowed. There were still a few persistent profiles who would ask you how you were doing and how everything was going. You often DM’d them back or simply favorited their tweets, letting them know that you were grateful that they cared. 

You sat on the couch thinking about the list and how long it had been since you first decided to start trying for children. Maybe you didn’t exactly be a newborn to complete your family. Later that night you had brought the idea of looking into foster care up to Joe. At first he didn’t really know what to say, when he was looking into adoptions options. After a slightly heated back and forth discussion, Joe agreed and thus began another long journey of interviews. 

“Ready love?” Joe asked watching you gather a few things. 

“Yeah, um is this place too clean. I don’t want to give off that kind of vibe.” You said looking around your flat that you had just spent hours cleaning. 

“Love, its fine. I don’t think she’ll hate us all of a sudden because the house is too clean.” Joe laughed before taking your hand. “But she’s not going to like us if we’re late.”

“Yeah, yeah you’re right. Sorry, let go.” You said letting Joe pull you towards the door and out to your car. 

You sat fiddling your thumbs as Joe drove you two where you were meet your new family member. About a month ago when you were visiting a foster home, you and Joe had fell in love with a stunning little girl named Ellie . She was 12 years old and had come straight up to you and Joe as soon as you had walked in. You had sat down and with her for hours and talked about everything that was on her mind and protested slightly when it was time to leave. Ellie gave you a quick hug before running back to her room and you knew right then and there and she was the one for you and Joe. 

As you two pulled up to the house, you saw your little Ellie watching you from the window, her smile growing as she recognized you a Joe. She moved away from the window as you and Joe got out of the car and made you way up to the house. The front door open revealing the care taker, Miss Taylor, who you had spoken with so many times in the past month followed by Ellie who pushed her way out of the door and into your open arms.

“You guys came back!!” She squealed as you hugged her tightly and letting her go so she could move to hug Joe. 

“Of course we did love.” Joe said giving her a squeeze before looking up at Miss Taylor who had now met you guys halfway. 

“I’ll just need you two to sign a few more papers and then she’s all yours.” Miss Taylor said giving the three of you a smile, making Ellie grab your hand and pull you into the house. 

In no time at all, the papers were signed and just like that, you and Joe were now parents. After years of trying and anticipations, you finally had a daughter who you could care for a love and for the first time since you had gotten married, you felt complete again.

OOO: Well, what’s going to be your drunk tattoo, Kyle? What’s in your subconscious? 

Kyle: Miley Cyrus’s face. On my chest. No, the words “Miley Cyrus” across my arm in Helvetica. Wait, no! Chain down the forearm, the wrecking ball is the fist, and Miley sitting on my wrist. Then I can swing my arm back and forth.

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hi! I cant find eng subs of interviews etc do you have anything? tnx <3

Hi! Here’s so far that we could find. Will be updated once there’s more.
We do not own any of these. All credit goes to HipHopKR, girigiriboy, bnt News UK, swagiri, The ICON Tv, Arirang, 1theKradiobusking, Lex’s Asian Rap World, UnitedKpop, Soompi France, RoyalxNight, KondaKorea, Dazed

English translated interview articles:
Giriboy’s interview with Hiphop Playa about his ‘Fatal Album II’ (Feb 2013)
- Just Music - ‘Ripple Effect’ interview part 1 (July 2014)
- Short Talk with Giriboy Before Rapbeat Show (July 2014)
- Giriboy’s interview with TOPSTARNEWS part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 (March 2015)
Giriboy, Living Life To The Fullest Through Hip Hop. Bnt News (March 2015)
- Giriboy’s interview with STARAZ (April 2015)
- Giriboy’s interview with Life Today (April 2015)
An honest talk with rapper Giriboy: Back and Forth. Vogue Girl (May 2015)
- Giriboy & Vasco’s interview with The Bling (June 2015)
- Giriboy & Kim Wook’s interview from Grazia (August 2015)
- Giriboy’s music story on MelOn (September 2015)
- Giriboy in W Korea (January 2016)
- Giriboy’s interview with The Celebrity (April issue 2016)
- Giriboy’s interview with Soompi France in London | English trans (May 2016)
- Giriboy’s interview with UnitedKpop in London (May 2016)
- Giriboy’s interview with KondaKorea in London (May 2016)
- Giriboy’s interview with Dazed (May 2016)
- Giriboy’s interview with Pikicast (June 2016)

