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Posting ads???? Really????

Honestly, I put a lot of work into this blog, and I think its fair that I occasionally post an ad. I most definitely don’t spam. The actual ads themselves are infrequent, high quality, and very transparent/upfront. If I post an ad I try to compensate by posting a meme right away. Plus, I literally try to post a new meme every day + run the page’s Instagram account (@ historyandmeme.s )! Give me a break :/ 

THIS ISN’T DONE   with an easy heart, honestly . it may seem so random but this has been quite a long time coming . truly, i’ve been wanting to leave tumblr for good in the middle of sirius black, but i chopped up all the negative vibes & mental strain on the fact that i was rping rude characters . then rping newt & thor definitely did help me feel a bit better just because of my sheer love for the characters, but my anxiety & paranoia never left . this was a very calculated move for me .

i want to come back, and i want to say that i will come back . but at this point i’m not sure of that . i LOVE thor, i love writing thor, but this website ruins me mentally & emotionally, i just can’t handle it right now . i want to focus on my art and education, i just don’t really want to rely on this website and spend all of my time on here when it drains me so much . for now i will be at my personal @ilsirius & on my skype . 

i want to thank SO MANY OF YOU for being so lovely and kind and welcoming to me, to my friends for being here for me, for my partners for plotting and writing with me . you have no idea how grateful i am for all of you . i also really want to apologize for anyone i may have hurt on my time here, i’m not sure of any specifics of what i did but if i have hurt anyone i am deeply sorry, and you are free to approach me and we can talk it out in depth . if my leaving hurts anyone, i’m also sorry for that . i do not intend to hurt anyone, and i wish no ill will on anyone on this website . 

i will continue to rp thor and newt and my ocs on skype if anyone would miss that ! i just can’t be on tumblr anymore ! i’m so tired of this website, it is so time consuming and toxic . it is killing me lmfao sdklfs this sounds so dramatic but whatever it’s not like it matters !!!

i love all of my followers dearly, you and thor were what was keeping me here while i was here, if it weren’t for you i wouldn’t have made it this far <3 goodbye angels ! 


The pain in Tobias’ chest was like nothing he had ever felt. Never before had he been filled with so much rage & yet so much sadness all at once. While he knew that he had made plenty of mistakes, he was more than willing to answer for them & do whatever he could to make them right. His family & his marriage had meant the world to him, more than he even thought was humanly possible. Yet Archer had thrown it all away in the blink of an eye & all for that mundane, swamp-dwelling ex of his. Tobias hated Levi with a violent passion now. He had swept in & taken away any hopes there were left for his marriage. And as much as he wanted so badly to hate Archer as well, he couldn’t. He loved him still yet now, instead of the exquisite happiness it brought before, that love felt like a sharp dagger through the center of his heart. 

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Why do I have to credit stimboards? Is it optional?

I know I said I’m taking a break from answering asks until tomorrow, but I’m answering this one now bc as a gifmaker, unsourced stimboards drive me nuts!! >:/

It’s important to add credit/sources to stimboards because people put time and effort into making those gifs, so it’s not fair for someone to just repost it without sourcing it! 

My biggest issue with it is that most people who make gifs, including myself, always add a link to the source video that the gif is from when they post it! So if someone makes a stimboard using that gif without crediting the person who made it, then it also takes away the source of the original video, too! 

In the worst case scenario, if you make an unsourced stimboard and it gets popular and people start to use the gifs from it for their own boards, when they try to source their own boards then they might just list your unsourced board as the source bc it’s basically a dead end! That might lead to people thinking that you made all those gifs, when you really didn’t! I can’t describe how frustrating it is to see a stimboard that’s using one of your gifs, and when you click the source link they added, it leads to someone else’s unsourced board!

Even worse, not sourcing the gifs you use for your stimboards creates sort a chain reaction where more people start doing it too! People see so many unsourced stimboards and think “well if they can do it, then so can I,” and then the problem grows exponentially! There are some gifs that are really popular to use in stimboards that are almost impossible to find the source for now because so many people have used it without crediting it :/

Long story short: Giving credit when you make stimboards is very important, it’s not even that hard and there are ways of doing it that don’t take long at all! ( @letmesourcethatforyou has a couple really useful tutorials on their about page!)

(EDIT: “gifs aren’t mine, all credit goes to the original gifmakers” and the like doesn’t count!!)