bach partitas

imagine a version of guitar hero for orchestral instruments

some of the song choices could be mozart concertos, vivaldi concertos, the bach partitas, beethoven quartets, tchaikovsky symphonies, etc

and if you play something on easy you could play (for example) the second violin part, if you play something on medium it could be the first violin part, and if you play something on hard you would play the solo violin part

and for the bonus songs you could have some really weird “modern” stuff, like schoenberg or stravinsky or even iannis xenakis because why not

for the venue, you could start out playing at a crappy school recital and then gradually work your way up to some random opera house in germany or carnegie hall

AND IMAGINE THE CHARACTERS YOU COULD PLAY AS. you could have mozart, clara schumann, tchaikovsky, rachmaninoff, chopin, or hilary hahn idk

and you could choose between playing on a toy keyboard or a grand piano, an electric violin or a strad–endless possibilities

it could be fun


A daily dose of Bach 

Partita No.1 in B minor, BWV 1002 - Double (2) 

Itzhak Perlman, violin

lowpitchapproximator  asked:

Do you have any recommendations for unaccompanied baroque repertoire? I try to steal flute rep and my favourites have been the Telemann sonatas

Flute rep on bass trombone, okay cool.  Of course there’s the Bach Partita, and the Fantasies.  There’s the CPE Bach solo sonata (a minor) which is pretty cool.  Apart from that I can’t think of anything, but keep in mind that I only do Baroque rep when required of me…. I’m sure I have some followers that can help


Tatiana Nikolayeva plays Bach Partita No.6 in E minor, BWV 830

On one stave, for a small instrument, the man writes a whole world of the deepest thoughts and most powerful feelings. If I imagined that I could have created, even conceived the piece, I am quite certain that the excess of excitement and earth-shattering experience would have driven me out of my mind.
—  Johannes Brahms on the Chaconne from the 2nd Violin Partita by Bach

Partita for solo violin No. 3 in E major, BWV 1006, 1720

1. Preludio 00:00
2. Loure 03:34
3. Gavotte en rondeau 08:23
4. Menuet 1 11:39
5. Menuet 2 13:31
6. Bourrée 16:35
7. Gigue 18:14

composed by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
performed by Hilary Hahn (violin)
recorded in 1997


simplehumankindness  asked:

Music ask: 2, 4, 21, 50, 56

2. Favourite lyrics I don’t really know… 

4. Top 5 Favourite songs at this moment I haven’t really been listening to any other genre than Classical so I’m gonna answer with my 5 favourite pieces at the moment (in no particular order, because I can’t decide): Chopin Fantasy on Polish Airs Op.13, Chopin Andante Spianato Op.22, Mozart “Se viver non degg’io” from “Mitridate” K.87 for flute and clarinet, Sibelius Tempest Suite No.2 Op.109, Bach Partita No.1 BWV 825

21. A song that’s a joke between you and your friends Well, that would be a parody from the Disney song Mine, Mine, Mine (from Pocahontas). It’s called Äitienpäivä (Mother’s Day in Finnish) and it’s so bad it’s funny.

50. A song that you would rock at karaoke Probably a couple Disney songs, I love singing those

56. A song from an artist still alive I’m gonna say Howard Shore - The Houses of Healing, does that count?

Chaconne in D minor, BWV 1004, for Guitar - 2 of 2
J.S. Bach
Chaconne in D minor, BWV 1004, for Guitar - 2 of 2

A daily dose of Bach
Chaconne in D minor, BWV 1004 (from Violin Partita No. 2) - Part 2
Arranged by John Feeley
John Feeley, guitar

“not just one of the greatest pieces of music ever written, but one of the greatest achievements of any man in history. It’s a spiritually powerful piece, emotionally powerful, structurally perfect.”   - Joshua Bell


I had my senior recital a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to uploading the video! This was a huge program for me and such a rewarding project. You all helped with the program a little as well–the Mendelssohn F minor sonata won out that poll I posted awhile back. 

Sit back and enjoy the program!

  • JS Bach - Partita in B minor for solo violin, BWV 1002
  • Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - Violin Sonata in F minor, Op 4
  • Brahms - Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 77
  • de Falla - Danse Espagnole from La Vida Breve