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a beginner’s guide to baccano made by me

it has alchemy and immortality and gangs what more could u want

disclaimer: i’ve only seen the anime so the light novel stuff and characters are not in here

(sorry if it sucks i was bored and wanted to show my fav anime some love)

(also huey and dallas are cool as hell characters i actually like them a lot im sorry i did not do them justice ;;; )


the Baccano light novels have finally been localized for the west and I am so happy because it’s one of my favorite stories and I can’t wait to read it. Here’s some fanart! ;-; 

edit: please buy the book if you’re a fan, so they can continue publishing it!

I think the best part of Baccano is the dynamic between Claire and Chane. I mean, both are murderous killers. One has extreme trust issues and she has never been loved, and the other thinks that he is basically God and the whole world is just a dream he’s having- so he can’t connect with anyone. But then Chane totally changes that world by accidentally scratching him, imprinting herself and proving herself irrevocably in his world. Claire asks her to apologize for hurting him, but then understands almost immediately that she can’t because she’s mute, and then HE apologizes for being ableist and insensitive! Then Claire says that he loves her, something that no one else, not even her FATHER, has ever said to her. He tells her that by letting him in, her world will not fall apart– instead it will just get bigger. Chane is unsure, so Claire says that he’s ok with that, and that they can start off as friends and take it at a path that she is comfortable with! AND THEY BOTH ARE HEAD-OVER-HEELS FOR THE OTHER AND THEN THEY GET MARRIED AND HAVE 2 GRANDKIDS AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.


baccano! light novels + text posts


Claire Stanfield aka Felix Walken aka Vino the assassin from the anime and light novel series Baccano!, drawn by @kurawastaken

aka @blunderxblunder. They make incredible art on all their blogs, so I highly recommend giving them a follow and commissioning them!

(btw, this is the first time I’ve commissioned something on tumblr, so pls inform me if the source isn’t displayed correct or anything like that)

source: kurawastaken