A manga based anima, the anima version is canon however which is great because in anima the original story of manga is usually the best. It takes place 2000 years in the future…somehow(it’s odd because man kind is a agrarian society no vehicles or space stuff), but nothing about the past has really been mentioned at this point of the story. Humanity has been under siege by monstrous titans for 107 years, behind huge 50 plus meter walls. It’s like a zombie story only creepier and with giants. It has wonderful animation as well as story, character development, drama, action, and all around originality. If you are a fan of shows like the walking dead, or breaking bad this is for you. gritty, violent, well written.

2. Baccono!
This non linear story may be some what hard to follow if you aren’t paying to well of attention, but for even those with bad attention spans it’s worth checking out. Since it’s a non linear story describing the premise is a little tough, but basically in the 19th century a group of alchemist discover the formula for eternal life. Immortal’s run about in to the early 20th century where most of the story takes place, jumping around between a few year time span all around a central point where most of characters meet. Complicated yes, but awesome. has great story telling elements as well as character design and development. It’s a lot more up beat than attack on titan, but don’t worry it’s full of action and intense scenes. Also due to it’s rather diverse character palette a lot of separate stories are bought to the table so there is something for everyone.    

3. Durarara!!
From the makers of Baccono! it is similar in having lots of characters with in depth backstories, with good development. It revolves around Celty Sturluson, who while has human form but is a kind of celtic fairy, how ever she has lost her head and is on a mission too find it. It to is up beat, as well as intense with different characters striving for their own goals. If you are going to watch this I recommend watching Baccono! first, you will catch easter eggs from it that makes the continuity of this world even better.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
This version of Fullmetal Alchemist is the manga version unlike the first version of it to hit TV. Thus making it much better than the original, being it’s canon and following a much more interesting story and characters. Yeah that’s right there are different characters and over half the story is completely different than the original. If you have seen the original this one will leave you in a much better place.     
5. Future Diary 
This anima is the most atypical on the list. The main character one day is told by his imaginary friend that he is really god, and not really a figment of his imagination. After this he informs the main character that he will take part in a game to take gods place. The game involves the members taking part killing each other until only one is left and the winner. They all have diaries that tell them the future in one way or another. it’s trippy to say the least, but well worth the watch.