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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2017 | 6.16.17

DAY THREE: all things bridesmaid + bachelorette
featuring: artisan bath bomb gifts by apothecarynoir

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*raises hand* what’s a bad dragon?

It’s a company that makes some crazy dildos, that are (from what I’ve heard) pretty good. But they’re like fantasy-based. Like if ya wanna get fucked by a dragon dick, OOOOO THERE IT ISSSSS!!
I literally only know this cuz my bestie and I swore we’d get each other one as a bachelorette party gift as a joke……… so mama went and looked it up and ALL THE SINFUL THOUGHTS I SWEAR MY MIND IS ROYALLY FUCKED UP!!
I T ‘ S  N O T  O K A Y  I  S W E A R  T O  G O D ! ! !  I  H A T E  M Y  M I N D ! ! !

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human klaroline (as a couple) get drunk & fool around with handcuffs. when they wake up sober, they realize that they don't know how to get out of the handcuffs.

Ummm, this started silly, and it might have gotten weird. I did promise @thetourguidebarbie smut, though it’s probably not as, ahem, complete as expected. Still, thanks for prompting, anon! I hope you like it!

Cuffed || Klaroline

The girls crashed into their suite, giggling madly while trying to shush the others for being too loud. Las Vegas luxury hotels probably had super-soundproofed rooms, the drunken bachelorette party a good example of one such reason. Katherine was probably the most sober, but she had already snuck away to Elijah’s room for some private fun. Caroline had the second highest alcohol tolerance, which left her in charge of hustling a completely wasted Elena and Rebekah into the suite while supporting the bride-to-be on her own.

“Come on, Bonnie,” she groaned, dragging the dead weight of her friend with her. It wasn’t because Bonnie was too drunk to walk. No, she had been having too much fun at the strip club and flatly refused to leave. When Caroline’s pleas of getting to use their ridiculously plush suite were ignored, she resorted to slinging Bonnie on her back and walking out - to which the bachelorette went completely limp, just to make things difficult.

Rebekah and Elena promptly fell onto one of the beds, barely kicking off their shoes before passing out. Her forehead crinkling in pain, Caroline desperately wished she could join them; getting some sleep was her only hope of avoiding the awful hangover she knew was coming. Unfortunately, a re-energized Bonnie started rooting through her naughty bachelorette gifts, and Caroline knew better than to close her eyes before Bonnie was safely tucked into bed.

A drunk Bonnie was a troublemaking Bonnie.

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Favourite Item/Liked Gifts, Villager Ver.

For the posts on the bachelor/bachelorettes’ favourite gifts, see here.

Favourite gift: Great Zebu Cheese.

Easy gifts: Milk, milk soup, herb tea.


Favourite gift: Boiled potatoes.

Easy gifts: Turnip soup, turnip salad, bees, butterflies, all vegetables.


(I think his English name is something different, but I can’t remember it at the moment, so…)
Favourite gift: Eel rice bowl

Easy gifts: Mushroom soup, fish, all bugs.


Favourite gift: Pudding a la mode

Easy gifts: Moondrop flowers, all sweet ice creams, pudding, chocolate pudding, pumpkin pudding, small fish, glass stones, snowballs. She pretty much likes all sweets.


Favourite gift: Blowfish stew

Easy gifts: Grilled fish, bouillabaisse, locusts, small fish, black stone lumber.


Kron/Chloe/Kaiser’s wife. Can’t remember her English name, either!
Favourite gift: Shortcake

Easy gifts: Flowers, herbs, pudding, pumpkin pudding, tomato soup, tomato salad.


Favourite gift: Seafood bowl (kaisen-don, 海鮮丼)

Easy gifts: Grilled fish, butterflies, locusts, ladybugs.


Favourite gift: Cafe mocha

Easy gifts: Coffee pack, cappuccino, butterflies, locusts.


Favourite gift: Quiche

Easy gifts: Bouillabaisse, milk tea, peach tea, carrot soup, pudding. 


Lute (again, forgot English name)
Favourite gift: Chocolate ice cream

Easy gifts: All bugs, pudding, chocolate pudding.


Favourite gift: Simmered daikon (furofuki daikon ふろふき大根)

Easy gifts: Grilled fish, daikon salad, snowdrop flowers, marguerites, lilies,  small fish.


Favourite gift: Penne Arrabiata

Easy gifts: Peridot, amethyst, rubies, butterflies, fireflies, tomato salad.

I…think that’s everyone??


The skin-care brand founder gives us the inside scoop on her sheet masks.

