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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ❤

Thank you so much doka-chan  ❤ ❤ ❤ Here goes:-)

1. For my current gameplay Lady Edith Crawley is me absolute favorite. She has the unlucky trait for starters.

2. She’s always taking up a fight with Mary and even poor Sybil (sisters) can’t escape it.

3. Edith had this hairstyle at the beginning of story but I later changed it to a distangled supernatural haircut by @buckleysims which seemed a better fit.

4. She’s currently not in any romantic relations in game. As you saw, poor Molesly and Isobel are expecting, which was very unexpected. So I’ve learned my lesson and disabled Story Progression, so for now Edith is a bachelorette still.

5. Edith uses the Cookie skin for Sims 3 :-)

Thank you for tagging me!

A Wedding Part Two (Laf x Reader)

Sorry this took so long, I was going through some personal stuff. And like I know the ending was weird but I feel like it needed to end. Welp, here’s drunk Peggy!

Part one

Warnings: Alcohol, mentions of sex (I guess???)

Words: 763 (It felt a lot longer when I was writing it, sorry.”

You found yourself at a bar, surrounded by the Schuyler sisters and your friends Maria and Theodosia. A white sash was wrapped around you, with “Bride” embroidered on it. Peggy had been planning your bachelorette party for weeks, constantly making it a competition between her and Alex. She was currently standing at the bar, downing her fourth shot. Strutting towards the bar, you pulled a beer out of Eliza’s hand and chugged it. Angelica, Eliza, Theo and Maria stared at you, slack-jawed. A devilish grin adorned Peggy’s face as she wrapped her fingers around yours.

“It’s a party now,” Peggy smirked. She led you through the bar, gesturing to the others to follow. When you stepped outside, the intoxicating scent of alcohol followed you into the street.  You could hear Eliza and Angelica whispering about something behind you, but you were too drunk to care. Peggy had a bit of a reputation to let parties get out of hand.

“Where we going?” You giggled, tripping as you spoke. She looked at you, winked, and continued to lead you through the city. This made you nervous, but you didn’t want to spoil anything your friend had planned for you. After walking for another couple minutes, Peggy jerked you to the side, pulling out a key and dragging you through a door. You stumbled into the apartment, looking around confused. You had never been there and yet your best friend had a key. You looked behind you, and the other girls seemed confused too. Angelica was the first to speak.

“Pegs… whose apartment is this?” 

“It’s John’s!” Peggy smiled at you, causing everyone to glance at each other nervously.

“Why do you have a key to John’s apartment?” Theo questioned, raising her eyebrows at Peggy. She winked in response and began to open cabinets, clearly searching for something. Her eyes widened and a toothy grin stretched across her face as she found what she was looking for, a large bottle of whiskey. 

“Wait, couldn’t we have just had whiskey at the bar?” Theo asked, looking to the others. Peggy shrugged and plopped on the large couch in the center of the room. You and the others hesitated before sitting down, still confused.

“Hey, why don’t we play Truth or Dare?” Peggy asked, raising her eyebrows. Maria immediately started giggling and Angelica rolled her eyes.

“What is this, middle school?” she sighed, giving Eliza a look. Angelica walked to the kitchen and got herself a glass of water, saying some remark about hangovers.

“That’s why it’ll be fun! Y/N, Truth or Dare?” Peggy said, turning towards you. You sighed, and responded that you wanted truth. 

“Okay, would you and Laf have a threesome with me?” She asked, taking a swig of the whiskey. Angelica did a spit take. You shook your head wildly and suggested someone else take a turn. Just then, you heard the door slam open. You whipped your head towards the noise and saw your fiance and his friends bursting through the entrance. Laurens was leading them and stopped immediately when he saw you, causing the others to crash into him.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” Herc asked, the others nodding with him. John walked over to the couch, took Peggy by the arm and led her away from you. You could hear them arguing, but decided to ignore it. 

“So how’s your night been?” Alex smirked as you and Lafayette stared at each other. You walked over to your fiance and held his hand. His eyes lit up and he tilted his head to the side. You smiled at him, rubbing your thumb over his palm.

“I forgot you get all touchy when you’re drunk, mon amour,” He flirted, his French accent stronger because of the alcohol. Hercules mimicked a barfing motion and glared at Lafayette.

“Um, since the girls are crashing our party, we should go,” Hercules said, causing a scoff from Peggy, who was still arguing with John. She stepped away from him and walked over to Herc.

“You’re the ones who crashed our party!” They started to fight, and you and Laf stepped away from them.

“Okay, I think I’m done for the night,” You said, suddenly feeling really tired. Lafayette agreed with you, and you stepped out of the apartment together. As soon as the door closed, you both broke out in laughter. You could still hear the others arguing through the door. Lafayette held on to your shoulder for balance as he doubled over with laughter. 

“I love those dorks,” You giggled.

“I know, mon amour.”

