i made a quirksona please be nice to her huhu



AGE: 15


HERO NAME: KILLJOY (it used to be SUCC but they made her change it)

  • the closer you get to her the weaker you become
  • her range is 5 meters and being 5 meters away from her will only make you a bit tired unless she focuses on you and it would still take awhile before she makes you collapse
  • learned to control her quirk by focusing on and visualizing the target
  • touching the target increases her powers dramatically and may cause the target to collapse or even die (it depends on the amount of time the target is touched and if she activates her quirk)
  • the more energy she absorbs the more hyperactive and impulsive she gets
  • if she absorbs too much energy she gets irrational and hostile
  • she’s constantly alert and in focus in order not to accidentally drain other people’s energy
  • she can’t control her powers when she’s asleep
  • her parents were constantly tired when she was a baby/child and had to wear gloves and long sleeves until she learned how to control her powers when she was 9
  • she ain’t got no troubled past though; her parents were unbelievably nice and she didn’t give a fuck about her classmates who’ve been complaining about her draining their energy
  • her elementary crush got sent to the hospital because she kept looking at him and thinking about him, she thought that her crush was too weak to be with her and forgot about his sorry ass
  • she then practiced controlling her quirk so people would finally shut up about her
  • she’s actually rather quiet and keeps to her own unless when she’s with friends
  • sometimes when she’s too enthusiastic while talking with her friends she tends to lose control of her powers because of too much excitement and ends up getting more excited and hyper after accidentally draining energy from them
  • her friends are often victims of her quirk as she tends to lose focus whenever she’s with them
  • she can only seem to drain energy from humans and animals this is probably why she grew fond of plants
  • her father is quirkless while her mom can create copies of herself that last for a short while
  • probably got into UA through a recommendation
  • probably threatened her school to give her a recommendation tbh
  • wants to become a hero so she can finally lose her cool and suck the living shit out of villains
  • she seems to lose control whenever she’s overwhelmed with extreme emotions that will then be amplified by the energy she absorbs from the people around her so ya girl gotta be true neutral 24/7
  • is actually a lazy bum, will only do chores by sucking her parent’s energy until they fall asleep and then using her claimed hyperactiveness to clean the house in one go
  • don’t give her chores or make her run errands she’ll suck the life force out of you and use that energy to do what you asked her to do while being an impulsive hyperactive lil shit
  • she’s trying to work on her physical abilities as she is useless against long-range enemies as of now
  • wants a hero costume that would help her be more mobile
  • fun fact: she likes snapping and listening to music while doing chores

i still have to improve her character though (i’m not really a writer hahahahahuhu)

i haven’t drawn her hero costume yet because i am Tired