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Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 1.)

CHAPTER TITLE: The Bachelor Party

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (pre-apocalypse)
It was just a regular bachelor party that you had to work that night, but what you weren’t expecting were two eligible bachelors that caught your interest…
Word Count: 4,515
Warning: No smut, just ya know… Dirty dancing, lap dances, and Negan’s vulgarity as usual… Seriously tho, the dancing is very very dirty. 
Author’s Note: So, I’m not sure if I want to do a two-parter for this story, but for now, let’s settle on this story being a one-shot. I currently have taken a liking to Steven Ogg and literally freaked out when he and JDM were on the same panel at WSC London (wish Austin Amelio wasn’t sitting between them, but beggars can’t be choosers right?) lmao, anyway, I need more of these two bc my god I’ve got a thing for them both and I’m still waiting for them to be standing next to each other in one goddamn frame pls 

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Songs: Pony by Ginuwine || Grind On Me by Pretty Ricky

“Take a seat, take a seat, take a motherfucking seat, Jason!” Negan grinned, taking the groom-to-be by the shoulders and pushing him into a chair in the middle of the room.

Jason’s wedding wasn’t until this weekend, but the group of men decided to take his bachelor party to Las Vegas. They didn’t want to risk bumping into his fiancée at any of the bars, though, that was highly unlikely.

“I said no strippers, guys!” Jason exclaimed, fidgeting in his seat. “Anne’s going to be angry! I told her no strippers! Just gambling and drinks out with my guys…”

“Calm down, Jase. Seriously. Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Besides, you’re telling me that her bunch of girlfriends didn’t bring her her own stripper? Come on. It wouldn’t be a bachelor or bachelorette party without a stripper,” Simon interrupted, walking behind Jason and gently squeezing his shoulders to calm him down.

“There are five of us altogether and only you and Negan are the ones that are single,” Jason added.

“And what’s your fucking point, Jason?” Negan smirked, sipping on his glass of scotch as he leaned against the bar in their hotel suite.

“All I’m saying is that you two can’t talk about feeling guilty because this woman can dance all up on you and you won’t have to worry about a fiancée or wife getting angry with you,” Jason replied, motioning to the other men that were his groomsmen.

“Lighten up. It’s not like you’re going to fuck her. Right, Jase?” Negan teased, chuckling quietly as the man sitting in the chair grabbed one of the pillows from the sofa to throw towards Negan’s head.

“Fuck you, Negan.”

“Seriously, Jason. She’ll be here for two hours tops. That’s it. She’ll give you one dance and that’ll be it,” Negan sighed, trying to reason with the other man. “This is your last chance to do this. Just fucking live a little.”

“Pour me a shot of Patron,” he demanded.

Negan smirked, “That’s more like it!”

The men clinked their shot glasses together before downing the shot simultaneously. Suddenly, they were all broken out of their reverie when they heard a knock at the door.

“She’s here,” Negan winked.

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I’ve found that the best way to turn around a bad day is to go for a little walk around the block.

Or, you know, you can be sad and ugly cry into a box of Kleenex while eating spoonfuls of peanut butter and watching The Bachelor. That works too.

Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 2.)


(Part 2 to The Bachelor Party)

Character(s): Simon x Reader (pre-apocalypse)
After moving to Atlanta, you finally see a familiar face. 
Word Count: 5,247
Warning: SMUT!!! 
Author’s Note: Since Simon isn’t in the comics, I didn’t know what he used to do before the apocalypse, so I made something up. Just wait until part three comes out. Any guesses on what may happen and who may appear? ;) Enjoy!!!! 

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It had been a year since Jason’s bachelor party. You saved up just enough money to put yourself through school for the first year and after receiving your acceptance letter to an art institute in Atlanta, Georgia, you were more than ready to move out of Las Vegas.

Every time you had to work a bachelor party, you thought back to the two older men that caught your interest: Negan and Simon. There was a likely chance that you would never see them again; Las Vegas was a tourist city. Majority of the people in Las Vegas were tourists for  vacation.

Since moving to Atlanta, you realized it was completely different than Las Vegas. It was much quieter than what you were used to, but you enjoyed it. You managed to get a job as a bartender downtown. The tips alone helped a great deal with bills and your tuition.  

When you left Las Vegas, you also left the life of being a stripper. It was never something you wanted to do long-term.

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Warnings: none

Requester: @bamby0304

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“The Bachelor? Really?” Dean huffed, walking into the room and finding you curled up on the couch in front of the TV.

“Hey, no judging allowed,” you said around a mouthful of popcorn, not even taking your eyes off the screen as you responded.

You felt the couch dip a few seconds later, before Dean reached over and grabbed a handful of popcorn from the bowl in your lap. He grumbled some more about how there were so many other shows that were more entertaining, but he didn’t get up or leave the room. In fact, after about fifteen minutes, he was talking out loud to the TV.

“Why the hell would he pick HER to go on an individual date?!”

“I thought you didn’t like this show,” you said with a smirk.

“I don’t. Now, pass the popcorn.”

