bach partitas


More “stairwell Bach” from the 8th floor. I also tried putting the phone on the 1st floor thinking it would sound cool, but it was just a muddy reverb-y mess.

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  • me: can i please have some motivation to do homework
  • my brain: bach partita no. 6 in E minor, BWV 830
  • me: we can do that later but now we have to do school stuff it's literally due tomorrow
  • my brain: sh no we don't
  • me: shit u right

A daily dose of Bach 

Partita for Violin No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1004  -  4. Giga 

Itzhak Perlman, violin


Glenn Gould - J. S. Bach, Keyboard Partita No.4 (BWV 828) - 5. Sarabande


I’ve discovered that the dorm stairwell is a fun place to play music (at University of Southern California)

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imagine a version of guitar hero for orchestral instruments

some of the song choices could be mozart concertos, vivaldi concertos, the bach partitas, beethoven quartets, tchaikovsky symphonies, etc

and if you play something on easy you could play (for example) the second violin part, if you play something on medium it could be the first violin part, and if you play something on hard you would play the solo violin part

and for the bonus songs you could have some really weird “modern” stuff, like schoenberg or stravinsky or even iannis xenakis because why not

for the venue, you could start out playing at a crappy school recital and then gradually work your way up to some random opera house in germany or carnegie hall

AND IMAGINE THE CHARACTERS YOU COULD PLAY AS. you could have mozart, clara schumann, tchaikovsky, rachmaninoff, chopin, or hilary hahn idk

and you could choose between playing on a toy keyboard or a grand piano, an electric violin or a strad–endless possibilities

it could be fun

anonymous asked:

insanları yatıştırıcı dinlendirici ya da slow olan şarkıların varmı?

bohren der club of gore - midnight walker 
brian eno -  i dormienti 
raphaella smits - bach - chaconne from partita no. 2 in d minor BWV 1004
noir - rain 
trigg&gusset - downdraft
tim maia -  rational culture 

A belated response:

No, I haven’t explained the titles, I don’t think. 

I’ve been trying to end this series ever since I finished Sacrifice, but Plot is a relentless thing. This story was originally supposed to be the last of the series, so I wanted to have everything come full-circle. 

When I realised that all this was getting too long to be contained in one story, I decided to throw everything into a series and title it Chaconne after Bach's Chaconne, Partita No. 2, which is so searingly raw in its emotion I heard it in a bloody Stargate Universe episode and haven’t forgotten it since. 

It’s rumoured that Bach wrote his chaconne (or ciaconna, if you want to be geographically correct) to commemorate his dead wife, which fit with the foundation of Cassian’s tragic history I’d begun to create in Sacrifice (though Tantim and everything else came much, much later).

Google defines “chaconne” as “ a composition in a series of varying sections in slow triple time, typically over a short repeated bass theme.”

The repeated theme, of course, was always going to be family.

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Glenn Gould In Rapture

What’s going on here, I can only guess, but here’s what you’re about to see: In the video below, the great musician Glenn Gould, supreme interpreter of Bach, is sitting at his living room piano on a low, low chair, his nose close to the keys. He’s at his Canadian country house in his bathrobe.

Through the window, you catch snatches of his back yard. It’s a windy day and he’s got a coffee cup sitting on the piano top. He’s working on a Bach partita, not just playing it, but singing along in his swinging baritone. As he plays, he gets so totally, totally lost in the music that suddenly (1:57 from the top), smack in the middle of a passage, with no warning, for no apparent reason, his left hand flips up, touches his head; he stands up, and walks in what looks like a trance to the window. There’s an eerie silence. Then, in the quiet, you hear the Bach leaking out of him. He’s still playing it, but in his head, he’s scatting the beats. Then he turns, wanders back, sits down, and his fingers pick up right where his voice left off, but now with new energy, like he’s found a switch and switched it.

What just happened?”

Learn about the science behind “the flow state” from NPR’s Robert Krulwich.

On one stave, for a small instrument, the man writes a whole world of the deepest thoughts and most powerful feelings. If I imagined that I could have created, even conceived the piece, I am quite certain that the excess of excitement and earth-shattering experience would have driven me out of my mind.
—  Johannes Brahms on the Chaconne from the 2nd Violin Partita by Bach

machine-gun-princess  asked:

I think it is so cool that u play in an orchestra. I play the violin but lately i feel disenchanted by it. I play in my high school's orchestra and ensemble and feel down when i do because everyone there is so elite lol. What r u fav pieces to play? My new favs r tangos

Thanks!  I’m disenchanted too sometimes, but then when I play concerts I forget about all the pain of practicing.  Anyway my favorite right now is Mendelssohn’s concerto in E Minor.  I’m working on one of the Bach partitas and it’s killing me …