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Grand Ball

I can’t wait for the next episode because we get to see animated (drinking) Bacana

Gruvia (in Juvia’s head)

Possessive Freed over Laxus (as well as helmet-less Bickslow)

Singing Ichiya

Ghost Mavis creeping people

Big sister Erza to little sister Kagura

Booby cats

Happy Sting and Lector

Drunk Kagura

The usual brawl (with Max cheating on his broom and Plue and Gray/Rufus rivalry and fabulous Ichiya) over Yukino

And of course

And it all ends with:

Can I just say...

I hate it when people act like a group of people who ship a ship are all the same personality wise. Example; “GrayZa shippers used to be so nice!” “GrayLu shippers aren’t so bad.” Please shut up. Each person that ships a ship has their own personality and everyone feels differently about ships. Some people that ship something are really nice, but then some aren’t so nice. Maybe you were just dealing with assholes that shipped a certain ship.

lordofthesalad  asked:

Um how about BixAnna, BaCana & StinGue with the word Instinct

Bixanna + Instinct

   Lisanna was rambling on about the Fantasia Parade and all the take-overs she wanted to use in her display, and Bickslow had long since lost track of the list, preferring to watch the animated expression on her face and the light in her eyes. It had been a long time since they could all relax this moment, and he was enjoying the opportunity to spend a quiet afternoon with his girlfriend, walking through Magnolia and not having to worry about the latest enemy or job. However, there was an itch growing between his shoulders…a feeling that they weren’t as safe as he hoped, and he casually began to let his gaze scan the crowds around them, letting his magic surface just a little…until…

“Lisanna! Get down!” He roared, shoving her to the side just as the ground between them was split apart by a blast…he wasted a split second to check that she was okay before whirling around, shifting to place himself between her and the dark void that his magic had shown him…eyes narrowing as he spotted the figure hiding on the building above them. “Stay here,” he ordered before calling his dolls to him, ignoring her angry words as he shot off into the air.

BaCana + Instinct


   Like men all over the world, Bacchus had long since learnt that, that particular tone from his partner meant that he was in a hell of a lot of trouble…and he hesitated for a moment, wracking his brain for what he could have done to annoy Cana this time, before he gave into the instinct to just get out of there…bolting for the living room in the hopes of escaping her wrath. He should have known it wouldn’t work…stumbling to a halt as he found her already waiting for him, cards in hand, and eyes narrowed and he flung up his hands decided that apologising was more important than working out what he had done wrong this time.

“I’m sorry!”

“Sorry?” Cana’s voice lashed out like a whip, and he winced…really what had he done this time? His confusion must have shown on his face, because her eyes narrowed and she reached up to pull her collar aside…and he blinked realising that she was wearing a surprisingly conservative top, only to realise why as he spotted the marks he had left behind and he gulped as he spotted her fingers tightening on her cards. I’m doomed…

Stingue + Instinct

   Rogue was unsurprised to find himself being shoved down on their bed the moment they got into the safety of their room, he had half been expecting this to happen when they were in the infirmary, but apparently Sting had managed to hold himself together better than he had thought. Until now at least he amended, taking in the whirl of emotions in his mate’s eyes as Sting settled over him, pinning him to the bed although he was careful to avoid the Shadow mage’s injuries. With a soft growl the blond began to trail his fingers across Rogue’s body, nuzzling against each part that he touched with his cheek, scent-marking him in the same way that he had the night they had mated…and Rogue felt himself melting, relaxing beneath the ministrations. It was always the same when one of them were injured, their inner dragons needing to reassure themselves that there was mate was still there…that the bond was still there…This was the part that he liked, his nose picking up the way their scents were mingling, become one all over again…it was the lectures that he knew would come later, once Sting was calm once more that he wasn’t looking forward to.