Written by: flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash

Drabble Prompt #13 , Sirius Black x Reader

Drabble prompts -  songs , request more here

Request: Hey! Um… I was wondering if you could do number 13 with Sirius Black. Thanks

Prompt: Death of a Bachelor- Patd

When the marauders walked into their room they found Sirius laying across his bed sideways, his head hanging off of his bed so his friends appeared upside down as they walked in.

The first thing they noticed was the smell of alcohol and the bottle in Sirius hands, Remus quickly taking it from him muttering something about spilling it.

Sirius had a frown on his face as he rubbed his hands over his face in frustration and let out a long groan. James walked up to Sirius and sat down in front of him pulling his hands from his face as he asked

“What’s up Padfoot, any reason you are drunk at 5 pm?”

before Sirius could answer Peter interrupted with another question

“yeah I thought you finally had a date tonight what happened?”

Sirius groaned again pulling a different bottle of fire whiskey from under his bed as Remus confiscated the last one, he slurred his words as he spoke

“She just wasn’t right.”

Remus walked back into the room pulling the unopened bottle from Sirius hand and said

“Isn’t it strange how every girl hasn’t been “right” ever since he spent that night with Y/N”

Sirius attempted to glare at Remus for his words but he couldn’t hold back a smile in his drunken state as soon as he heard your name, he yanked the bottle out of Remus’ hands and quickly opened it taking a gulp of the amber liquid before Remus pulled it back away from him and yelled at him

“Sirius what is so wrong that you have to drink yourself numb, you are falling for the girl just admit it to yourself.”

Sirius put his hands over his ears like a child, his head getting reader from both blushing and from hanging upside down on his bed, he rolled around until he was sat up in his bed cross legged with his hands in his lap as he fiddled with his thumbs.

“It feels like the sky is falling, how do I live with these feelings.”

Sirius was always over dramatic and Peter quickly dismissed this by saying

“stop being so dramatic Sirius, can’t you tell she obviously likes you too, she blushes at the mention of your name.”

Sirius continued complaining about his new found feelings

“it feels like my heart is going to burst”

Remus came back from hiding the alcohol, probably in his sweater drawer where he hides everything and began to tease Sirius

“looks like it’s the death of a bachelor, no more fooling around for you Padfoot.”

Sirius pulled his blankets over his head, trying to rid his head of images of you as he mumbled before he drifted off into a drunken sleep

“I’m so fucked.”

Noctis' Bachelor Party pt 3.0

[Walking among the Altissian crowds, noon]

Prompto: This *shows Noctis his phone* is a picture of you 20 minutes ago walking the streets of Altissa beside a canal.

Prompto: And this *swipes to the left* is a picture of you tripping and falling into the canal 5 minutes later. See that guy pointing and laughing at you in the background? That’s me!!

Noctis: Well at least no one else saw.

Gladio: You tripped, bounced off the pavement atleast 3 feet, then fell face first into the canal. Everyone saw.

Hi guys! I hope enjoy this new multi chapter fic! 3,800+

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Unlocking Secrets Part 1

“Finn..” Gary called out.

“Yeah Dad?” Finn shouted from his room.

“Come look at this chest I got at the charity shop for your room” Gary yelled up.

“Alright” he shouted.

Finn finished unpacking the last few shirts out of a cardboard box, he then folded up the box and took it downs stairs with him, as he entered the living room he set the folded box against the wall then was maneuvering around a maze of boxes and furniture, “Dad, where are you?” Finn shouted walking around the house.

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We've Got Tonight || Hudrose

Marley sat there alone as she watched the other girls drink and gush about Tina’s wedding. All she could think about was Finn and how much she regretted everything she said that night. She should’ve told him she was sorry. That she wanted their baby back then but she was scared of what was going to happen and that’s why she got an abortion. She should’ve told him she loved him and wanted nothing more than to be his and only his for the rest of her life like Tina was doing with Mike. 

Knowing she wasn’t being the greatest bridesmaid in the world, Marley excused herself for the night and left the room. She took a deep breath as she looked up and down the hall for any sign of someone else being out there. She wondered which of these were Finn’s room. She should’ve asked Tina but going in again now would make them talk about her more than they probably already were. Plus, he was probably with Mike at his bachelor party. So she walked down to the elevator and clicked the down button so she could get to her room.

The Plight of NCIS: TV’s Biggest Drama Gets No Respect

After an Olympics-related hiatus for much of February, most of TV’s biggest hits returned to the schedule with new episodes last week, accompanied by a tsunami of media hype. The VoiceScandalModern Family and The Blacklist was among them, alongside major episodes of shows that had continued airing through the Olympics, including The BachelorThe Walking Dead and American Idol. Yet as usual, one perpetually overlooked show topped them all last week, with an audience of more than 17 million: NCIS.

Now in its 11th season—its 250th episode airs Tuesday, Mar. 4—the CBS procedural, about a team of special agents (led by Mark Harmon) from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, quietly continues to be one of the biggest shows on TV (second only to The Big Bang Theory, which had 17.73 million viewers last week). Yet it receives only a fraction of the media attention (including magazine covers and talk show appearances) and respect paid to all of those other shows that it soundly trounces, week in and week out.

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