Full Confession:

Maybe it’s just me, but after marrying Candace in Animal Parade, I found just how much I could relate to her. The things she says, post-marriage, seem a little on the cheesy side, like, “You don’t regret marrying me, do you?”, and other things, along those lines. However, I didn’t find it weird or ridiculous that she says stuff like this - I feel pretty much the same as her, in terms of insecurity, and having to constantly second-guess myself. I’m in a relationship right now (which is going well, all things considered), and, while I don’t really voice it, I feel (essentially) the same, from time to time. Considering that I courted Candace on a deductive-basis (I mean, I chose her out of a few other singled-out bachelorettes), I ended up absolutely loving her character, and don’t regret marrying her at all. It’s not really weird to feel like the weaker or less-important one, I think - I think it’s just a matter of getting along with your spouse/partner and working together to help each other.

The Great Canadian Summer

Oh, well would you look at this… spare time! I have spare time to actually stop, breath, open my laptop and type type type. YAY!  Life lately has been busy and fast and ohmygod, is it just me or do you also feel the pressure to do ALL THE THINGS in the summer because this warm weather and the long days only last a few short months?! Oh, just me? Cool…. 

Let’s recap, shall me? (ps. this isn’t last week, but the week before)

Monday - Bachelorette Night

I don’t have any photos from this night, as my friend Angela came over catchup and to watch all the drama with me, but umm, can we please take a hot second to discuss this season? I can’t decide if I love it or hate it. Last week’s episode (which I just watched) was bor-ing, but I have to hand it to Kaitlyn, she is confident and bold, and in the beginning I was all like good for you for doing what you want! But I’ve sort of jumped ship now, and am all like, whhhhhhy?!? noooooo!!! You’re on national TV! Also, umm, Ben H = heart swoons, and I think Sean is the neediest guy ever, and Nick is sleazy as ever. 

Tuesday - Startup Launch I attended

Since I started my job in December of 2013 I’ve sort of become obsessed with all things start-ups. They fascinate me. Their success and failure rates, and the reason and rhymes as to why some succeed, and some fail.  The books I read have even switched from fiction to non fiction start up books, and I often find myself on instead of watching TV. I know, so cool. Anywho, point is when I was invited to the release party for a new fin-tech (finance tech) startup, I raised my hand and said yes and please (and by that I mean I responded to the email).  

The launch was for a company from Vancouver called Front Fundr. They are hoping to create a site where people can invest in small startups (sort of like Kickstarter, but instead of investing in products, people can get equity in small companies.)  Given my previous life at the bank, and working closely with the stock market, I found it very interesting. 

The event was held in a room with a view, and afterwards I went for pizza and wine with the co-founder, my friend/old roomy Veronica, and a few others. 

Wednesday - Patio drinks with an old work colleague, and new friend

I had been looking forward to Wednesday evening since I had made the plans the previous week, but given how busy my week was I had decided to swing by for a drink or two, and then head home to do life admin stuff, but LOL, nope. 

I ended up sippin’ cocktails on a patio with m y friend Jeni, and her friend Ashley (who within a few hours I had a solid girl crush on).  The evening flashed by (and cocktails down) and eventually we decided we better head home as it was a school work night, but on the way home we stumbled across city adult swings, which were the best! If you’re in Toronto, head to the Roy Thompson Hall park, and take a swing on them! 

Thursday - Coffee Meets Bagel App Canadian launch

I got an invite to this event a few weeks back, because hi, my name is Liz and I’m single (plus my friend did the PR for the event).  It sounded like rainbows and lollipops when I heard about it, but as I was getting ready for it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go… umm, well, because a singles event isn’t exactly my thing. But I put on my lace dress, heels and red lipstick and met my friend Ashley as we nervously headed to King West for the event. 

Hmm. HMMM.  The party itself was definitely busy with lots of Coffee Meets Bagel items to keep us entertained: a photo booth, gifts, ice-cream bar, t.shirts, and (perhaps most importantly) open bar!  I actually thought the event itself was a perfect reflection of the Toronto dating scene - lots of well put together, smart, funny women, and then… the men.  It was a little awkward knowing every one  was single, because when men chatted to me, it was awkward to leave because they KNEW I was single, so I felt so rude. 

