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i wish scientists would start working on android transition surgeries because i need that.

seriously like it’s 2014 why can’t i just upload my horrid terrestrial consciousness into a new vessel why aren’t we there yet

1. The meaning behind my URL -before ihad a really ridiculous fandom url, but after i got the big chop and fell outta that fandom i needed sumn batter that fit lol, so since i had an afro i figured id use that n knew i needed something to describe my habits at the time which was horrible procrastinantion lol. and the princess part comes from a hanging thing on my wall. mash that together and voila my url

5. Piercings I have -i have my ears pierced and a nose piercing which i love. imma get more but i hafta be careful because i have a metal allergy, oops

16. Favorite movie -umm its between Cloud Atlas and Winter Soldier