Look, I’m stoked my best friend is getting married and of course I am glad to be a part of it as a bridesmaid but so many things like the bachelorette and dress and alterations and gifts and shoes and hair are adding up and I’m so strapped for cash and I want to cry.

Bachelorette Parties in Gay Clubs: "Welcome to the Freak Show"

I’m researching the history of Straight Female Tourists in Gay Spaces for my dissertation and, my god, everybody check out Dereka Rushbrook’s essay, “Cities, Queer Space, and the Cosmopolitan Tourist” if you get a chance.

To put it briefly, next time you see a bachelorette party at a gay club, do something about it because they’re seeking out “exotic” otherness in places that represent safety, but also social containment. You’re both the “Freak Show” and the caged “zoo animal” for the “normal” viewer’s enjoyment. Your romantic and sexual identity is being laughed at, fetishized, and used as visual enticement for heterosexual female arousal. In those moments you become the clown, the Sideshow Freak, the zoo exhibit, and the soft-core pornography.

My eyes were already open to this issue, but the historical, consumerist, psychological, and sociological implications analyzed by Rushkin have ripped my lids off.

This trend is revolting.

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list 5 facts about your most favourite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

Thank you for asking me @happylifesims  ♡ ♡ ♡  Luckily I have more than 1 favorite sim, so here we go :-)

1. Brighde was a YA when I first made her where she lived with her parents in the Leoch Castle for the challenge I was doing. Her parents eventually moved away from the city including her baby brother, thanks to story progression.

2. Brighde had a younger brother and so shouldn’t have been the heir of Leoch Castle, but that’s a different story to be told:-)

3. She has 5 children with her housebound Ian, who she married when he won the Bachelorette Leoch Challenge. Ian was made by @danjaley :-)

4. She had really red hair in her younger days. It won’t be too many simdays before she becomes an elder which is why she’s appearing grayish in the latest posts.

5. She’s basically always worn the same dress throughout my game. Except from on her wedding day :-P

Jezebel’s LBC: Episode 5

Welcome back to The Bachelorette! This is Tamayo and on today’s episode we will watch the contestants compete for a group date with Jezebel. The contestants have been given a work station in order to discover a potion. Any contestant that discovers a potion will go on the group date with Jezebel. During the group date Jezebel will provide three interactions with each contestant: Goof Around, Talk About Art and Flirt. All other interactions with be done autonomously. 

This weekend has been at turns, amazing, trying, edifying, and arduous. It was surreal to spend a night surrounded by a dozen straight cis women who just took for granted that I was like them and the gulf that I feel lies between their reality and mine made me very panicky at first, but was alleviated by getting high and watching the friend who’s bachelorette party it was call out her friend for saying something transmisogynist (i truly hope that she does this even when I’m not around).

But I don’t like being read as cis. I don’t want people to assume that I’m straight. I feel like when I’m silent about it people interpret that as shame, a desire to be stealth, when the reality is so far from the truth.

I am proud of being trans. I am more in awe of my sisters every single day. We are amazing and beautiful women who generally have wonderful insight and have developed the fortitude of oxen from the trials the world throws at us. We survive and thrive and exist in ways that cis people have no concept of and it feels like when I’m silent about this that I’m ceding the narrative to the dominant cultural trope of the tragic ashamed tranny, when what I want to do is dispel that myth forever.

I want for cis people to realize that if our lives are tragic that it’s because of the way they treat us and not anything inherent to our selves and then I want them to stop propagating that concept and join in lifting us up to where we are meant to be. Ambitious? Maybe, but what the fuck else can I do? Silence is never an option for me.

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has pool party event been mentioned or in the works?

Hey there!  No, I was never planning on making a pool party, because Zerbu actually made one ages ago.  Sadly, I don’t think it works anymore (looks like you can’t choose a venue, from reading the comments).  But to be terribly honest, a pool party doesn’t interest me enough to make a whole party based around it.  I had kicked around the idea of having a Backyard/Barbecue party, but it’s not on my list at the moment.

I said this a few days ago, but in case anyone missed it, at this moment in time I will only be doing four more events:

Kids Slumber Party
Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
Family Reunion (which wasn’t my idea originally, but it’s become a very popular request, and one that really interests me :))

I don’t want to only do event mods (there’s so much more I want to learn to do), which is why I’m limiting myself to these, for now :)

Ty Burrell joins Scarlett Johansson

Los Angeles, Aug 28 (IANS) “Modern Family” star Ty Burrell has joined Scarlett Johansson in the raunchy comedy “Rock That Body”.

The film’s shooting is underway in New York, reports

The cast includes Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer, Zoe Kravitz and Demi Moore.

“Rock That Body” follows a group of five friends who rent a beach house in Miami for a wild bachelorette party that goes off the rails. The film is directed by Lucia Aniello.



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send this to 3 blogs you love and give them each a compliment! ~ I think it's wonderful how you got simblr community members involved in your Bachelorette Challenge. Your blog is fun to follow and I'm glad I followed you! (♥ from @stargazersims)

I love simblr ❤️💖❤️