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hey morg!! i hope you're doing well! headcanon that dan and matt sing to each other randomly and try to always one up each other in pitch. it's all fun and games until matt's voice is cracking like a 12 year boy and dan is basically screaming. allison goes crazy in the car because they both sing mashups when only one song is playing (idk where this came from omg)

umm kieran, bless this post

idk why people get so hung up over being left on read? I mean, I know people leave read receipts on if they’re pissed at you but like?? Wouldn’t u rather know someone’s pissed than continue to annoy them?


sweet tokyo by . siiri .
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Jiyukuoka, Tokyo


…what are you looking at? 


Before they knew it, they were i n s e p a r a b l e ;
                                                 For @ootsukis

They deserved to reunite in s2!!!! like wtf were they not back on the balmera planet together in s2??!?!?!! @ dreamworks… explain

This is me coping with the fact that it did not happen lol <333