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Life in Color (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Modern AU. An artist in every sense of the word, Bucky sees color in everything, vibrant as they fill his world with magic. What happens when the colors fade?

Word Count: 1154

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Wanda had warned you that James probably wouldn’t be awake at a normal hour, but knowing Tony Stark, he’ll be calling to ask about the painting by noon. Not wanting to tell your boss that you hadn’t even tried yet when his inevitable phone call happens, you decide to take your chances showing up at 10:30. You pass an attractive man with blonde hair and blue eyes in the hall. He gives you a small smile and you can’t help but wish that you were here to see him - whoever he is - instead of James.

When you reach his apartment, you knock on the door only to be met with no response. You knock once more, harder this time, causing the door to fall open a little. It feels a little intrusive, but the door was unlocked and opened on its own. There’s nothing stopping you from pushing it open just enough to step inside, so you do. Besides, with the way his lifestyle is often reported, you wouldn’t be surprised if you discovered him overdosed in the bathroom or murdered by a vengeful lover in the bedroom. You’re doing a civil service by walking into the apartment.

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Shape of You - XVI

I am so sorry I have been to bad at updating this story, but here is the next instalment. I hope you all forgive my poor uploading schedule and enjoy this chapter - I think there will only be two or three more after this as the story is coming to and end. Thank you to all those who sent messages asking for updates and expressing your interest in this series, it encouraged me to get over my writers blog and finish telling this story, so this chapter is for all of you! 💕💕💕💕💕

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Amelia’s POV

The gentle breeze that caressed my skin gently pulled me back to consciousness and encouraged me to open my eyes. I couldn’t remember putting myself to bed by here I am, tucked up in one of the on-call room beds. It’s the same on-call room I had confronted Owen in, Owen, where was he? Had he been the one to put me to bed. As I turned over to look for my phone and lab coat I noticed a salad box, bottle of water and a cereal bar on the small table next to the bed I was lying on, all items which I do not remember being there when talking to Owen. Then I saw it, a note, delicately balanced between the bottle of water and the salad box, a piece of paper neatly folded in half which had my name scribbled across one side, indicating to it was addressed to. I’m not too sure why but my hands were trembling a little as I unfolded the note and focused my eyes on the messy scrawl,

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So I got my boyfriend to get me a replacement copy of Harvest Moon DS and he got me the ‘Cute’ version so I can play as a girl. I was looking up different things I could do on it (ie, change clothes, interior decorating, eligible bachelors, etc) and it turns out that in the Japanese version you can use the Blue Feather (which is how you propose in the game) on one of the ‘Special Girls’ (that you have to do a fuckton of things to impress- there’s a goddess, a witch, a mermaid, and a woman who sleeps in a cave and gives you a sword) and have a ‘Best Friend Ceremony’ and make them your best friend for life

I can have a Gal Pal for life instead of proposing to a guy

it’s a Gal Pal ceremony