bacino di san marco


Luca Carlevarijs (Carlevaris) (1663–1730, Italy)

Carlevarijs was an Italian Baroque painter and engraver working mainly in Venice. He pioneered the genre of the cityscapes (vedute) of Venice, a genre that was later widely followed by artists such as Canaletto, Francesco Guardi and Antonio Visentini.


The Bucintoro Departing from the Bacino di San Marco - Luca Carlevarijs, 1710

I love these massive canvases of Venice, so popular from the 16th to 18th centuries. Venice today is essentially a museum city, populated mainly by tourists, but in the heyday pictured here it was an exotic, bustling port at the center of a wealthy and powerful trading empire, the crossroads between East and West.

More about the Bucintoro (second photo) and its role in Venetian culture here.