bacardi: drink responsibly

👻Scariest time of the year is here!!👻

💀Please remember to check your candy. Look for damaged or tampered wrappers. Toss out anything that looks suspicious or that you can’t eat. (Parents, not just the good kind. Lol) 🍭

💀If you feel unsafe, get to a place with lots of lighting

💀Try sticking to areas you know, I know it’s fun to score loads of candy, but safety first!

💀If you don’t want to pass out candy or go out, please remember to shut your blinds and keep your front porch light turned off. Keeps you from being bothered when kids are out 😊

💀Pet owners should keep pets in a safe place where they feel comfy. Pets don’t only get nervous around fireworks, they get scared or jumpy with more activity than normal at their home.

💀For those attending Halloween parties with alcohol, remember not to drink and drive. Have a designated driver along or call a cab or an Uber. Nothing scarier than hitting someone.

💀If you offer toys and other stuff for kids with allergies, paint your pumpkin teal 😊

💀Another thing kids can do if they don’t want all the candy, some dentist offices pay for candy kids don’t want.

💀REMEMBER TO BRING A CELLPHONE! If you run into trouble, that’s the fastest way to get help on such a busy night.

Be safe everyone!

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Favorite Drinks Based off  Final Fantasy

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I have several others, but sadly they are based off of roleplays and do not have a specific recipe. But have fun experimenting with all of the ones listed above  🍹


Litha is almost upon us! The summer solstice is the time to celebrate summer’s bounty, and what a perfect way to do it than with a sunny looking glass of mead! If you’ve never tried honey wine, it’s very sweet, a perfect wine for dessert. It’s rich with honey, caramel and a hint of peach flavour.  

If you’re in Ontario, you can find Moniack and other honey wines at the LCBO. Or check your local wine or liquor store to find mead near you.

How did this happen? Closed RP


Suzaku stood in line at the bar, wanting to get some water before calling it a night.  Still, the place was pretty hoppin even after being here a few hours.  He supposed though that coming alone, he should have just stuck to the bar, tonight seemed like sloppy night on the dance floor.

When he finally got to the front, he suddenly saw someone…rather attractive sitting nearby.  And sadly his single life and casual lust overwhelmed his better judgement, and he ordered another rum and coke before sliding down the bar and standing a bit closer in order to take a risk. “Sorry but, I couldn’t help but notice your face…I think you have something on it….yeah definitely some cute all over ya.”  Wow he was cheezy when buzzed.