Athena, 19

Athena grew up in Hylewood, close-by to her cousin Stella. Growing up, Athena was an only child to her single mother. Due to her close proximity with her cousin, the two became very close and spent all hours together. After a bad prom night, Athena and Stella, vowed that if neither could find a boyfriend/girlfriend by their 19th birthdays they would both sign-up for the “Bachelorette” in hopes of finding their soul mate. 

Will you be one??

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anonymous asked:

Can you imagine the girls throwing your bachelorette party and you get really drunk and tired and you sneak away to call Harry to come back home or come get you or you'll come to him which he doesn't want cause your wasted so he comes to you

“Sweetheart just… slow down. Tell me where you are again?”

“I’m at the club on 2nd streeeeeet. I forget the name right now. *hic* Harry?”

Your boyfriend chuckles softly on the other line. “Yes, my love?”

“I’m drunk.”

“Really? I hadn’t guessed.” You can practically hear the smirk in his voice and, as sexy as it is, it’s making you pout.

“Can you just *hic* come get me, or what?”

“M'getting in the car now, sweet girl.” You can hear the jingling of his keys in the background. “You’re not alone are you?”

“Welllll I’m outside the club right now but there’s a bunch of guys out here smoking a lot so I guess I’m not that alone. *hic* Hi guys!”

“Christ,” Harry grumbles into the other line. “Baby go inside, okay?”

“But how will you find me?”

“I will, trust me. Just go back in and find your friends, yeah?”

“Okaaaaaay,” you whine. “I’m excited to see you, Harry. I missed you.”

Harry giggles. “Love, you saw me this morning.”

“Does that mean *hic* you didn’t miss meeee?”

“‘Course I did. But this is your bachelorette party, bug. Y'should be havin’ fun. Not worried about little old me.”

“But you’re cute. Like, the cutest. And I wanna snuggle realllllllllly bad.” You look down and pick at your nails, not even giving him a chance to respond before you speak again. “It’s cold out here.”

Harry lets out a nasally sigh. “Go inside, baby.”

“But I wanna see you.”

“M'coming as fast as I can, love.” You can hear his blinker of his car in the background when he speaks. “But you need to be good and go inside so I know you’re safe, hm?”

“Will you be here soon?”

“Yes, princess.”

You beam at the sweet nickname. “GOOD. I’ll see you soon baby, okay?”

Harry snorts. “Okay. Hang tight, yeah? And go inside.”

“I AM!” You grumble as if talking to a parent who’s told you to clean your room eight times now. “I’m *hic* inside.”

“No y'not.”

“How’d you know?”

“Because I can still hear you. If you were inside, I’d hear the music over you.”

“Wooowww you’re good.”

He giggles. “Just go inside, okay? I promise I’ll be there in less than five minutes.”



“Harrrryyyyy promise me. I miss you.”

He sighs but you know he’s smiling. “I promise. Be a good girl and go inside now or I won’t snuggle you.”

You gasp. “Will you be mad at me?”


“I don’t want you to be mad at me…” you feel on the verge of tears.

“Then you better go inside, huh?”

“Okay I’m going. For real this time. I promise.”

He chuckles. “Y'want my snuggles that bad, do ya?”

“Harry yes! *hic* Yes!”

“Alright. S'a good thing I want your snuggles just as bad or else you’d be in big trouble right now.”


“Because I can see you.”

Confused, you turn to look up the street and find that, sure enough, your fiancé is pulling up to the curb where you stand. You gasp. “Babyyyyy!”

Harry chuckles into the phone before hanging up while he parks. He climbs out of the car and over to you, wrapping you up in a big warm hug. “Sweetheart, y'freezing,” he says, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead.

“Why do you think I wanted to snuggle so bad?” You say into his neck, sneaking your arms up into the jacket he’s wearing and wrapping them around his back. “You got here really fast.”

He laughs. “I don’t live that far away, angel. You know that.” He pulls away softly to open the passenger side door of his car and says, “In.”

You obey quickly, sliding ungracefully into the seat while smiling up at him. “I *hic* love you so much.”

He smiles, leaning on the car door. “I love you, too. Stay there, okay? M'going inside to tell your friends you’re leavin’ with me.”

You smile, barely even listening as you reach down to turn the radio on. “Okaaaaaay!” You bounce in your seat like a little girl, and Harry can’t stop himself from leaning in to kiss you. You’re so fucking irresistible, he thinks. He’d come pick your cute, drunk little butt up any night of the week. And he knows he’s the luckiest man in the world because he gets to experience you, drunk or sober, everyday for the rest of his life.

anonymous asked:

i'm the anon that finished clean on sunday and started marked.... i am almost done with marked and i dont know what to do :( the hurtful chapter happened already and i've a few more to go but i'm worried it won't turn out okay. i need to be showered with fluff asap

It will, I promise! Nobody ever believes me, but it does. @wolf-of-ravenclaw, back me up here, would you? @soralovesrain? @drsallysparrow?

For fluff, try Bachelorette! I understand. A palette cleanser is necessary. But again, it turns out well!

Starter || anyxne-u-wxnt


Elijah sighed softly as he came back into the back room from the main stage with a towel that one of the security guards had handed him just a few seconds ago. Quickly, he dried his chest off before groaning. “I honestly think I will have glitter on me until the end of time?” he said with a sigh before sitting on Jason’s lap and admiring himself in the mirror. “There’s a bachelorette party out there so put on your best straight guy face if you can.. That way you get really good tips. Not that you need any help once the shirt comes off,” he said softly and laughed.

Even though marriage is a million years away for me, I have decided that I want to go lazertagging for my bachelorette party.  Nothing says getting married like running around with a bunch of your friends in neon outfits.  

Sim for @nadehzdia‘s Bachelorette Challenge! 

This is Elyse Coyne. She wants to be a friend of the world and make everyone happy. She’s also neat, and loves music and the outdoors. She grew up in a somewhat strict family, and went to a boarding school in Paris. There she learned French and did very well in school, but was always a bit of an outcast. She never had very many friends, but she found herself in playing piano and violin. Since then music has always been special to her. But she was never able to find anyone to spend her life with, since she was always too shy to approach people. She just hopes that this competition will help bring her out of her shell enough and that Elliot might like a more shy, quiet but intelligent and interesting girl.

CC: Skintone by @xmiramira - Hair by @wildlyminiaturesandwich - Lips by @pyxiidis - Liner by @pyxiidis - Eyes by @teanmoon - Eyeshadow (probably not necessary) by @crazycupcakefr - Earrings by @eirflower (down the very bottom - siren earrings) - All clothing/other accessories are from base game/packs

Private Download - Message me if you want me to make you a sim!

anonymous asked:

what are your top five favorite 21st century plays?

This is SO HARD and I’ve probably forgotten a million but:

  1. I Am My Own Wife
  2. Hand to God
  3. Jerusalem
  4. Airline Highway
  5. Gloria

(I mean, Bachelorette or Assistance should be on there, 39 Steps, so many more.)