This was probably the hardest part and obviously the most important.

Once you know your venue, you will know how many people you can invite; what the rest of your budget will be spent on, whether it’s food, dj, flowers, or if all of that is included; and then you can start planning everything else that will easily fall into place.

Honestly, the most stressful thing so far has been finding the perfect venue. My fiancé, Tony, and I were looking for a place that was very low-key, beautiful, and within our budget that wasn’t a gaudy reception hall or a great location that was super far away.

We went to Scottadito’s, a restaurant in Brooklyn that had a beautiful, sun lit dining room, the menu looked great, but it just wasn’t for us. If considering a Brooklyn venue for up to 70 people, I would recommend checking it out. Naturally since it’s a restaurant, they provide the food and drinks so that’s one less thing to worry about.

A few weeks later, I think I found Bacchus somewhere online and immediately fell in love with it. I sent them an e-mail and their GM, Meryl, was very quick to reply. Shortly after, Tony and I met up with her at Bacchus and LOVED it so much. There is a bar area, dining room, patio, and outside seating that can all be used for the wedding. When we went, they were renovating the wine bar next door, at least that’s what I believe it was being made into? So we haven’t seen it yet, but I noticed photos online and it looks gorgeous.

Things I like about Bacchus:
-The menu looks AWESOME.
-The price is not bad at all.
-Since food and drink is included with our price per head, we only have to worry about flowers, dj, cake, officiant, stationary, and little odd things here and there. The restaurant is set up beautifully and Meryl mentioned that when I bring my own flowers, she will set them up for us. Meryl is so kind, so easy going, and has a great correspondence via e-mail. Basically, we won’t need a planner since we have her.
-The actual space is gorgeous, there is a rattan sort of wall around the entire perimeter outdoors, this one big whimsical looking tree to the side, and I believe I saw candle holders and white linens suspended from the ceiling in the outdoor dining area.
-Oh yes! Fear not, rain or shine, they have tents that can be put up on the patio as well as over the outside dining area.