Radio shows with English trans:
- Giriboy at Arirang Radio Super K-Pop: K-Pop Rising (April 2015)
- Giriboy at Jung Joonyoung’s Shimshimtapa Radio (April 2015)
- Giriboy at Arirang Radio Super K-Pop: K-Pop Rising (January 2016)

English subbed videos:
- Giriboy TV ep 1. The ICON Tv (Aug 2014)
- Giriboy TV ep 2. The ICON Tv (Sep 2014)
- Giriboy TV ep 3. The ICON Tv (Sep 2014)
- Giriboy TV ep 4. The ICON Tv (Jan 2015)
- Giriboy TV ep 5. The ICON Tv (April 2015)
- Giriboy in Arirang Radio ‘SUPER K-POP’ (April 2015)
- Giriboy at 1theK Hiphop Fest. in Busan (October 2015)
- Giriboy on 1theK THIS CUT (January 2016)
- Giriboy on Arirang Pops in Seoul part 1, part 2 (January 2016)
- Giriboy on EBS Space Korea (September 2016)
- Giriboy and Junggigo on Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook (January 2017)

Raw/Korean video with English trans:
- Giriboy asking fans not to swear at Black Nut | English trans (July 2015)
- Giriboy’s cheering for Monsta X’s Rush | English trans (September 2015)
- Giriboy on USTREAM | English part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 (September 2015)
- Giriboy at London showcase (May 2016)
- Giriboy’s interview with EBS Space Korea (September 2016)
Giriboy’s interview with Dingo | English trans ver 1, ver 2 (April 2017)

⭐️ Top 10 ways to improve your recruitment communication skills! ⭐️

One-on-one conversations are the heart and soul of sorority recruitment. PNMs and sisters can make some improvements to increase their communicate abilities. Having better rush conversations is the key to making the best sorority matches!

⭐️    Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Communication Skills: ⭐️

  • REALLY Listen. While the PNM or sister is speaking, don’t be thinking about what you’re going to say next. Don’t be thinking about ways to make a cool impression. Don’t be plotting your next move. Instead, really tune into what the girl across from you is saying. Only then can an authentic dialog take place. If you honestly hear what she’s speaking about, you will respond on a deeper level and a genuine connection will be made. Pay attention. Let the other person talk without interruption. “A good conversation is a bunch of words elegantly connected with listening.” Listening attentively is hard work. Doing it all week is even harder. But a keen ear and thoughtful responses are what real bonding is all about. Avoid the “fake” sorority chat trap. Truly listen with your heart and your head at all times. 
  • Show Empathy. Empathy is about understanding what the PNM/sister is talking about. During your recruitment talks, respond with “ah” and “oh” to let the other girl know you’re getting the point and you empathize with what she’s saying. Slow down a little, don’t cut off the other person’s sentences, think before you speak and ask followup questions. Embrace what’s being said and what emotions are being shared in each conversation. Connect with what the PNM/sister is feeling and you will increase the effectiveness of your rush communication. 
  • Be Appropriately Brief. Rush conversations are just a few minutes each, especially in the early rounds. Avoid droning on and on about a boring subject. A successful rush chat should be energetic, to the point and quickly moving forward. Recruitment rounds are high energy. Your speaking style should be nimble, sharp and spirited. Practice some of these C’s of good recruitment communication ~ be concrete, clear, coherent, charming and courteous.
  • Tailor Your Message. Each PNM/sister is different. Some will get your whacky sense of humor, others won’t. Some are bubbly and others are quiet. Be quick thinking and tailor your talking points to the type of person you are chatting with. Some conversations will be easier than others. But a skilled communicator will adjust to her “audience” and make it work. Take the other girl’s personality into account when you are pitching yourself or pitching your sorority. 
  • Tune Out Distractions. Sorority houses are filled with maximum distractions. So many girls, so many conversations going on at once! Laser focus on your partner and tune out the rest. Never dart your eyes around the room looking for another sister or PNM. Don’t let our attention wander to the decorations while the girl across from you is speaking. Ignore the urge to use the restroom, eat a cookie, pull at your bra strap, listen in on the conversation next to you, sneak out your cell phone, etc… Your communication will be improved if you make everything else disappear except for the lovely girl right in front of you. 
  • Ask Questions and Follow Up. Recruitment talks are not monologs or interviews. Conversations flow back and forth naturally. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, you can ask a question about it. Engage in what’s being discussed and follow up with additional comments of your own. Be inquisitive, curious and fascinated by every topic. You should be interested, as well as interesting! 
  • Tell a Story. Stories are powerful. They make an impression. Share stories of your high school adventures, your family’s travels, your unique life experiences and other things that make you memorable. Practice your storytelling before recruitment to make sure you’re sharing the positive highlights. Get used to speaking about your life in a humorous, lighthearted way ~ or a sensitive, sincere way. If you touch the hearts of the girls you speak with, you are sure to make a lasting impression. Don’t read from a script, but do have your personal stories nailed down. 
  • Have a plan. PNMs and sisters should not sound “rehearsed,” but some pre-planning is necessary for recruitment success. Plan what you’re going to talk about, what questions to ask, what you want to highlight, what you want to down play, what your interests are, who you are as a person or a chapter, etc… Role play small talk before rush week. Have your talking points firmly in your mind, but leave room for improvisation. Be prepared to find at least one thing in common with every girl you speak with.
  • Get Rid of Annoying Conversation Fillers. Work hard to eliminate “uh” “um” “like” and “you know” from your vocabulary. The first step to ridding yourself of these irritating bad habits, is to start counting how many times you utter them when you speak. Once you catch yourself saying “like” ALL THE TIME, you can begin to stop it. Constantly repeating those unnecessary words keeps you from sounding confident and mature. Break yourself of the “uh/um/like/you know” habit as soon as possible. 
  • Watch Your Body Language. If you stand with your arms crossed across your body, that says more about what you’re thinking, than what’s coming out of your mouth. If you try to shrink away, twist your legs into pretzels, tap your toes, crack your knuckles, constantly touch your hair or face, fidget, drum your fingers, hang your head and other non-verbal cues, you will send the wrong message to the PNM or sister you’re trying to impress. Check yourself. Always be aware of what your body is doing, while your mouth is busy making small talk. Remain calm, open and relaxed in your arms, legs and overall posture. Even if you don’t feel that way inside.

