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Frankly, Brett exercised Rasputin-like control over Michele. More than one staffer was grateful to God that she didn’t win the nomination because of the influence that Brett had over her. …Once she asked me to ride on the bus with her to pray. Brett’s objection was so intense that for the good of the order, I followed the bus in my personal vehicle. On one occasion, she whispered to me, ‘Peter, don’t get off the bus no matter who tells you to get off.’ Another time, her personal assistant told me, 'Peter, Michele does not want to you leave. Stay on the bus. Please pray for us.’
—  Peter Waldron, former aide to Rep. Michele Bachmann • In an email to BuzzFeed, in which he alleges that Michele Bachmann’s debate coach during her presidential run, Brett O'Donnell, maintained an irregular level of control over the candidate. Waldron claims that O'Donnell prohibited Rep. Bachmann’s husband Marcus from sleeping in the same room with her while on the trail, refused to grant debate prep access to campaign consultants Ed Rollins and Ed Goeas, and “held her captive” in the back of her campaign bus during a 99-county tour, leaving her emotionally and mentally “broken.” O'Donnell strenuously denies Waldron’s surprising allegations: “Your source for your outrageous claim is a disgruntled campaign employee who has little knowledge of reality. Why is this news now anyway? The story is completely false.” source