Clifside monster

This is a birthday gift for my dear friend baccuroth. I Wish I could write better, you deserve so much more than what I’m capable of writing. The summery come’s from her post that inspired this fic and Erwin’s spoken line of from another post of her’s. For all the lovely fics she’s given me over the year this is the only one I’ve given her and I’m kinda ashamed of that.

Fic; Clifside monster

summery: erwin as a great winged demon looking for a mate in a cliffside city. each year a young priest is offered to him and each year a young priest is dashed upon the rocks below until acolyte levi’s lot is drawn.

words; 598

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baccuroth replied to your post: […]“

i wish scientists would start working on android transition surgeries because i need that.

seriously like it’s 2014 why can’t i just upload my horrid terrestrial consciousness into a new vessel why aren’t we there yet

baccuroth replied to your post:tbh eruri has raised the standards too high for…

how can anyone surpass them? a power and powerful couple. the size kink. trust and respect. it hits every mark on the ultimate otp list.

really, though.  even minute things like word choice, body language, fighting techniques, etc make them so balanced and complementary.  not to mention erwin going 100% husband mode with expensive gifts and special ranks.  yaoi science has gone too far.

baccuroth said: i would love it if we could all get together with some snacks in a snuggle pile and just watch levi and erwin swing from angst to smut to domestic hilarity.

we can build a blanket fort!!! now that’s my idea of a good party.

baccuroth-deactivated20150225 asked:

*waves* you're so sweet for liking my little ficlets and your blog is loverly. about damn time i started following you.

Oh hey! I absolutely adore your fics, they’re the perfect blend of fluffy and filthy in the fewest number of words possible. I really loved your demon AU, and more recently your daddy kink and camwhore Levi stuff. Feel free to come talk to me about Eruri if you ever need fic inspiration, or just in general! And thank you so much for liking my blog <3


Look what came in the mail today!

The lovely baccuroth sent me some wonderful gifts for my birthday.  And when I went to remove some of these from my wishlist like half is showing as sold out now too XD. Sadly I didn’t get a 2ed pair of Levi eyes but I did get the galaxy/starry eyes so that fit’s even better considering who the package was from!

baccuroth-deactivated20140920 asked:

hi! i heard that anons were being butts to you and just wanted to thank you for all you do. i'm not a diehard petruo shipper but a good friend of mine is and they get so much joy out of what you do and that in return makes me feel wonderful as well. so, thank you!

this is such a lovely thing to say! thank you so much <3 i’m glad your friend enjoys my stories, and you do by proxy? hehe. thank you again :)