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Collab Update!!!

Deadline is approaching fast and spots are filling up even faster than expected.
A special shoutout to those that showed interest in my project. I can’t wait to collaborate with you guys this summer.
TF Portfolio photoshoot
NYC area!!!
No modeling experience? That’s ok,
I need model’s to wear any of my products that I sell.
Ankh and Cute Couple Shirt provided.
This is a TF photoshoot to help me promote my art, the model, mua, photographers and handmade jewlers work. I need as much help as I can get. My project is about networking and collaborating.
Serious inquiries only. I need models before June 2nd.
All those who wish to collaborate with me on this project must reserve their spot before June 2nd. 📥DM/ Email to reserve.
All collaborators will be promoted and shouted out.
What you get:
Hair, makeup, quality photos for your portfolio
*Model Call closes on June 2nd*
Age: 18-30
1 Male
Size: S - M
Relax, comfortable shoot, street wear, back to school
Looking For update:
2 makeup artist
Any magazine, article spread opportunities

For more clothing options and interest in modeling, Shop:

Tag someone who might be interested
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Troy was lead to believe- by Gabriella- that Ryan was trying to move in on Gabriella and steal her from Troy.

Gabriella breaks up with Troy.

The next time that Troy speaks to Ryan, he apologizes to him for all of Ryan’s hard work choreographing an act for the Wildcats in the Lava Springs talent show seemingly going to waste,

expresses that he’s “looking forward” to watching Ryan play baseball, and caps it off with-

FYI: Troy was single, at this point in the movie. 

hi there! I’ve been meaning to start my studyblr for a while now and with school starting back up in less than a couple days(!!), I figured now was a better time than ever! so hello, nice to meet you.

some things to know about me

1. my name is kat, short for katelyn.
2. I’m turning 15 in november.
3. I’m a slytherin, sagittarius, and ENFP-T
4. I just moved from the Philippines to the USA, and I used to be homeschooled.
5. I love hairstyling, shopping, the smell of old books, and a refreshing mango smoothie!

my goals this year

improve on my weak points. | that would be math.
improve my self-confidence. | running this blog is step 1.
join honorary classes. | like I used to do.
take driver’s training. | !!!!
learn more languages! | so I can teach them.
train myself to be a functioning adult. | y'know?
surprise myself. | nobody knows!

my studyblr inspo: @studyquill @babistudies @lucrestudies @bookmrk

I’m looking forward to the school year ahead of us! hello, studyblr. :)

K, hi, tonic here
Since back 2 school I did this.
But i don’t know if it looks good or i should add or delete some stuff.
Help me out.
U may use it, just don;t claim it as yours ot delete the text <3 
If you need better quality i can send you imgur link or pdf of it, just ask ♥
Lovecraft is bae (both writter and bsd)
The timetable table is not mine, tho I don’t know who’s it is, but credit to them for it,

[inb4 why there is blank sapce on the top? 1 it’s a5 so it’s easier to paste on the back of notebook 2 i love doodling around soooooo]

Got Me On Your Web {Peter Parker x Reader}

Part one:

Got Me On Your Web part 2

You walk up to the back of your high school looking for the so called ‘stuck Peter Parker’ but so far you don’t see anything. You tried calling him but he isn’t answering to any of your calls and messages.

“Peter?!” You yell, you feel the cold breeze making its way through your coat, guess a wintery night isn’t the best time to do these things.

After trying to contact Peter a few more times ZIP you realize that it’s one of the web shooters it’s got a strong hold on your waist, ZIP you start flying up to the schools roof Oh lord you think as you’re getting zipped up to the roof deck, and make a loud thud as you your body slam on the concrete, you look up to find the one and only Peter Parker in his ‘favorite’ onsie. Oh, and the surprise? He’s not stuck to anything what’s so ever!

“Uh, hey!” Peter greets you

“Hey?! After having me worry about how you were all I get is hey?!” You yell frustratingly, Peter takes his mask of to reveal his confused but apologetic face. “Look I can explain.” He says.

“Before you explain do you mind helping me with this?” You ask pointing at the silky substance that’s still wrapped around your waist, “You kinda, got me on your web.”

Once Peter was finish clearing of the webs he starts his explanation. “Listen, I know you’re confused and furious at me, but I just wanted to ask you something” he starts. “Is everything okay?” You ask.

“Everything’s fine. It’s just that I’ve been wanting to tell you something, it’s something that I know you deserve to hear.” He drags his hand on your cheek. “We’ve been friends for a long time now and I-I wanted to tell you that I like you.” He says “Really?” Your eyes widen. You realize that this is all you’ve wanted for so long. “Y-yeah, you kinda got me on your web” he sheepishly grins.

You shake your head and laugh “Don’t steal my line bug boy” you see him smiling at you “You already have my heart” you tell him as you place a kiss on his cheeks

Lemme Update Y’all

So couple things to update you guys on. I’ll list them then discuss them.

1. I’m going back to school.
2. I’m looking for a new job.
3. I’m working on a master list for all the blurbs on my blog.
4. I’m writing again (I got lots of ideas for more than just this blog/fandom)

Ok I think that’s it. Now let’s discuss all this.

First, I’m going back to school to finish up some classes. Hopefully this will be less stressful than the last time I went back. I had some trouble with teachers and students, but I’m taking these classes at a local college. Wish me luck?

Secondly back in April I was laid off from my home health care job. I kind of gave took a break from working for a while to stay at home with my brother over the summer. He’s in a wheel chair and doesn’t get out much, but school is starting so that will change. I wanna go back to work cause I got things to save for, like getting my car up and running. So I’ve been searching for a new job. I would like to return to health care but so far that doesn’t look like an option for me. Again, wish me luck please?

A few months ago someone asked me if I had a master list of the blurbs on my blog, when I answered no they suggested I make one. I have most of the links saved and ready to go, I still got a few to get. Once I have them all I’ll start on a blurb master list.

Finally, I started writing again. I had taken an unannounced break do to stress and not having much time. My god mother had a Hysterectomy, my cousin had a baby, and I had to clear out my room so we can remodel it to make it bigger. Lots of things were going on. But my schedule has cleared up and allowed me to start writing again. I have a lot of ideas plus the requests. I’ve started my books again and even got two new stories going. So let’s hope I can start putting out more things in the next few weeks.

That’s all. If you read this whole thing, you get a cookie.

Back to School

1. Waiting on the bell to ring 

2. Getting a look at the cafeteria food

3. “Guy’s this is a fun class” 

4. “Don’t worry, I won’t assign much homework” 

5. When you see you’re first day outfit on for the first time

6. Seeing you’re crush…

7.  Day dreaming of sleep, Tumblr, and Netflix 

8. Getting reprimanded by a teacher 

9. Forgetting to do summer reading 

10. Reuniting with all you’re friends 


part 2/? of electrahe-art and I’s back to school look book…..

haley is wearing: basquiat tee from uniqlo, pleated skirt from forever 21, shoes are doc martens and socks are from American apparel

stephanie is wearing: skirt from top shop, shirt is thrifted, shoes from vagabond, socks from ebay