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i organize my life into sections based on what series i was obsessed with at that time

Devaluing marginalized people’s struggles, conditions and endeavors based on their sexuality, gender, religion, ethnicity, disabilities and etc, is disrespectful, and I will not tolerate this sort of behavior on my blog. Such acts will lead to a non-conditional ban as has been the case for you.

The signs as white haired anime boys

Aries: Gauche Suede

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Taurus: Soushi Miketsukami

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Gemini: Yashiro Isana / Adolf K. Weismann

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Cancer: Nai Muhinyi

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Leo: Tomoe

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Virgo: Shion

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Libra: Toshiro Hitsugaya

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Scorpio: Hampnie Hambart / Kizuna Astin

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Sagittarius: Aru Akise

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Capricorn: Allen Walker

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Aquarius: Killua Zoldyck

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Pisces: Hichigo

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anonymous asked:

Best Yaoi manga recommendations pleeeeaase?😊

Sorry for a late reply!! All of these you can find on the Manga Rock app~

Play Zone

Best Ending?

Yoru to Asa no Uta


Yarichin Bitch Club

Bachi Bachi

Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki

Caste Heaven

Iberiko Buta to Koi to Tsubaki

Color Recipe

Blood Bank

Abarenbo Honey

Royal Servant

Kabeana Heaven Hole

Jackass! - Sawatte li tte Dare ga Itta yo?

Kesshoku Impulse

Ibitsu Na Koi No Seesaw Game

Mother’s Spirit

No Color Baby


Sweet Heart Trigger

Hidoku Shinaide

Ten Count



Sayonara Alpha 

Hajimari Wa Naka Kara

Neon sign Amber