When she was a fashion buyer, Linda Wang would unwind from her high-stress days by caring for her skin with a nighttime face mask. Sheet masks were her favorite, but she couldn’t find a brand she absolutely loved—so she made her own. BECKY PEDERSON

Originally from Taiwan, Wang grew up intrigued by the beauty regimens of Asian women. One-step, no-mess sheet masks are very popular in Asia, and Wang was surprised to find she couldn’t find anything comparable in the United States. This gap in the market motivated her to create her own brand, Karuna.

All Karuna masks are saturated with concentrated natural serums from mostly Asian ingredients. The Skin Restoring Treatment mask is loaded with coconut and bamboo water, aloe vera, chamomile, and the mask itself is made with pure Japanese cotton. The Skin Regenerating Face Mask comes infused with organic kendi oil, sea-buckthorn fruit extract, and rose and oat kernel oil—plus, it’s made with bio-cellulose, which means it’s biodegradable.

Designed for busy worker-bee types, these single-use, four-to-a-pack masks make easy travel companions. Just unwrap, press on your face, and relax. After 10 minutes, remove the mask. Massage any remaining serum into your hands, and then toss the mask in the trash (or compost bin, if you have one). There’s no rinsing required.

Because of their simple format, Wang prefers to pack these masks when flying—they’re much less of a headache to bring through airport security than products in a jar. A hostess with the mostess, she also likes to stick them into bachelorette party gift bags for a morning-after pick-me-up (along with tabs of aspirin and vitamin C, of course!)

Sheet masks create a barrier that traps ingredients on the skin, so they penetrate below the surface. The Skin Restoring Treatment Mask addresses dry, flaky skin, and fine lines, while the Skin Regenerating Face Mask helps reduce redness and inflammation while working to promote cellular regeneration.

Wang recommends putting your mask in the fridge before using for an extra soothing chill that also counteracts puffiness. If you want a more pore-refining experience, you can quickly heat yours up in the microwave as well.


What Happens Here

A/N: I feel like I’ve been working on this bachelorette party fic little by little for a while now. It’s basically the product of a bunch of 2AM nights enough said. It’s a mess. You’ve had your warning…

“Oh my Gosh.” Kym said for the thousandth time in the past ten minutes of opening gifts and placed the gift face down on the table. 

 "Let us see.“ The girls demanded in unison as Peta grabbed the book and held it up for everyone to see.

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lapraslazuliii  asked:

Do you think you could also tell us what the bachelorettes' favorite gifts are?

Of course!

I haven’t given the girls many items in my game, so I relied on data from the wiki and guidebook:

Favourite gift: 
Chocolate Ice Cream. It requires ice, milk, and cacao. (Not a cocoa pack, raw cacao! It seems like that ice cream would be awfully bitter…) You can buy the recipe from the Silk Road merchant early in the game, but it may take a while to get the cacao, unless a generous person gives you some through online play. 

Easy gifts: All desert dishes, milk, tea leaves, and butterflies.


Favourite gift: Fall Herb Tea. It requires fall tea leaves and any herb. You receive the recipe from a travelling saleswoman, so there’s no telling just when you will get it.

Easy gifts: All tea leaves, milk tea, all fruits, all vegetables.


Favourite gift: Borscht. It requires a carrot, cabbage, onion, tomato, and any herb. Buy the recipe from the Silk Road merchant.

Easy gifts: All fireflies, all fruits, all tea leaves, milk tea, amethyst, bouillabaisse.


Favourite gift: Cold Noodles. It requires flour, an egg, a cucumber, and a tomato. It’s another recipe that you can buy from a travelling saleswoman. 

Easy gifts: Mushrooms (excluding poisonous), all fireflies, all cicadas, all bees, all fish (except minnow/pale chub), all salads (except yam salad). She also loves it when you show her a wild animal!


Favourite gift: Chocolate Fondue. It requires flour, a cocoa pack, a strawberry, and milk. It is included in Recipe Set 16, which is a festival prize.

Easy gifts: All fruits, all fruit juices, all shakes, anything with chocolate, pudding, all honey.


Favourite gift: Soybean Salad. It requires a soybean and cabbage. You can receive the recipe after eating at the restaurant. Reger will give you the recipe after you’ve eaten there at least 59 times. (You can eat at the restaurant multiple times a day, but only the first time counts. So it will take at least 59 days to get the recipe!)

Easy gifts: Boiled spinach, grilled pumpkin (pumpkin teriyaki), all flowers, all salads, all fruits (except kiwi and lemon), all mushrooms, mint.