Some Bachelorette Thoughts

1. My bracket I filled out before the first ep is complete trash, I have Eric and Alex going to the final. Eric can barely talk and Alex was dancing around with a vacuum.

2. Lucas can stay as long as he continues to drive Richard Spencer lookalike and “aspiring drummer” Blake E. up the wall.

3. Kenny the wrestler is a precious baby and must go far.

4. Why is the doll guy still there?? Penguin suit is okay, Shark Girl proved costumes can still hang but NOT CREEPY DOLLS

5. I think Jack Stone has probably killed people.

Reactions to the Bachelorette Rose Ceremony tonight
***spoilers*** My thoughts as they got selected to stay:

Brian- Who is this??
Peter- Ehh, okay..
Will- Who??
Jack- Again, who???
Jamey- Ehh..
Iggy- I think he was a CEO
Eric- Alright he’s okay
DeMario- He seems good
Jonathan- Nahh
Bryce- Ooo, the firefighter guy
Alex- Why do so many of these people look the same?
Kenny- Yassss one of my faves
Dean- Corny af
Matt- He’s a fucking penguin
Anthony- Hmmm okay
Brady- Who???
Josiah- Cocky but I like him
Lee- He had the guitar right?
Diggy- He looks cool, he looks fun
Adam- He brought a fucking doll tho?!?!
Blake E- It’s penis guy ughhhh
Lucas- It’s the fucking wahboom guy. What the hell. What the actual hell.

simmingbee  asked:

So now that Quiddity's BB is over and Jayme Rupp is released on Simkind once more, would you ever consider doing a bachelorette challenge with her? Because that would be amazing!!! 💕💕

Hi sweetie,

I seemed to have lot my character connection with Jayme. Also I kind of hate her but I do think @quiddity-jones who has such a deep emotional connection with the character can do one where all the contestants are Ash. She won’t be able to choose which Ash she wants! 

I’m pissed that Asian Blake had to leave the show for a family emergency and instead of the series showing that, they made it seem like Rachel wasted a slot for a producer pick when it’s probably the opposite i.e. filling the vacant other Blake spot with a producer pick.

And I don’t like how this could potentially be construed to be about no matter how hot, succesful, and charismatic an Asian man you are you’re still rejected b/c he wasn’t.

The potential tho.