Gajevy-AU Romance through Bachata

So, this is my first time participating in the Gajevy week and I’m super excited about it. I would love to get some feedback on my writting. The inspiration for this story came from my best friend who went through something similar to what Levy will go through in this story.

Hope you like it!

Summary: Modern-AU Levy flies to Cancun, wishing to relax and have fun there. Faith gets her meeting Cana which introduces her to her crazy friends, one of which captures Levy’s heart instantly. The night has many surprises for the blunette and for her new person of interest. Drinks, dances and a bonfire at the beach is the perfect set for love to bloom. Especially when Gajeel teaches Levy how to dance bachata and sparks fly all around them.

Words: 8,022

Disclaimer: I don’t own Fairy Tail characters or the song “Propuesta indecente” by Romeo Santos (put that on youtube when Gajeel starts to sing [because obviously I needed to put Gajeel singing sexy spanish lyrics])

“Urgh! I can’t believe them!” a furious Levy exclaimed while closing her hotel room’s door quite roughly. Said room was being shared with 3 of her closest friends from the university’s book club.

The four girls had agreed to go in a vacation after the semester ended and bought their tickets to go to Cancun, one of the most popular beaches in Mexico. The original plan was to have fun and get a little crazy after the stress of the exams. Well, that’s what Levy thought was the original plan.

Once they got into the airplane to go from Austin to Cancun, Trish, Sasha and Clem rounded up on Levy and told her they were going to play nice and not go out to nightclubs or bars. Levy’s jaw hung down a little bit in disbelief. All she had been looking for in this trip was to have fun and have couple of drinks and maybe meet new people, but her friends had a completely different idea about what a vacation in Cancun meant.

She had hoped that maybe once arriving to the hotel and seeing the beautiful beach that was just around the corner of their hotel, her friends would change their minds. She had been so wrong…

After having lunch at the hotel’s all-you-can-eat buffet, her three friends decided to go and take a nap. Levy suggested going to the beach and relaxing under the sun, but they just refused saying that they didn’t wanted to get sunburn. Really?! You fly all the way to Cancun and you don’t want to get sunburn! Levy almost yelled at them but decided to let it slide. Maybe after sleeping a little bit, they would be in a better mood to go out and explore the city. Wrong again.

After the 2 hour nap, Clem turned on the TV to find that there was a Harry Potter marathon, to which Sasha and Trish got super excited and settled down on their beds to watch the TV. Levy ignored them and decided to go for a walk at the beach all by herself. Maybe they’ll get bored and we’ll go out to a bar later tonight she thought. Wrong!

When she came back to the hotel room, it was past 8 pm and the sun had long hid behind the horizon. Levy steeled herself to try to convince her friends to go for, at least, one drink at the hotel’s bar. They obviously refused, saying that they were too tired and that there was still two more films before the marathon ended.

That’s when Levy snapped. She locked herself in the bathroom and took a quick shower. She then put on her night black dress and arranged her blue curls in a messy high ponytail with a thin black headband holding up the loose strands that tried to cover her face. She applied a little bit of makeup on her face and sprayed her neck with her favorite perfume. She gave herself a quick look in the mirror and decided she was ready to go.

When she got out of the bathroom, her friends stared at her in confusion on why she had prettied up for. “Well, even if you don’t want to go out, I do! So I’m heading to the hotel’s bar. Don’t wait up on me” Levy stated with a posture that emanated confidence. She grabbed her black 5-inch heels along with her purse and walked out the door. Her friends called after her, telling her it was dangerous to go out alone and that she shouldn’t go, but Levy was beyond the point of listening them.

Which takes us to where this story began.

“Urgh! I can’t believe them!” Levy put on her heels and hastily walked up to the elevator that would take her to the first floor. She was beyond furious! All she wanted to do was to let loose a little bit, but her friends were just too tied up!

Even when Levy wasn’t a frequent drinker, she felt the urge to drown her frustration in alcohol.

Once she got to the first floor of the building, she made a beeline to the bar’s counter and sat down on one of the empty stools. She propped her elbows on the bar and covered her face with her hands, groaning in frustration. She didn’t noticed the strange look the brunette sitting to the right was giving her.

“Tough night, eh?” she said while sipping beer from her mug.

“You have no idea” Levy snorted and looked up to her side to acknowledge the woman. She saw a tall slender woman with brown hair, wearing a red bikini top and tight black jeans. Levy suddenly felt a little self-conscious when she noticed the huge breasts of the brunette and she made an effort not to cover her small chest with her hands.

The woman smiled down to her and extended her hand, which Levy took in hers. “Cana Alberona”

“Levy McGarden” she replied. Then, Cana pulled Levy’s hand forward, reached down and kissed Levy’s right cheek. Levy pulled back blushing intensely at the gesture. She was just trying to be friendly but maybe this girl was looking for something else that Levy couldn’t give her.

Cana cackled loudly. “Yer not from around, right?” Levy shook her head from side to side saying ‘no’ which earned her another loud laugh from the brunette “That’s how we say 'hi’ here in Mexico. Don’t freak out about it”

Levy smiled at her explanation and laughed nervously “Sorry. Yeah, I just got here today”

“Well, let’s give you a proper welcome” Cana exclaimed before downing her beer in one swift motion. Then, she jumped to the other side of the counter and ducked behind it. She grabbed two shot glasses and a tequila bottle from under the bar, she prepared two lime slices with salt, one for Levy and the other one for herself, and finally placed everything on top of the counter.

“So, we are going to play a little game now” Cana said while pouring tequila on the glasses. “Basically, it goes like this. Ya tell a story about anything that happened ta ya and I’ll try to guess if it’s true or false. If I’m right, ya drink, if not, I drink. Then, I’ll tell a story and you try to guess and so on until someone calls it quits. What da ya say?”

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“when she says she only dates latinos”