I ended up tracking down the CEO of Coffee Meets Bagel (as I had seen her on Shark Tank, and read that they had just raised another $7.8 mill in their Series A round).  She was wonderful and interesting, and answered all my nerdy app/start up questions. Very impressive they’ve got so big with only 12 employees! (She also said that the Shark Tank was intense as it looked). 

Friday - Friend’s 30th

As I had the following week off, and had wrapped up most of my projects, I left work early on Friday after happily turning on my out of office message. Wa-freaking-hoo! It was Friday, and I was ready to part-ty!   

I picked up the 30th and rainbow balloons, headed to the park to see Lily, and then straight to my friend’s apartment to celebrate him! 

After a little pizza action, and pre-drink we headed out into the night to maneuver the busy crowds and head to the comedy show we had tickets for. 

We ended up dancing the night away until (wait for it…!) three in the morning, and some how I got home at nearly 5am with a belly full of McDonalds. Solid 30th, I’ll say. 

Saturday - my friend from AUSTRALIA arrivd for a week!

And then on a mere few hours of sleep (because #lolpoorlifedecisions) I headed to the airport in the morning to pick up my friend Natalie, for a fun filled Great Canadian Summer week, and what a week it was! So much so, it obviously deserves its own post.  


This weekend has been a fairytale so far! My bachelorette weekend could not have been any better. The only thing that will beat this would be getting to meet taylorswift tomorrow! I’ve been planning my #Taylorette1989 since December and ITS TOMORROW! I can’t even contain my excitement!

taylorswift MY GIRLS AND I WILL BE THERE SHAKING OFF THE SINGLE LIFE! We will see you in sections 120 and 104. WE LOVE YOU!

taylorswift tswiftnation tsisqueen1989 swifternet daddysaidstayaway

If there’s any upside to the fact that my PhD is being held hostage and I’m not moving back to California at the end of the month as planned and instead have to stay here longer, it’s that….

I will have to miss my sister-in-law-to-be’s bachelorette party and the “Fifty Shades of Grey Lap Dance Party/class” that I could have been attending.

I’m so terribly terribly sad to be missing such an exciting event…..

classifiedluke asked:



the person i like and why i like them.

I like Michael Clifford a lot, obviously. Ever since the end of 2011 when they posted that teenage dirtbag video I’ve been so intrigued by his personality and how sweet he is. Sure as a teen he was a little shit but now, he’s this fuffly little kitten who stands up for what he believes in, hating how racism and sexism, homophobia, exploiting women on TV for money on the bachelor/bachelorette is actually a thing in the 21st century. He’s a literal angel and that’s what I love about him :3

Dante Marin Is Looking To Spice Up Her Life!

It’s the bachelorette challenge without the Reality TV style set up! Anyone can submit a sim for the competition by making a download post or simply by sending the sim with the info to my inbox.

To narrow down the numbers I will have a little poll set up that will run for about two days after I stop accepting submissions to bring the number down to four male sims.

**There may be a surprise introduced at the end of the poll**

Submission Post Requirements:

A Male Sim

Character and Personality Descriptions are a must so I can make an attempt at staying true to the character you created. You can write a whole backstory or you just do a quick little bullet by bullet character description of likes and dislikes. Whatever you want! Go crazy! As long as I can get a good read on your character’s personality.

Submissions are due: Friday, June 26th @ 5PM CST!

The poll for bachelors will run from Friday, June 26th @ 6PM CST to Saturday, June 27th @ 6PM

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For lackingstealth who prompted CUDDLY-I-JUST-WOKE-UP-AND-I-WANT-TO-SNUGGLE Bellamy and TOUCH-ME-BEFORE-COFFEE-AND-YOU-DIE Clarke their first morning after their first time. 

that sweet morning light

He wakes up in a bed that’s not his, in an apartment that’s not his, and it’s not until he looks over and sees a mess of blonde curls on the pillow next to him that he remembers.

