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  • Me: I hate anime. It a horrible creation that nowadays panders to the older male demographic with over the top fanservice and lazy plotlin-
  • *Baccano! opening starts playing*
  • Me: Anime is the greatest thing ever created on this Earth. It's storytelling and in depth plots are so unique and deserve so much praise and admiration. The wide variety of anime has led to so many amazing people make works of art worthy of the title of a masterpie-

one of the best openings ever.


Attack On Titan “BACCANO Opening”


30 Greatest Anime Openings (9/30)→ Baccano!

Paradise Lunch - “Gun’s & Roses”

Pokémon - “Pokémon Theme”

Attack on Titan - “Guren no Yumiya”

Outlaw Star - “Through the Night”

Naruto Shippuden - “Niwakaame ni mo Makezu”

D.Gray-man - “Brightdown”

Mirai Nikki - “Kuusou Mesorogiwi”

Bleach - “Ranbu no Melody”

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - “Period”

Code Geass - “Colors”

Samurai Champloo - “Battlecry”

Gundam 00 - “Daybreak’s Bell”

Darker Than Black - “Howling”

Kill la Kill - “Ambiguous”

Macross Frontier - “Lion”

One Piece - “Fight Together”

Digimon Adventure - “Butter-Fly”

Gundam SEED - “Believe”

Death Note - “The World”

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - “Inner Universe”

Fate/Zero - “To the Beginning”

Eureka 7 - “Shounen Heart”

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s - “Eternal Blaze”

Trigun - “H.T”

Soul Eater - “Papermoon”

Gundam Wing - “Rhythm Emotion”

Sailor Moon - “Moonlight Densetsu”

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - “Sorairo Days”

Dragon Ball Z - “Cha-La Head-Cha-La”

Neon Genesis Evangelion - “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”

Cowboy Bebop - “Tank!”

weaboo heaven - a fanmix of my fave anime openings and endings to awaken your inner weaboo!

there’s 25 tracks total that total about 1.5 hrs!

listen here!


1.  kuusou mesorogiwi by yousei teikoku (mirai nikki opening 1) // 2. goya no machiawase by hello sleepwalkers (noragami opening 1) // 3. again by yui (fullmetal alchemist brotherhood opening 1) // 4. matataku hoshi no shita de by porno graffiti (magi opening 2)  // 5. colors by flow (code geass opening 1) // 6. cruel angel’s thesis by yoko takahasi (neon genesis evangelion opening 1) // 7. connect by claris (madoka magica opening 1) // 8. snow fairy by funkist (fairy tail opening 1) // 9. gun’s & roses by paradise lunch (baccano! opening 1) // 10. sakura kiss 
by chieko kawabe (ouran high school host club opening 1) // 11. resonance by t.m. revolution (soul eater opening 1)  // 12. perfect-area complete! by aso natsuko (baka to test opening 1) // 13. splash free by style five (free! ending 1) // 14. papermoon by tommy heavenly6 (soul eater opening 2)  // 15. can do by granrodeo (kuroko no basket opening 1) // 16. zetsubousei: hero chiryouyaku by suzumu. ft soraru (dangan ronpa ending 1) // 17. daisy by stereo dive foundation (kyoukai no kanata ending 1) // 18. vanilla salt by yui horie (toradora ending 1) // 19. q&a recital! by haruka tomatsu (tonari opening 1) // 20. egao no mahou by magic party (fairy tail opening 5) // 21. baka go home by milktub (baka to test ending 1) // 22. jiyuu no tsubasa by linked horizon (shingeki no kyojin opening 2) // 23. core pride by uverworld (ao no exorcist opening 1) // 24. crossing field by lisa (sword art online opening 1) // 25. sirius by eir aoi (kill la kill opening 1)

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THIS is the best tribute to resident evil!



AMAZING, this needs a gif to explain my feelings..

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Baccano! Opening (by BaccanoTheAnime)

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