bachelor of business administration in business information technology

Last week to ENROLL for Spring 2017 semester at Islamic Online University!
The University offers the following programs:
1. Bachelors in Islamic Studies
2. Bachelors in Education
3. Bachelors in Psychology
4. Bachelors in Islamic Banking and Economics
5. Bachelors in Information Technology
6. Bachelors in Business Administration
7. Certificate and Diploma courses in Psychology, Education, Islamic Banking and Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology
8. Higher diploma (Bridge course to MAIS),
9. Intensive Arabic Program,
10. Masters in Islamic Studies
11. Quran Memorization program
12. Ijazah Program and
13. Youth Dual Credit Program (University courses for High School students)
14. Free diploma courses.
15. Bachelors in Arabic Language and Linguistics

Kindly email us at for any more details inshaAllah.

Tuomo Helo

Thanks for having the nerves to make me realize how things actually work. You changed something that I’ve always avoided to something I’m now passionated about. You inspired me to start developing myself instead of trying to mock up things that already exist.

Your student,

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Jere Salonen

Grade: Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Information Technology
School: The Turku University Of Applied Sciences
City: Turku, Finland