A night out with the boys. Tequila. Gorgeous fucking blonde by the bar. More tequila. Mind blowing sex with a girl way out of his league.

Now he’s all caught up.

And he’s not lying, this girl is so far out of his league it’s not even funny. She’s a resident at the hospital downtown and works an obscene amount of hours. It was her friend Raven’s bachelorette party and she told him she had a rare night off and wanted to make the most of it.

Oh, did they make the most of it. 

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I’ll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)

Part 1 of 2

Summary: CS Modern AU. Of all the bars in the world, why did Emma have to walk into the same one that her ex-boyfriend Killian happens to be in? And what will happen when the green-eyed monster shows up too?

A/N: I was honestly inspired by this old song by Expose. When I heard it playing on the radio, I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head of Emma being terribly jealous after breaking up with Killian and questioning her feelings for him.

Rated: M

They were having a fun conversation. Standing facing one another, she was telling him an animated story about her best friend’s bachelorette party in Vegas. Killian was even starting to think he might like her. She was certainly his type - pretty, blonde, lovely green eyes - but none of it mattered when he looked up and saw her walking in the door.

His heart stopped in his chest for a moment as he zeroed in on her and everything else faded to black. It had been about 4 weeks since he’d last seen her (27 days, but who was counting?), and her presence was like a shock to his system he could feel all the way to his bones. Damn her and her beautiful face. Her beautiful hair. Her beautiful everything. The night was either looking up or everything was about to come crashing down in a torrent of pain.


Emma straightened her shoulders as she walked in the door. She hated the feeling of being “rated” by all the males in the room, but she knew what would happen as her crew of single ladies entered the bar. The lighting was low, the music was lively, and the air smelled of something young and high on life.

She looked up, plastering a smile on her face, and stopped dead in her tracks. Shit. Of all the bars in the world, she had to walk into the only one that currently contained the source of all her confusion and heartache. One tall, dark and handsome Brit who was currently looking quite entertained by the antics of a petite blonde wearing a tight dress. This was about to get ugly.



The bar was crowded tonight. The city was full of young and attractive people and quite a few of them presently happened to be congregating in this fine establishment. Including the pretty blonde lass who was currently smiling at him, leaning forward just enough to show a bit of cleavage, and leaving her hand on his arm just a bit longer than was necessary. He knew a thing or two about body language, and hers was definitely screaming, “I’m interested.”

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Hi all ye Humans! I’m gonna start streaming!!! ^-^ I have a microphone and it seems like fun to stream my gameplay for you guys! I might even stream a session of the ts4 bachelorette Challenge! You guys have inspired me alot, especially berrysweetboutique, and other people who I don’t know are on/if on Tumblr… :P But have awesome streams and I would like to be apart of them! I’ll even sometimes show my face, possibly… and I’ll probably have a weird voice to all of you. But I’m the ageless wizard on Tumblr so… WIZARDS ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE WEIRD VOICES! (plus, I’m a weirdo) Anyways!!! 

What do you guys think? 

canon-verse bc i can

“What in the hell are you watching?”

“Juvia is watching The Bachelorette! Does Gray-sama want to watch with her?” Juvia asked excitedly, clapping her hands together.

“The Bachelorette? What the hell kinda girly shit is that? And why are you watching it on my TV?” Gray asked, annoyed as he kidnapped the remote from Juvia’s lap.

Juvia pouted. “Juvia wanted to stay at Gray-sama’s house.”

“Of course you did.” Gray sighed, giving up before he had even begun. “What’s this kooky show about, anyways?”

“It’s where there are thirty men who become love rivals and try to win the Bachelorette’s heart, but she can only choose one…” Juvia mumbled listlessly, admiring the scenery of the show.

“That sounds dumb.” Gray deadpanned. A face showed up on the screen and began speaking. “…who’s that?”