Innocent-One Shot #196


He still got nervous before interviews. You could see him pacing back and forth on a small section of carpeted hallway. Wringing his fingers together and curling his lips in against his teeth. He was just starting to pull his eyebrows downward, creating that tiny pucker between them, a sure sign that the nerves were building. From where you sat off to the side of the set for the interview, with a dozing and vaguely jet-lagged Darcy on your lap, you could now see him alternating between dragging his fingers along the chain of his necklace and twisting his rings around the base of his fingers. The room hummed with activity as the crew set up chairs and adjusted lights, testing camera angles to make sure everything would be captured correctly.

This trip to Los Angeles was set so some press could be done for the small grouping of small-venue shows the band was set to do here in America in the coming months. You’d decided to make a little of a vacation out of the week they’d have to spend here. Deciding that you should probably get in as much travel and time together before Darcy started Nursery in a few months and you couldn’t as easily pack up and hop a plane when Harry and the rest of the boys had to travel. To see some friends and get a little time away from the London bustle, in exchange for the Los Angeles bustle. You loved the city, it was warm and bright, brimming with culture, and while busy, there was also a languid feel to atmosphere. Residents and tourists alike, always found a reason to slow down and take things with tranquil approach. There was much to explore. All the little pockets where you could get lost, away from prying eyes and the flash and rapid shutter click of a camera, while being contained in your own piece of sun-soaked city. And you got to break out your sundresses, taking refuge in the back of your closet, a rarity back in London.

You readjusted the heavy-limbed, and drowsily little girl on your lap, tucking the blanket you’d remembered to bring along, around her. The E! studio air was chilled to accommodate the heat pulsing from the studio lights, and if it wasn’t for Darcy curled against you, would’ve have to steal Harry’s blazer to soothe your goose bump speckled skin. Silently willing her to stay asleep until this interview was finished, the only thing on the boys’ agenda for today. You glanced around the large, mostly empty studio, apart from where the interview was being staged. All five boys scattered throughout. Louis, in one corner with his phone cradled between his cheek and shoulder, checking up on Eleanor, who was only a handful of weeks away from delivering their first baby. Having to be away had him in a near constant state of mild panic over having to be away. Zayn, similarly, was making a call to Perrie who was starting her own set of interviews in Tokyo leading up to some touring she and the girls were doing at the same time that the boys were.

