Slowly trying to revive this project because this old post getting ~1000 more notes out of nowhere reminded me that I have 6 more of those in progress. And now I’m officially done with Tavros and Vriska, I’m probably doing Eridan next.

…although I’m not sure how fast I’ll get that done since Assassin’s Creed 3 will be keeping me busy for the next few days.

Fixed/bigger version of the last Vriska.

The idea for Baccano!stuck is Pootsy’s.

The idea to be dumb and draw Homestuck characters as if they were in the Baccano! opening is mine.

Also, to clear up any potential confusion: These aren’t traced/modified from the OP screencaps, these are just drawn using the OP screencaps as a pose reference. Just figured I’d clarify in case.

I’ve thought of Baccano!stuck stuff before while listening to the opening

I always got

Equius and Nepeta = Isaac and Miria

Firo = John

Dad = Maiza

The Gandor Brothers = Dave, Bro, and Cal (imagine them playing cards. Go on. Isn’t it good? And then Dave pours another glass of apple juice to segway into)

Szilard = Mom (they’re both drinking, right?)

Ennis = Rose (this has nothing to do with my Grimdorks shipping)

Claire = Gamzee

Lua = Feferi

Ladd = Eridan

Chane = Sollux (Only because he could pull a shuriken out of the wall like the knife and I don’t know what else to do with him)

Jacuzzi = Tavros of course

Nice = Vriska duh

Eve = Kanaya

Dallas = Aradia (being all dead and stuff)

Mary and Czeslaw = Terezi and Karkat, he is especially angry because he is LOSING


12 hours and 70 frames later… Rose aka Chane Laforet is done.

Four down, about 15 more to go. Guhhhh.. it’s gonna take a while until I’m done with this.

Oh and by the way, this means that Dave is probably gonna be Huey (no, that doesn’t make Rose his daughter, they’re still weird ectosiblings in my book). 

…and because Gamzee is Claire, we have our first crack ship. To be honest, I have no idea where this is going.

(Character suggestions are still more than welcome)

Crossing Baccano! over with everything.

I don’t remember much of last night’s dream, but it did confirm that Homestuck and Baccano! share a canon. Andrew Hussie and Ryogo Narita both said so, in my dream.

I guess this means that Isaac and Miria played the Game, given that they’re unkillable and anyway the apocalypse would have made them sad. The immortals would be in an interesting situation; they could theoretically attain god-tier and the skills inherent in that, but they would have to allow someone else possession of all of their memories and skills, possibly losing them themselves in the process.

There are at least three non-immortals who would be able to off themselves on their quest beds without much fuss: Chane, Vino, and Ladd. I can see Nice blowing Jacuzzi up “for his own good.”

Jacuzzi is the Hope player, by the way, and Nice is Doom. Rachel is Void because she’s associated with liminal spaces and being unseen. Ennis is Light because she’s the smart girl who bosses the most protagonist-ish guy around.

Chane is Space because her storyline is about rebirth, and Vino’s got to be Blood. Isaac and Miria are jointly the Rogue of Breath. I don’t know what Firo is, but Maiza is his sprite.

Ronny was a game construct all along.