“That’s Keith. He says he loves Ashley, but Juvia thinks he’s only in it for the show.” Juvia explained.

“…Oh.” Gray studied the speakers face for a moment, a beachy-blond guy who looked like a male version of Britney Spears. “Who’s that guy?”

Juvia’s face brightened. “That’s Mark, Juvia thinks he and Ashley would be a good match.”

Gray nodded in understanding. “Who’s Ashley?”

“She’s the Bachelorette.” Juvia said. She tucked her long legs up to her chest and patted the seat next to her.

He looked at her skeptically. This was obviously a trap, one of the fakest, most girly shows n television and she was inviting him to watch with her.

“…Nobody needs to know.” She added for fuel.

He sighed. To hell with it.

Juvia squealed when he sat down next to her and practically jumped on top of him.

“So, what’s going on?” He asked her. He wanted her to keep talking because she was beginning to drip and he knew from personal experience if he let that go on for too long she’d be a puddle in no time.

“They just got to Thailand, and they’re going to have a group date soon.”

“A group date? With only one chick? That’s gonna be one wicked orgy-“

“Gray-sama! It’s not an orgy – they just compete for Ashley’s love.” Juvia explained tenderly.

“Hm. Sounds like a horrible idea.”

“It is – but it makes for extra drama.” Juvia inputted. At this point, her head was laying on his chest and she was practically trying to snuggle him to death. One of these days, she’d probably succeed.

“What’s that guy doing?”

“He’s getting one-on-one time so he can get a rose.”

“The hell would he want a rose?”

“If you get a rose, you get to stay on the show. Like immunity. It means Ashley loves you.” Juvia said dreamily.

After a few minutes of one guy telling Ashley his heart wrenching sob story about how his wife and kid died in a plane accident and he tried to give them CPR but they both died in his arms, followed by a vicious make out session between the said guy and Ashley, Gray was confused again.

“Wait a second – she’s macking on all these guys at the same time?” He asked, awed as she made out with a completely different guy on the beach.

“Yes. But she can only chose one in the end.” Juvia said.

“Well what the hell kinda deal is that? She just makes out with someone and then quits? Who would want to be on this show?” Gray asked, completely stricken by the audacity of the idea.

“Publicity, or to find love.” Juvia said wistfully. “Would Gray-sama go on the show if Juvia was the Bachelorette?”

Hell no-“

Juvia froze, a pout wobbling at the edge of her lips.

“-I don’t want to watch other guys make out with you while I’m trying to win you, that’s fucked up!”

Juvia grinned, frown fading completely. “Gray-sama doesn’t like love rivals for Juvia!”

“Well, I mean, no, not if I’m trying to win you-“

Juvia made a screeching pterodactyl sound and buried her face in his neck.

“Guh. You know what? Nevermind.” He mumbled, letting her scream happily and cuddle up against him. He was too bored to fight her on this one.

“Now why’s she crying?” Gray asked, The Bachelorette sobbing onscreen for some reason.

“Oh! Because she found out that Reid has a girlfriend.” Juvia momentarily stopped wiggling to focus on the TV.

“Is Reid the fugly one with the muscle tee?”


“Oh. Why is she crying then? She should be celebrating. Never thought it was possible for an idiot like that to have a girlfriend.”

“Gray-sama! She’s upset because he cheated on her!”

“Well, if you think about it, wasn’t she cheating on him, too? With…Mark? And Frank? Or something?”

“Not…really. Sort of. Stop ruining Juvia’s show!”

“Fine. Whatever.” He agreed. He leaned his head back on the couch, relaxing his limbs as Juvia clambered onto him, mumbling something about love rivals and roses.

“Gray-sama, are you asleep?” She asked after a few minute’s silence.

Gray said nothing. He was very much awake, but was curious to see what she would do.

“Hmm…” she hummed, and her body relaxed into his.

In a slip of mind, he dropped his limp hand over her waist and kept it there.

Unfortunately, that was a horrible idea because a mere five seconds after he touched her there, her waist turned into water and his couch was all wet.