You’d always admired how Zayn and Perrie had managed to always make things work and keep themselves going through it all. It seemed that everyone neglected to acknowledge that were constantly away from each other, and had been doing this balancing of work and being a couple, as had Louis and Eleanor, much before you and Harry had. And while you and Harry had been together and now married for years now, Zayn and Perrie had gotten engaged right in the middle of it all, for both of them. Right as everything, all the success, the demand, was at an all time high, an apex. And although you and Harry had gotten engaged while things were still moving at an unthinkable pace, you had held off a little, until things had somewhat quieted, before deciding to get married. But you admired that despite many telling them that maybe it wasn’t the proper timing, with the height of their careers and that they were young, they’d done it anyway. Because it was right for them.

Liam and Niall, on the other hand, were pawing through a rack of jackets, Niall holding up a navy blazer against his chest, over his white t-shirt and quirking an eyebrow to silently ask for Liam’s opinion on the garment.

You smiled, feeling your own jet-lagged brain slowing and your eyes getting heavier as you slid down the chair, pulling Darcy’s blanket out to spread it over your torso too. Reaching down to your slouchy hobo bag on the floor next to your feet, you dug through Darcy’s books and toys you’d thrown in there in case a distraction became needed, to find your phone. Clicking it on, you smiled momentarily at the photo of both Harry and Darcy on your screen before sliding your fingers typing out a message for him, hitting send without thinking twice, and dropping the phone into your bag. Your eyes lock on him, and even across the wide expanse of the room, you can hear his phone alert sound.

He broke out of the anxiety-induced trance that he seemed to be stuck in, and pulled the phone from his front pocket, tipping his head down so he could read what had come up on the screen. You watched him, seeing the corner of his lips pull up in a smirk, before he looked up, his eyes squinting slightly as you could see him relax.

He sauntered over, his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his jeans, and you thought it was to hide his trembling fingers.

“Hey,” you whispered, trying to keep your voice low, and away from Darcy’s ears, as he got closer, you brushed the tip of your foot on his shin.

“Hey,” he replied, and you could just faintly pick up the nervousness making his voice shake.

“You okay?” You cocked your head to one side, continuing to drag your foot slowly up and down his calf, to calm him.

He swallowed thickly and then nodded, pulling at his t-shirt and looking around with glimmering, eyes that were a touch too wide, and you could see that he was trying to swallow back the fiery feeling climbing up from the pit of his stomach to his throat to make it tight.

“Hey,” you whispered again, being careful of Darcy, who was starting to stir and snuggling deeper into your chest, as you held out your hands to beckon him forward. “Come here.”

He smiled softly and stepped forward, reaching out to twine his fingers with yours. You gave his hands a gentle squeeze, rubbing your thumbs over the backs of his hands, as you could feel the muscles vibrating underneath your touch.

“Don’t be nervous, honey, you’re fine. You can do this, I promise. You’re just getting yourself all worked up, but you’ve got this.”

Harry nodded, exhaling from between his clenched teeth, rocking back on his heels and tucking his chin down towards his chest.

“Yeah,” he whispered, pushing his body forward again. “I know. I can’t believe that I still get this way.” His eyes flicked downward.

“I think it’s sweet,” you admitted. “It means you really, really care about it, and want it to go well. If you didn’t get nervous, even now, I’d worry.”

Harry chuckled, the sound making his tight chest rise quickly and then fall.

“Let me take her for a minute, before we’re on,” he murmured, releasing your hands to lean down and scoop up his little daughter and hold her against his chest, one hand coming up to cup her back, his free arm hooking under her knees. Darcy squeaked in her sleep as she was shifted from one set of arms to another, but she must have recognized the smell of his skin, and quickly nestled against him, arms wrapping around his neck before she settled again. Her full lips, slightly smushed to one side with her cheek on his chest, and puckered. He rubbed his fingers around her back and pressed his dry lips into her forehead for a series of quick, successive kisses. “My sleepy little bird.”

You leaned back in the chair, radiating a smile at them. You loved his couple pet names for her. The way his lips moved over his teeth when he said them. 

“Hopefully she’ll stay asleep through all of this,” he muttered, his eyes never moving from her still face.

He rocked side to side, to help lull her even deeper into sleep, worried about all the unfamiliar noise making her anxious.

“I think she’ll be okay,” you promised, stifling a huge yawn with the back of your hand. “We both might fall asleep at this rate.”


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